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extreme leadership feedback

extreme leadership feedback - Extreme extra credit Was I...

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Extreme extra credit. Was I impressed? Did I learn something or did you just plop a plop of an idea. To those who got 25 pts good work. To those who did not do the extra credit you cannot complain and whine when you miss the grade you want. To those who impressed me in some way that I reproduced your insights below…WINNING Chris Anderson Leadership is not only about what you do, but it's about who you are and what you aspire to be as an individual, as a team, and as a company. This is the most ideal definition of leadership that I have ever heard. Also stated, is how leadership is about the sacrifices you're will to make to pave the way for new things for everyone around you, including yourself. One point in this podcast talks about him encountering people who call themselves leaders, but have done nothing to show for it. A successful leader isn't someone who just calls themselves so, but actually alters their behavior to reinforce their leadership "title." Printing leader" on your calling card doesn't mean squat." Many people these days say they are leaders without actually acting upon it. These people are considered "posers" and extreme leaders know that if we are going to engineer new way to complete the tasks at hand, then we must put our asses on the line day in and day out. Along with leadership comes many risks and fear. Leaders accept this fear because they want to be a leader with everything they are. All true leaders have experienced an O.S.M. or "Oh Shit Moment." These moments are not to be avoided, but actually pursued, because they will help make you a much more successful leader. The C.E.O of Cisco was asked what are the top three ways to obtain his best employees and his number one answer was "Build a culture of leadership." Nowhere in his three reasons did he say anything about the use of technology, which is what their business is solely based upon. What this shows us, is that the human element and ability to become a leader is much more important to us than any paycheck. We all need/want to be leaders and a leader will be a more successful person to themselves and others throughout their lifetime. Christopher Bahena Leadership is about who you are, what you are willing to be and what price you is willing to pay. Extreme time demands extreme leadership. Management is a task; leadership is a choice.
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Work for more than the money. Working beyond the paycheck and working for a higher purpose. You have to enlist people to buy into this and implement this mentality in their lives. Leadership is an important part of life that is necessary to be able to be good at a job, life, etc. Talking about leadership is easier, but it’s a lot different to actually change behavior.
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extreme leadership feedback - Extreme extra credit Was I...

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