CRM Article #5 WIIFM_RJ_13 Dec 06

CRM Article #5 WIIFM_RJ_13 Dec 06 - Whats In It For Me By...

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“What’s In It For Me? By: Deborah Barnes, Director Change Management Services, ISM, Inc. Editor’s note: CRM is not yet available to all associates; it is currently in a closed beta test and is scheduled to begin rollout in March. If you are interested in learning more about Raymond James’ CRM, go to RJnet > Corporate Services > Technology Services > Software > Corporate > Client Relationship Manager . Last week we introduced Contact and Activity Management as a part of the Raymond James CRM project. This article addresses the question “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM) regarding Raymond James CRM. Background Over the past few years the CRM project team has met and talked with many Raymond James associates about CRM. They did this to get a deep understand of what your business processes are and what CRM functionality you would like in the Raymond James CRM system. The team gathered input on requirements from FAs by conducting eight focus groups, with twenty advisors in each group. The team also talked to associates who use other CRM applications such as ACT! and Goldmine to capture what works and what associates like best and least from the other systems. Based upon this feedback, the team crafted customizations that can deliver great value
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CRM Article #5 WIIFM_RJ_13 Dec 06 - Whats In It For Me By...

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