Fattore - VVordsI hve B"I i/v i(on\hurl In nuke up...

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Unformatted text preview: VVordsI hve B): "I i/v i\ (on \hurl In nuke up nilh n'Hn’h. Hm l-‘m~1s.\lmut Me Amanda [m c the puuplc uhu trn11_mu right. large! Hm. Mn. ll\\.l’1‘I'-< ~1-unl 1M4! ..x Hy. about the (Inn uhu Jun 1. Bclu'w Ult'l'lr !.u\ln~nlnxlumn “I lubmnlu \ Inlvwn. nu - ‘ - , , ~ (hing huppuh [or u numn. (Lmugu u Fattore \\\ ‘l‘ I” m I ‘ INN” \“ V. II “MI.” \Lm \unnd (hunu'. Hnlb il nilh both hundx. i! (hunum qur lilc. let it. Vabodl \uid IiIC IgllulnAnulllJv -|unl,‘ mummy lu-L'WL ' > ' . . . . . I Imu/d he an}. Tht‘) I‘ml Promiwd it Imuld I "HMIIMH‘ pm") I“ "w" II)\ 'lnuujv I numlr. u Ill: \IH-Ix \anM be north it. " - 4nummnu\ Huh In. ‘I m \ ‘hll. r. H! mm- uim h References: ,|.1\I|Ix‘|vlmn INI.‘ vh. mi Lun. Mh Ilml BnHw Holler I'mtlm- Hndrrgmdualr \x mic-Inn \«|\ m»! Hun: 4Uunu ~|nr|l~ Huh nun «Tub-#‘MRHT Lmlnnk m wlmln‘wlt lll\‘an'\\ m Imhlw u‘ lmrnlur t'dll Mumanu!"Hmw 11 rin- Svn'nu .vahum k1 um. LU IIJIhIHN "mnwx'l u/ kum- I’ml‘ 1“)_YI‘)‘:y/Ayi)“ \,-1.'H.I l u‘ [hump/'11:“ mm To Learn More About Me, Contact Me At: PURDUE (OLJGE 0‘ HUN! AND HUM” SCIENCES "1| H cbfllc: Amanda Fanore hrlp: / mhnhnmmpmv!/dmundu/ I‘m “all! 1'0 Sou". 0mm, Au A9: 4 Mn mm". m 4‘906 HHI ‘0‘ H0) Annoudpumuc Mu The Beginning ofAmanda Fattore Inc. lgrc“ up \\ Ith a \I-r} >trong support $310111. m} mind}. The) (lvalt Mth m) man) tart-er Imptra- limb \\ hI-n I “ax )(Iung. l \\ rnt from \\ antmg tn bl‘ a \ct. a Dalla~ L'uwho} Cheerleader. a Doctor. to In} turrent IntI-rcst Rl‘ldll .\lanagcmcnt. Thr} III-wr and that l \\ a~ nut Iapahlv ul dutng an) «Il thI<. lllt\(‘ lltt' lttalur that l (how to pur~ me. I pride n1) sell. III lhl' tact that l haw gamed a rrtall tlllt‘l’thlfll) r-u-r} )I‘ar nl In} tun:- Ilt mllcgrr l ~tartr<l In) r‘\pc‘rlrttt‘t‘ In retall “urklng ax a ~alc~~ a~~m ldh‘ al \hert rutnlm- and hit h and gamed In) hr>t IntI-rnship trc~hmrn )var “urlung \\ Ith l ll't trnnII Datahaw lntvrt hangc lnr The \lurrt Group In \YC. .\llt‘l' that c\pcrI» NIH". l \\ a~ ahlv In Intvrn tor a lashmnahlv lmuthut- In the (‘lm ago arva, “ltlt'll taught Im- lit)“ hartl It I~ tu manage _\0ur Imn \Utrt'. I attended thv la~hmn hulltutt- ul Tm hnnlng} In) lunlnr )I-ar aml Ill» tI-rnI-(l at lnIII~ \ IIIttun \lm‘t IlcnnI-w) \ch lhuA max l’Ink. While Intormng. ldlu) meml at a ~mall lltttlllqllt‘ and \\a~ pmnmh-(l la~t In a~~1~tant manager, 'I‘hh \\ a\ an aIna/Ing war lur me. ('dlll atmnalh and Pc't‘xnltall‘L l Lin-u up a Int, 1 lmc m\ lllt‘ and I am al“ a\~ luulung In Ilnprmv It. \\'h\ Inc a hit that you dun't low: Ewrv daI' should he an adwn- t II re! Why Believe in me? Outgoing: I Iow Intcmcung uuh [Imp/c. lam talk to unronc,’ (u IIII (II II'IIII'IIJ li‘ht‘lhl', It's wiring gnu/\fnr an run- ning rum’ ur for ma cun'cr path. I Iikv tn mtuh/ish utha I uan Iu Iw In IIfu. Adaptable: I can adapt to uni \Ituuuon or location that I am [‘UI Inlt‘. HI ‘I I \ I I I t 'I I udnl {U WI: \uru'u In mt wI/Vdnd t‘lIh'h. Problem Solver: I am aIIIaIs [Golfing to \w Ij'mmcr thing (an I‘t‘ Jont' more €1]Iult‘fllIl. ( ll)! III1I\I.’ [he (up I) alums I/JVfuII. (If: h mnn'flIIfiII- mfi uhcnrtnu mm! It In I‘r.’ A Look Into the Future of Amanda Fattore Inc. Short Term Goals: 0 l0 lind an entry level Jul) that I am cxuted to pur suc lay May ()l‘ 20] l. o \Vtthtn a year, I would lllit‘ to Sec nn'scll In New York CH)’ wurlu'ng lur 'l'humas PInk. Long-Term Goals: 0 Bo: happy In Me! 0 it) he ahlc to t‘nnmlcr myscll'as an out>tan<hng leader. 0 TI) he Working With a cumpam‘ that I (an sec growth and success \\'Ith for It.\. cmplnwcs and the annpany Itself. career Goals: Sllt't‘t‘SSlltllV dCltlt‘VC progresstvclx higher lex cl> ol FCSPUHMlHllUC.‘ and t'hallcngcs withm the tashmn IndIIstrv. Starting mv own hnuttquc I> not out ()l‘ the questmn later In mv (arccr. ...
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Fattore - VVordsI hve B"I i/v i(on\hurl In nuke up...

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