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CLIENT NAME CRM Stakeholder Sensitivity Matrix

CLIENT NAME CRM Stakeholder Sensitivity Matrix - performed...

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CLIENT NAME CRM Stakeholder Sensitivity Matrix Introduction and Instructions This matrix should be completed as part of the CRM communications planning effort. Organize the list according to business unit or functional organization in column 1. List each key person within the group in column 2. Describe any sensitivity known about stakeholders in column 3. Examples include issues such as: budget concerns, not technology savvy, concerned about resources, concerned about training, skeptical of the value of the project, etc. Column 4 is where the project team identifies approaches for dealing with the sensitivities. Some of these will be addressed through the communication, education, and training activities
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Unformatted text preview: performed during the project and the approach listed should state “standard approach” or equivalent, which indicates that these individuals require no “special” treatment. Many of the sensitivities however will require creative approaches and these could include activities such as: one-on-one meetings, more frequent updates (verbal or written), special training, etc. The project team should include these activities in the project communication plan and allocate the appropriate resources to deliver the recommendation. 1. Business Unit 2. Stakeholder Name 3. Sensitivity 4. Recommended Approach 964332d9b6d119afdfd10659492d6ef43e769a7f.doc Page 1 of 1...
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