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CRM Article #3- Time Management_RJ_28Nov06 - A New Outlook...

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A New Outlook on Time By: Deborah Barnes, Director Change Management Services, ISM, Inc. Editor’s note: CRM is not yet available to all associates; it is currently in a closed beta test and is scheduled to begin rollout in March. If you are interested in learning more about Raymond James’ CRM, go to RJnet > Corporate Services > Technology Services > Software > Corporate > Client Relationship Manager . Last week we reviewed the key concepts of CRM and what they mean to Raymond James associates. This article explains what the time management functions in CRM can do for you. Time Management Not too long ago, time management was a matter of marking an appointment in your day planner and picking up your dry cleaning during lunch. While the day planner is still the most popular tool for managing our professional and personal lives, the way we view the management of our time is changing. Today, as a result of automation, time management is defined as more than tracking business appointments and keeping up with personal responsibilities. A broader definition of time management is now offered by the CRM industry as the ability to automatically prioritize, execute, and track routine activities to achieve a desired goal or outcome. Advent of E-mail The concept of not only managing our schedules but also reducing the time spent on routine administrative activities via automation was brought on by the advent of e-mail. The ability to write, send, and receive electronic messages was motivation to automate administrative tasks, which could save time and increase overall efficiency. Writing a message once and sending it to several parties simultaneously is a huge benefit of automated communication. Another benefit of automated communication via e-mail is that it provides a system for tracking activity history. You can check the dates and times of saved e-mails to track the history of an event (such as a sale, delivery, or customer service issue). If more information is desired, you can read or print past messages to better understand a related event’s status. E-mail helped form the concept of managing our time through the automation of administrative tasks. Automating Routine Tasks
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CRM Article #3- Time Management_RJ_28Nov06 - A New Outlook...

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