Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill - APRIL 11, 2011 Climbing the Hill...

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APRIL 11, 2011 Climbing the Hill Florida Gov. Rick Scott on how government can help women advance Participants at the conference zeroed in on a handful of top priorities for advancing women, such as getting them out of support jobs and into roles where they affect a company's bottom line. To find out what role government can play in that drive, The Wall Street Journal's Rebecca Blumenstein spoke with Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott, who has appointed a number of women to top positions in his administration. Here are edited excerpts of the discussion. MS. BLUMENSTEIN: Many of the people you're working with are women. Could you outline the role that women play in your administration? MR. SCOTT: My lieutenant governor is the first elected female lieutenant governor in the state, and she's African-American. My transition chair was a woman from D.C., and my policy director, Mary Anne Carter, has worked with me for a while. I have three deputy chiefs of staff, and two of them are female. I think one of them has the hardest job; she's doing children and family services, Medicaid reform, elderly affairs, the agency for persons with disabilities, all the hard things. Probably half my policy and budgeting team is female. Then there's the lady that runs juvenile justice, the lady that runs the lottery, and the lady that runs the department of revenue. So, probably almost half of the top people in the administration. MS. BLUMENSTEIN: McKinsey did a study and found that there's a sense that men are promoted on their potential and women on their performance. Are you seeing things change? MR. SCOTT: I never think about what other people are doing. In my case, I have the same expectations
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Climbing the Hill - APRIL 11, 2011 Climbing the Hill...

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