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day 2 observations

day 2 observations - To CSR 309 From Richard Feinberg CEO...

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To: CSR 309 From: Richard Feinberg. CEO Re: day 1 observations and reflections On Day 1 I was an observer and consultant and according to the rules only had authority and responsibility to intervene when and if my intervention would help your learning. Very interesting evening. I would like to cover just some of the things that I saw. Your perspectives may be different but as the CEO of this class it is my observation that counts the most (of course because I am CEO) The class starts at 5:30…I am there. I am ready to go. Most of you are in your seat on time. Most of you have read the memo…nothing happens. Look at this from the CEO perspective. From the CEO perspective a very clear and very precise memo was written instructing the organization to do the business of the organization. It is almost 5:40 and no business is being done. The instructions are clear. Let me repeat…THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE CLEAR. You know how I know that the instructions are clear---I WROTE THEM. In listening to the conversation around me it is clear that the instructions were read but ignored. If you were the CEO looking at your organization for potential leaders whom would you be impressed with: 1. Those who don’t do anything just because they do not see exactly what it means..or 2. Those who talk about it and struggle with it because they know the memo was not written to be ignored. About 23 people (not about I actually counted them) come to class late. OK look at this from the CEO perspective. Lets say that President Jischke (The CEO of Purdue…if you ever have a chance to meet him DO IT. He is an incredibly effective University President and we who care for Purdue should be very pleased that he is President. We will be in better shape 10 …20 from now because of his leadership.). So let’s say that President Jischke sets a meeting and I am invited and he is , in the back of his mind, thinking about people to put in charge of a special project. What does he think about people who come in late!!!. Interestingly…when 2 people go to the front people pay attention. Why do we need two? Even though they are trying to get something to happen there are 2 million (yes 2 million I counted them and because I am the CEO it is 2 million). There is a discussion of the syllabus…and a third person goes up to the front and puts it on the screen. What is the point? More importantly as the CEO I am getting pissed that I have people in my organization who have no clue that the syllabus exists. If you are waiting in life for things to be handed to you…you may be very disappointed but more
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importantly you may miss out on a lot. The syllabus is there and on my personal web site YOU SHOULD HAVE FOUND IT because you have done absolutely nothing to that says to me as CEO I should give it to you.
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day 2 observations - To CSR 309 From Richard Feinberg CEO...

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