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CRM Article #7 Industry Related article

CRM Article #7 Industry Related article - CRM Triumph for...

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CRM Triumph for another Financial Services Company By: Deborah Barnes, Director Change Management Services, ISM, Inc. Last week we asked “What’s in it for me” regarding CRM. This article explains the benefits of the sales /sales management functions. CRM in the Financial Services Sector Our first CRM article looked at how CRM has helped two financial services firms; The Charles Schwab Corp. and Mellon Asset Management. Schwab began its CRM implementation in the 1990s and has continued to invest in a more comprehensive CRM approach to conduct business in a relationship-driven manner. Schwab brought CRM to its call center, branches, and web site, and saw increased efficiencies. Next, it focused on integrating those results to propel its business even further. Another financial services company, Mellon Asset Management, has numerous subsidiaries. Mellon found it quite difficult to manage growth of these companies, as well as the complexities of the financial sector. Mellon migrated millions of pieces of data from a dozen various sources to a single CRM system.
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