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csr 309 1 13 2010 - Welcome to the wonderful world of...

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Welcome to the wonderful world of leadership…CSR 309 style. So many points so little time… In this episode of “CSR 309 Leadership” you learn what it is like without a leader. What if the leader is not doing what the leader is supposed to do? Remember these feelings for they will become important as you develop your leadership. You may think you are a good leader but in any organization there are people who do not feel that they are getting the direction and information from you. They will be feeling angry. You will need to make a decision about just how much effort and direction you will be giving to your poor needy followers. These notes are in somewhat chronological order…with commentary. 530- workshop starts…how do I know this. It says so in the Primary Task directive…not the secondary task directive …not the ignore this until you feel like it directive…the Primary Directive. This was available for anyone in the class t read. It was clear…how do I know this…I wrote it. 533- A million different conversations…no one is taking responsibility for the Primary Task to study leadership in the here and now. Makes me proud as the CE) of this organization that when the CEO is away the people getting paid have decided that the work is not important. 5 students approach me with questions. I am not authorized to answer any questions. The Primary Task is to study leadership in the here and now and they might have discussed this with the class but when I stared at them because my Primary Task was to be an observer and make comments only when he/she felt it would lead to learning. These people were disregarding the purpose of the organization this day and I would not tae part in it. Can we afford to let people take us away from the important work we are doing in life and work. It is clear that these people felt themselves more important than the group. 535 nothing going on yet As I looked around it was clear that more people were texting than taking responsibility for a clearly written Primary task…how do I know it was clear…I wrote it. Someone said…he is playing Mind games…Soooooooooooooo? The PSE guy who NEVER introduced himself goes to the front and there is silence…they were just waiting for someone anyone to lead them…tell them what to do. Who is this guy and why should I follow him. In the absence of leadership we will almost follow anyone. He wants someone to lead class and teach leadership. He says something about the white sheet and read it. The PSE guy tells you to give me their definition about leadership…google it. .anyone have a dictionary. Who is this guy and why is he legitimate. The CEO of this organization has not bestowed a title on him to lead the class. Why is it a guy…why is it a white guy. Anyone who stepped to the front could have been the leadership of the class but it was the PSE guy. Do you know if he knows what he is doing…or if he is leading you off a cliff. You didn’t even ask…you accepted without question. A second guy gets up.
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csr 309 1 13 2010 - Welcome to the wonderful world of...

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