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example of leadership song - To: CSR 309 Leadership...

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Unformatted text preview: To: CSR 309 Leadership Comrades From: Richard Feinberg, CEO CSR 309 The purpose of this assignment was to give you some sense that the context of what we are studying goes far beyond the constructs and concepts we discuss. Leadership is embedded in music, movies, newspapers, magazines; poems.you just might never have looked. The assignment was to pick a song that illustrated some aspect of leadership. You were supposed to read leadership graffiti a collection of quotes I have collected over the years as inspiration. This was due 1/31. From the course outline Read Leadership Graffiti - read leadership graffiti and think of a rock/pop/rap song that has a leadership theme in it. Titlesinger and what is the leadership that the song talks about (due Jan 31)- e-mail with Song in subject line This is a leadership class. Good followership is good leadership. If you make the job of your leaders difficult it will not reflect well on you. If you do not do the work expected it does not reflect well on you. Your work represents youit is part of your brand footprint and portfolio of accomplishments. Yesthe assignment was not required(for those of you from ___________that means you did not have to do this). But if I had a 125k a year position for the best of the best would I more likely give it to the person that found and did this assignment or the one that did not. If you were late you did not get full credit. If you did not put song in the subject line I did not see it. If you were waiting for someone to save you by pointing out that there was an extra credit I guess you were wrong. Maybe if I were a good leader I would have made the extra credit opportunity more obvious (but maybe not). You can save yourself and when you are a leader of others you can choose to do what it is you think you need to do to accomplish your leadership goals. Choices are made and choices have consequences. Although I did not mention extra credit this assignment was extra credit worthy (up to 20 pts5 pts for a regular entry and 20 for something impressive and it is easy to tell the difference). Listenit is your responsibility to impress me at every opportunity (or not). This is a leadership class and everything that I do has something to say about leadership. Instead of getting pissed get learning. Your workall your workis an opportunity to impress. It is absolutely positively ok not to be impressive. It is also absolutely positively ok for me to say that this is not impressive if it isnt. Simple giving the name of a song with nothing else is not impressive. Explaining and presenting an explanation that I could not provide is probably impressive. Picking a song that 20 other people picked is not as impressive as picking a song I never heard of or paid attention too. It is easy to tell the difference between work that represents excellence and work that represents mediocrity. It is OK to be mediocre..it is your brand and more generally your life. If I were a mediocrity....
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example of leadership song - To: CSR 309 Leadership...

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