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extra credit assignment for class 4 21

extra credit assignment for class 4 21 - CSR 309 Guide to...

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CSR 309- Guide to your personal leadership best Leadership is self-development. Achieving your personal best is part past experience and part self-development. Some of you are lucky to have personalities, physical characteristics and abilities, past experiences, education, training, and the desire for self-improvement so that you are “natural” leaders. For the rest of us…we must work at it. Exceptional leadership is not an accident. It is not even a secret…although the fact that so few seem to know it seems to make it seem like a secret (3 seems in one sentence…my 8 th grade English teacher would be so proud after kicking me out of class because I would not amount to anything…so there Mr. Ludmer (God…I hated him although I might have been a punk jerk at the time)). Back to the story…leadership requires a set of behaviors that you can learn and use and practice and engage in and…So There. When you answer the questions pick a leadership position you are in or use the class and your role in the class whatever it is as the reference position. Step 1- Understand what Model the Way means. Here is the secret…understand your values…commit that your behavior is aligned with those
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