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To: CSR 309 From: R Feinberg, CEO You had a 10 pt extra credit opportunity. You could receive up to 10 extra credit points based on your statements about what you learned. You got a 0 if the answer simply had nothing…nothing=0. If you were not in class and did not see the video your choice. The explanation you offered should have had something to do with leadership. The explanation should have depth. You had a chance to show your best stuff. Read the examples below and imagine you were assessing the quality of the entries….which was a strike out…a single…a double…a triple…a HOME RUN. If you were in class you knew about the opportunity but in many groups only a small percentage of followers did the extra credit. To what extent is this reflection of your gp leader not taking responsibility for her/his followers. Does it matter? I have three words….Goal setting, vision, follower buy in, selection , structure, accountability…. I have also included responses from a previous semester where 309ers were asked if Kipp was a good model/or a poor idea for Purdue University. In the Kipp video principle for school who will be considered as a CEO for a company takes responsibility to work as hard if not harder than the regular teachers. This shows that just because you are in higher position than others that doesn't necessarily means you do less work. Put others first. Teachers sincerely cared about their students and they were able to motivate students change their attitudes and give them the clear objective that knowledge is power. So the first leadership lesson would be their sincere and honest care. Stand behind your idea no matter how many people doubt you. That's what the two founders of KIPP did and it paid off big time for them. First of all the men who started Kipp were young and didn't let that stop them from seeking to acheive goals that most people would see as impossible. Leadership is about making choices that can change lives. The two men made those choices even though they new the road would be tough. No one thought that this could be pulled off but because they were persistent they were given the opportunity. Discipline is necessary. Every student had their challenges but firm discipline often induced by parents or teachers (leaders) was necessary to overcome those challenges No matter the student's background with the right form of leadership they are able to
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excel just like a more privileged student. The first aspect of leadership that I learned was persistence. These instructors knew that these children were underprivledged and had lower potential success rate than normal kinds however they took the chance and taught them anyway. Learning makes powerful leadership.
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complete Kipp - To: CSR 309 From: R Feinberg, CEO You had a...

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