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BPA Process - Roadmap Step Business Process Assessment...

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Roadmap Step – Business Process Assessment Process Description Purpose and Description: ISM conducts a business process assessment (BPA) with clients to ascertain the current state of core customer-facing processes. The BPA is designed to: Obtain a high level understanding of the key customer facing processes which fall into the areas of demand creation, acquisition, and customer service/support Provide a qualitative rating of the processes for 6 key process attributes Identify short term and long term opportunities Recommend prioritized areas for process improvement focus Outcomes of the BPA work are presented in the form of the BPA report. Performed By: Task Manager Consulting Personnel Other Participants Project Manager Project Coordinator Supporting Documents Client files in the Bethesda Office Client web site CRM Roadmap or Proposal Document Project Schedule or Project Status Report Customer Facing Personnel Visits Report (if available) Technical Baseline Review (if available) Related Processes Document Quality Control Process _______________________________________________________________________ _ Copyright © 2005 by ISM, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any part of this work, without the permission of the copyright owner, is unlawful. Requests for permission, or further information, should be addressed to ISM, Inc. e34edb13c09159ba9c71296cf3457f6ac1b7dd8a.doc 1 of 5
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Travel Request Process Expense Reporting Process Process Steps Pre- BPA 1. ISM Project Manager (PM) consults with client and with the Task Manager (TM), who will likely be the Director, Business Process Services (DBPS), to review the proposal and contract agreement to determine the allocated budget and timeline for conducting the interviews with the following guidelines in mind: a. Typically begin the BPA with a group session which brings together the BPA participants, a group of process owners and their supporting staff b. BPA is better performed by the Task Manager (TM) along with another ISM Consultant, with the TM leading the BPA efforts and the additional ISM Consultant supporting the efforts by scribing notes from the group session and individual meetings as well as participating in the development of the BPA report. c.
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BPA Process - Roadmap Step Business Process Assessment...

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