CRM Article #2 Concepts Final Version

CRM Article #2 Concepts Final Version - Key CRM Concepts...

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Key CRM Concepts for Raymond James By: Deborah Barnes, Director Change Management Services, ISM, Inc. Editor’s note: CRM is not yet available to all associates; it is currently in a closed beta test and is scheduled to begin rollout in March. If you are interested in learning more about Raymond James’ CRM, go to RJnet > Corporate Services > Technology Services > Software > Corporate > Client Relationship Manager . Last week we introduced the Raymond James CRM project and highlighted the success that CRM has brought to financial services companies. This article explains the key CRM concepts, describes the value of CRM, and addresses Raymond James CRM issues. What is CRM? CRM is a business approach that provides tools and techniques to align sales, marketing, customer service, e-business, and business analytics with the organization’s business strategy. CRM integrates people, processes, and technology to maximize relationships with your clients. Raymond James is offering CRM to continue to make us the best financial services firm in the industry. Through the adoption of CRM, you can have client information at your fingertips with seamless
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CRM Article #2 Concepts Final Version - Key CRM Concepts...

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