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fail safe notes - To: CSR 309 From: R Feinberg Re:...

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Unformatted text preview: To: CSR 309 From: R Feinberg Re: Leadership lessons from Fail Safe an extra credit opportunity You had an extra credit opportunity this past weekendHUH I hear some of you saying. If an extra credit opportunity falls in a forest and you are not there is it an extra credit opportunity to paraphrase an old and worn parable or conundrum (and you know how painful that can be). Fail Safe is one of the great leadership movies. It is about a crack of time in history that we call the cold war when the Soviet Empire and the U.S. stood ready to destroy each other with nuclear weapons. I was in grade school and we regularly practiced nuclear attack drills (like a fire drill) where if there was a nuclear attack we sat under the desk without talkingif you talked you were punished. The silliness of this is almost beyond comprehensionI guess sitting under the desk prevents problems of broken glass but not talkingif I am going to die in a nuclear blast at least let me talk and have a chocolate chip cookie). It really was only by the wisdom and or luck of our leaders that we did not have nuclear war (if we did I might have 2 heads and in my case 2 is not better than 1). We live in a very different time where we are most likely to face annihilation from a rogue state or agent who delivers s nuclear weapon. We are lucky (if I can use that word) that delivering a nuclear weapon to the US while not impossible is not easy. The more likely targets are a major European city of somewhere in the Middle East. This is a great movie of its time and one illustrative of leadership issues. For a more humorous version of this same thing please please please get Dr. Strangelove: or how I stopped worrying and learn to love the bomb. (for 5 extra points email me the code that was used to get the jets with the bombs backStrangelove in the subject linethere is a time limit to this but I will not reveal the end time). I find that movies are an awfully good way to learn about life and leadership in particular. This movie is full of leadership lessons. Oh yesdo not be afraid of black and white movies. 1. Up to 25 extra credit pts (you know why they call 25 pts a lot because its a lot (to pull out of context a line from a Groucho Marx film). Here are the Groucho movies I would recommend watching with your paramourpotentialor just your petwith popcorn and a diet soda) The Big Store (for you retail fans but not as good movie)A Night at the Opera (one of the greats).Duck Soup (the best).Horse feathers (how to run a university). These 25 pts could mean the difference between an A and a B and a B and a C and more..if you follow the logic (logic from the Greek Log (meaning a lot) and lic (meaning extra credit points). If you whine at the end about why you did not get the higher grade you want most of you can probably look to the missed extras credit pts....
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fail safe notes - To: CSR 309 From: R Feinberg Re:...

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