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CRM Article #6 Sales - Sales Management - Sales / Sales...

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Sales / Sales Management By: Deborah Barnes, Director Change Management Services, ISM, Inc. Last week we asked “What’s In It for Me” regarding CRM. This article explains the benefits of the sales /sales management functions. When we look at sales force management functionality here are some points to consider. Most CRM packages offer core sales force management functionality such as territory alignment/assignment, automatic roll-up and activity reporting. But not all CRM packages offer the following two components: expense reporting and special events tracking. Let us take a closer look at these two functions to better understand the benefits they can deliver. An automated MS Excel spreadsheet can be helpful when managing leads and opportunities but not nearly as powerful as a CRM tool. CRM can help financial advisor better forecast their sales projects because all information is in one placed and it is linked, by client, product, advisor, etc. Associate can management opportunities once they are identified and track their progress through to fulfillment. Workflow on related to a particular opportunity can help with work assignment, tracking, status and issue resolution. Associate can also manage and monitor leads to ensure they are followed up on in a timely manner, they can see who contacted the lead, when, and the results of the call or visit. This helps determine next steps and other possible assignments. The power of sales reporting through CRM versus an Excel spreadsheet is amazing. Have you ever dreaded a sales meeting because the team would have to sit through a line by line review of maybe hundreds of opportunities? With the sales reporting capability realized by CRM the pain is gone. An advisor or a manager can select a report to view the status of all opportunities or just a critical few. Meetings become much more productive because those associates who need the information have access to it prior to the meeting. Most importantly the team can identify which specific opportunities need to
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CRM Article #6 Sales - Sales Management - Sales / Sales...

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