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Unformatted text preview: Leadership Insights from CSR 309 265 pages of thoughts, feelings, insight, wisdom and stories written by CSR 309ers MEDIOCRITY IS A CHOICE. This really is is fine..Just don’t whine about it and don’t complain that good things are not happening to you. I know it appears unbelievable that someone would have done only 1 extra credit and then complain about me and this course but it is true and they are your friends and sitting next to you. MANY OF YOU WRoTE SOME PRETTY GREAT PAPERS AND HAD GREAT INSIGHTS . To you… thank you. To the rest of you read their papers…I gave you many examples. My problem is that in an organization of 300 people there are 25% who I have not created the environment for them to care enough. They would not have been hired and they would have been asked to leave and they have to stay here. The way you selected leaders was not effective because once again you didn’t care (or know yet that it was really important or thought you were powerless). You didn’t care what group you joined (in terms of who would help me get the best grade and the most from this class). So we all suffer. It is so easy to let the negativity and the lack of performance of 50 people influence our happiness and achievement 1. If I read your work would I hire you? That is the essence. 2. If I read your work would I fire you? That is the essence. 3. If I read your work would I promote you? That is the essence. 4. If you were a leader and your followers read your work what would they say? 5. If your CEO read your work what would they say? 6. If your parents read your work what would they say? 7. If Oprah read your work would she invite you on her show? 8. Many of you mentioned that I had said “this class can change your life” and were pleased to tell me that it hadn’t. I am sorry. But at this point you have got to know that it is you who changes your life not me (I have my own problems). 9.Please stop whining…how can I pick on you when I have no idea who you are. 1 10. I have no idea who you are. Not a single leader asked me to meet with their group. Only one person in class asked that since this is the end of the semester can they meet with me. So, I was walking to my truck the other day (way the heck out at the C parking lot extension past the police station). I happened to walk up beside a girl who is also in Feinberg's class. One of must have said something about the class, because she then told me about how big a jerk Feinberg was. She said that she asked him what he was looking for in an assignment she was doing, and that he told her to talk to her group leader about it. She then told him that her group leader did not know either, to which her replied, "Tough luck." "He's such an idiot" were (I believe) her exact words. I walked to my truck laughing. She just doesn't get it. Maybe these people should make use of their brains and do some critical thinking... scratch that... semi-critical thinking. Let's see here... prof is being a jerk. He's admitting that he's being a jerk. There is no structure to the class. It's a big class. The CSR higher-ups know that the class is unstructured and that he acts like a jerk. Hmm... could there maybe be a lesson to be learned from all this meanness and disorganization? Nah. He's just a jerk. On Wednesday we received 5 extra points for attending class, along with the opportunity to attain an additional 25 extra credit points. Even something small like this can be related to one of Dr. Feinberg's classes. Grasp your opportunities (go to class) and your management will reward you. Parents as leaders I was thinking today about some of the most valuable leaders that go overlooked every day. These leaders are parents. I am disappointed that this was never brought up in class. We talked about coaches, bosses, and many other types of leaders, but not parents. I think that some of the most important leaders are parents. Their leadership is very involved and in a forever changing market. Their strategy must change with our age and that is always changing. In the job environment the scene changes, but not drastically year to year like that of a parent. Depending on how a parent performs as a leader has a large impact on how we will turn out in life and as human beings. This is a no failure situation. If you mess up on something large you could change the outcome of a human being, not just a project. This blog goes out to the most important leaders that don't get the credit they deserve... Parents. Mother of ALL My mother is the greatest person alive to me. That is my personal opinion! I think that because she has never had a quit attitude she never would image to think to quit. She has raised 6 kids with little or no help. Three out of her six kids so far are in good colleges on the way to graduating. Us as her kids get the credit of being good kids. She is our leader and we would be nothing without her great guidance and leadership. She has the right advice for all the wrong 2 moments in life. She’s not only there when things get tough. She there when things are on track and going just the way we would love things to be! When things are great she says things like " Good job you earn this you are the reason this is going your way". She could just let things be good but no she has to pat us on the back and that makes us want to do good everytime. She is a saint and the Lord put a get person as herself here for a reason. I am so thankful to have the best mother in the world. I am not saying this because something good happen to me today that she contribute to. I feel this way everyday of my life. I would love to be or have a boss that would work or think as my mother. Thanks Mom you my Favorite Leader! I am a senior getting ready to graduate in a few weeks. I have been interviewing with various companies over this past semester. Every time I walk into an office before, during, and after the interview, I think about what is this man or woman thinking about me. Do they think I am attractive? Are they really listening to me or just thinking about whether or not I am single? Do they want to sleep with me? I feel that I am nearing a crossroads with this class. The notion that this class will change my life is a ship that sailed away a few weeks back and now it is to the point where I will take what I can and just mail it in from here on out. At first, I thought this was senioritis and I just was not focused, but then I thought about how my case of senioritis dates back to 7th grade and I have really been going through the motions ever since then. School has never been much of a challenge to me and despite Feinberg's rants about how our education is important and there is no reason we should put anything less than our all into it, I just don't see it. Call me cynical, but mediocrity seems to get you pretty far these days and if it allows me to indulge some of my other pleasures more often, then why not do the bare minimum? Pitchers with losing records now get paid 8 million dollars a year and as long as you maintain a 3.0 GPA you can get an interview with any company you want. Could I have worked my ass off and left Purdue with a 3.9? The answer is a definite yes, but at what price. I find the social and supplemental learning I have gained from mass media exposure and interacting with friends to be just as an essential part of my education here, because I am going to be working with diverse people the rest of my life. Do I like that I feel this way about my education? That is a no. We cannot engineer a personal education system for every student in the world, so there will always be those of us who are kept stranded while other plays catch up. With a few exceptions I have not had a teacher motivate to do my personal best in a long time. I am not sure who to blame for this, but I know it is a problem that is not going away anytime soon. With respect my original thoughts about CSR 309, I now have become frustrated that all I get is pointless emails from my group leader, who I don't think can match my name and face. Feinberg would counter with it’s my fault for not stepping up to lead myself, etc., but what I want to be even less is the guy that sends out incessant emails about nothing. Men/Women 3 What women think....What men think?! The lecture was very entertaining and full of substance. It amazes me how much people want to be treated as equals and individuals, yet the actions they take completely do not agree with their wishes! If you wanted to be treated as a strong, powerful, and individual then why do you always have your best friend next to you. Can you do anything by yourself??? Why do you follow the crowd? We all have our ideas of what people think of us, and what we want people to think of us. I have an idea...if we should act the way we want people to think of us. This is a reoccurring topic in CSR 309. If we want to be great...we need to be great!! If you missed the last few minutes of lecture missed out!! We are all human beings and no one is perfect. We all need to remember what Feinberg said today. If you missed it - "STOP!!" "STOP" being mean, stop judging people, stop believing you know everything because you don't! This world can change for the better, but it has to start now if anyone of us want to be here to enjoy it. Let's make a difference class! Before this class I always thought that I knew what it meant to be a leader. All you had to do was make sure that your followers were cooperating and following the correct directions that you had given them. I also thought that being a leader meant being open minded about issues and taking everyone's feedback, while dealing with difficulties in the best possible way. There is SO MUCH MORE! Now I have learned that being a great leader means believing in others. I want to leave people better than I found them. I want to help others succeed and see others achieve their goals and dreams. There are so many opportunities in life to do this! Taking a look back, there have been so many times when I have passed these opportunities by. I now have a passion and a goal. I have a chance to turn it all around. Ok so I know that we have talked about this a few time but it just hit me...24 hours a day - 7 hours sleep - 3 hours eating - 4 hours class- 1 hour traveling- 2 hours email, phone, facebook etc... = 7 hours to make money $...(this is a very conservative estimate). How do we get ahead? I have a high word per minute rate when reading, especially when reading books that I enjoy. The consequence of this is that I like well written very large books best because then I'll enjoy the same story for almost a week instead of a day or two. Jacqueline Carey is one such author. Her works are exquisite and long...typically about 700 pages. Her stories teach us (if we listen) about love between people and how we can hurt the ones we love best through our pride. Back to kindness. The female lead asks one of the young village men why he would leave everything he knows to help her on her dangerous mission that has no direct impact on this boy or his village. He stutters "You were kind to me....learned our language." This woman didn't ask for followers but she found herself with people devoted to her because they saw that she was kind and she tried to understand the people of the village. It sound sooo simple - just be kind. It has to be sincere, not calculated. This world can be such a harsh place that a small bit of kindness goes so far. The high jump bar of expectation is barely off the ground at this point in American society. 4 Try it. Hold the door after you every time you enter a building. If you see somebody carrying several things, pause to open the door and allow them to entry first. If somebody seems a bit misplaced or confused ask if they need help. I've found that usually they just need to be pointed at the right door in that hallway. So simple. So quick. Random acts of kindness some call this. Ask the secretary how her kids or project is doing...and here's the key...LISTEN to the answer and remember and show her next time that you remember. That is, if actually caring about her child's illness is too much to ask. This small detail should set you apart in the work place. I want to be around people who notice when I'm not feeling the best. I want to be around people who pause and hold the door with out being asked when I've got my hands full. I want to be around those who have discovered that they are not the center of the universe. I want somebody to watch my back and I want to watch their back. I don't want to cover for an incompetent twit, but I don't want to squish other people down in order to get higher up the ladder. Call me crazy. I want to have real relationships with those around me at work. . . it could just make the difference to a company's retention rate. I have used this blog, to take notes, reflect on the class, etc. I hope to reference this blog later in life and remember the simple, but notable bits of information that I have gained from this class. Looking back, I understand why he led the class the way he did. We have seen the worst of the worst leadership gradually developed into quite possibly one of the best classrooms at Purdue University. The importance of effective leadership is evident in the classroom and in life. You live and learn, you have to do, to experience, to truly grow. Can you say this about your group leader award? I feel that our group for this semester was a huge success. We actually worked as a team and didn't have any problems that distracted us from our goal. When we talked about one person trying to go in another direction from the rest of the group and the negative effect it can have on an organization it showed us we needed to communicate and stay on the same page. I think our group leader did an excellent job of that and was very informative to everyone in the group. And it was never that she was being demanding and telling people what to do instead she asked for advice and really made us feel like we were needed. She also took responsibility for anything that went wrong and tried to fix the problem. And recognized people when they achieved good things to make them feel good. I did not really know anyone that well in our group but it was nice to see how successful we could be with good leadership bringing us together. 5 So when Dr. Feinberg told the story of him giving up his seat in First class to a military gentlemen I thought it was a very nice thing to do, but never really thought anything past it. Until I was in the situation and given the opportunity to do so. I flew first class with my Dad to and from Charlotte, NC over spring break. It was my first time experiences the luxury of flying first class. On the way back home from Charlotte, there were two Army men on our flight. I decided I would brighten their day and my Dad and I offered them our first class seat as a gesture of thanks for serving our country. To see the looks on their faces of gratitude was awesome. It felt so good to brighten their day and to let them know they were appreciated. Today, Feinberg told us again how much we suck and don't give a shit about our lives. I really do not think that he gets it. His class is not the only class we are taking. We are all taking at the very least 3 other classes. Some of us have jobs, or are job searching and we all have lots of extracurricular activities. However, despite all this we are suppose to dedicate ourselves to his class apparently. What an amazing journey- I left with much more than I brought, and more than I could have ever dreamed of. This is college- what it should be at least... going into a class knowing so little being challenged to actually DO something, lead, follow, and interact. Because Dr. Feinberg challenged us by giving us obstacles, and imagine this-- trusting our judgment to make decisions. Our decisions are not always right but without the chance to explore and problemsolve by ourselves we cannot learn. CSR 309 created a buzz, it got our minds going. I felt important and made me feel that I can tackle anything if I prepare myself and give it all that I have. Leadership is important it takes planning and dedication, you must always be one step ahead- you must think outside the box. Mediocrity will not get you were you want to go... you must have a WOW factor. Dr. Feinberg inspired us to WOW. I will always be grateful for all that Dr. Feinberg gave us. I am beginning to feel like this class is going around in circles. I get that the class is about leadership and that Feinberg really wants us to understand and become good leaders, but we do the same things over and over again. So far we have turned in our group memo, two individual memos and also the extra credit opportunity, but they were all pretty much the same assignment. It's like how many times can you turn in an assignment explaining leadership?? I am also somewhat disappointed because it seems as though Feinberg is somewhat bias towards papers that are written about September 11th or the war going on in Iraq. I did think that the papers he showed in class were good leadership papers, but the majority of the papers about 9/11 and the war in Iraq were simply about the war. There was little leadership analysis within the paper and although yes it was a very compelling and touching paper, that wasn't what 6 the paper was supposed to be about. I'm not trying to disprove Feinberg's grading techniques or the papers mentioned in class...I’m just trying to understand what it is that he is looking for. One thing that I have realized when doing the assignments is the fact that I have a hard time explaining what it is that I mean. I feel like I don't do as well in assignment as I could because although I know what it is that I want to say, I have a hard time putting it in writing. I think that to be a good leader you need to have amazing communication skills and I've realized that that is an area that I really need to work on. Make a change, be different, and let yourself stand out in order to be an example to others that are around you. If we sit around and let someone else be the change...sorry, but you might have to wait for a long time before that ever happens. As a young crowd of people- which is us...students, why can't we stop all these gossips and false talks? But, instead, help those that are around you be that example that the world is calling us to be. If we set an example, it will not only make us feel happy about ourselves and what we've done...but most importantly we've done what nobody would ever do in a millions years. Leadership is a powerful lesson that has helped me to grow as an individual. We need to look at our surroundings and expect what will happen while we're around them. We need to be aware and learn to adapt-and from there...we can share with others our experiences and struggles. Beyond the Class...A lesson in Leadership • • • After our day of ice cream and finally receiving the point, tying it all together...I find myself thinking about how I can raise the bar daily...whether it be spiritually, helping out a friend, or selling myself in a presentation/interview I continually think about the liberty mutual commercial and it compels me to hold my responsibility as a human being whom I hope rubs off on others, to lead by example. I find myself asking...what would Feinberg do? I have been recently been thinking about how much I have changed this semester and if there is any correlation to taking this class or not. After thinking about it for a few days now I am not any closer to knowing but I am leaning towards yes. I do believe that taking this class partnered with the many other things in my life has caused me to change. I I gotta tell you, I don't know many people that would have the balls to get up in front of the class and blatantly state that whenever you step in to their office, he is thinking about sleeping with you. Kudos to you sir! I gotta say was a bit flattered. I don't get many comments like that these days. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in 50+ year old men. Now if this was a different day in age and you happened to be a hot little blonde girl, I might re-evaluate the situation. As it 7 stands, I'm going to have to respectfully decline your request. Actually I did think it was hysterical at the time, however inappropriate...but after you clarified yourself in the next class, I realize why you said it. I'm sure you made a lot of scared young ladies sleep a bit easier that night. I could definitely see where comments like that would be a problem in the workplace. They don't need to be worrying about old men drooling over them while they're trying to get work done. I know it may be hard in some instances to look away, but we must restrain ourselves and try to maintain a professional relationship with them. No one likes to be objectified, and I will try to make every woman that I work with feel comfortable around me. Bottom line, I don’t care about points here. As Dr. Feinberg stated today in class (April 2, 2007), “If you haven’t started your blogs yet, then screw you.” So indeed, screw me, because I screwed myself. However, I am not ready to commit to taking to taking down others due to my wrong-doing. The following will be a posting detailing the following: What would you give up? How much would you be willing to walk away from in order to make a difference in the world? Do you know what your "true calling" is? How much could you live without, knowing that you would gain something far more? These were all questions that Oprah had for a guest on her show, a man who walked away from a million dollar career to deliver books. At first I thought the same thing that many others would think, I thought "wow, this guy is crazy!" We are so consumed with materialistic things that we forget about what is really important. In a sense, we are all really bad leaders. We choose not to make a difference in the world, but instead, to make only our own lives richer. This is only a quality of self indulgence and self fulfillment. Oprah said something that really affected me. We all ask ourselves everyday, 'why is there so much crime', 'why are children dying from starvation', 'why are there so many illnesses?’ The reason is one that I had never put enough thought into. The reason is because we let it happen! How can we complain so much about these materialistic things and going to work and school, or being so full that we are uncomfortable; when there are millions of people around the world dying. This man decided to make a difference. He left his position with Microsoft and went to India to deliver school books to children. He walked away from everything, but he gained so much more, more than money could buy. This man didn't stop with 800 books, he continues to get donations and support from others and he has raised nearly 25,000 books. He has also helped to fund and build schools in third world countries. His goal: 20,000 schools by 2020. This to me is the perfect example of leadership. Making a difference in the world. Standing for what you believe in and knowing that you have the power to do something 8 extraordinary. Just one more degree made this man stand out from the rest. All of our lessons from class, this man applied them first hand. The question now is, "What would you walk away from, just to do something extraordinary?" Think about it. I THINK IT IS INCREDIBLY ANNOYING TO TURN IN ASSIGNMENTS FOR THIS CLASS (CSR309) WHEN THERE IS NO FOR WARNING OF ANY ASSIGNMENT BEING DUE AND THEN HAVE YOUR INSTRUCTOR COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW NO ONE TURNED IT IN WHEN HE DIDNT EVEN MENTION THE ASSIGNMENT OR DISCUSS HOW IMPROTANT IT WAS TO GET IT DONE AND TURN IT IN ON TIME. WHY WOULD SOMEONE SEND OUT AN EMAIL COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW THEIR STUDENTS FAILED TO TURN IN AN ASSIGMENT AND NOT EVEN BOTHER TO MENTION TO THEM THAT THERE WAS EVEN ANY ASSIGNMENT DUE?! IT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME, IF IT WAS THAT FRICKIN IMPORTANT THEN I THINK DR.FIENBERG SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING, NOT COMPLAIN THAT NO ONE TURNED IT IN WHEN HE MADE NO INCLINATION THAT WE NEEDED TO TURN THIS IN ON TIME AND THAT IT WOULD BE GRADED. ALSO I THINK IT IS ANNOYING WHEN AN INSTRUCTOR SENDS OUT AN EMAIL AND COMPLAINS ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO MADE NO ATTEMPT TO TURN IT IN AND RANTS ON AND ON ABOUT HOW DISGUSTED HE IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO JUST DIDNT EVEN TRY TO TURN IT IN BUT THEN TURNS AROUND AND SENDS ME AN EMAIL THAT SAYS "THIS ASSIGNMENT WAS LATE 0 POINTS" WHAT?! SERIOUSLY ARE YOU JOKING DR.FIENBERG? YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO DONT EVEN ATTEMPT TO TURN IT IN BUT SEND ME AN EMAIL REMINDING ME THAT MY ASSIGNMENT WAS LATE? UMMM DID YOU THINK I DIDNT NOTICE THAT IT WAS LATE AND THAT I MADE SOME ATTEMPT TO TURN IT IN ANYWAY BECAUSE YOU TOLD US AT THE BEGINING OF THE SEMESTER THAT THERE IS NO HARM IN TURNING IN ASSIGNMENTS LATE ANYWAY AND THAT ATLEAST WE TRIED? WELL THEN WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU SEND ME AN EMAIL ON A SATURDAY AT 1 IN THE AFTERNOON THAT SAYS "THIS ASSIGNMENT IS LATE 0 POINTS" DO YOU THINK IM INCOMPETENT AND THAT I NEEDED A REMINDER THAT I DIDNT GET IT DONE ON TIME. IF ANYTHING, THE ONLY THING I HOPED TO GAIN FROM TURNING IN MY ASSIGNMENT LATE WAS THAT I FELT THE SONG I CHOSE WAS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF YOUTH AND LEADERSHIP AND THAT MAYBE YOU WOULD TALK ABOUT IT IN CLASS. I DIDNT NEED YOUR REMINDER THAT IT WAS LATE, I ALREADY KNEW THAT, IT WASNT NECESSARY, INFACT THE EMAIL SENT TO ME WAS DONE WITHOUT THOUGHT AND INCREDIBLY RUDE. It works I gave my boss a copy of the leadership secrets and it is like working with a new person. People at my job are happier and it seems to have simplified everything. I am giving him a copy of the second card today just to see what happens. The people in the office know what to do and everyone likes being rewarded. One lady said that this week was the first week in 5 years that she has been recognized for her efforts. 9 I will never forget one slide from tonight's class... _____ did not accomplish this because he/she allowed _____ to hold him/her back. I will not allow anyone to hold me back, I will follow my dreams and I will lead myself and others. As usual I found something’s in class to be interesting and other topics not so much. I also had the pleasure of speaking to Feinberg today which frustrated me to no end that he could so easily blow off a student. His response to my one simple question I asked him was, "Did you speak to your leader?" I, in turn, responded that I had and just wanted to reconfirm with him to see if other people had the same problem. At which point Feinberg, walking down the snowy path next to Matthews towards his car in the 2 hour parking spot, said to me "You need to speak to your leader about that." First of all, I did not feel as though I was being respected as a person or a student. I asked a question and I received a hurry huff from the bad leader as he walked to his car. I understand that in his crazy CSR309 mindset that I'm on the bottom of the hierarchy, however; that does not mean he could not have answered me in a more friendly tone perhaps. As the CEO you would expect that they would be glad that a person would be that concerned about their work, but I guess CEO's who like to take advantage of the fact that there are group leaders don't help a person out when they are asking just one simple question. I understand how a company works. CEO's are at the top of the chain, they can't be bothered, they're too busy with the executive decisions, they barely make time to see anyone besides their secretary - which often during those interactions they blow off all the messages that they receive - and sit in their tiny little office, most likely making horrible decisions since they are so self absorbed. You would expect for a good company, or perhaps say a large group, that everyone would work together. I believe in The Incredibles it was mentioned that the insurance company Mr. Incredible worked for his boss says that a company works like a clock, where "it only works if all the little cogs mesh together. A clock must be clean, well lubricated, and wound tight." Our class could be considered a company with Feinberg as CEO, the leaders as the managers, and us - the average employees on the bottom. We do not mesh, we do not work together, everyone and everything is skewed. It's not necessarily the CEO's fault, but his unwillingness to work and open up to the managers/ leaders as a whole causes everyone else to fall apart. Basically, as of now, our class is nowhere like a working clock. Practicing what you are constantly preaching is exactly what Mr. Feinberg did not demonstrate in today's class. Today was the first nice day of this entire semester, and everyone who attended class was antsy for class to end. Mr. Feinberg's unprepared lecture only made the class feel like it lasted for ever and was very hard to stay focused on the lecture. I have learned (not only in today’s class) you should always go with your gut feeling. Bringing his laptop to class, which had the lecture on it, had crossed his mind, but he ignored the thought. I am not angry, or anything of that nature...I really don't care. This was a perfect learning example for the class to always have a back up plan in case of something like this doesn't go smoothly as expected; especially when trying something out for the first time. 10 But I also think that the grading was extremely strict for a class that was supposed to be about leadership. The grades that the students receive were based upon how well their English or grammar was. I think that’s horrible. Every paper that I have written thus far in 309 got a response saying that I had great ideas but poor writing. Shouldn’t I be graded on the leadership Idea and not the grammar? Feinberg needs to develop a new way to go about grading his students. The last thing that Feinberg showed us was something that was said on Dr. Laura's radio show. It a man speaking of how his wife would always kiss him goodbye on her way out the door for work. One day she gave him a really different kiss. It was great and left him smiling all day. It said it made his day. That even he got a phone call that his wife had been killed in a car accident. He said that he now thinks about that last kiss every day and smiles. This is a great example (and a very tragic one, at that) of how much our actions affect others. If we leave each conversation or interaction with the other person leaving with more than he/she came with, we're living well. I want to live well. Whenever I hear a classmate complaining about Feinberg, or simply blowing the class off in general, I honestly think they're making a very poor decision. I don't feel bad for them, as they are making a conscious decision. However, I don't believe that they truly realize how very important the message is, which Feinberg is trying to get across. The more and more I have thought about this, I have realized that the majority (or, at least it seems as so) of the people in this class are simply missing the point. And, then I compare them to our society as a whole - and I think the majority of them are missing it as well. Don't get me wrong - I know there are many wonderful people out there. I know many great people. However, I believe that those people have the potential to be so much greater. And, in order to realize that, they need someone to show them that. I think a lot of this has to do with how we are raised, and who we surround ourselves with. So, being as so many people come from families who do not challenge them to be great, and do not pass down that drive for success, I am seriously considering becoming a teacher after I have established myself more in business. No matter what I teach, I simply want to be around young people, and let them know that they have an opportunity to be great. I think this is so key. I know that the people who have been most important in my life are those who have challenged me to be not simply be good, but to be great. In addition, even though we do have to decide to be great, knowing that we have the God given tools to be great, I do not believe it is even an option for us to be mediocre. Yes, you read correctly, I do not believe that any of us has the right to not make full use of the gifts that God has blessed us with. PS... how can I not get the opportunity of doing that extra credit assignment even though I was out of town dealing with a family funeral? Doesn't seem right. 11 The test was this week. There is a variety of emotions that follow along with it. For one, the test itself was ridiculously hard. As a group leader, I didn't have to take it; instead grade it. I feel sorry for the class. The scores ranged from a 40 to a 77 for those that I graded. You could tell that the kids that scored in the 70's really knew the material, it was just an unreal test. The kick in the ass is that it is our (leaders) fault the test was so hard. None of us took the initiative to make the test in time to give to class so Dr. Feinberg was forced to do-so. We let down the class.... again. I was thinking about Dr. Feinberg's class once I found out that I was probably going to miss it, and I thought about the story about buying the military officer coffee that he told. I then decided that while waiting in the airport, I would make it my personal mission (which turned out to be pretty easy with all the time I had on my hands) to find someone in a military uniform and buy them a cup of coffee. It was actually quite amazing the feeling that I got from the experience of buying this random person that I had met some coffee. At first he was taken back and asked me why I was doing this. I told him it was the least I could do for someone who has devoted themselves to protecting the rights that everyone around us, including me, enjoy and take for granted on a daily basis. The look in his eyes was almost of utter shock. Shock that someone would take the time to recognize what a great thing he was doing. It really is quite disheartening to me that things like this do not happen more often for people like him, and that when they do, it comes to such a shock to them that someone is actually recognizing the commitment that they have made and the job that they are doing. It is really amazing to me that something this small can have such a wonderful effect. Award for the defense of Her group to At the very start of class last night, Feinberg mentioned to the class he is still frustrated and very much disappointed with our work and working together on our assignments so far. I could not DISAGREE more with that statement!! In particular my group seems to have our priorities straight and are working as hard as we can. We have structured our group to have many positions like a leader, assistant leader, secretary, motivator, etc. We are taking it into our own hands to make sure that every person in our group turns in "WOW" material and make sure it is in the right format. We are also very punctual with turning the assignments in. I really do not know what else we can do to show our obvious leadership skills. I have so much confidence in my group!!!! WE CAN DO ANYTHING THAT WE PUT OUR MINDS TO!!! One example, during the request for class leaders in 309, I wanted to stand but then I got nervous. This is one time when I wish I would have gone with my feelings and taken a chance. By having this experience, next time I will remember my regret and be more willing to stand. Unfortunately sometimes you don't get second chances. It's time to start being different. Not as serious as the tragedy at Virginia Tech, but a little closer to me I had a close call this past weekend. I was running a fever for about three days strait with a soar throat. I decided to put off going to the doctor because I didn't feel like I had time with all of my school stuff going on. On Friday morning I woke up and I was coughing up blood, bleeding from my skin, and had blood spots all over my body. I went to the doctor then. When I got there they were treating me as a 12 normal patient with a flu. Then when my blood tests came back things got a little more serious. PUSH had no idea what was wrong with me all they knew was that the lowest amount of platelets a person is supposed to have in their blood is 200,000 and I for one reason or another was down to 3,000. So I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and tested and eventually treated for ITP which is a rare blood disease that no one knows where it comes from. I spent two days in the hospital and I have to go through 5 weeks of therapy to get over this disease. The moral of the story goes along with what Feinberg emailed us the other night. You never know when your time might be up. Doctors say if I put off going to the doctor for even 20 more hours I would not be here today. This made me think a lot about what direction I was taking in my life. Who I showed my appreciation to, what I cared about, and things I should tell people on a regular basis. This experience also brought out all the people that really care about me and have become a strong support system. I will try much harder from now on to make every day count. I feel more mortal than ever and have a new respect for how fragile life is. " blame is not an effective leadership tool", and its true. I remember a time in my life where i was always blaming my misfortunes on someone else or attributing failure to everyone beside myself. When you blame other people nothing gained, or learned. Leadership, is a skill that is developed through numerous group interactions and blaming all the negative outcomes on other sources prevents opportunity for further development of leadership skills. The points that I got from this whole semester where... *Be treated the way you want to be treated. Don't Be a Jerk!!!! *Make yourself your own brand!! *Make yoursef different from others and know how to use that to your advantage. *Have a vision! *Be successful in every aspect of your life. i.e. friends, family, job. *Be Careful Out There!!! Also what you read influences your life and attitude. Do you read the Wallstreet Journal or Maxim magazine? If you are reading books that are teaching you and inspiring you it is going to influence your life much differently than a magazine about nonsense that nobody will remember in a few years. Here is a leadership library list of books to read: "A Whole New Mind" "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" 13 "It's Your Ship" "Highly Effective People" "Brand You" "Now Discover Your Strengths" "The Five Love Languages" "Love 'Em or Lose 'Em" "Made to Stick" "The Dog Poop Initiative" "QBQ" Set­Up­To­Fail­Syndrome The set up to fail syndrome has been witnessed by myself recently. A kid I know has just been giving up in school. He has not been going to class, not doing his work. He has just been extremely lazy with school and does nothing but go out at night and have fun. Granted sitting around and doing nothing all day and having your own time is necessary every once and a while, but not an everyday thing. This guy is just setting himself up to do poorly. He has low expectations for himself. He always says whatever, I'll probably fail the class anyways. He has a terrible attitude about trying to succeed and save his grades. These low expectations make me wonder if that will play a role later in life and continue. Also, he has withdrawn from making any effort. He has withdrawn completely from attending class on a regular basis. Yes, he goes every once in a while, but every once in a while does not cut it in the real world. It behooves you go go to class, and he has just completely withdrawn. Thirdly, he has quit taking initiative in completing class work. He shows no motivation to try and get good grades at school and its going to catch up to him. Purdue will show him the door very soon if he does not get his act together. I have tried to motivate him but it does not really work. I completely understand what Kirk Weisler was saying during his seminar, that people have to motivate themselves. This guy needs to start trying again because the worst thing in the world is wasted talent. 14 Class started off with a joke. Why did the chicken cross the road? Or why didn't it? Apparently in Chicago or New York, forget which, a truckload of chickens tipped over and there were hundreds of chickens just standing in the middle of the road. Why didn't they move? Why were they going to just sit there and get hit by cars? Because they're CHICKENS! They can't process things like humans can...but I guess there is a leadership point behind this...We need to always be moving, progressing or else we're going to get hit with something we don't like? I woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m. to my bed shaking and my lamp rattling. I was very startled because I have never experienced an earthquake before, and I have lived in Indiana my entire life. I should have jumped up out of my bed and made sure everything was okay. Instead, I went back to bed. I think this perfectly describes my poor leadership mentality that I had today. Do leaders sit around or go back to bed when chaos occurs? No. This attitude pretty much went on throughout the rest of the day because I was unproductive and did not get much accomplished. True leaders seize the day! I was once told that good leaders wake up telling themselves that they are going to be a success and then get things done. I want to develop this habit because I don't want to be that person who sleeps in late and is unproductive. No matter how bad the pain is, remember tomorrow is another day." Everyone has bad days, some even had horrible days, maybe even months.. but it's important to realize tomorrow IS another day. It's a chance to wake up realizing it's going to be ok and that things are capable of being fixed or capable of being worked through. Some mistakes are fixable and if that's the case, fix them! If not, learn from them, move on, and don't let them happened again. Like Jessica, if hard times come when you didn't expect it, grow from them and from it gain strength. Like Feinberg said, "A leader is a dealer in hope." Jessica is definitely a true leader because she is constantly optimistic. I hope I can one day have her strength and optimism.. I'm working on it! I never have really been a leader but now I feel that if I am one down the future I will have some good leadership techniques and I feel that I can be a good leader here is the funny Office clip. Once of the biggest lessons I believed we learned in this class was that every employee matters. I am not exactly sure what day of class it was but Doc talked about this and how every employee should know the mission statement and the vision of the company, because they need to understand they are just as 15 important as every other employee in the company, even if they are the night janitor. They have to clean the place for the workers each day to be able to continue to get work done with out a mess or clutter. If they don't believe they are a valued member of the organization then what is they're motivation to give the extra effort to make things nice? "If I won $1,000,000 I'd still want to stay at Stew Leonard's!" This was one of the quotes that got stuck in the back of my mind through out lecture tonight. I thought to myself, WOW, this store and the people who run it must be absolutely incredible! To have someone say that they would continue working in a grocery store even after they won a million dollars says SO much about the company. The employees obviously feel so appreciated and loved by their employers that they never want to leave! I sat in my seat thinking about how amazing it would be to work for a company that appreciated the work you do and more importantly appreciated you as an individual. "Fear comes from the insecurity of not living up to your capabilities." The last quote really made me think hard because Liz nailed it on the spot. Fearing does come from the lack of confidence one has of not fulfilling the person's potential. That's why confidence and belief in yourself is one of the most important things when you need to get something done or fulfill a goal or aspiration. Leaders especially have to believe in themselves because they are constantly faced with challenges everyday that they must overcome. If they can't overcome the obstacles in life because they don't have faith in themselves, they are not leaders. After I got home, I sat down at my desk and wrote down on several post­it notes; "ALWAYS FILL YO' BUCKET!" After class I called my mom and made her put my dad on the line as well. I shared these notes and told them I loved them and always will. Tonight I will sit down and think of my top 5 things I want people to say about me at my funeral. After standing in front of the class, I think it is SO important that family, friends, and even teachers know these 5 things so I plan on sharing these things with them tonight, even if they think I'm weird!!! I am trying my hardest to mold my life so that I can be the person and leader I dream to be. If I don't do this, what's the point of life? Feinberg has essentially used the same procedure that the military uses in our society. At first, we were broken. Everything, we thought, we knew about leadership was completely destroyed starting from the first day of class. No one had any idea of what leadership was at this point and were left to our own devices.However, these past few weeks have been the "rebuilding" stage. Feinberg has shown vast improvement in his leadership skills which has in­turn shown us how to be leaders ourselves. This evening his is throwing us a party in the classroom as per his teachings of "reward and then reward again. 16 Whitewater A rowing crew on still water is a perfect analogy for most of my college courses. Doing homework, studying for a couple hours the day before an exam, and making sure I get to most classes were the three basic rules of getting an A or a B in a class. Although this may be a great way to keep a 3.0 in college, Dr. Feinberg has shown all of us that his class, along with the rest of the world, can be described better using the analogy of a kayak on whitewater. Up until this year, my life had been a rowing crew on still water, with very few rapids interrupting the ever­ so­predictable outcome of most of my dilemmas. I only had one "C"through high school, one somewhat bad break up, and no real family problems dealing with illness, death, or divorce. I made it into a great University and spent the first couple years getting good grades and having a great time. But then, like it does to everyone, the whitewater hit like a wrecking crew. Classes became more challenging, and I didn't get the internship I worked for. Family problems started to arise. Illness hit hard. My outlook said "Too many things coming from too many directions... Your life is going to shit..." It was hard to deal with it all. Then, when it seemed as though there was no stopping of the hardships, a lesson came out of class which hit me in a way that jogged my brain back into action; I have a choice to whether I wake up happy or wake up something else. No one will make that decision for me, and unless I take these negatives and turn them around, I will sulk. I will sit in unhappiness. I won't have as much fun. This lesson has been dragging me by the ear throughout this tough time, and I will keep holding onto it until I'll be able to really breathe easy again. Once again, life isn't still water. A continuous stroke is necessary, but no two strokes will look or feel the same. Dr. Flemberg…we kicked off class today with Dr. Feinberg asking us a most crucial question, "When you cough up phloem, do you spit it our or swallow it?" …and one student was told to call his mother and tell her, "I love you!" Although it was entertaining for most of us I’m sure it made his mothers day and possibly her week. These things were funny however the overall class wasn’t about being funny it was about how to be a better person. If you’re in the class and you weren’t there for today’s lecture you aren’t working on being a better person, next time show up. I have dealt with sexual harassment at every job I have ever had. I worked at the city pool back home in high school, as a hooters girl for 4 years of college, and at Bob Rohrman Honda for my Summer Internship. Each of these places had their own form of sexual harassment, ….I hope that no one treats their employees the way I have been 17 treated because men and women should be seen as equals in the workplace no matter whether it is being a server, or selling cars. I’m not sure that was the point of today but for me today made me think of how far I've come since I started at Purdue 3 years ago. The only other thing I have to say about today’s lecture is that I don't think it was a good idea, I think it was rather unnecessary. I read the entire report on the things that give people pain and for a lot of people those are some pretty serious situations and I’m sure just talking about them, even if it was anonymously, probably gave them a lot more avoidable pain to deal with. After today’s class I’m not sure if this class is about Leadership or about "ME, ME, ME." Dr. Feinberg talked about how you must feel like you deserve the best and you should say I must have the best group, and I must have more pay then the next guy. I totally agree that you have to want to be great but there are only 100 of those people everyone is fighting for. A great leader must find the hidden diamond and shine them until they become great. Personally I’d rather a group of individuals I lead became great and make our company millions then I would to make millions alone or with an already great group. Maybe that is just the coach in me. I do know that some of the greatest men in the world did not become great until after they died and people looked at what they had done. appreciation In class on Monday Dr. Feinberg talked about what people want in terms of motivation. The top three things were: appreciation, feeling "in on things", and caring, respectively. Through my personal work experience, I completely agree. Appreciation really means the most to me; it makes me feel like I have made a difference and my work was recognized. I work in a retail store, and for loss prevention reasons, we have to be walked out by a manager at the end of every shift. When walking an employee out, the manager always makes sure to thank that employee for all of their hard work that day. I know that saying "thank you" to each employee at the end of every shift is a direction from home office, but it still means a lot to me. I work really hard, and whether or not it is sincere, being thanked for my work is one of the reasons I have continued to work at this store for over two and a half years. In addition to appreciation, I also value feeling "in on things". When one of my managers tells me about a specific issue going on with our store or the company, I feel trusted. Confiding in me also makes me feel like I am an important part of the store. Caring gestures on the part of my managers also really improve my motivation and dedication to the company. On one occasion I was very sick but could not find anyone to cover my shift. I went into work anyways, and my manager took a genuine interest in my health. She was concerned about how I was feeling, made some phone calls, eventually found someone to work for me, and sent me home. It really meant a lot to me and made me feel good about where I work. Although we get paid next to nothing and I often have to work odd hours (such as being 18 there at 7 AM or staying til 11 PM), I continue to work for this company and put forth my best effort because I feel appreciated and cared about. I was awarded a raise the past two years, but the importance of this is insignificant compared to feeling valued and respected. I am truly learning how it feels to be lost in the dark, groping my way toward a tiny shimmer of light at the edge of an immense forest. I read the syllabus and somehow still forgot to turn in assignments, and I'm a group leader. Hopefully I will reach that light soon and become a good leader, not only to my group, but for myself as well. The difference between a manager and a leader is that a leader touches people emotionally. A manager might motivate others to accomplish a task or get work done, but a great leader actually changes lives. Simply put, a leader has the desire to make life better for everyone. It doesn't matter who you are or what resources you have, anyone can be a leader. As Dr. Feinberg pointed out, "it's not always the big things". Sometimes it's the little things leaders do each day to make someone's life better. This is key. Leaders strive for something greater and take advantage of every opportunity (no matter how small) to add value to someone else's life. "Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living." -- Albert Einstein I came across an article in Business Week titled "Do the Leader's Math". This article discussed two different levels of leadership and how one can use these to measure the contribution of a leader. The first level consists of those leaders described above -- those who add value to others. Anyone who wants to build up others and intends to follow through can become an "adder". On a higher level are the "multipliers" -- those who help others make the most of their talent and reach their potential. They raise others up by giving of themselves. Multipliers do not simply lead -- they create new leaders. They connect with others in a way that causes those people to stop, think, and change their own attitudes and behaviors. However, to become a multiplier, one must be "strategic, skilled, and highly intentional". This has helped me realize the importance of CSR 309. I've heard many 19 people say that leadership classes are common sense and that they can be summed up with the mantra, "treat others as you would like to be treated". However, leadership is a complex subject that cannot be explained with one basic principle. Leadership is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and improved. Through leadership classes such as CSR 309, leadership books, and actual hands-on experience, we can become skilled "multipliers" and change the lives of others. Communication is key I went to work this morning and I was reminded how important communication is in the workplace. I work at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex at Purdue and good communication is imperative. Let me set it up for you. There are three work areas that an employee like me is responsible for, depending on where and when I work. The snack shop, golf range, or cart barn are the three designated work areas. Each area has a respective boss, in which I have to follow orders from. Here’s where the problem lies; the management (bosses) do not communicate well enough within themselves to effectively communicate to me. The biggest problem I run into is following orders from two different bosses at the same time because the orders usually contradict. For example, this morning I arrived at 8:00am to pick up all the balls off the range. One boss told me to hand­pick the areas that were not reachable with the cart pickers. I was to do this until the golf team started hitting. About an hour into the job, another boss comes over and tells me to drive the cart picker around to pick up as many balls as I can. The golf team has not begun to hit, but I decide to listen to the latest assignment from the boss. 15 minutes later the prior boss reprimanded me to continue hand­picking. This cycle continued until the golf team began to hit and I had to seek shelter. My point is that good communication prevents headaches and confusion within the organization. Even in my $6/hour job communication is imperative. If management had come to a unanimous decision then I wouldn’t have to waste my time talking to them and waste time changing tasks. I think this is a great example of that! Here are some things that I want to do: • • • learn how to make sushi try to go two weeks without drinking save money 20 • • appreciate my parents apply to a job every week Who would think that Feinberg could teach almost a whole class just from movie clips. When it came time for commencement speeches were all wondered what in the world she would say. She gave a speech about numbers and how life was full of them. Overall, good topic that should have been inspirational. Boy were we in for a surprise. She then shocked the entire gymnasium when she boasted, "Everyone has a number; mine just happens to be one." I thought that commencement speeches were supposed to inspire the graduating class to go into the real world and show how great of a leader they can be? I never thought in a million years that the person the teachers thought was the best leader of our senior class would be little six hundred of her fellow classmates just to show her superiority. Looking back on it now that I am older and a little wiser I realize how bad of a leader she really was. Just thinking of her lack of respect for those around her inspires me to be a wonderful leader who is not boastful or arrogant. Little did I know that Mrs. #1 and her bad leadership skills would inspire me years later to be better than her in the future. This week in class we talked about for only a little on what people on airplanes read. In the back there are people reading Maxim, Cosmo, or doing Sudoko's. In first class they are reading the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and so on. he following quote is one that I have grown to love. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." ­Marianne Williamson I enjoy this particular quote because it explains that a person should not hesitate to excel. I think that it is common that individuals are so caught up in avoiding to appear cocky or overconfident that they often conceal their achievements and strengths. It is a tricky balance to portray because it is not appealing to boast, but it is also important to show how great you are. For example, I think this particular quote could help students before they go into an interview. Personally, I get so caught up in not trying to appear 21 arrogant or brash, and therefore I end up leaving certain aspects out during an interview. Like the quote says, you should never have to “shrink yourself so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” What really got my attention the most in class was the video clip we watched about how every one in four women in England were abused. Seeing that guy walk down the street and count every four peole really made it feel real to me. What I would want people, my mom for example, to say would be that I'm funny, sarcastic, a good person, and that I have a nice rack. I have also already informed her years ago that I wanted Def Leopard's Pour Some Sugar on Me played during my ceremony- why? No idea...I'm a rebel When your workers know exactly what topics are going to be covered and that they will be out of the meeting at the promised time, they will be more apt to prepare for the meeting and attend it with a lighter heart. The atmosphere in the room will be better, and meeting won't be such a dreaded occurrence anymore. When your workers know exactly what topics are going to be covered and that they will be out of the meeting at the promised time, they will be more apt to prepare for the meeting and attend it with a lighter heart. The atmosphere in the room will be better, and meeting anymore. My group is badass! This day in class we looked at the true essence of sales. Sales is not selling the product, but selling its features through yourself. This may seem a little abstract to those not familiar with sales intensive positions, but to really successfully sell a product, you must make the consumer feel special. However possible, the sales­person must make the purchaser feel so comfortable and in control that to not purchase the product would make them reconsider why they got out of bed in the morning. Now, will this always work...OF COURSE NOT! However, if one makes the customer feel not like a customer, but a REAL PERSON...the salesperson's will be paid dividends far exceeding those he/she could ever imagine both financially and emotionally. Remember, this is not a cheap way to sell. I say this because it won't cost you any more money to really meet their every wim, but it will cost you mental dollars. You will have to understand that you are there for the customer, not just a paycheck. Do this and you will make money. Do not do this, and you may still make money...for a little while till they see your competitors taking the extra seconds to say, "Hello, I'd love to help you today. My name is (INSERT HERE). What are you looking for?" 22 We need to choose to be proactive, take control of our lives, and do some good things. Everyone is capable of greatness, it's just choosing to work for it. Thinking "I can't do this" is basically just putting a roadblock on ever being able to do it. Give employers a reason to want you. Well out of all the comments that people wrote about I remembered that two people in the comments said my quote. My mother died from a drunk driver when I was seven and my brothers where in the car and I was the only person who was able to walk away from the accident unharmed. When I heard about peoples parents talking about divorce I only wanted to say, yes that is rough but not tough. Imagine your parents splitting up and not seeing one of your parents and brother ever again. Not hoping that one day you will see them when you grow older. I know that in my lifetime I will never see them again. I would honestly drop anything in the world ANYTHING just to see them for 5 seconds. I don't even have to communicate with them just be in the same presence of them for 5 seconds would be the most rewarding thing in the world. We Died :-( All I can say is thank GOD we were not survivors on the show "Lost". Our group would have all died after the plane crash because we did a TERRIBLE job at using the 15 items we had for survival Some other interesting points that Pausch made: • It's easy to be smart when you are parodying smart people (sort of reminded me of what Feinberg said about how if you want to be great, hang out with great people) • If you wait long enough, people will surprise and impress you (don't be too quick to judge people -- give them a chance) • How you say things matters. Pausch was told basically the same thing by two of his superiors, however one said "I don't know" and one said "I don't have a lot of information, but one of my star faculty members is excited so I want to hear more." • You can't change the cards you were dealt, but you can decide how you will play the hand • HAVE FUN! • Loyalty is a two-way street I just recently had a second interview for Menards' management program with the store H.R. manager, Carrie. One of the questions that she asked was, "What are your strengths?" I had a decent answer about my ability to get things done and being able to do them efficiently, but I would have much rather used this quote... "Well Carrie, let's just say that I'll bring the amazing attitude while you teach me how to "do the plumbing." I won't go into every situation knowing exactly WHAT to do, 23 but I will tell you I'll know exactly HOW to go about doing it ­ with enthusiasm. Being enthusiastic will be a principle of mine in any challenge I will tackle for the company." Something along those lines would have fit in my interview well. As a whole, the interview went really well, and I'll be looking forward to the answer in a couple of weeks. As for using this idea in the future, I'll make sure to use it when putting people into positions for the company. It was always hard for me to see what made a great follower, but it is becoming much clearer that enthusiasm is one of the most important traits. I'll be making sure to keep an eye out. I will never relinquish an opportunity to become a leader ever again. Opportunities are all around you. Start recognizing them. We'll all remember who our leadership daddy is from now until our time is up! Pat Kerrigan is quite the woman, not to mention quite the leader. Now, what makes Pat Kerrigan this phenomenal leader? When asked how she manages her people she replied, “My job is to create an environment where people who do make them can make parts, can make them right. They can make them right the first time. Can make them at a competitive price. And can do it so with some sense of responsibility and pride.” As we learned from Kouznes and Posner, A strong component of leadership is enabling others to act. It is apparent Pat understands mutual respect creates extraordinary fellowship. She has created an atmosphere where trust and human dignity are her first priority. By providing this environment she is making her workers feel capable and powerful. It really says something when employees feel their escape from the hardships of the world is the minute they walk into work. First Day in CSR 309 ­ Going into CSR 309, I thought it was just another class before I graduate. I have to complete it get an A, and then I would be done with it. However, our first day was nothing like the "typical first days." I was so confused, angry, frustrated and upset. It was total and complete madness. We had no instructor and random people who I have never met before were getting up in attempting to tell a class of 300 people what we had to accomplish. For me, it is hard for me to do something told by someone else 24 that is a student with me. So, I left and I was just feeling like "WHAT THE HELL?" I hope I will be getting my monies worth this semester. The man, the myth, the legend Kirk! I hate having to follow someone, who doesn't know how to lead!... If you don't have a leader who can lead, what's the point of having a leader? What is the point of following someone you can't follow? It all brings me back to the beginning of class when I should have stood up and been a leader. First Day of Class. What the f@&#? This class is so pointless to go to. You do absolutely nothing. Feinberg just sits in the back of the class and observes the whole time." This was the response I got from a co­worker when talking about going to class that day; therefore, I was prepared to do just that. In fact, to be completely honest, I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to even show up. I decided to go and see for myself if that's what it really was going to be like. Some of the things that made me change in the last 3 months... 1. Always give an extra effort , that 105%. Try to make your work remarkable, not only good. Try to serve customers with more than what they are asking for. 2. Institutionalize the process. If I would ever work in a team for a company I would surely like to bring the values of the company into the daily lives of the persons working. It is all about motivating them to do extra­ordinary things. 3. Encourage the heart. Be aware of the repercussions of your actions. Never make somebody feel bad about what they are doing, try to reward instead of punish. Punish only behavior which can be detrimental to others or the company. 4. Believe in yourself. Believe in your time management skills, believe you can do whatever your mind sets into. Empower others as well... 5. Model the way, Inspire a share vision, challenge the process, and others...J Montovani Today was our last day for CSR309. A few months ago, I couldn't wait for this day. I couldn't wait to get the hell of that lecture because the professor scared me shitless, I was always 25 hungry in the class, and I wasn't doing too well. Well, a few things changed...Feinberg changed. The class changed. I changed. We all have personal missions and visions in life, it is just up to us to follow them. Tony Robbins said something I really liked yesterday. He said, "relationships are about depth." He then went on to talk about how this world is a world of emails, blogs, text messages, and instant messaging. Caring... On the very last day of working at Baxter, one of the supervisors came up to me and said, "I heard it's your last day" and I replied, "Yes it is, glad you noticed, bitch" (okay, so I didn't really say bitch) and she said, "well I just wanted to say that you were a big help this summer" she smiled and walked away. When she walked away, I was laughing because 1. She told me this on the LAST day I was working? Motivation and recognition=effectiveness at work. Guess she never caught on. and 2. I didn't do anything that summer, so that was a lie. Oh well, she made some sort of effort, right? Now that I think about it, I think she called me by the wrong name... good times!! I feel like we watch too many commercials in class. I understand the point, but I feel that there are too many and it loses its effectiveness. My ideal organization would be a place where employees are passionate about their work. Each employee understands the purpose of their work. Employees will feel that the may speak freely, and their contributions are significant. Employees will be rewarded and recognized for their efforts. My ideal organizations would be an organization that combines creative and analytical skills. My organization would place quality first, and would be customer focused. Employees would be able to obtain high level independence, but would still work together on problem solving teams or self directed work teams. Everyone in the company would understand the mission statement and would be able to complete work according to the shared values of the company. After experiencing more 309 lectures and reading The Leadership Challenge, I have come to realize that leadership is not something that can be accomplished by taking a backseat …I witnessed all 250+ college students bicker, as if we were a present day "Lord of the Flies", which I didn't think was possible. I figured everyone else had heard just as much as me about the 26 class, but everyone had their own twist on things, which led to chaos…. As I was sitting on the plane waiting for everyone to board, I had my book sitting on my lap. I had at least 3 people that were walking by tell me that that was one of the best books they had ever read. One guy asked me if I had to the workbook and when I replied no, he told me that I HAD to get it. I thought this was great. Dr. Feinberg stresses to us how important this book is and not to sell it back so you can re­read it; but now I had complete strangers telling me what a great book it was. One man went around to different schools and talked his fraternity because he was part of a leadership group and recommended them to read this book. I just thought this was a great story and it needed to be shared because what Dr. Feinberg says is completely true; this book is amazing and it can help everyone if you give it a chance. Good Leadership is the ultimate answer to CHAOS I found it interesting that one of the core underlying themes Girl, Interrupted parallelled Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, incorporating many references to the theme. Suzanna, like Dorothy, was stuck in a place she did not to be and trying to get home unbeknownst to her that the power to leave was in her all along. Unfortunately, I had a medical emergency and had to be out of school this week. I am back home in Ohio recovering and starting to feel better. I am feeling overwhelmed though with all that I have missed. I keep telling myself that everything will work out. I just have to dig deep and find the leader inside me to stay strong and get through this. True leaders go through bumps in the road and have to work around them sometimes. It is so weird, however, how when you are sick you just wish the world would stop with you, but this doesn't happen. The world keeps spinning faster and faster leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about missing the ride. After laughing at the video, I started thinking that I really wish that I had a Terry Tate in my group projects. In most of my classes right now, a major portion of my grade relies on groupwork. Almost all of my group members are unreliable and I usually end up having to nag them to get their part into me on time, fix their part because it looks like crap, or both. It is just so frustrating. I can't tell if it is because they have lower standards for the work that they do, or if they know that I will not let a project get turned in that does not look well. I really need a Terry Tate to come in and tackle my group members so that they can get their parts done right and on time. .. if you need a Terry Tate to have to motivate you to do something right, are you really choosing to be excellent? 27 All great things start with one person... It's kinda crazy to think that everyone great thing that is around us today probably started with one person. Could I be that person? maybe someday! if I want to be that person, then the time to start is now! I wonder if any president, prime minister, chairman, or whoever ever comes online just to see what the people have to say about their country and what the people have to say about their leader. What better source of feedback can you get other than this? Leadership boils down to some very simple­­not rocket science­­ideas: character, confidence, critical thinking and the ability to engage other people," Baum said. "It's all about know­how and learning that stuff in life, what works and what doesn't." I read something on the internet today that was very inspiring. "A sheep leading a pack of lions is no challenge to a lion leading a flock of sheep." I talked to a friend last year who was working at an ad agency. He complained about his job and told me that his boss never paid attention to him. He said he was ready to quit and work for another company. He hated the company and told me that he was going to show them how much a loss they were going to get. We moved on to other subjects and I haven't heard from him until about a couple of weeks ago. I asked him again about his job and he told me now he is the general manager at the ad agency that he wanted to quit originally. I was surprised and I asked him to tell me what happened. Last year when he was about the quit his job, he thought that just quitting the job was not going to create enough loss for the company. So for about 4 months, he worked extra hard and managed to establish excellent relationships with a lot of important clients. He wanted to bring over all his clients to the other company. But then things changed a little bit. 5 days right before he was going to quit. His supervisor called him into his office. His supervisor looked very serious and told him to sit down. My friend was so ready to quit the job he even brought along his written resignation. His supervisor then said: "I have a very serious question to ask you." "On a scale of 1 to 10 how important do you think you are to the company?" My friend thought: "Who cares, I am leaving anyways." So he just randomly came up with an explanation: "About a 5, because I don't think I am getting the kind of challenge I wanted to." 28 Right about he was to hand in his written resignation. His supervisor smiled at him and said: "I have been observing you for a while, do you think you would be more challenged if you were to work as a general manager?" I will stop here because you can imagine what happened later. But this event really stood out to me. When people recognize your importance and the kind of accomplishment you have achieved, they give you the trust. It tells me that leadership exists when people develop dependency with you. Furthermore trust are not just simply given to you, you have to earn it. Women have often quipped that they have to be twice as good as men to get anywhere — but that, fortunately, is not difficult. In fact, it appears that it may be difficult after all. Modern democracies may empower deep prejudices and thus constrain female leaders in ways that ancient monarchies did not. What does it take to lead? Leadership isn’t a job or a title; it’s more of a calling. The question is can you build that quality within you? I guess you see it a lot in business and even school. The go­to­guy on the staff or even class, he or she may not be the one with the authoritative title, the highest paid, or the most power Tom Peters Carrigan doesn't make the product...she creates an Environment in which those who do make the product can do so effectively and with a sense of responsibility and pride. She promotes accountability by empowering workers with a feeling of ownership of their jobs. The clip demonstrates something that Kirk Weisler talked a lot about: engagement. Carrigan engaged workers in an otherwise monotonous job by talking to them and making them feel important and appreciated. It also shows that treating your employees well isn't just a nice thing to do, it actually produces results. Carrigan turned a failing auto plant into a successful one; just by opening up the communication and regularly talking to the workers, she instilled motivation in them. She showed them respect and in turn earned their respect. 29 U.S. Navy Leadership Principles I found this list of principles that the Navy has on their website for leadership. I thought it would be interesting for everyone to read. 1. Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your Sailors or Marines. 2. Know yourself and seek self­improvement. 3. Set the example. 4. Develop your subordinates. 5. Ensure that the job is understood, supervised, and accomplished. 6. Know your men and women, and look after their welfare. 7. Keep everyone informed. 8. Set goals you can reach. 9. Make sound and timely decisions. 10. Know your job. 11. Teamwork. Eeyore vs Tigger. Either you will be optimistic about life or you just sulk all day. Be Tigger! Bring happiness to your life and to others. Lead others and yourself to have a positive outlook in life and you can make a difference. 30 The biggest surprise was that all of these things that I read had happened so the people in the room I was in. I just couldn't believe how much pain people felt around me. Memo results I just want everyone to know that I got a 220 out of 200 on the first individual memo. End of Brag-fest. Now onto the list of a few things I feel I have gotten out of the semester as a whole: 1. First, figure yourself out. Then, believe in yourself, and make your dreams come true. You’re the only one that can. 2. If you’re going to lead people, it needs to be mutually beneficial, otherwise it’s not going to work out. People need to feel recognized and appreciatedon top of getting something out of their efforts. 3. Make goals and stick to them. They need to be clear and obtainable, but not too easy. Decide what you need to do, and do it. 4. We can all make a difference, and we can all be leaders in some aspect. 5. When an opportunity arises… jump on it; you don’t know how long it will be there or if you’ll get another chance. 6. Don’t make excuses… you’re only holding yourself back. 7. You have to show you care. 8. How you present yourself matters… a lot. If other’s can’t see your potential, then it doesn’t matter that you have any. 9. The past is the best predictor of the future for practically everything. 10. Everyone needs to know their role(s) in life and how to do them. 11. Everyone must face troubles and will have pain. It how they’re handled that separates the strong from the weak, and brings out the leaders. 12. Always “do your homework.” Use the resources you have available to you, and don’t expect other’s to do your work for you. Take the initiative and do it yourself. 13. The “bar” set by society is so low… take the extra effort and go above it. 14. What you say determines what you see… so be careful. 15. Keep learning new things. Take advantage of training opportunities. It will benefit yourself and others. 16. Manage your time so that you can do what you want and need to do. It’s an un­renewable resource that we don’t even know how much we have Most people don't go through life looking for leadership opportunities, they tend to sit and wait for them to be presented on a silver platter. One night over spring break I was handed one of those platters. I was sitting at a karaoke bar by the entrance with my parents when a welldressed individual walked into the bar during the middle of a solo gone wrong. He cringed and I 31 saw the look on his face. I sparked conversation with a little joke about how bad the singer was and then he joined our table. I had recently just met this guy about 3 ago and now he is laughing and joking with our entire table and seems like he just fits in. It was my conversation starter that lead me to meet the owner of a Xerox distribution company in Maine. During the course of our conversation I ended up telling him about a friend of mine who recently graduated and lives in Maine. One thing led to another and I ended up getting one of my friends a job offer the next week. It happened just like that. I could've just as easily not even said hello to this man and let him go on his way. I'm a firm believer that you never know who you're going to meet, so it's best to make 100% use of every opportunity that you are given. Leaders Should Talk Like Leaders! Here are some ideas: Cursing at Work A list of 18 New and Innovative 'TRY SAYING' phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner. Number 1 TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training. INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the f___ you're doing. Number 2 TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter. INSTEAD OF: She's a f___ing bit__. Number 3 TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late. INSTEAD OF: And when the f___ do you expect me to do this? Number 4 TRY SAYING: I'm certain that isn't feasible. INSTEAD OF: No f___ing way. Number 5 TRY SAYING: Really? INSTEAD OF: You've got to be sh___ing me! Number 6 TRY SAYING: Perhaps you should check with.... INSTEAD OF: Tell someone who gives a sh__. Number 7 TRY SAYING: I wasn't involved in the project. 32 INSTEAD OF: It's not my f___ing problem. Number 8 TRY SAYING: That's interesting. INSTEAD OF: What the f___? Number 9 TRY SAYING: I'm not sure this can be implemented. INSTEAD OF: This sh__ won't work. Number 10 TRY SAYING: I'll try to schedule that. INSTEAD OF: Why the f___ didn't you tell me sooner? Number 11 TRY SAYING: He's not familiar with the issues... INSTEAD OF: He's got his head up his a__. Number 12 TRY SAYING: Excuse me, sir? INSTEAD OF: Eat sh__ and die. Number 13 TRY SAYING: So you weren't happy with it? INSTEAD OF: Kiss my a__. Number 14 TRY SAYING: I'm a bit overloaded at the moment. INSTEAD OF: F__ it, I'm on salary. Number 15 TRY SAYING: I don't think you understand. INSTEAD OF: Shove it up your a__. Number 16 TRY SAYING: I love a challenge. INSTEAD OF: This f___ing job sucks. Number 17 TRY SAYING: You want me to take care of that? INSTEAD OF: Who the f___ died and made you boss? Number 18 TRY SAYING: He's somewhat insensitive. INSTEAD OF: He's a pr_ck. 33 After reading the speech that Representative Ponder gave to the Georgia legislature, it makes me believe that anything is possible. All great things start with one person, It might as well be me During my spring break my flight headed to Florida was delayed two days because of extreme weather conditions. I finally got a flight but it came along with a long lay­over in Atlanta. I immediately went to the bar in the airport, because my vacation had officially begun. I sat for the next 4 hours and sparked conversation with everyone that sat in the barstool next to me. I ended up meeting lots of influential people including one of the founding fathers for He was thoroughly impressed with me and told me to contact him when I graduated because he could put me to work. Instead of of sitting and sulking in the airport, I was out making the best of the situation that I have been handed. That is what leadership is about. If you can turn a 4 hour layover in Atlanta into a good experience then when life throws you a curveball you'll be ready. I met today for lunch with the Future manager of the store I will be working for next year, Nordstrom. I was a little thrown off guard when we asked me an interesting question; What was my vision for personal life and work life? The work life I gave to her in a snap. when we talked about visions for our groups in class i thought about what my vision will be for my future employees and team. However, I had not thought about my personal life vision. This was an interesting concept to me. Why would my employer care about what I want out of my personal life? I knew what a vision was so i quickly made up one out of what I want in the future. I was a little nervious to ask her why my personal life, but i did it anyways. She responded, "When people say you leave your personal life at the door when you enter work, they are so wrong." I was intrigued and asked her to elaborate. She said "do you want to bring drama into the store, no way. But if you leave your personal life completely at the door you are loosing a part of yourself at work. We hired you for all of you, not just the work you." She then gave me an example. "Lets say if I left my life at the door for work, I would have to forget what I am working for, my kids." "I 34 am a single mother and if I dont combine my work and personal life, one is bound to suffer, and personally it is what motivates me to do better in my career." I found this fascinating that it was something we had talked about in class and I actually got asked. It was also neat to see the relationship between personal and work life. 309 touched on a topic last week that I believe should be the eighth habit of highly effective people. Do Something!! Too often people get the tools to do a great job, be a better person, or become a better leader, but do not follow through on those ideas. I can say that I try to always do something and those close to me will tell you that I am always doing something. I am the kind of person who doesn't say, "I need to do that, or I need to call them," I just do it. I get things done with East Coast efficiency and then they are done. I had an opportunity to renovate a home during the summer of 2007 north of Boston, Mass. I am not from Boston and have no connections in the area, which are vital when it comes to construction. My general contractors told me that the project would take 21 days to four weeks to complete at a budget of $60,000. I told them that both figures were way off and they insisted it could not be completed quicker or cheaper. I fired them. I called all my subcontractors, stayed on top of people and renovated the has is 10 days, including move-in. Just by taking it into my hands I completed it in less than half the time frame and came in with a total cost of $46,000. I achieved success just because I took things into my hands and got it done. Hard work definitely pays off, and it was sweet. I Just Wasted 4 Years of College: Thanks for the Realization Feinberg You can't be mistake free, you can be arrogance free. Tonight I watched Randy Pausch talk about his "Last Lecture" on Prime Time. It was so inspiring. I made my roomate and all of my friends watch this Prime Time episode (usually our time is occupied by Real World). I am so glad that my friends were able to see this, because I often try to tell them of the things I found important in my 309 class. Nothing really sticks with them the way it sticks with me. I don't really have a way of saying things in the same way. As I watched the story of Randy Pausch I was completely inspired even more than when I watched the "Last Lecture". The most important thing I took away from Prime Time was not something that Randy said, but what his wife said which was "...Shut it off, so tommorrow does not rob you of today". I know that Mr. Paush said a lot of amazing things and I took to heart a lot of things he said. But hearing this was one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. Dont let tommorrow rob you of today. Today was one of the most stressful days of my semester. I am completely burnt out on group work and presentations and could say that I have honestly reached my limit for the semester. After hearing his story, I realize there are more important things; I need to stop letting things get to me so much. I think we all know this in some way but there are 35 sometimes when we let thing overwhelm us and we need to be brought back down. This is why I am glad that I have been in this class because if I weren't I would have definitely not known who Randy Pausch was and I definitely wouldn't have watched this Prime Time. The example Kirk gave was to walk into a room and rather than act like " Oh, I'm here!" focus instead on the other people in the room. "Hey! You're here. I'm glad you could make it!" Its a simple way to pick someone up that may have otherwise been down because it shows that you recognize them and are happy to be around them. We need to spend more time cheering for and recognizing others rather than ourselves. Jessica Clements. What a absolutely inspiring woman. The main lesson I learned from her was never say never. Never give up and believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Blaming others for our failures or mistakes is never the answer. Hard work and dedication is all it takes to achieve our goals. Or is it? The Power of Purpose What is the point? Why are you going to school? Why do you go throughout the days, weeks, and months making the decisions that you do? A lot of people might just say that they are going through the motions. You do what you need to in order to graduate in 4 or 5 years and find a job. Is that really the purpose of your education or furthermore, the purpose of your life? For some people it is, and still others wouldn't know what their purpose was if asked. The fact of the matter is, until you have a purpose, you can't steer yourself and make decisions to get there. When you aren't making decisions that are based on some purpose or end goal, much of what you decide is random. Maybe it is the right decision that helps you achieve your purpose, but what if it isn't? If you are simply taking a random shot in the dark it is likely that it won’t be the best decision to help you become who you want to be. This is a concept that carries directly over in organizations and leadership. Without an organization defining its purpose to the people in it, how is anyone to know what is expected of them? More importantly, how will the goals of the company be reached? Simply put, they won't. People need direction in order to work towards a common goal. People also need direction in order to make decisions that will be beneficial to their long­term goals. When you know what you're working towards, you are able to take the steps necessary to get there. Not something that too many people think about in their day­to­day decisions, but that is the power of purpose. First off, learning to properly shake hands is crucial in the business world. Think about it. It truly says everything about you immediately to a potential employer. Why on earth would I want to hire someone who doesn't have the confidence to properly shake my hand and look me in the eye? First impression is everything. Dr. Feinberg was right on. Maybe he has been a horrible leader. Maybe he claims to not care about our class. But clearly, the man is on to something and we all have something to learn form him. Heck, 20 minutes out of my life to shake hands and spread germs from 200 people was well worth my time! 36 Why did the Chickens cross the road?? THEY DIDN'T! Instead they stood around confused and were soon gobbled back up by their truck deliverer headed back to the slaughter house. We must learn from this tragic story. If we don't stand up and take life, it's going to take us!­­usually to no where you want to be! I DESERVE THE BEST ­Today, Feinberg was stressing the point that each an every one of us deserves the best in life. This includes everything that life has to offer. From boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, jobs, teachers, etc. He made a statement saying, "If your parents or boyfriend or girlfriend is bringing you down GET RID OF THEM." At first I was thinking how awful, but in reality why should I listen to someone who talks negative to me or thinks that I am not good enough, and thinks my major is so called "EASY". I work my butt off at school to have the GPA that I do and I am very happy with my life right now. I want to succeed by graduating with honors, and finding a career that makes me happy. After class today, I no longer am going to listen to someone who brings me down they are not worth my time. Because, I know that I will find someone else out there who will support me and be happy for me. I DESERVE THE BEST! The Waitress at Waffle House I went to Panama City Beach Florida for spring break. While I was there, I noticed how nice everyone was. Every single person I met that worked in the city, whether it be at the Walmart, a restaurant, or the liquor store was extremely friendly. One particular person that I met while I was there was a woman named Linda. She was my waitress at the local Waffle House. I had stopped in for breakfast with my friends and could immediately tell that she was a special person. I thought back to 37 story that Kirk Weisler told us about the pin lady at the airport and how he talked about loving and making the most of what you do. Linda did just that. The restaurant was packed full of college kids, most of which were probably hung­over, broke, and tipping poorly. Regardless, she had a huge smile on her face, was extremely nice, and put a smile on the faces of everyone at my table. As busy as it was, it would have been easy for her to just rush over to us, get our orders, and then go on to the next table. It wasn't like that. She talked us about our vacation, asked where we were from, and made us feel welcome. She treated us like people that she cared about when she knew we would be out the door in 30 minutes. It's a powerful thing when people are willing to take time out of their busy work days just to make you feel recognized and put a smile on your face. It doesn't matter what job you hold when you truly care about the people you are working with. It is still possible to touch peoples lives and put smiles on their faces. When you have a genuine personality it shows and people are affected by it, even if you don't realize it. E-Tapestry 1) Every month, the company takes the employees out for lunch. Also, the supervisor (or head of the specific part of the company) will also take the their section out to lunch. It is a great way to show appreciation for their hard work, and makes them work harder and more efficiently once they know they are appreciated. 2) They host games within the company for employees to participate in such as badmitten. The day I went to interview, they had a tournament, so everyone was dressed in sweats, etc. Thats nice that they don't always have to dress up for work, especially because they are an online business... makes sense. 3) Each time i was waiting for an interview, each person that walked by made sure to ask if I had been helped. Everyone was so friendly and made it seem like they want to actually help you. They all had a smile on their face and enjoyed being in the place they worked. K Kennedy 38 Fast, Fun, and Friendly" A few weeks back I had the chance to interview with Target Corporation out in Minneapolis, MN. Upon entering the building I began to take mental observations. After checking in with security, I took a seat as I waited for the recruiters. As I watched employees roll in the door, I noticed that almost every one of them had a smile on their face. These people seemed generally happy to be at work at 8:30 in the morning. It was almost as if everyone was a morning person. This was something that I couldn't believe. I have never seen a company quite like this. After a few minutes, I was greeted by my recruiters. They were probably the nicest recruiters I have ever come in contact with. They treated me more like a friend than a recruiter. Throughout the day I had the chance to really see what has made Target the company that it is. It was such a positive environment that encouraged new thought processes. Decorative and creative art was placed all around the building to help achieve this. There was even a big open room for Target employees to take a half of an hour per week to just talk to another Target employee about their jobs. Target has taken their vision and mission of being a "Fast, Fun, and Friendly" company, and turned it into a reality. They have effectively transformed their employees to become part of this vision. The Target culture lives and breathes in every employee. Much of Target's success as a company can be attributed to their culture because it has created motivated, happy employees. When employees enjoy coming to work each day and are passionate about their jobs, a higher quality of work will be produced. "Fast, Fun, and Friendly" just simply works for Target. They will no doubt continue to grow and become a larger and large company. Eat Pray Love I’ve just finished reading a book called Eat, Pray, Love; what a motivating, enchanting story. It’s about a woman who after several difficult years decides to embark to Italy, India and then to Belize to find herself and to do the one thing she enjoys the most which is writing about her life travelling to these amazing places. While reading this I began to think to myself, it is possible to find yourself and end up doing what you really love. Am I going to be doing what I really love? I have my life planned out in my mind getting to what I think I should have been studying all along, but not until later in life. Is selling and sales, leadership in that context, what I really want? After having spent nearly a month in the hospital when I was 10, and continuing to deal with my accident almost a year after I was intrigued by the medical field. I should have been a nurse. It is a thought I keep in the back of my mind all of the time, the unexpected, the sometimes fast pace and the challenge of studying nursing intrigues me, more so than this selling and sales management thing. Now I wonder, do I go back to school and do what I feel more passionate about or 39 leave it to later in life? Going the EXTRA Mile Today I encountered a very interesting experience that brightened my day. As I walked out of my class, I notice a man dressed up like a super­hero on a scooter approaching. As he got closer I heard him greeting people and screaming "Happy Friday!" When he got to me he asked if my Friday was going okay. As he blew past me I noticed that he had decorated his cape to say "Happy Friday" as well. I couldn't help but start laughing after I saw this. I stayed outside and talked with a friend of mine for a few minutes longer, and he said this guy comes out every friday and does this. It was not even five minutes later that we saw him making another round. This really got me excited about the weekend, and I don't even have anything special to look forward to. I walked away feeling great though. While this may have seemed like some fraternity joke to most, which it may have been, this man's enthusiasm, originality, and dedication to making people feel good on Friday made me stop and think about how this related to some of the ideas we had discussed in class. The first thing that came to mind was Kirk Weisler's "Pin Lady" story. The "Pin Lady" took a very different approach to her job. She made people feel special by simply smiling, grabbing their hand, and telling them to "come home safe now child." She also wore pins to add a special touch to her job, which was not required. I also thought about how Stew Leonard had people dress up as characters and walk around his stores like theme parks. All three of these people have taken initiative to do something different and unexpectedly pleasant. This in turn provides an "EXTRordinary" experience for the people they come in contact with. A lesson can truly be learned from all of these people,especially for us future leaders and managers. Having fun, cheering for people, and showing others a sense of humanity and love can drastically improve the commitment of your followers. They will be more excited and motivated to come to work each and every day if they have something to look forward to and something positive to work for. But to make something meaningful, it really has to be done in a heartfelt, thoughtful, and genuine manner. People are more willing to follow someone they like and trust. Great leaders recognize the contributions of others, and celebrate the values and victories. So go out there and do something special like the "Happy Friday," you might just brighten someone's day! CEO is MIA 40 A final thought. Something I find absolutely amazing is there are those who don't feel they have gotten anything from class this semester. Before the videos were played or I believe Dan even mentioned the extra credit opportunity, he asked if there was anyone who felt this way. There were a few who actually raised their hands. A plethora of information has been given to us and to say you haven't even learned a single tidbit of knowledge is mind blowing. This must be one of the single most challenging events a leader faces. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink. For what it's worth. Cheers. The Father of Leadership The last milestone thus far seems to come full circle. My wife and I found out this past Thursday that we were expecting a boy. I would be happy either way, but there is just something that I can't explain about the first born being a son. In my family, this is the sixth generation of a first born son. My family name is now past to him, as we are the last of our branch in the family tree. Knowing now that it's a boy makes my mind race with how will we be as father and son. I want to inspire my son to be the best that he can be; to make goals and strive for them. When I think of my family growing, of my child coming into this crazy world, I think of a truly inspirational person and want to take nuggets of gold and apply it to them. I think of Randy Pausch and some of the things he mentioned and hope, as all parents do, that my children will be not only inspired, but inspirational. I hope they will change lives. As the seasons in life are filled from one generation to the next, we are experiencing change. This is natural. This the way it has been for centuries. I, the son, have become the father. My grandfather has become the son. Sometimes the role you fill in life may seem too big or overwhelming, but the good leader doesn't ignore this or hide from it, but rather embraces it as their own; ready or not. In the movie Forest has a breakdown moment in his life where he decides to go for a run. This particular run last years and by the end he had companions. Why did these people run with him? These people saw Forest as a motivator, a hero. They did not care so much for the reasoning behind the running they just saw the passion. How does this relate to CSR 309? Followers/team players do not follow others because they need to they follow leaders that inspire, motivate, and show passion in everything they do. Leaders who do all three things will always go the distance when it comes to their followers. The Schwan's company, best known for delivering frozen foods and ice cream, created a unique way of connecting people on a daily basis. The concept called the Schwan's 41 huddle is very simple and requires only five minutes daily to build powerful friendships at and outside of work. Inside this huddle coworkers spend time motivating, recognizing, educating, and connecting. In my life I can think of two organizations that carry this same leadershipidea. In CRU, we meet up weekly for half an hour sharing stories mentioning maybe what our superpower would be if we had one or something else silly every time we meet. This makes new comers feel connected and fit in instantly. It lets us learn something about one another. We encourage each other in areas of our life where we have seen good come. Education takes places as we have a bible study following the first half hour. In Air Force ROTC, I see this huddle idea come alive. It is such a vital part of communication, organization, and especially motivation. We huddle up at the end of every function: Physical Training sessions, Leadership Labs, and Commander Calls. Groups are usually 10­15 people. Someone makes up a motivational chat after recognition and announcements are given. Last night, my father and brother came to town for the Purdue basketball game. I was very excited for them to be in town, however I had so much homework to be doing that I didn't have much time to spend. After the game they both wanted to go out for a drink but I needed to get, at the very least, some of my homework done before hand. My brother offered to help me with my homework which was a case study on foreign cars. He said, "Yeah man, I'll help you because I haven't done a case study in a long time and this one sounds interesting." I figured he would be like, "heck no I don't want to read that long thing!" His approach made me think of this class and how Dr. Feinberg always says be positive and take opportunities that are provided. My brother, in the past, never would have taken that opportunity but now I feel that he has learned he has nothing to lose if he takes the chance. This inspired me to actually read the case study the next day and want to learn about it and understand it. I feel I am more motivated after that experience. 42 Am I better off having taken his class? Certainly. Would I fail without it? Probably not. He gave us the tools that are common sense for every successful person that I talk to. Just as you can get lost while traveling, many people are lost in their life today. They do not know what their purpose is, and they are just wandering through life hoping they will find out what it is they should be doing. Leadership isnt just in the future. It is here, it is now. This is our moment. This is our time. Youth can make a difference. People can make a difference. Imagine if everyone did that! I can't count the number of days where I have thought of "a billion" things that I needed to do, only to get to the end of the day and realize that I wasted another 24 hours of my life. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE... These words can tell an individual a lot about someone. Four words that are easy to say that tell someone that you care about them, want them to be safe, and you are thinking of them. Whether Feinberg was a bad leader or a good leader he always said this at the end of class. Showing passion that you care about an individual's safety is a great way to earn a person's respect. So Dr. Feinberg thank you for caring about my safety and I would like to tell you, "be careful out there." Kirk Weisler­How does one person talking for five hours make people change the motivation level and openness in a large classroom? I don't understand I just know that personally I felt like I have a new role in my life of leading people in a different more effective way. There isn't an explanation for how Kirk inspired me to think differently, but maybe it’s the fact he can communicate with such passion that I feel I have to believe him. It really showed up that when passion from your leader is there then your followers or listeners will soon take after your passion, like Kirk said, "Lead by Example." I just got back from a Spring Break trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I had a blast partying, relaxing, and hanging out on the beach with my friends. The last thing I wanted to think about while I was there was school but something happened at our hotel that reminded me of Kirk Weisler’s book “The Dog Poop Initiative”. The hotel or motel I should say, that I stayed at was pretty run down. Someone had dropped or smashed a bunch of beer bottles in one of the outdoor walkways of the motel. The glass was there for several days. I saw a number a people trying to 43 avoid the broken glass, everyone complained about it but nobody would do anything about it. It was just a matter of time for some drunken spring breaker to slice their foot open. I was in lazy spring break mode so I also tip-toed by the glass several times without doing anything about it. I was walking out to the pool when Mr. Weisler’s advice struck me. I went back up to my room and grabbed a trash can and a towel to pick up the glass. It took me a long time but I managed to pick up all of the glass without hurting myself. It made me feel good to take some initiative and clean up the glass. It was not a big deal that I picked up some glass but it just shows that I’m becoming a better leader and a better person. Here is a quote from Mr. Weisler’s book “The Scoopers take initiative and are the ones who lead the way. They make the field a better place for all to play. They don’t waste time pointing, complaining, or worrying who’s to blame. They simply do what must be done, and get on with the game.” LEADERSHIP I found some pretty neat ideas/every day items to remind us of leadership: ( ) A mirror…because the source of your future and capability is within. Listening and reflecting will help you better see what you already have. A blank sheet of paper…because the story of your future is not yet written. Creativity and strategy will help you write the script for your hero story. A circle…is nature’s symbol of balance and continuity. It serves to remind us that we seek a holistic and total solution for you. These simple ideas are unique because they are accessible to anyone and remember – ANYONE CAN LEAD! I have found that I can remember the principles from The Leadership Challenge with these simple “E” words: ENVISION, ENABLE, EMPOWER, and ENERGIZE. When you think about what leadership is, keep this definition in mind: Leadership is the energetic process of getting people fully and willingly committed to a 44 new and sustainable course of action, to meet commonly agreed objectives whilst having commonly held values. I finally took Kirk Weisler's advice. I went out and bought a small journal to put my thoughts in. It is a 100 page small 5 star notebook. It only cost about two dollars and I have already filled 5 pages in 3 days. I think this is probably one of the wisest investments that I have ever made. I feel that many of my ideas are very good and could someday lead to business ventures.. simply forgetting these ideas could cost me, and all I had to do was listen to Kirk and give up 2 dollars of drinking money. It matters where and how you sit in life. Found another commercial that displays leadership. It is Michael Jordan's Nike commercial where he talks about his failures. I feel that this commercial shows true signs of leadership, because a leader learns from his mistakes, and turns them into future successes. Michael Jordan is an icon around the world, and Nike uses this to show that even the best of athletes fail making them like normal people. Making an icon normal, make people more supportive of a product because of the familiarity they have with the message sent to them. M y personal life vision: I want to wake up joyful each day and fulfilled each night. I want to be more optimistic, learn something new, and have a positive impact on someone’s life every day. I want to be more environmentally friendly, financially stable, and enjoy travel. I want to be a mom, love my husband, value my family, and have close friends. I want to share my love of golf with someone. Be more thankful and appreciate of everything in my life. I want to have a life dedicated to integrity, commitment, and challenge. I want to own my own business, be self­fulfilled, and truly happy. I was in a pretty $#!TTY mood before class because of how my day was going. I went to class with the thought in my head that "Feinberg is gonna say the same BS he says every class and yatta, yatta, yatta". I normally enjoy class but had become downtrodden b/c of other events in my day. As the class went on, 45 just as I thought it would, he began to tell jokes and throw in funny comments. As I laughed at the jokes, I didn't even realize how much my mood had improved and I was listening to what he was saying, the concepts, the lesson. Although the messages and lessons are very similar from class to class I always find myself listening because of the atmosphere of fun that is created. Whether its the comments, stories, or even little things that go wrong with the computer, it makes me feel more connected. Not another Will Ferrell commercial..... I was recently watching television and I saw a commercial that, in a strange way, reminded me of leadership. The commercial was for Old Spice and it featured Will Ferrell playing the basketball player character from his new movie. Now it was kind of weird at first but bear with me because you can slightly see a hint of leadership mentality. It begins with him combing his arm­pit hair (I know, gross) while counting out loud how many strokes he had done. 98. 99. 100. "100 combs. Every day. Each armpit. Each strand of hair gets individual attention. You know why? Because I care." Yeah it’s all supposed to for comedy, but what he says kind of goes along with what a good leader does. If a good leader cares, they will devote what is necessary to accomplish the goal. My favorite video clip, besides the bathroom one!!, was the clip with the lady trying to stick the rocks in the smaller rocks. That is exactly how I feel my life is sometimes. I always feel like I don't have enough time to do everything I am supposed to. But, then when I stopped and thought about it, maybe I just need to prioritize better. I thought I had, but maybe I haven't. Maybe I need to start being a better leader for myself. I am betraying my own life's leadership by trying to lead others? Shouldn't a leader be able to lead themselves before they can lead others? I have always thought of myself as an organized and fairly prioritized person, but maybe my priorities have changed and I never adapted. Maybe I need to sit down and figure out just what it is I need to do. Isn't funny that a little rock exercise can make you stop and see how messed up, or just out of order, your life is. Why do I let stress get to me? I need to stand up and outsmart stress before it does me. I need to just calm down with my life. I feel sometimes that I am too busy with my life to live it. Life is short, why am I wasting it? Why am I not enjoying my college years? Is it because I live at home? Because I work? I need to sit down and figure it out and start being a better leader of my own life!! Leaders, Stand Up! As I was thinking about our leadership class today, I began to think about another class that I have. In this class, the teacher has never taught before and is fairly young. He 46 tries to get everyone to pay attention, but no one ever does. I honestly feel sorry for him that people would just walk all over authority like that. Then, I start to think about the leadership qualities that he portrays to the class. The first week of class, he should have let us know who was in charge and made sure that we did not get away with acting like that. Sometimes, although it may be hard, leaders need to stand up for themselves and show the group who is charge. The more you let people push you around, the more they will because they believe that it is ok and the way to do things. Leaders set an example for people the first moment they set foot in the room with them. Therefore, the more rules and ground work you set, the more people should respect you for the leader you will become. However, the more you let me walk over you, the more you will be pushed out of power. Leadership is a big role, make sure you are ready before you take the challenge. Welcome all new leaders to the most questionable class on campus. The complaints and confusion has only grown greater as the class progresses. There are designated leaders that were chosen by the class but as the class is put into groups and sections the leaders seem to be as confused as the rest of us. I at one point questioned why I should let my grade be determined by a kid that is clueless too. However that could be explained by another CSR 309 lesson: I did not stand up to be a leader so I wanted this. It is my fault and I should be fired. Yeah so Dr. Feinberg is either a complete lunatic or a great professor. I am never quite sure what he is talking about because he speaks in riddles. He's sends all these emails and assignments and never with a due date and with limited expectations. But, the work isn't hard. but there are so many small details that if you don't follow then you might as well have never done the work. So I suppose the one thing that really hit home with me was when Kirk said, "You cannot NOT communicate". This was in reference to dressing professionally, tattoos, piercings, etc. My whole life I’ve always wanted a tattoo and a piercing (just the ear) and my mom always told me that it was a terrible idea because people would judge me. I've always thought that my mother’s logic was flawed in that it is the year 2008 and things have changed. What I did not take into consideration is that the minds of millions of people may have not changed with the times. Perhaps it's my new found maturity level or the fact that I think that stuff is kind of corny now that I’m almost a full out college graduate about to enter the job market, but I think Kirk has a point here. I mean, some of my very best friends have some outrageous tattoos and piercings and I love them to death, but would i want these kinds of people conducting heart surgery on me or defending my life in a court of law? Probably not In the opening segment of the 60 Minutes the interviewer asked a teacher from KIPP how do these kids do it, how do you expect so much from them, and she answered the question perfectly. She said, "people can do anything they want to do." The answer is so simple and easy, yet hard for everyone to comprehend. We can actually do whatever we want to do, if we put our mind to it and actually do it, there lies the difference. Yes we are all capable of 47 doing many things, but how many of us actual do them. For many it is the issue of discipline it takes to achieve what you want to, but starting out is the hardest part. The rest of it is a cake walk compared to starting out. For me, I compare this feeling to working out. For me, the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym. I'll be at home, and I will have time to work out, but it is hard to motivate myself to get changed and drive over there. Because once I am at the gym I am fine, I get energy and am very motivated to do things, but everything up until that point is a struggle. And I don't know why, I don't know what the barrier is that tries to stop me from working out, but it happens every time. Appreciation Watching the Eli Manning commercial in class yesterday made me think about how nice it is when someone compliments your work or praises you for a job well done. Many people never think about how easy it is to say a few nice words to the people they interact with everyday. The person who makes your beverage at Starbucks just right, the bus driver who waits patiently while you squeeze out of a bus packed tighter than a can of sardines (who drives around in circles all day, in addition to dealing with a bus crammed full of people who are too busy listening to their ipods to even smile at them when they get picked up), your roommate who finally washed the dishes that had been piling up all week. How easy is it to say "Nice Job" or even "Thank you"? It sounds cheesy enough to be in a Hallmark card, but think of how much happier people would be if we were all nice to each other once in awhile? I've learned a lot in this class so far, but a lesson I will definitely take with me, regardless of whether or not I'm in a leadership position in the future. I have learned throughout my life that things do not always turn out the way you want, but that is when you have the chance to show the world what kind of person/leader you truly are. I have had pain in my life, and it is very deep, so deep there are things that I don’t even talk about to my closest friends. I have always felt ugly, fat, unwanted, strange, and different. When a person looks at me they don’t understand how I feel this. I have been called pretty, and even beautiful, but the truth is I have never felt that way. What kind of leader can I be if I cannot comprehend this and love myself? I have always said I walk to my own beat, I am not easily swayed. I am hard headed 48 and even more determined. Despite the hate I have for myself I still feel that I can still be a leader by masking these things. I get true joy out of other people and their successes, and this is what I feel a true leader is. It doesn’t matter how I feel, all that matters is what I do, and how I do it. I have never wanted to feel like this, but I can do something about it I can show the world my passion for success and the leadership qualities I have. I don’t have to lead myself in the best way, as long as I can put my feelings to the side. Life is not about me, it is about others. You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader" I am involved with a club called Harvest through the company that I work for. Part of being in thisgroup was reading Mark Sanborn's book "You don't need a title to be a leader." In the book, it gives you many short stories related to people that are all ages of life that have been able to display good leadership roles even though they are considered "line level" employees with their company. One of the most important themes that is seen throughout this book is that we should always choose to live our life as an opportunity to grow rather than an obligation to accomplish something. If we can somehow use each opportunity as a chance to better influence, serve, learn, encourage and teach others, how could we possibly fail at any task? This is our duty as leaders of the future!! We have a responsibility to always look for a way to better others, coach with life experience and grow with each other! I truly cannot remember where I was or who I was talking with, but I believe it was a class I took last year on managing change in the workplace. Anyway, we were talking about having a vision. It must have been the professor who asked the class to describe the visions we had for our lives. I, being the introverted thinker that I am, sat back to observe, ponder, and analyze the answers of my fellow peers. It struck me so hard that no one knew what the vision for their life was! Oh dear, so many talked about the job that they would one day have - but is that as far a the vision reaches??? but if that is as far as the vision reaches, than is it really a vision at all? or simply just a short term plan....? What happens after you get the job? Then is the vision over? A job is temporary - where is the purpose behind the job??? There has to be purpose beyond just some career, because a career could end in an instant. 49 There is so much more to life - it's living the life you were created to live. The goal should be to find out what you were made for and the vision is to live it out in every aspect of life. No matter what job - what age - what place - We were made for something greater. Base the foundation of you vision on what is enduring not something as temporary as a job. Go beyond the temporary circumstance so that your vision guides you in every stage and aspect of life. everything should depend on the vision I found that in nearly every case when I asked another teammate for help or requested them to go here or there for me was willing to do so without a complaint if I asked them properly and followed up with a "thank you for doing that for me, I really appreciate your hard work." I never realized it was as easy as saying thank you. In order to be an effective leader, your followers must know how much they are valued. I thought that I would share this, throughout this whole semester I have not found a leadership definition that I agree with all have been close, but I didn't feel like they answered it completely. As I was browsing online I came across this article by Harvard University that I wanted to share. America's Best Leaders is a collaboration between U.S.News & World Report and the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. The honorees were selected by a committee of academic, government, business, and nonprofit leaders convened by the center. U.S. News did not have a vote. The panel accepted nominations from a wide range of sources and compiled research on each one. The committee defined a leader simply as a person who "motivates people to work collaboratively to accomplish great things." It selected 18 winners, including two partnerships, from a field of more than 200. The panelists rated the nominees from to 1 to 5 based on howwell they met the following criteria: Sets Direction (25%) • By building a shared sense of purpose • By setting out to make a positive social impact • By implementing innovative strategies Achieves Results (50%) • Of significant breadth or depth • That have a positive social impact • That are sustainable • That exceed expectations Cultivates a Culture of Growth (25%) 50 • By communicating and embodying positive core values • By inspiring others to lead Kirk Weisler - "The Dog Poop Initiative" It's funny how a book that seems so much like a children's story can have so much relevance to the real world and adult life. After receiving this book in class and reading through it, I can apply it's purpose to my life in many ways; work, school, and my home at Purdue. Living in a sorority, it's very easy to pass off problems to the 80+ other girls that live with you. I have seen issues from something that needs to be picked up off the floor but remains there for days (like in the book) to reports that need volunteers to write them, which no one comes forward to do. People never seem to want to take responsibility, even if they didn't create the problem in the first place. In some of the situations I've had at the house, people will complain for days to our house mom about something not being picked up or cleaned properly, but they never seem to think, why don't I just do it myself if it is that important. I wish I could hand a copy of this book to every single person in this house to show them that when you want something done, it will take minutes, hours, even days longer if you complain until someone else does it. The problem would be easily solved if you just take the initiative and do it yourself. I have always thought that competition is a good thing. The fact is, public schools don't have sufficient competition. Sure students could go to private school, but only if their parents have enough funds to put them there. The bottom line is that public schools can continue to be mediocre because there isn't really an alternative, well until Now. So that is what excites me the most about KIPP. Not necessarily that it will grow and take over the current education system, but more that it will cause the current education system to step up to the plate. I work as a bartender at one of the bars on campus. Every 3 months or so we have a bar meeting to discuss how everything is going and what changes can be made to further serve our customers. This month, we have a new bar manager name Nick. Nick has been with the company for about a month and has never actually been a bartender. About half way into our meeting, he brings up what he feels is a very important matter to be discussed. The matter at hand: the direction the bar printer faces. Now, up to this point, the meeting has been fairly productive. None of the bartenders can understand why the direction of a printer has any grounds to even be discussed. When someone asks why it matters, Nick's response was "because I want it that way." Nick is a great example why communication is important to being a good leader. If you can't express your reasons behind your rules, then how do you expect to motivate people to actually follow them. 51 ¿Quién Es Less Macho? Maureen Dowd is my favorite NY Times editorialist. She is sharp, witty, opinionated and well rounded. In a recent article titled, ¿Quién Es Less Macho?, she comments on leadership styles of the democratic candidates focusing on Hillary. She writes that, "Business schools have begun teaching the value of a less autocratic leadership style, with an emphasis on behavior women excel at: reading emotions and social interactions, making eye contact and expressing empathy." She comments that Obama's leadership style is actually more feminine than Hillarys. She also notes that after the Bush adminstration America is looking for a nuturing leader. One that will provide hope, reassure them in the future and provide ease to their daily lives. Who is the candiate that is most convincing at this? Hillary has been so caught up with keeping up with the boys, that she has forgotten how to use her gender given leadership style to her advantage. Instead, Obama is playing up the nuturing role stealing votes from Hillary. Dowd notes that Americans would like to see their government focus more on those staples of female fiction: relationships and conversation. Is this the leadership style for the future? I guess we will have to wait and see.. On a related side note, I just read in the Indy Star today that Hill and Bill are making 7 appearances in Indiana within the next two days, is anyone in? Heroes aren't born, they're built This seems like it should be one of the most basic things a person, especially of college age, should be able to do with out question. When I discovered we were actually going to go through every person in the lecture one by one to shake Feinberg's hand, I was a bit suprised. In previous classes I have had professors make us turn and shake the hand of people sitting near by or shake their hand as we exit a small class room, but never this. I figured this would be a rather boring exercise because everyone should be able to look someone in the eye, and give a proper hand shake. I was wrong. I was actually amazed some people had to be asked to step aside and have another student teach them to shake a hand properly. After class was over I passed off this activity as a waste of time because I already knew how to shake a hand and figured most people in a professional setting would be able to do the same. Looking back I am glad he took the time for 52 people who at this age are still incapable of shaking a hand. Hopefully those people took that lesson to heart so I can rest assured knowing that class made a difference for someone! J Fraas Live today­ Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow may never come!! This is quoted by Jessica Clements. ~Link to the 100 most inspiring movies of all time. "Its a Wonderful Life" was number one on the list. I do agree that this movie is very inspirational. It is an example of a man that has come across a serious financial issue at work that will affect not only his life but his family and the rest of the town. He debates all of his options he has to try and fix this issue, including giving up and jumping off a bridge. In the end he realizes that with the help of the people around him they can resolve the issue. This film is a great example of teamwork and believing in the people around you. 6 words The Early Show this morning featured a segment that ties in nicely with our lecture yesterday. source=RSS&attr=_3876944 The segment claimed that you can write about the essence of your life in 6 words. The Early Show challenged viewers to submit their life stories. It was interesting to see if you had 6 words what you would capture. Have what I''ve wanted ­ now what? Roll­Crawl­Walk­Cane­Wheelchair­Coffin Small town girl. Eighteen. Moved. Often. I just loved this exercise, what would I write about. My six word memoir: College senior anxious for the future. The same segment featured a man who is creating his own tape to be shown at his funeral. He wanted to know how people will remember him. He filmed his wife, his family and friends and learned new things about himself that he feels will bring him peace in his next stage of life. 53 id=3877221n&channel=/sections/earlyshow/videoplayer500202.shtml . Gets you thinking, how do people view you? And what do all these movies have in common? Great directors, meaning great leadership. I think that this article really shows us how we interpret "leaders" in this nation today. We worship actresses/actors, socialites, basically the rich and famous...for what? Maybe we should all stop buying junk gossip magazines, stop buying into the fads that the celebutantes and overtly wealthy keep sucking us into. Maybe we should be putting other types of heroes or leaders on the covers of magazines, like the ones Ben Stein talks about. I think its time we stop paying attention to the people who don't know the meaning of being a good role model, or knowing what it is to sacrifice. The world is full of great people, great leaders who should be receiving our recognition, not our neglect. Ben Stein's Last Column... For many years Ben Stein has written a biweekly column called 'Monday Night At Morton's.' (Morton's is a famous chain of Steakhouses known to be frequented by movie stars and famous people from around the globe.) Now, Ben is terminating the column to move on to other things in his life. Reading his final column is worth a few minutes of your time. Ben Stein's Last Column... ============================================ How Can Someone Who Lives in Insane Luxury Be a Star in Today's World? As I begin to write this, I 'slug' it, as we writers say, which means I put a heading on top of the document to identify it. This heading is 'eonlineFIN AL,' and it gives me a shiver to write it. I have been doing this column for so long that I cannot even recall when I started. I loved writing 54 this column so much for so long I came to believe it would never end.. It worked well for a long time, but gradually, my changing as a person and the world's change have overtaken it. On a small scale, Morton's, while better than ever, no longer attracts as many stars as it used to. It still brings in the rich people in droves and definitely some stars. I saw Samuel L. Jackson there a few days ago, and we had a nice visit, and right before that, I saw and had a splendid talk with Warren Beatty in an elevator, in which we agreed that Splendor in the Grass was a super movie. But Morton's is not the star galaxy it once was, though it probably will be again. Beyond that, a bigger change has happened. I no longer think Hollywood stars are terribly important. They are uniformly pleasant, friendly people, and they treat me better than I deserve to be treated. But a man or woman who makes a huge wage for memorizing lines and reciting them in front of a camera is no longer my idea of a shining star we should all look up to. How can a man or woman who makes an eight­figure wage and lives in insane luxury really be a star in today's world, if by a 'star' we mean someone bright and powerful and attractive as a role model? Real stars are not riding around in the backs of limousines or in Porsches or getting trained in yoga or Pilates and eating only raw fruit while they have Vietnamese girls do their nails. They can be interesting, nice people, but they are not heroes to me any longer. A real star is the soldier of the 4th Infantry Division who poked his head into a hole on a farm near Tikrit , Iraq. He could have been met by a bomb or a hail of AK­47 bullets. Instead, he faced an abject Saddam Hussein and the gratitude of all of the decent people of the world. A real star is the U.S. soldier who was sent to disarm a bomb next to a road north of Baghdad. He approached it, and the bomb went off and killed him. A real star, the kind who haunts my memory night and day, is the U.S. soldier in Baghdad who saw a little girl playing with a piece of unexploded ordnance on a street near where he was guarding a station. He pushed her aside and threw himself on it just as it exploded. He left a family desolate in California and a little girl alive in Baghdad . The stars who deserve media attention are not the ones who have lavish weddings on TV but the ones who patrol the streets of Mosul even after two of their buddies were murdered and their bodies battered and stripped for the sin of trying to protect Iraqis from terrorists. We put couples with incomes of $100 million a year on the covers of our magazines. The 55 noncoms and officers who barely scrape by on military pay but stand on guard in Afghanistan and Iraq and on ships and in submarines and near the Arctic Circle are anonymous as they live and die. I am no longer comfortable being a part of the system that has such poor values, and I do not want to perpetuate those values by pretending that who is eating at Morton's is a big subject. There are plenty of other stars in the American firmament...the policemen and women who go off on patrol in South Central and have no idea if they will return alive; the orderlies and paramedics who bring in people who have been in terrible accidents and prepare them for surgery; the teachers and nurses who throw their whole spirits into caring for autistic children; the kind men and women who work in hospices and in cancer wards. Think of each and every fireman who was running up the stairs at the World Trade Center as the towers began to collapse. Now you have my idea of a real hero. I came to realize that life lived to help others is the only one that matters. This is my highest and best use as a human. I can put it another way. Years ago, I realized I could never be as great an actor as Olivier or as good a comic as Steve Martin...or Martin Mull or Fred Willard­­or as good an economist as Samuelson or Friedman or as good a writer as Fitzgerald. Or even remotely close to any of them. But I could be a devoted father to my son, husband to my wife and, above all, a good son to the parents who had done so much for me. This came to be my main task in life. I did it moderately well with my son, pretty well with my wife and well indeed with my parents (with my sister's help). I cared for and paid attention to them in their declining years. I stayed with my father as he got sick, went into extremis and then into a coma and then entered immortality with my sister and me reading him the Psalms. This was the only point at which my life touched the lives of the soldiers in Iraq or the firefighters in New York . I came to realize that life lived to help others is the only one that matters and that it is my duty, in return for the lavish life God has devolved upon me, to help others He has placed in my path. This is my highest and best use as a human. Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God will. By Ben Stein 56 Why did the chicken cross the road? So today's lecture started with the question "why did the chicken cross the road?" A typical kid joke that has millions of different punch lines. When the story of the tractor crash that sent the chickens flying all over the road was told I thought the moral of the story was kinda of funny. "Run around, don't stand still to await your fate." This is really true. If you don't take chances and explore your options around you, you will eventually get caught and be trapped in a position that is not the best fit for you. So the moral of the story, Don't be a chicken and just take some risks! I walked into class 10 minutes late today, and, thank God, Fineberg didn't embarrass me in front of the whole class...I would have died or made a complete fool of myself. I want to leave a legacy... I don't mind if you've got something nice to say about me And I enjoy an accolade like the rest You could take my picture and hang it in a gallery Of all who's who and so-n-so's that used to be the best At such'n'such ... it wouldn't matter much I won't lie, it feels alright to see my name up in lights We all need an 'Atta boy' or 'Atta girl' But in the end I'd like to hang my hat on more besides The temporary trappings of this world I want to leave a legacy How will they remember me? Did I choose to love? Did I make a mark on things? I want to leave an offering And leave that kind of legacy Legacy by Nichole Nordeman When I first heard this song I was challenged by the message it sent, the questions it arouse: How will they remember me? Did I leave a mark on things? Did I choose to love? Did I leave that kind of legacy? That is a pretty powerful and thought provoking message. It makes me wonder what kind of a legacy I am choosing to leave. Everyday of my life is yet another opportunity to add to the 57 legacy that my existence is building. It is the legacy that I will one day leave when I am gone from this world. Will I be forgotten.... or remembered? I guess the choice is mine. I have to decide every morning I wake up - Will I live my life today in a way that people will remember me? Am I going to intentionally make a mark of someone's life today, in a way that 20 years from now- they'll still reflect back on the impact I made? My answer must certainly be: YES! You may ask, "how do you plan on accomplishing this, Misha?" I say, by looking for opportunities to affect someone's life in an extraordinary way. Do something for another person that is uncommon. Even if it is while standing in line at Starbucks and deciding that today, you are going to pay for latte that the person behind you ordered. That is showing a little bit of love in a sometimes UNloving world - that is uncommon and by far something extraordinary. Things NOT to do in my next interview, that I've learned so far in CSR 309: • • • • • • come in with a giant, singing coffee stain on my shirt wear anything that will help my potentially male interviewer imagine me without my clothes on make vague statements about what I've learned, what I'm going to do, and what I've accomplished wear a big grey mouse costume and pummel my interviewer pretend that I have skills that I don't (i.e. singing well) make statements that I am (insert skill/quality that obviously won't help my employer) Things to do in my next interview: • • • • • treat myself like a brand, sell myself to the employer talk up my accomplishments that fit well with the company's value dress professionally, no low cut tops, no high hems have an accurate view of myself, pay attention to what people think of me have a great handshake I really love this article (hopefully it appears below) about thank you notes, it gives more information that I ever thought I needed for the thank you note reply. I love writing handwritten 58 thank you notes to my contacts, I also think it gives a personal touch and is much better than an email reply in my book. A few thoughts on leadership and what makes a leader One of the best learning experiences of my life I just had one of, if not the best learning experience of my life. His name was Kirk Weisler, and he taught me so much about being a person. Yeah everything he talked about was about being a better leader, but the more I listened, the more I realized that being a better person and being a better leader are one in the same. The one thing he taught me that I plan on holding on forever is the languages of love. Gifts, language, and time are all ways to show your love. I've already started implementing this with my group, every single person who talked to me that day received my full attention. I looked them in the eyes and let them say whatever they wanted to say. I gave them time. I also learned that sometimes all it takes to make someone’s day is genuine care. When I heard the story about the pin lady I immediately felt warmth all over my body. I truly want to meet that lady, she is special, and her story made me feel special. I can't get over this entire class, I already know that this will be the most profound class I ever take in my life, and I hope to take many more lessons from it as we continue this journey. C Glick Reminds me of an excellent demonstration that I witnessed over spring break. Rewards as described in class are more than monetary compensation; rewards can also take the form of appreciation through caring, which is exactly what I saw on spring break. Upon arriving to our destination after a long and grueling 14 and a half hours drive, we were presented with yet another conflict. One of the members of our party mistakenly misplaced his money for which he was going to pay for his portion of the room with, rather than give him the cold shoulder or the it's not my problem approach one of the other members of our party stepped forward and took it upon himself to place the room on his credit card. He simply said, "I expect all of us to have fun, which won't be possible without you here." (He also mentioned that he expected to get paid back once we arrived back home), but the point here is that with a simple or rather grand financial gesture and a few short sentences someone was recognized as an essential part of our group's ability to have a good time and that in appreciation for the care that that particular individual has given in the past was returned the favor. I think this is also an excellent demonstration of someone encouraging the hearts of others. It encourages individuals to step up when in need. Since returning from break the leader has been paid back and has received many thanks. 59 The Final Four­ …The coaches behind the players are really what everyone should be talking about, because those are the leaders who pushed their team to where it is in the first place. While looking over the nominal voting techniques, I made a connection to those techniques within my sorority on campus. There area lot of ways that our house is run like a business organization. Rules and expectations are provided and acknowledged by each member, and we are all accountable for our own actions. We work together as a house by delegating tasks that need to be done and by keeping open lines of communication between members and officers. We try to create a positive atmosphere and to get all members as actively involved in our chapter as possible. In addition to chapter involvement we strive to make decisions to better the future of the house. A few ways that our house connects to the nominal voting techniques is by having an agenda at each chapter meeting and recording the minutes. These keep all members informed of current issues and they can also be used as a frame of reference. Round robins are also used by the officers twice every semester to report on their progress and what they plan to get done throughout the remainder of the semester. Having documents such as these are very effective for maintaining an efficient organization. I knew before going into class that time had a meaning, but when starring down the hypothetical barrel of an internal clock, which told me down to the second how much time I had left, I realized just how meaningful my time is and just how significant what I do with my time can be. Do I want to be remembered for having accomplished something great or do I want to be remembered for having squandered my time with meaningless activities, I think the answer is clear A Graft What's the point? Well I can officially say that I know how to shake someone's hand, because that's what we learned this week. Feinberg told us that he was planning on being a bad leader until we changed him into a good one, but I didn't know what that even meant. I think it meant he was going to spend half an hour of our class time shaking hands with everyone. I know I know, a good handshake is part of the essential first impression, I took AGEC 331 too. As of recently, I've just gotten tired of leading by example. Especially when having to lead careless followers. I don't want to talk about any specefics, just because I don't want to throw names out. But it really bothers me, when you do things in hopes that other will realize how big of an impact it has, then they just take it for granted. This happened to me last weekend, and I am very very frustrated at the current time. This has just brought me to realize that certain aspects of being a leader are more difficult than I imagined. Normally, when I've been a leader, everyone has been on board or it has been a case where the task is so small that I could pick up someone 60 elses slack. But I now realize that in some cases, especially one where the goal is a long term team challenge, it can get frustrating! Leadership Quiz So I was searching the web about different types of leadership and I came across this website that has a 30 question quiz that assesses your personality traits in and outside of the office. The quiz takes no more than ten mins. so check it out. The page is The overall message of the page hopes you achieve"an enhanced understanding of your own natural orientation at work can help you calibrate your leadership, and the dynamics of your organization, more effectively." Women as leaders It is not just because I am woman, but I sincerely think that women make better leaders. Obviously not just any women, she would have to be completely qualified, but I think a women who has all of the right criteria would lead a company, organization, or team more effectively lately than men. The main reason that I feel this way goes right back to the idea of trust. Women are more sensitive and emotional, and while this is something a negative thing, a woman who can manage these sensitivities and emotions in the right manner are actually a positive attribute for a leader. AGAIN­ this all goes back to the idea of trust. It is just a fact that women are much better listeners. We genuinely want to hear what are friends, loved ones, and people we care about have to say and try to tend to their needs. As a leader, a think a woman is better at listening to the needs of their followers and show genuine concern for their well being. The number one priority for men is money and success and unfortunately the media and movies do not do a good job persuading people to think otherwise. A man has the drive and ambition, but that is just a narrow minded and selfish quality. Without the trust and support of a team that genuinely does trust their leader, nothing will be accomplished­ that is why women rule. Hi my name is Lauren and I am addicted to book - best advice i could give to leaders Too often I hear people say, "If I had it over to do again, I would..." or, "I wish we could have..." What comments like this mean to me is that they are doing two things. One is second guessing their past decision making, and two is spending too much time in the past. 61 Here's my simple approach to past decisions. Say to yourself, "At the time I made the decision, it was the best decision I could have made." On a higher level what it means is that when you make decisions you often take into account all the variables and make the decision for that moment. A year down the road you might not remember all the challenges you were facing at that time. There could have been a whole lot going on that you’re forgetting. If your regret is that you knew you were being sloppy in your decision-making process and didn’t feel you gave it your best, today is a new day. Forgive yourself and move on. One last comment. I'm making a huge assumption that you did try to make the right decision. If your regret is that you knew you were being sloppy in your decision-making process and didn’t feel you gave it your best, today is a new day. Forgive yourself and move on. Selfish Pain At the beginning of the year, we were supposed to write "what causes us pain." I opened the attachment that Dr. Feinberg had sent us with everyone's reason for pain and I was shocked at some of the responses. Majority of the responses revolved around the individual! There is so much more in this world that should cause people pain than half of the so called problems that people say they have. Being overweight, too short, too tall, whatever it is, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter! What about all of the problems going on in our world today? 95% of the people in this class have no idea what pain really is. Granted, some of the answers were very painful experiences that people had to go through, however, I was just surprised to see how many of the things that cause people pain are silly and selfish. I'm not going to lie. I walked into this workshop tonight expected 5 of the most boring hours of my life. I was expecting a gimmicky, fake feeling guy talking about how we can unleash our inner potential to become greater than we ever expected we could be... all by following his 5 Easy Steps To Being Totally Awesome!(book on sale after the presentation) Instead, I got the complete opposite I want to thank Dr. Feinberg for being a horrible leader to show us how much of a pain in the ass it is not to have direction or anyone to direct questions to and also for showing me how rewarding it can be to have a good leader who not only cares about us as individuals, but also wants us to succeed All great things start with one person... It's kinda crazy to think that everyone great thing that is around us today probably started with one person. Could I be that person? maybe someday! if I want to be that person, then the time to start is now! 62 At the beginning of the semester, I would say that many were social loafers because they did not put forth the effort to succeed in this class. Our class is pretty much a large group, and I feel we did not do much to help eachother succeed. For example, someone could have redone the syllabus to have it make sense to everyone and hand it out in class. I have learned from this and have wrote about how to avoid social loafing. Social loafing is defined as the decreased effort of each individual member in the group. This occurs more as the number of people in a group increases. Researchers believe that social loafing occurs because participants perceive that their individual efforts cannot be identified and/or evaluated. Based on my experience with groups at Purdue, I would have to disagree with that statement. I feel that this occurs because the social loafers feel that they can depend on other members of the group to carry the weight. I have experienced this with only two groups where someone blows off meetings, ignores emails, and doesn’t come to class. These people know that grade is based on the “group” effort and they will get the grade whether they contribute or not. Some research on the internet I’ve done gives some guidelines to minimize social loafing that I would use and that would be extremely helpful in getting everyone to contribute to the group. The first is to increase personal involvement. It states that when people feel that a poor group performance will affect them personally, they do not loaf. In another class, we wrote up a group contract and it worked very well. We stated that if someone does not contribute, we will stand up and make sure that person doesn’t get the grade. Another recommendation is to recognize each group member by pointing him or her out and clarifying the member’s individual task to the group. Group members know who is playing each role and no one is sitting back and just letting others take care of the project. Everyone has their role and if they don’t contribute, the whole group will suffer. The last suggestion I would like to use is to clarify group goals. Clear goals stimulate more productivity. Overall, I would have to say that this is honestly one of the best groups I have participated in during college. No one is being a social loafer which really helps the group synergy. IU Who­siers? Heading into the 2007­2008 basketball season, The Indiana Hoosiers were predicted to be the top team in the Big Ten and a National Champion Contender. However, as the year wore on, this was not the case. At the start of the year, things were looking promising. The Hoosier had the returning Big Ten player of the year in DJ White, and the most sought after freshman coming in, in Eric Gordan. They started out great, winning game after game. But as the midway point of their season hit, so did the news that their 63 coach had been doing illegal activities! It had come to the publics attention that the leader of the Hoosiers, coach Kelvin Sampson, had been recruiting players illegally. Kelvin, who ironically was the head of the NCAA coaches ethics committee, had been breaking the rules and making illegal phone calls, text messages, and giving away things such as gym bags and t­shirts. Once this hit the news and the head of the University started catching heat, they had to make a change. So with only a few weeks left in the season, the Hoosiers had to drop their coach and an assistant stepped in full­time. This proved to be disasterous, and IU dissapointingly to many lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I believe this shows how a leader can not only make a group great, but if poor decisions are made, destroy a great group of followers as well. Randy on Prime Time Tonight I watched Randy Pausch talk about his "Last Lecture" on Prime Time. It was so inspiring. I made my roomate and all of my friends watch this Prime Time episode (usually our time is occupied by Real World). I am so glad that my friends were able to see this, because I often try to tell them of the things I found important in my 309 class. Nothing really sticks with them the way it sticks with me. I don't really have a way of saying things in the same way. As I watched the story of Randy Pausch I was completely inspired even more than when I watched the "Last Lecture". The most important thing I took away from Prime Time was not something that Randy said, but what his wife said which was "...Shut it off, so tommorrow does not rob you of today". I know that Mr. Paush said a lot of amazing things and I took to heart a lot of things he said. But hearing this was one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. Dont let tommorrow rob you of today. Today was one of the most stressful days of my semester. I am completely burnt out on group work and presentations and could say that I have honestly reached my limit for the semester. After hearing his story, I realize there are more important things; I need to stop letting things get to me so much. I think we all know this in some way but there are sometimes when we let thing overwhelm us and we need to be brought back down. This is why I am glad that I have been in this class because if I weren't I would have definitely not known who Randy Pausch was and I definitely wouldn't have watched this Prime Time. J Ayers YOU'RE FIRED!!!! By far the funnest thing a professor has lectured on. No one cares about you, who you are or what you want in life. You are alone and if you don't stand up and be heard you are a loser. How could you not be entertained in this lecture. But around all the yelling and rude comments and making sure every person that walked in late was fired it actually made sense. No one really cares about what you want unless you can help them somehow. In reality it is a very selfish world. You have three seconds to make a difference. This class made me question the person I want to become. Being able to state your purpose in the fewest sentences is what will make you better than the person next to you. 64 Worst Boss Ever Like Keith Olberman I have to give an award to the worst person in the world when it comes to my expereinces with bosses. My worst boss ever was named Alan. I worked for a construction company when I was in BCM here at Purdue. This job was an internship that I got by replacing someone's bathroom in their guest house. Their guest house was still a pretty nice house. Their real house is a mansion. I replaced this guys bathroom when I was working for my neighbor one spring break. It turns out he is the president of a development company that is very successful. I got an internship with the compnay because of this. I was so excited to start. I found out that when i got there though I was much more of a copy boy. I was really frustrated but tried to stay positive. I wasn't doing anything even remotley related to construction. I was a secretary's secretary mainly. After about a month we decided that I wasnt doing much so they sent me to a job site that was 2 months behind schedule. The problem was that it had to be done in 2 months. So we had 4 months of work and only 2 to do it in. This project was intense. When I got there to be Alan's helper he seemed excited. However, he was so frustrated and steressed out that I think he had lost it. He told me at lunch a few times how he was losing his mind on this one. I tried to help as much as I could and I felt like I did pretty good. But he was so upset it didnt matter. I think he took a lot of his frustrations out on me. I ended up hating him by the end of the project. However, I feel like I made a big difference. The project was completed on time. The certificate of occupancy was given to us about 25 minutes before the deadline. After that the compnay was going to have to pay the customer a lot of money for very day late. We did it! But along the way I couldnt stand him. I loathed going to work. In the end I didnt like him and I was really frustrated with the whole situation. My internship was useless in the office and on the site. Alan alienated me from him and a lot of the times I wasnt even sure what to do but didnt feel like asking him because I knew he would get mad at me. So I spent a lot of the time trying to figure things out the best I knew how. I was able to kind of play good cop bad cop with most of the guys on the site because they were felling his frustrations too. I could politely ask them to do something or remind them and if they gave me an excuse I would just say, "well you are going to have to deal with Alan then." They would laugh and say thanks for letting us know. I knew that I was actually doing a good job though becasue at the end of most days Alan would say to me, "You are doing a good job and I'm sorry to keep yelling at you for problems that aren't your fault but I'm too stressed and I can get away with yelling at you." That made me feel better about the first 3 weeks. I kept hoping that tommorrow he would appreciate me helping and not come down on me so hard. It never really happened. Excpet the day we got the certificate. He actually hugged me. By then though it didnt matter much to me. I had taken so much grief from him for about 9 weeks. In the end I left having learned a lot about what not to do. I nevere bothered with calling that company again and I'm sure 65 they are doing fine without me, but I know that I could have been a good fit for that compnay but i walked away with a terrible feeling about that company. Dr. Feinberg talks a lot about being compelling if you want to be selling, and that's what the presidential race is all about; a candidate had better be very compelling in telling his or her story and in explaining why he or she would make the best President ­ one of the most challenging, demanding leadership positions of all. a better leader...a better friend??? So i decided to take these things that we learned in class as leaders and apply them to friendship. Thinking "hey, maybe i can be a better friend." You have to understand your friends and show them that they can trust you with their friendship, along with you leading a group. To get things done you have to believe in your team, just like with your friends. You must believe in them for them to succeed too. I recently had a job interview in Indianapolis and I was asked what traits I thought would make up a good leader in a group. Fortunately I took it upon myself to remember Feinberg's rules for a great leader. The interviewer was so impressed by my response that she wanted to know if I had thought up the answer myself or if it was something I had learned. I assume she didn't think I could come up with that answer on my own, so she asked. After a short explanation of my CSR 309 class, she was thoroughly impressed. During that interview, I could have bombed all the other questions horribly, but the response to that question could have "wiped the slate clean" in terms of redeeming myself. Just thought I'd share that with whoever reads these bad boys. Thanks for a job offer Feinberg! The Lens of Leadership One of the most enjoyable aspects of my new perspective on leadership is what I call the lens of leadership. Through studying the vast topic of leadership over the past weeks and months, my view of the world around me ­­ and the events therein ­­ has changed. For example, when I eat at a restaurant these days, I analyze the effects of leadership (or lack there of) on my dining experience. Amazingly, I have been consistently finding that I have a much better experience when good leadership is present, and I won't go into what I have noticed when leadership is 66 not present (generally, not good). And that is just one example of a common, everyday event in which leadership shows its face. The take­away that I have found from seeing the world through the lens of leadership is that I am constantly seeing what does and does not work. I am becoming a better leader because of this lens, and it is something that will help me far beyond my time at Purdue. Knowing the fact that bad people can have the power to do so much, people who are for the good of the world should take notes. If they can inspire and encourage so many people to die for a bad cause, shouldn't we be able to do the same, only for good causes? Monday's 5 hour lab has taught me more about leadership than nearly all my other college classes combined. Now, in week 5 of my last semester in college, I have learned that opportunity knocks once and when it does, you HAVE TO BE READY I found out today that there is an infection that exists and that I want it. Infected people are the ones out there that love a product in an almost unhealthy way. According to Guy Kawasaki, these are the people we want working for us I watched the space shuttle Endeavor launch from Cape Canaveral. Just listening to the NASA radio feed, and hearing the different teams go through their checks, it was so incredibly evident how much teamwork goes into a launch. Not only does there have to be leadership and teamwork on the shuttle but in every single step that leads to a shuttle on the launch pad, there are teams working together to make it happen. I was just so incredibly impressed and enamored by the whole experience and it really got me thinking about all the people that have to be involved to make something so amazing possible!!! While I layed on the beach and by the pool I did find ways that people were being leaders. I noticed that within my group of friends someone always took the role of being the responsible one. This may not seem like a great leadership feat, but it was nice to have someone there to look up to and know that they were in control. I observed this among other groups that we hung out with. Somone was always the "sober" one. I don't think spring break would be safe without this happening. Another great thing I noticed on SB was that there was a group walking around promoting designated 67 drivers. They walked around the beach everyday passing out beach bags, flyers, and frisbees with sayings on them about finding a DD. Again this may not seem that extraordinary, but it was nice that there was a group of students who were watching out for the safety of thousands of drunk college students. Even though I didnt seem some great leader come to rise, I did see small groups of people doing their own part to keep people safe and make the right decisions to make their trip successful...But back to the leader coming to rise during SB, it is kind of funny to think that any of the guys (or girls) next to me on the beach doing beer bongs could be a future president....hopefully they didn't make it into any videos that are going to come back and haunt them In class, we saw a video about a soldier that was a great leader by modeling the way for us all. She had severe head injuries when she was hit by a roadside bomb. Her doctor gave her 3% chance for life. To make room for her head to swell, her doctor pulled part of her skull out and put it in her stomach area for storage! Is that even possible? Obviously, yes, if the soldier lived to tell the story! If you ask me, the doctor modeled the way, too, for future doctors! I don't know much about surgeries and I'm not pre­med, but that's probably not something that most doctors would be willing to try! Yes, the doctor was brilliant and God was definitely working His miracle on the woman, but I believe that her attitude contributed to her survival, too. If I were given a 3% chance at life, I would basically just act like I'm already dead and I'll be at my own funeral before it even occurs. The soldier had a much more optimistic outlook on life. Anyone should model after her when life gets tough: be hopeful, never give up, and fight until the end. The other day, I read something that infuriated me so much! About once a year, the Exponent comes out with salaries for every Purdue faculty. Of course, I quickly turned to all of my professors and checked out what my tuition is being used for. When I turned to the "F's" and saw the numbers next to Feinberg's name, I was ready to transfer to IU!! He makes more than $1xx,000 per year for showing youtube videos in class! "God bless America!!" My anger turned to utter dismay today in class when he showed us how he graded our Individual Memo 1's. "If you have a good strong opening paragraph," said Dr. Feinberg, "I only read the rest for fun." I don't think he even read a lot of them. My paper's opening paragraph just kinda rambles. My later stuff was pretty good and I was pretty proud of it. A lot of my blogs are like that, too. I ramble on until I hit a certain brilliance... or at least something "Feinberg­worthy." Upon calming down, I realized something. In saying that he's a bad CEO, Dr. Feinberg isn't really that bad. It takes a long time and a lot of creativity to come up with the structure of the class. Instead of coming up with lectures that we'll all sleep through, he actually did a good job prepping for classes and paralleling his main points with his youtube videos. Instead of simply saying it, he makes us remember it by being creative. Also, this class is so much like the real world that I'm scared. I'm pretty sure that I'll remember the name Richard Feinberg and the valuable lessons learned in his class for a long time to come. So, isn't 68 that what classes are all about? As I type this, I will say "hats off to ya, Dr. F. Even without your research, I would say that you're worth your 6­digit salary!" Kirk Weisler WOW. Strategic Life Plan Dr. Feinberg sent out a Strategic Life plan today. It is basically mocking the way that we are running our lives right now. I think deep down we all want something out of life. No matter how big or small it shouldn't be mocked. I think he is trying to make a point about what we are doing each day. That we need to make sure that we set goal and achieve them. I just had to comment on it. I posted it below in case you haven't had a chance to read it. Step 1: Keep doing what I’m doing. Parties, football tailgates, and not a whole lot of responsibility are awesome. Seeing as I am pretty darn happy right now, I think the first step is not to change a thing. Step 2: Graduate and thereby change everything. It’s inevitable, so I might as well accept it. However, once I graduate, I’ll be in the real world and I won’t have to worry about finals or parietals, so I can do what I want when I want. Step 3: Get a job. I may be offered and accept a job before graduation. If that happens, I’ll skip on to Step 4. 69 Step 4: Get married. I’ll probably marry a fellow Boilermaker. I’ll wear a gold t­shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and maybe a temporary tattoo on my face. He’ll wear plaid or Adidas pants, an exceptionally tight or oversize Purdue t­shirt, and a funny hat. Step 5: Have children. It’s not my place to explain how this happens; I play a pretty important part in it. Step 6: Raise children well. Also, work long and hard for the large, cosmetic or woman’s apparel chain that hired me in Step 3. I hope that I remember what my parents have shown me in terms of raising kids. Then, they’ll turn out very well. The working part will definitely integrate my Retail Management and Organized Leadership Supervision degrees, which is why I’m getting them. What I’ll be doing is a mystery, but I know that I’ll be more marketable as an employee with both degrees. That way, I have built­in job security. Step 7: Watch kids leave for college. If Step is completed correctly, the kids will be grateful for all that the Mr. and I have done for them. Plus, we’ll be able to talk proudly of how little Jimmy, Molly Kathleen, and all the gang are doing so well at school. We’ll smile even harder when we hear that their high school classmates have all become alcoholics with 0.5 GPA’s at Big State University. Step 8: Work even longer and harder for a large cosmetic or woman’s apparel chain in order to pay for exponentially increasing tuition bills. 70 At the current rates, it will cost the GNP of Thailand to send a kid to college when mine had off. Hopefully, I’ll be the senior buyer of a large cosmetic or woman’s apparel chain (from Steps 3 and 6) at this time. That way, I can raise the price of potato chips or light bulbs or anything else we sell to afford it all. Step 9: Retire Pretty self­explanatory. Rise at 5 am, eat breakfast, Sunbathe. Lunch at the clubhouse at Noon. Nap. Putter around the house/decorate/shop. Dinner at 5:30 pm. Walk the dog with the Mr. Reading and waxing nostalgicabout the good old days. In bed by 10 pm. Rise, rinse, and repeat. Step 10: Off to Heaven (hopefully). And that’s the end of that chapter. Kirk Weisler "The Empty Book" During our workshop with Kirk he explained the importance of keeping an "empty book." Someone once told him to do this so he finally did, and he carried this empty book around for two or three weeks and at the end of those two or three weeks he still had nothing written in his book. He just didn't know what to write in it. He explained that when you are sitting in a meeting or class or wherever you are, open your book and have your pen ready to go. I really enjoyed this story when he told it that day. As he was explaining this I really felt like it would be something great to start and to carry on throughout life and then after a while, how interesting and cool it would be to read everything you've written over a period of time. I was sitting there thinking about this and thought how much I would enjoy this. When I think about all the great quotes I've heard, or stories people have told, or even just a sentence someone said, a feeling I had at a particular time, or even just a simple thought of my own, how amazing it would be if I had all of those written down in one place that i could just flip to at any time. I think that would be amazing and I would really love to start an empty book. I don't know how well i would do with keeping up with it, but I feel that if i was dedicated enough to writing in it and having it with me at all times, I could really end up with a great book in the end. Kirk said, "Fill yourself with greatness, so when under pressure, that greatness is what comes out." Only greatness is what would be put in that book and anyone would benefit from something like that. 71 Recognition and The Simplicity of Leadership On Wednesday, Dr. Feinberg started talking about recognition. The example he gave was having the entire class stand up and clap. It was amazing how weird, yet cool, that was. I wasn't expecting to get that many smiles on people's faces. I am the Editor of the Yearbook at Purdue and I have a staff of about 15­20. There is a lot of work involved and we all spend many hours together every week. Many times we are so busy that we forget to stop and think about the how amazing people are doing. I know there are times when people on staff feel underappreciated for their work. I am just sitting her contemplating why it is so hard for me to just write a little thank you or publicly recognize the people doing great. It wouldn't cost money or that much of my time and the payoff would be excellent. I think that we all get busy and forget to do the little things. Caring ­What I have learned: Care about other people. Listen to them. Gain their respect. Genuinely seek to better them or their life. Lead them. Intentional Chocolate ­I came across this video on . It reminded me of concept of "adding value". When compassion and caring are added to the simplest things, there is a huge difference in the results that come from those things. Check out this video. I think it can apply to tons of situations, not just chocolate or soup. :) Bad Leaders Suck. That's as simple as you can put it We need direction! Just as a short review of the first week of class: we definitely need direction. As a leadership class, we haven't learned much about leadership so far except that without it there's mayhem and confusion! Feinberg please lead us, or at least tell us how to! It would be much appreciated :) I collect quotes, and one that I have says "God first, Others second, and You third." Now, I do not consider myself to be a super­religious man, but the past class sessions have really enforced that quote for me. If one is able to put others ahead of themselves, then their 72 problems will not be seem so detrimental. Because we are all "Bozos on a Bus", I think everyone would be alot happier if they worried less about thier problems, and simply prayed (or whatever) for others to get better. If you concentrate on how big of a bozo everyone else is, you don't feel like such a bozo do you?? Even though you are! I will be taking over a family business, and I really like the idea of reading to the employees every day. I also thought of something else that could be done. Why not ask the employees if they know of any books that they would me to read? It would get them involved, and show that I really do care about them, and what they have to say I have been listening to this song by Jurassic 5, called Work it out... I have been listening to it almost repeatedly today... A don't stop stop your dreamin Let yourself float apon the notion We can work it out, we gon work it out baby Go ahead lose yourself inside this opportunity That we gonna make it right now, make it right now This reminds me that we as individuals.. as leaders, as followers.. cannot stop dreaming of a vision of greatness, and when things are tough, we can work it out... solve our problems and step closer to our goals.. whether we're alone or together, we can work it out, so dont' be afraid... take the opportunity to get closer to the dream, dreams can be attained, which is why we cannot stop dreaming. An infinite journey towards greatness, when life seems to be at it's best... yes it can get worse.. but it can also become even better! That is why we must work it out. Today was our loan extra credit opportunity, I say loan for the sole purpose that we're on our own to take this opportunity.... and I seized this opportunity with a clenching fist. Despite not knowing what my outcoming for the grade in this class, I don't really care... I brought with me something that a little slip of paper with a 4.o can never make. A 4.0 cannot make me a better leader... the knowledge which I have gained, the confidence which has grown within me! The eyes!... the eyes searching for opportunity! That is what I am bringing with me, the power inside of me to enrich others lives, whether I am their boss, or their brother, even a stranger... Opportunities are all around us.. they're pieces scattered.. laying around ready for US to see and grab. It;'s something a lot of people miss out on out there, and I hope I can influence others to see the light of leadership as well It is striking how suttle things guys do unintentionally and/or unconsciously can make girls feel uncomfortable, and I feel terrible for it.. for being a guy. We already discussed what girls think of us and what we think they think of us, but it's so hard being a giant bag of testosternone and sex hormones. I hope girls forgive us for what god created us as, but I suppose both genders have their flaws and ticks. Sexual Harrassment scares me, I'm afraid if I merely look at a girl funny that I may make them feel uncomfortable, which is not good at all. I am already awkward enough around them, and now I have pressure over me which makes me a bumbling fool. I can only hope that sexual harrassment diminishes in the future to allow women a better place in this world, and even more so in the working world. "cajones". One of my favorite bands is Switchfoot, every word they write and every song they sing pertains to life in such a dramatic way. I truly believe they are one of the greatest bands to every walk on the stage...second to The Beatles! One of Switchfoot's songs This is 73 your life, are you who you want to be? Is so powerful it has literally changed lives. While some artists are singing about drugs alcohol and women, Switchfoot is writing songs that actually mean something to their audience. Don't get me wrong...I love rap, but sometimes I need to listen to that wholesome music to keep myself grounded. The song lyrics are written below...take a look and see what you think when you are done reading... Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead Yesterday is a promise that you’ve broken Don’t close your eyes, don’t close your eyes This is your life and today is all you’ve got now Yeah, and today is all you’ll ever have Don’t close your eyes Don’t close your eyes This is your life, are you who you want to be This is your life, are you who you want to be This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be When the world was younger and you had everything to lose Yesterday is a kid in the corner Yesterday is dead and over This is your life, are you who you want to be This is your life, are you who you want to be This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be When the world was younger and you had everything to lose Don’t close your eyes Don’t close your eyes Don’t close your eyes Don’t close your eyes This is your life are you who you want to be This is your life are you who you want to be This is your life, are you who you want to be This is your life, are you who you want to be This is your life, is it everything you dreamed it would be When the world was younger and you had everything to lose And you had everything to lose E Cherry What an inspiring story about a runner who is training for a marathon. One day while training, the runner had another opportunity to think about the current situation of the homeless she ran by every morning. An idea came to mind to get the homeless on a training program that can get them on the right track in life. Many quit drugs, and become dedicated. Thus it taught the homeless discipline, how to set and achieve goals, and a new found self­worth. If you are to be homeless in particular shelters, the program states you must run with the group of others three times a week between 530 ­600 am. 74 What an amazing heart and drive this runner has. "Running really is a metaphor for life," she says. "There is always another mile. You just have to take it one step at a time." I couldn't believe the guys who wrote "stop looking at us like sexual objects". Women enjoy sex just as men, but seriously?! What woman sees a man as a sexual object and nothing else? That's ridiculous. Now that the baby boilers basketball season has come to an end I think it is time for me to dedicate a blog to one of Purdue's best leaders; Coach Matt Painter. What he has done with the Purdue Men's Basketball program in such a short time has been incredible and I can not wait to see what he is capable of achieving within the next couple of years. I have a couple of friends who play for Coach Painter and I know that he is a tough, no nonesense coach. He pushes his players extremely hard and although they may cuss him at times they still talk about him with such respect and almost speak of him as a father type. His players revere him and have bought into his ways and are willing to go above and beyond for their leader. Where I see Painter's leadership shine through most is when the Boilers are on the defensive end of the court. Their passion and intensity on defense is incredible and in my opinion the biggestreason why they had such a good season this year. Most players are not defensive minded and would much rather have the ball in their hands, so when you see a team work so hard on D, it reflects directly onto the coach. You can tell that all of the players share Painter's intensity and desire to win. He has put together a great organization and has made his goals and expectations of every player very clear. He was the Big ten coach of the year for a reason and his leadership skills are something to be admired and I think that we could all learn a little something from Coach Painter. J Lernihan I have a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine. I read what they want me to think of men, I have dated men that give me ideals of how men work. I have friends that are guys that supposedly "clue us in" to what guy really think. I have then have a boyfriend who tries to convince me that none of those things are true. Do I believe society, media and what male jokes? or do I believe my boyfriend? :) The experiment of what men think of women and what women think of men opened my eyes to this. Where do we get these stereotypes from? personal experience or societal norms and stereotypes? This is the basis to sexual harassment in the workplace and objectifying the opposite sex. It is 75 interesting to ponder and it was great to see that men just don't view us as a piece of a**. This brought a tear to my eye -Please go to this website and watch this video: It is a great example of how one person can make a difference. This is when I started contacting anyone I knew who had some pull in their organizations. I was reaching out to uncles, parent's of friends, parent's of kids I barely knew, kids who graduated from my fraternity house, and contact's that my dad has. All of the sudden I am getting real interviews with well known companies that would truly help me in my future. I originally wanted to do it all on my own to show everyone that I was capable but Feinberg helped me realize how silly that truly is. I utilized my resources to the best of my ability and now I have a sales internship in Chicago just like I set out to from the beginning. Networking is a skill and I will never pass up another opportunity to gain or utilize a new resource again… Synergy is when a team works together and performs more efficiently and with better results than if each person worked on their own. The best example I can give of this is the band Phish. They were truely artists. Everyshow they worked together to create a unique experience for both themselves and the audience. Every show is different because their "jams" were all improvisational. They were so good at their instruments and knew each other so well they could talk to each other through music. They would create music that still blows me away. Their ability to work together made them one of the greatest live show acts ever in the history of music. Everyone could take something away from their musical example. During March Madness there are plenty of opportunities for players to become leaders. One person that has lead his team to victory, aside from tonight, has been Stephen Curry of Davidson has lead his team to the Elite Eight. An accomplishment that has only been achieved twice in Davidson's school history. Curry lead his team by example. He averaged over thirty points per game in the tournament and was a beacon of light for all of the fans. Each game I would see him praising his teammates after they scored. I believe this is like the examples of rewarding the employees. Curry lead his team in points but made sure that they knew they were doing a great job scoring, rebounding, passing and blocking. Praising your teammates is just like praising your employees and they all play and work better because of it. 76 Learn from these simple notes I took that you can use in your future as an employee: ­ Know how you are being evaluated in a job. Like in school, with a syllabus, there is a sure way to succeed and a sure way to fail. You need to be aware of how you are able to benefit the company, so that you can be benefited in return. ­ Have a purpose and steer towards it. Know your necessary resources, your necessary time, and your friends that will make or break you. Quiet Strength After reading the book Quiet Strength, by Tony Dungy from the Indianapolis Colts, I have thought a lot about how leaders treat their followers. There are so many different leadership styles out there, so it is intriguing to find out what seems to work the best. So, is there a leadership style that works best? Sometimes you see coaches yelling and screaming their heads off such as Bob Night. I think everyone can remember the game when he threw the chair across the court and turned as red as his sweater. Something that I admire about Coach Dungy is that he does not let his emotions get the best of him when he is upset. In his book, Coach Dungy says that when he starts getting upset he asks himself if getting angry will make the situation any better (p. 106). Some people would argue that it would depend on a number of factors from the situation. But Coach Dungy has always had a level head when it comes to leading his team out onto the field, which led the Indianapolis Colts to be the NFL World Champions in 2007. Throughout the book you will find out that Dungy is a spiritual man and sets his values high which keeps his priorities in the right place. He always keeps a vision of faith, strength, and gives no excuses for coming up short. All Dungy will say is that you must continue to learn and improve. You cannot focus on anyone else or make up reasons why you come up short, but just keep an aimed focus. If anyone is interested in leadership, I would strongly recommend reading this book. Coach Dungy is a great leader that does not have to threaten others by yelling, but lets his actions speak louder than words. Dungy uses quiet strength to inspire others to do great things and out of respect, not fear, people follow. As an Indianapolis Colts fan I am proud to have him as their coach for at least one more year. GO COLTS!! I know that he mostly meant this comment for his own daughter, but a somewhat comical piece of advice he passed on was "Never pay attention to what a boy say, pay attention to what he does." I chuckled at this at first and he said after reflecting on his life this was very true. After I reflected on it for a minute I agree. I dated a boy once who didn't get it. He said a lot of wonderful things, but never really followed up on it with any type of profound action. I just found it interesting that someone else, someone scholarly believed it to be true as well 77 These speakers who we should feel priviledged that they are speaking at our school and we have the opportunity to listen to are taking time out of their lives to speak to our school and this is how people treat them. This is extremely disrespectful to the speaker and an embarrassment to the school. This represents weak leadership skills. If you had leadership skills you would have the respect for the leader who is standing up front and giving a presentation. What do people want? this was the main question in lecture today and is really one of the main questions in life I have an internship this summer with Target as a Store Management Intern and we had a meeting today to familiarize us with the store setting and the tasks at hand. I didn't think I would learn as much as I did today during a store tour, but I learned a lot about leadership that reflected a lot of what Feinberg teaches about all the time. I had one of those "ahh ha" moments where you say to yourself, "I know what your talking about". My superior that was giving the store tour said to our group during the store tour that you are only as good as the ones below you which made me think of leadership. You are truly only a great leader when those below you truly commit to your goal and put forth the necessary effort to achieve that goal. If your employees are not enjoying work, do not understand the clear direction of the company, or are not doing their work correctly then you are really not as good of a leader as you could potentially be. Even if your company is making money, your company could be so much greater if the employees were performing to fullest. Another aspect I took from the store tour was the importance of working in a team and how being an effective and efficient leader is so important. Your team is the people who do the work to fulfill your dream, goal, or idea. You must know how to direct them to get what you need done. As a great leader it is also so important to know how to encourage, motivate, and reward your team for their efforts. Target is very team­oriented company and I really enjoy this aspect of their philosophy. What a Smart AssSome of the videos shown in class have excellent points. They do such a good job of getting the message across, but it's so entertaining that you don't feel like you're learning at all. One of the major points of leadership that you should believe in yourself first before others. No one will follow you unless you believe in yourself enough to follow you. The commercial about the donkey wanting to a Budweiser Clydesdale is an excellent example of that concept. The donkey is not letting other people tell him that he cannot be one. He knows that as long as he looks the part and can get the job done, it doesn't matter what he really is. An important thing is that he's not cocky, though. Also, he doesn't have a false sense of who he is. Some people do not know how much they stink at something and embarrass themselves. (The American Idol Tryouts are good examples of this.) The donkey said in the beginning of the commercial that his lifelong dream is to be a Clydesdale, but the problem is, "I'm a donkey." He realizes the problem and understands that he has to work that much harder to achieve his goal. We should all remember that when someone (or even our own heads) say, "I don't think I can." As we wrap up this semester, I will be able to say that I did gain something from college career. This lesson you may ask? How to be a better leader. I know a lot of people said they walked 78 away from Dr. Feinberg's class not learning anything. I say "How can that be?" Ever day was full of great quotes, lessons, and tools to use as a leader in life, relationships, and the work force. I definitely think this was my class for the semester. My Bus In lecture yesterday, we learned that we are All Bozo's on the Bus. I liked how'd Dr. Feinberg opened with that, and then went into the pain discussion. Sometimes people feel that they are superior to others, or better than others, or invincible to the world....when actually, we are all Bozo's on this crazy Bus called LIFE. We all have pain, we all hurt. That's why I appreciated the Pain discussion so much. It made all the students open up, and say exactly what they felt, and how they have pain in their lives; whether it be pain in your shoulder, thinking your ears are too big, or having a love one pass. Reading all the pain comments in the e­mail made my heart hurt. I couldn't believe how many people have struggled with so many different kinds of pain. And reading the ones about family passing on; there are no words to describe my thoughts for them. I started looking around the class, and thought.. maybe it was this person sitting next to me who's father and sister died in that car accident... how could they possible have it so together that they are able to get ready every day, and participate in every day activities. I'm jost not sure if I could get that strong. I feel this activity helped all the students look at each other differently. Of course our pain is not written on your foreheads, but EVERYONE has it. We need to show more kindness to each other, because we have no idea where their bus has taken them. L barkas E=Q 12 Rats When considered to be a leader of a large organization there are always people who try to sneak below the radar and not be recognized. The problem with these people or as I like to call them "rats" is that they are the ones who tend to cause more harm than good. When faced with a difficult decision regarding a potential member of your organization, there are many things to consider. What is this person going to achieve? Will he/she contribute enough to make it worth our while? Are they worthy of the title we are about to bestow upon them? Will this hurt my organization if I let this person join? Are the fruits of this individual's labor going to be worth the consequences of bringing him/her aboard? All questions I was forced to ask myself and my peers last night when incriminating evidence surfaced regarding a potential member to our organization. It takes a true leader to nip the problem in the butt before it wreaks havoc upon the other law abiding individuals. Making decisions regarding a person's character is extremely difficult, but that is one of the many 79 things that good leaders must do on a daily basis. It is best to weed out the "rats" before their colony gets too large to handle. If you surround yourself with great people, you will become great. This isn't a foreign concept; in fact many of us practice it. I strongly believe in the concept, and I understand that it isn't easy. At the end of High School I parted ways with many friends as they decided that college wasn’t the answer. I was not going to surround myself with people that believed that seeking a higher level of education was a waste of time. To use a coined phrase ­ What's the point? What I didn't know about this concept is another key to greatness. Choosing your friends or as the movie chose, employees, plays a significant role in greatness as well. Strive to be friends with or hire employees that are better than you. The payoff is tremendous. A simple equation was given to demonstrate this concept. IF: "A" players pick "A" players then a constant is set. IF: "A" players pick "B" players, then: "B" players pick "C" players, then "C" players pick "D" players. This continues until you have "Z" players. Why have a hiring process if you are picking "Z" players. The concept of hiring or choosing friends that are one step below you was called "The Bozo Explosion." In the end you are going to have a bunch of clowns working/hanging out with you. It isn't enough to just pick great friends for you, but it is important to pick great friends so that when they pick friends they choose people that will have a great effect on you as well. 80 My Funeral After class on Monday, my boyfriend Seth picked me up on campus. While we were chowing down on some cheeseburgers from McDonalds in the car, I asked him what he'd say about me at my funeral. He immediately thought I was trying to start up a fight between the two of us... most likely thinking I was on my period and going through some emotional issues. I then told him about the exercise that happened in class, and how a girl had to call her boyfriend... well ­ all of you know how the lecture went. Of course, being the smartass that he is, responded "I'd tell everyone how nice of an ass you had." I have to admit, I got a good chuckle out of the comment. Then after all joking was aside, he said that I was his highschool sweetheart, the girl he couldn't wait to start a family with, and the women he was honored to be sitting next to, in a rocking chair, in the nursing home. It's crazy, because I've always known these things (we've been dating for 8 years), but hearing it outloud is so different. It's amazing to think someone thinks of you like that... still kinda chokes me up. Absolutely amazing exercise. I'm so glad we did it. Take that HILL What would someone have to say that would convince you to charge a hill while rounds are coming from down range? I respect you. / I have good character. / I will grow to be your leader. / I’m about mission accomplishment. All of these are good statements; however none of them want to make me charge that hill. I strongly believe that one of two things has to be true if you are going to convince someone to take a hill with you. 1. You better have some serious credibility. I'm talking years of experience and know how. You better be able to inspire me and really light a fire under my ass that makes me want my hill back! I want to know you are going to be there with me, going head long at the problem before us and that you won’t stop until WE have accomplished the goal. 2. There better be a damn good reason. Don't just tell me that the hill needs to be ours. I want to know why. Granted in the military 81 you don't necessarily get that luxury, but let’s look at the big picture here. Substitute the hill for "an impossible dream". Give me a reason to work for it. WHY! Why should I expend my time and energy for you? Now I am not saying these two concepts are the only things needed; what I am saying is that without either you can count me out. The 1 Thing What is the #1 thing I took from Dr. Feinberg's class this semester? Taking initiative! It seems as though we get so busy in our everyday lives that we sometimes fail to take the initiative to make our lives easier. I have started attacking problems in my life after taking this course with a whole new attitude. I now look for ways to make my life easier even when it may require a little extra effort to make the necessary changes. I will continue to take initiative to a whole new level each and every day of my life. wishin', and hopin', and thinkin', and prayin' Instead of waiting for something to happen to us, we're supposed to make things happen. We are ultimately responsible for the outcome of our lives. If we sit on our but "wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin" that something great will happen, nothing is ever going to happen. This kinda reminds me of my roommate. A while back she was complaining about how she needed a boyfriend and how hard it was to go and find a nice guy. But all I could think about was how she never left her room, let alone our apartment!? How was she expecting to meet a guy if she's sitting around not socializing and getting out there!? So, applying this to lecture today, we need to not sit around and hope something great will happen. We need to get up and make something great happen. Otherwise life is going to get pretty boring. ….would like to elaborate on how 309 has helped me throughout the process. I have found that giving them a big reason to hire you is the biggest thing people mess up in the interview process. You have to make the company feel that they cannot afford to hire you that it 82 would be too much of an opportunity cost to not hire you. I think the biggest part of the interview is the one convincing answer you give to the question "Why should we hire you?" Every interview I have had has asked this question. Being prepared to answer this question with confidence and making the company actually believe you are the best choice is a huge part of the job search process. Care about people and you won't go wrong ­ One of my favorite points of all time in class today was basically about caring. It reminded me of a man who came around a coffee shop asking for donations to an organization to help out Zambian orphans, and I thought 'when was the last time someone actually cared enough to approach me and ask me to help someone out?' I didn't even care if it was a scam or not, the guy really showed that he cared. Heck, if he wanted the money for something illegal at least he worked hard enough to get it! However, the fact that I thought this guy CARED so much about these kids was enough to make me want to donate, not just the fact that he was trying to help out the cause. This relates to the organization in that if someone cares enough to get you involved in all aspects of the organization, you'll want to get involved not even becuase you care a lot about the organization, but you feel motivated because they showed that they sincerely care about your involvement. I thought this was mind opening in that I always think that leaders should help people earn more money and grow the company, when really it's all about caring about people and making them feel included. My trademark ­After Dr. Feinberg challenged our class to go home and think about their personal image, i did just that! Here is a list of some of my characteristics that make me who I am: the more someone tries to rush me the longer I will take, I prefer to wear my Nike shoes and jeans most of the time because they are comfortable, i love when people tell me I can't do something because it motivates me even more to prove them wrong, I do my best at everything and admit when I f*@k up, I hate liars and cheaters, i take pride in my work, I never "burn bridges" in relationships or at work, and most importantly I know who I am and like who I am and I have busted my ass to become who I am and will not let anyone destroy or change my image! I love my family and put them first and foremost 83 because they are a great support network and will always be there for me. That's who xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx is. I have been focusing so much on how rough I have had it growing up and never focusing on how lucky I really have been. I admit I have called some people some mean names, and have over reacted about situations that really weren’t a big deal. I think about myself and how I am feeling and take it out on others not focusing on the pain that they may be experiencing. There is already enough pain in the world that I don’t need to be contributing unnecessary actions and cause pain that can be controlled. Who Cares What Side of the Bed You Wake up on Dr. Feinberg has made it clear on multiple occassions that he pretty much hates everyone and everything when he wakes up in the morning, while his wife on the other hand wakes up with spring in her step and a song in heart. These are probably two extremes and I would venture to guess that most everyone falls somewhere in between. The real key here is not to try and change how you wake up, but instead to realize where you fall on the spectrum and change your attitude once you are out of bed. Everyone has a choice as to whether they are going to be a miserable curse or a kind hearted soul on any particular day. You have to train yourself, like Feinberg, to no let your pessimistic attitude when you wake influence your actions for the day. When I wake up I am not happy nor am I angry, instead I am just sad and want to go back to bed. Who knows where these random emotions come from, but to counteract my negativity when I wake up, I tend to hit snooze about nine times. This gives me a chance to think about the tasks I want to accomplish that day as well get myself in the state of mind to do so. Basicly, when it all boils down, it does not matter one bit how you feel when you wake up. What matters is how you adjust to these feeling and what steps you take to get your head in the right place. The absolute worst leader I have ever had to follow was at my last job. We went from having one of the best managers I had ever experienced working for to someone that was not at all fit for the position. He 84 was so unprofessional! He hung out with employees outside of work, everywhere from their apartment's to STRIP CLUBS! When I mentioned that I thought it was ludacris, he pulled me aside and lectured me about having a problem with this. How could anyone respect someone that did those kinds of things in front of his employees. It turned into a bad situation, just as I predicted, because people began to treat him the same way at work as they did outside of work. When others that were not allowed to act this way became angry about the mistreatment he had no argument and had to fire those that he was friends with! From this experienceI learned for a person to lead, they have to be very well respected! When it comes to dealing with the pain of those you lead, leaders should listen to feelings and words of others and should build empathy. Pain robs people of productivity and well being. Pain is often brought on due to insensitivity of others, loneliness, and abandonment. People frequently deal with pain by feeling guilt and shame which hinders them from progressing and growing. Leaders should not ignore pain, but should talk about it, comfort the group, and find solutions. WoW Shoes Check out this article. A study shows that if you were to buy three or more shoes a year, you are more than likely leadership material. Reasons include: " These qualities were defined as having ideas and vision, and a style with others that is both inclusive and decisive." It has often been said that you can tell alot about a person by the shoes they wear. It is now backed up. A crazy thing is it is conclusive across the board regardless of age, income and gender. According to this theory, I am more than enough to be leadership material. It is correct too, consider I want to be in leadership positions in the future. Notes­The power of a handwritten note... it can mean more later than the initial time it is given to you. I have kept several notes over the years that have been given to me in the past. When I am having a bad day or am feeling discouraged and I go back to read the notes, it makes me feel better. I still have one that was given to me when I was probably in sixth grade or so. It was a little card (one of those 3"x4" cards) given to me from my old gymnastics coach, Kelly. Kelly saw that I was becoming more and more frustrated with the sport and I had constant thoughts of quitting and my attitude became very poor although I was pretty good. She wrote me a little note inside with words of encouragement and reassurance. It really made me feel good and I felt like she truly cared and wanted to help. I realized that someone understood where I was coming from and it help me change my attitude. I still have that card to 85 this day and know exactly where it is at home. I have kept many other notes from best friends that I still have. Notes and cards can make someone feel enriched, refreshed, and/or re­newed. They really have helped me out when I felt discouraged or when I was not in a good mood. I know for a fact that I will practice this in my career. A Quick Thanks... I forgot to thank the President, Vice Presidents, and group leaders for all of their leadership efforts throughout the semester. They not only challenged authority to provide us with answers, but they pushed us to put forth our best efforts inside and outside of class. It was amazing to see what a positive influence each of them had on the rest of the class; their encouraging words and their positive attitudes truly had an impact. Self-discipline is one of the hardest lifeskills I think I will ever face. I have the hardest time disciplining myself when I get the " I just don't feel like it" mood. Like take for instance working out. This whole semester I have had a friend help keep me accountable for going to the gym. She works out EVERYDAY. She tries to get in at little bit each day. And then there is me. No matter how much I plan for my schedule I find that things just continue to come up and I find myself working out on Monday and Tuesday and then stopping after that. It is often frustrating, because I truly am trying to build this habbit, but it's just one of those things that I think I will always have to MAKE myself do. There are so many times that "I just don't feel like it," and then I won't go. Towards the end of the day I become upset with myself for not going. OR, I don't want to go, but will go anyways, and love the way I feel when I return home after my workout. This is very similiar to leadership in the sense that sometimes we "just don't feel" like going out and doing things. However, we know that if we don't complete these "things" than we will either let our group down or even worse ourselves down. Sometimes I think we use the "I just don't feel like it" excuse to get away with our lazieness. Which in my opinion is pitiful, but that's our society. Someone else can do the dirty work for us or I'm better than that job. These are also some common thoughts I feel many American's obtain. Our sorority has just began a system called “Super Sigma’s.” It is such a simple idea but offers so much more then the amount of money put into it. It is just a piece of paper that is decorated and says super sigma on the front. When a sister does something nice or goes out of their way, another sister will recognize them by writing a short little note about what they did and how much they appreciated what they had done. Not only is their behavior being recognized, we hand them out during our house meetings where everyone is present hoping for others to catch on and model similar behaviors. At the conclusion of tonight’s lecture, I was mistaken in my initial observation of Dr. Feinberg. It was during our initial lecture, which could be summed up as chaotic, I was 86 consumed with frustration and maybe even a little rage. I could not mentally grasp what, on the surface, appeared to be a general lack of overall commitment and purpose to the course by Dr. Feinberg. Yet like the Phoenix from the arisen ash, my grievances and doubts were put to rest when lecture resumed on Monday. Dr. Feinberg offered a completely refreshing and rewarding class on leadership, which originally appeared as a rather simplistic topic. Tonight’s lecture on leadership was extremely fascinating. Dr. Feinberg presented an ideology that’s been beaten to death in academia in a stimulating lazafaire fashion that held my attention while simultaneously stimulating my mind. Personally, I found Dr. Feinberg’s ideology extremely thought provoking. Until tonight, I was never able to pin­ point that specific attribute that a leader possesses, nor did I really care to. Dr. Feinberg summed it up by saying that leaders are those unique individuals who actually act out, or upon, an idea or thought to accomplish something. That point was really driven home with the video clip of Oprah and her personal take on power. Personally, I’m not Oprah’s biggest supporter; however that’s neither here nor there. Yet it was Oprah’s philosophy that really grasped my attention, speaking of utilizing one’s influence and power to positively affect the lives of others. Thinking about my grandmother has made me realize that she is my idol. I know I always have looked up to her and wanted to be like her but the more I think about it she is really my idol. And in the context of this course, she has been the strongest female presence in my life. She has kept us all happy and healthy over the years and I am truly thankful for being blessed with her life in mine. She has taught me so much, to cook, to sew, to garden, and most importantly to listen. When she was ever asked for advice at like a bridal shower she almost always replied, "It takes two to argue, and one to listen, if no one is listening then you get no where." She was always listening. At Sunday dinners as we all talked about our weeks and experiences, she listened...and answered the questions that were posed to her. She always got what she wanted to done. Granted I still don't like cleaning a house top to bottom, but that's what we would do, and no matter what obstacle came out way we figured it out and got it done. She lived her life so mine would be better. Granted this isn't what Feinberg necessarily teaches but she represents the attributes that sometimes go unsaid, but not unnoticed. I'll rap this up, since everyone probably thinks I'm off point, but screw you anyways. To my wonderful grandmother.....I miss you so much. I feel like there is a hole left in me that only time will heal. I love you so much. I love you Grandma. Hire better than yourself, nurture those people to become great, and when they do at least you will have had a part in their greatness. 87 \Speaking of making opportunities, the day that I stood up and auditioned to be a group leader, I didn't know this at the time, but I was making an opportunity for myself. That opportunity has finally come to fruition. I have been promoted to a group leader! I am anxious and excited to assume the position as a group leader. I know that I am filing the shoes of a phenomenal leader (I know he is great because he has been promoted to Vice President). I have already decided that instead of being intimidated by Joe, I will use him as a resource. He has done a great job, and if I learn from him, hopefully, I too can be a great leader. If I had never stood up (on what I still consider to be one of my worst days ever...) I would never be able to actually be a group leader today. (Be Careful Out There) After I left class, I was actually sad knowing I would not be attending my power hours on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm to 6:45pm. I never thought I would be saying that, but I truly learned lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life. Some of the most influential statements/rhetorical questions I remember from either Dr. Feinberg or the video clips are... ­What will you do with your remaining time? ­Risk leadership in your own life. ­When the wind blows you off course... CORRECT IT! ­Why should I follow you? ­Have an image! ­Re­image your enterprises. ­Every day... laugh, think, and experience emotions that move you to tears. ­You must CARE! ­You see in the end that you have always had the power... ­In the end, it's all about how you look at it. ­Leaders DO! ­Work for good people. ­Leaders are optimists. ­Leaders deliver. ­Leaders sell passion. ­Lend a helping hand, especially when you don't have time... 88 ­Make your follower a hero! ­Shit happens, enjoy the ride! ­Luck matters... so good luck! I decided that my mom would say I was her best friend, the light of her life, and always a joy. I thought my dad would say that I was a great Steelers fan (that is really important to him) a loyal member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and finally that I was always fun to be around. After deciding the three things that I hoped and thought my parents would say about me, I called them and asked so I could know for sure. Mom said that I brought joy to everyone I met, I was smart and creative, and that I was indeed her best friend. Dad said that I was a True Steelers Fan, a Good American, and a wonderful Daughter. Good American struck me most by surprise. If there could only be one thing said about me at my wedding, I would want it to be that I was a Good American. I never realized how important to me that was until I heard it from him. Now looking at the obituary that is supposed to capture my essence, I really hope that essence is one of a good American. Mr. Weisler said a quote that night that I cannot stop thinking about! "We move towards and become that which we consistently think about and believe." I think by keeping that quote in mind it will help me become a better person and a better leader in the future. Sometimes I feel like I tend to let negative thoughts enter into my mind. That quote really makes me want to think positive thoughts, and envision all the success I want in my future. If I do that I believe it will help me reach the level of success and happiness I want in my future!! Just a side note...I like the constant reminder from Feinberg about how we need to "be careful out there." It's like he actually does care about us...even though he's a bad leader. ;) When he spoke of the books people read in 1st class and coach...holy cow was he right. I was on a plane last week and noticed that too! It is kind of scary how things are all coming together now. I thought Dr. Feinberg was full of shit to be honest the first day of class. I did buy into his system, but I did not feel it would have results. Shame on me. Something that my grandfather once said to me was "don't lead because you want to be the leader, lead because you want to make a change for the better." Newsflash, if they did that, they're not really your friends. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I don't play around like that. I drink, I party, but when I do so I'm responsible and if I have to wander around campus (or anywhere) at night, you better believe that I'm not empty-handed. For crying out loud, you can use a pen as a defensive weapon! All I'm saying is to be prepared, pull your head out the clouds and realize that every second counts. "To every action there is a reaction." My name's not Bambi, and while I may not be able to fend off every attacker, I will definitely try my best. My life is too precious, my time too valuable; I'm here to make every second count. 89 What Feinberg said about paying the cab, we all should have someone like that around us; someone who puts your safety first. "I'll pay. I'll pay the cab... because your fun and well being matter most." That's the type of friend you want to be AND have. If God forbid something should happen to me, I want my family and friends to be able to say that much about me. That I was the best friend, sister and daughter, who you could always rely on. Someone who saw the true value in things, especially in your friendship. Today's lecture was different. It bothers me that the group leaders were called up and berated in front of the entire class, because I was led to believe that the group leaders were the only ones in the class that Feinberg liked. I would like to be shown a little more respect in that class as a non­class leader student because I want to learn, I paid for it, i've heard great things, and I have a certain kind of respect for the professor, but that is going down the drain due to the lack of respect he shows me. I know he doesn't have to show me respect, and I know that I don't have to listen to his bullshit. But I do because I am trying to learn something from him, and i'm just wondering when the "bad leadership" act by Feinberg is going to stop. I want to be able to take full advantage of him as a great leader, before the semester ends! What I have seen from him so far is poor, and I know that is no accident, I'm just getting ready to stop dicking around and start picking his brain while I have the opportunity. The videos shown in class are good videos, and they do raise very good points about life and leadership and I do enjoy them, but I can watch them on­line any time I want. I can't get lessons from the professor any time I want. I get about 3 hours a week, for the next couple months, and thats it! So if you read this, Dr. Feinberg ,I hope you acknowledge it, and respect it. However, according to some things said in class, I'm guessing you will just think I am whining, and complaining, and tell me I need to suck it up, and get over it....O.K. I can accept that, I know you are the type who is not easily satisfied, and neither am I, but maybe I should change my ways before I turn into a bad leader...Before I saw the way you acted I thought being hard to satisfy was a good thing, it makes people work for your satisfaction, which is excellent. You're just pissing the majority of the class off...but nonetheless I still have faith that you will come around and start acting like the respectable leader you have built yourself up to be. So I will not give up on that thought because deep down I do think you have something great planned for this class, and I do believe that you are capable of changing my life, and the others in the classroom. Everything we do now leads up to where we want to be in future. Being a good student is preparing me for the future with the dedication and perservance that it requires. My life has been going on for 23 years but my journey to great leadership is just beginning. 90 Some group leaders are good, however some are about as useful as a bottle of salt tablets in the desert. Everyday without fail the class of CSR 309 knows that Mr. Feinberg is going to dish out some of the most inappropriate jokes ever heard by a teacher. I am sure there are mixed feelings about these jokes; some kids thinking they are hysterical and others thinking they are not meant for the class room. Despite the mix of opinions one thing is certain, there are definitely leadership ideals that can be taken away from this. The first, of course, is humor. Humor is an important leadership strategy because it shows that as a leader you still enjoy a good laugh every now and then and makes it easier for employees to communicate and trust you. In addition, humor is a great strategy to use when public speaking because it puts you on an equal playing field with the audience and helps you to connect with them. Another equally important leadership principle that can be taken from Mr. Feinberg's sense of humor is bravery and/or courage. I don't think that there are too many other teachers in all of Purdue's staff that would have the courage to say some of the stuff Feinberg does. Personally it cracks me up, but other teachers would be afraid of sounding inappropriate and getting in trouble for the antics. Courage is a great ability to possess in a leadership role because it enables you to take risks that others in the same situation might not be willing take. Well I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! LEADDDDDDDDDDD I decided to go with mostly guys on a Spring Break Cruise to the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and jamaica... It was a great decision in the point that I didn't have to deal with girls being annoying, bitching, and talking crap about other girls. Instead I had to be the mom of the group of out-of-control boys. Yes and I do mean out-of -control. Beer bongs proceeded to the decks of the ship, with small children around.. SO WRONG! I felt so awful for the parents sitting in front of us, that I apologized to all of them for the boys. And yes all the parents fell in love with me! Man this is a true leader. I had to lead the way for the boys in the right direction, and even if they might not have followed I at least showed the parents around RESPECT! The leadership never stops. In order to be a good leader for a continuous time, you need to acknowledge your followers achievements, no matter how small. You need trust and credibility between all parties. Lastly, the team needs to have a commitment to one another. Why do you wake up in morning or come to class? Why are you at Purdue? Look deeper than "because my parents made me come." I'm here because i WANT to be. I pay MY OWN tuition, it's my sacrifice to be here and I do it because MY vision, is greater than Purdue. I seek an education and the doors to which it will lead. Once there it willy be up to me to get 91 them open, but you better believe that I'm not into wasting anyone's time, certainly not my own. Personally my six years in the Marine Corps was made a bit easier because I had a great mentor. When I first joined my unit a SSgt noticed that I stood out from the crowd. For the next six years I received information that let me continue to standout and perform above the rest. My mentor now is the Company 1stSgt and when I left I was a Plt Sgt. (For those that don't understand, know simply that they are leadership billets of varying by importance.) My point ­ if you get the chance to have a mentor, TAKE IT! Leaders have to be in touch with what is going on around them. They have to notice things going on and keep their eyes on people. As we saw in the fingertrap exercise, the people at the top didn't notice the one woman at the bottom who was not moving. i was up at the top, and we weren't in touch with what was going on below us…..I am a relatively outgoing guy, and i like to strike up conversations with random people. I think that people are fascinating, and I want to be seen as approachable. i want people to strike up conversations with me, but i know that it won't ever happen with certian people. And if people want to see a friendly face or hope that people will talk to them, it won't happen if you have your ipod, glasses and a snarly face, because in mixing those three things, you are detaching yourself from the world. People simply cannot lead if they detach themselves from others . Leadership ­ More then Man Cpl Aaron Seal, a leader of leaders. His position meant nothing to him. His Marines meant everything. He never settled for average. Despite the restrictions of rank, if it wasn't done to Marine Corps perfection he wasn't satisfied. He kept himself and his Marines motivated and empowered. 92 Cpl Seal knew his story and it made it very easy to choose him to accomplish the task. In fact he was so good he was placed under me and in charge of a team of Marines sent to COP Dulab ­ Al Anbar, Iraq. His excellence remains his final task in the perfect completion of COP Dulab. "If you focus on what you left behind, you'll never see what lies ahead." Ratatouille. Inspiring words that would have made the morning of October 1st, 2006 easier to handle. As the Marines congregated in the evening the need for leadership became even more important. One of my best Marines and best friend wasn't coming back to finish the job but I had to keep moving. Keeping Cpl Seal in mind we completed the task at hand with his level of expectation. You don't have to forget what is left behind to move on, just don't focus on it. All great things are remembered and in time will be seen again in the future.­cpl­aaron­l­seal.html time management? We all saw the results of how students in the class manage their time. we saw students who goofed off with the assignment, and some who answered truthfully. Why dick around with the assignment when you're in a class that is teaching you to be a good leader? Of course the assignment is anonymous, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take it seriously. Yes, Feinberg won't be coming after you because of the answers, but you shouldn't only take things seriously in front of him. Part of becoming mature, a better leader and becoming more mature is how you act when nobody is looking. Sure it made everyone laugh to know you had butt sex with your girlfriend or took a twelve inch poop, but why did you write it down? Who do you think cares enough to know that? Do you think charismatic leaders only ACT like they have character in front of others, or do you think that they really genuinely do have good character and don't have to put on an act in front of others? We're all young and enjoy goofing off, but there is a time for it. A class on becoming a leader isn't the time for it. 93 Grow up, because that stuff isn't going to fly when you get a job. A Leader Lost Last Friday I lost a very dear friend of mine. My high school gymnastics coach was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the day before this past Thanksgiving. The cancer ended up spreading to his brain and he went quickly after that. When he sat down the team to break the news, he reassured everyone that he was fine and he would just it one day at a time. Despite his serious condition, he made it to practice every day and coached up until mid­Decemeber when he could simply no longer make it out. Mr Lies' dedication to his team, his positive attitude, and his will to survive as long as possible truly made him the leader of my lifetime. Mr. Lies not only coached high school gymnastics, he was also a gym teacher at a nearby elementary school. He even taught tumbling before school each morning because he believed in helping others initiate and embrace an active lifestyle. He started running marathons around the age of 40 and for the next 19 years he participated in over 30 marathons, including both the Chicago and Boston. When he was younger, he won the state title for wrestling due to his hard work and dedication. At the service, there was a letter posted that Mr. Lies had written while he was training for the title. He wrote a promise to himself that he would do whatever it took to win. He would not give up, he would not except defeat. He would wrestle all practice long until his coach sent him home. It looks like that complete determination paid off. He went on the be captain of the wrestling team and has mentored aspiring wrestlers in the sport ever since. Mr. Lies not only believes in furthering the athletic careers of gifted inidividuals, but that of the not so gifted. In my experience, he never gave up on a gymnast and he gave everyone an equal opportunity to excel. He pushed the girls by keeping them focused, conditioning them hard, and making them face their fears. However, he did this in an encouraging, tough­love sort of way. My fondest memory was when he would bring us fruits and vegetables for pre­practice snacks. He was always thinking of everybody over himself, even up until the day he passed. Not only did Mr. Lies wake up at 4:00a.m. to go on runs, then teach tumbling, then go to work, then get to practice early to open the doors for us gymnastics, and finally be last one out, but he was a genuine friend. I used to tell my teammate that if I could not have my own father, I would want him. His dedication, heart, initiative, drive, perseverance, and positive presence brought a smile to my face each time he was in the room. Mr. Lies was the type of 94 person who was extremely intriguing, so I found myself wanting to be around him. I would ask questions and try to understand, and then steal!, his outlook on life since it impressed me so greatly. He truly amazed me with his modest and subtle, but affective, demeanor. I can honestly say I have never met someone quite like him and I would be impressed if I ever did again. He was a leader since before I even knew him and it only became more apparent as the years went by. He will be missed my many, loved by more. When I try to make sense of losing such an inspirational individual, I can only justify that heaven must have needed a leader like him. With all of his accomplishments, and the ones he has helped others achieve, I doubt he could have lived a much more fulfilling life. I can only hope that I will be remembered as half the person he will be forever remembered as. Before hiring Kelvin Sampson before the 06­07 season, IU was aware that they were hiring a coach with baggage, meaning he was still being punished for recruiting violations while at Oklahoma, his former school. So when news broke out that he had done it again at IU, most were not surprised. This also occurred right before the 4 toughest games on their schedule, in which they miraculously made it out 3­1. Regardless, the violations were ones that Sampson had already been guilty of in the past. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN IF YOU'VE ALREADY GOTTEN CAUGHT AND BEEN PUNISHED FOR IT??? He did though. His contract was bought out by a generous booster and Sampson was gone. Enter Dan Dakich and a sub­mediocre end to the season. You can't put all the blame on Dakich though. The players actually gave up on him. All but 4 skipped the first practice after Sampson left. The star players started missing more and more shots and the fans grew irritated and angry. You could tell that everyone involved just wanted the next season to start. This is a great example of a leader not having the support of those who he is supposed to be leading. And the sad thing was that he couldn't have done anything to 95 persuade them to follow him. They were too busy pouting about their fallen leader that they gave up on the current one. Poor guy. Final 4 Coaches Last evening on ESPN they were discussing what each of the 4 final 4 teams had in common. They said they all had very good coaches. The commentators said that these players were fortunate to have gone to these respected schools and have these outstanding coaches. A good coach has to be a good leader. A good coach has to model the way in their philosophies and get his/ her players to buy in with their beliefs and goals. A good coach or leader can have a direct impact on their team or group. Having a good leader in 309 has made a complete difference. Having a good group leaders, subgroup leaders has helped in the completion of assignments and a clear understanding of what is expected. Having a good leader as in our CEO has helped us know more of what is expected. Since Feinberg has become a "good leader" the class has ran a lot smoother and his expectations have been a lot more defined. This class has emphasized how importantit is to have a good leader and i feel that for the success of a team or a company good leaders should be saught after. I have a few problems with people not attending class, especially this class. The structure of the class is unique compared to any other class I have taken at Purdue. I enjoy every class and have not missed a class yet. The people who are not attending class are probably followers. When a man has the courage to say he can change your life, I do not care about the million excuses take the intiative and let him. I have no idea what else Feinberg could possibly say to entice the students to come to class besides giving out extra credit. Which I don't want. I want to take away from this class more than I have taken away from any other class. And, I want this class to change my life. Dr. Feinberg said he was going to change my life and I took that personally. If someone says something I expect them to follow through. I am going to do everything in my power for this class to change my life but Feinberg has to lead the way. Peace, Love and Hoon;) A Life is short, college is short, why not be the best that we can be? To me, that's what it all means. Heroes Today I was walking up to Ross Ade from Matthews and was passed by three ROTC students who were jogging with sand bags on their shoulders. The three students were jogging in a straight line the two in front were males and the third was female. I was in awe. When I started my walk I was proud for not taking the bus, but after being passed by the soldiers my pride for myself was replaced by pride for them. Not only was I passed once by them but twice. As I was starting my ascend to Ross-Ade I saw them begin to run up the stairs of Gate B at Ross Ade, still with sandbags on their shoulders. 96 Some time ago these individuals decided that they wanted to do something great and signed up for the military, and this gorgeous afternoon they were mastering their craft. These students were not just working out they were training and teambuilding. In the few minutes I was in their presence I saw several moments of leadership and teambuilding. First they never strayed too far apart from one another, and secondly they were constantly looking back to check on each other. Their leadership was a beautiful display of what we have been taught in class. I wish I would have shaken their hands or yelled “great job”, but instead I did nothing. An opportunity missed. I know they probably will not read this, but I want to say: Great Job soldiers, you are my heroes. I can never repay you for all that you have done and will do for us, but know that it is greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Take care and God Bless. Humanitarian trip over spring break (to El Salvador) … Americans are spoiled for the most part. When I got back, I was flipping through channels on T.V. and saw Kim Kardashian complaining to her mother about not having the largest suite at the 5 star hotel she was at. She had to settle for a smaller room that looked like it would be a fantastic room to me. Before i went to El Salvador, I would've laughed at that situation, but now it makes me think how spoiled people are and how much people care about material goods when there are people in the world who have absolutely nothing. Instead of spending that extra grand per night on a hotel, send it to an organization who will distribute it well. I'm not saying give everything up to help others. It's not bad to have things for yourself, but think about this: we gave a guy $45 for helping us out. He said that he would be able to feed his family of four for a month. If you want to be a pile of crap........... that's fine. It's Ok if you want to be a pile of crap but don't whine about it later. This is the latest slogan I have received from Dr. Feinberg. We found out in class on Wednesday that basically we are all losers. Our leaders are losers because they didn't organize the groups properly and those of us that don't have 4.0's are losers. I kept trying to figure how the leaders were supposed to duke out who got all the 4.0 people for their group. Also, just because everyone in your group has a 4.0 does no means guarantees you the best group. There are many brilliant people out there that have absolutely no people skills and you cannot be a good leader or hardly even a good team member without people skills. I would much rather have a C student that is a team player and might struggle a little more to get all the concepts than an A student that can recite the textbook but can't look me in the eye. 97 I wish I didn't leave this class everytime angry. The problem is I don't know exactly why I am angry. Is it because I know that Dr. Feinberg is telling us the truth and I don't want to hear it or is it because he is not completely telling us the truth and is deliberatley trying to make me angry. The Paper" Writing is like's a skill and you have to practice it. There is nothing more true than that in my life. I use to write horribly! Pretty much like a damn 5th grader who didn't know verbs from adverbs, but through my college career I have gotten much help on this and have improved immensely. I'm still not the best, but I'm better than some! Today in class we talked about the different things that Feinberg wants in a paper, and many of them make sense, I think all of us just forget the basics after awhile. The biggest thing I took away from this class today was when he told us to have pride in our papers. It is a reflection of us and 20 years from now, will I think this was my best work?? I can say that in regards to most of my work, it is not my best. I got it done in a hurry just to get it done. I never use to edit things, have someone look over them, or even take them to the writing lab. I do all of the above now and my writing is showing the improvement. I want to have pride in what I write. There will be a day when writing will be very important to my career and must have the skill do write and communicate with my words effectively. What does your writing say about you? Are you proud of the work you are doing? If not...will you take the steps to effectively make an improvement? The Best Leader Ever! After taking CSR 309, I got to thinking about who the best leader that I have ever had was. I thought about all of the different concepts I learned in the course and who applied them the most. The best leader I have ever had was Greg Holland. This past summer I interned at Nordstrom on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Greg Holland is the store manager of the Michigan Ave. store. Greg was the best leader I have had because of his passion of what he does and his passion for the success of himself and others. Greg was very passionate about goals and made everyone very passionate about them also. He also gave everyone a role and got them to understand their roles. Greg was also a good leader because of the way he managed his people. Greg was a very approachable manager. He always had his office door open and initiated conversation when I walked by his office. He cared about my own developement and constantly asked me questions about how I was doing, and he wanted to know if I needed help with anything. Greg also gave recognition for those who did well. Greg gave a lot of verbal recognition, but he also gave monetary recognition as well as promotional recognition. "I'm asking you to believe" On the top of Barack Obama's website is the quote, "I'm asking you to believe, not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington...I'm asking you to believe in yours." With this quote he is inspiring a shared vision, not just for members of the government in Washington but for the American people. I think that one of the best things that I picked up from Wednesday was in the Tony Robbins video. He stated that the reason that some people get so depressed is because 98 they are trying to live up to the life that they thought they were going to have. If you cant change the reality to make yourself happy change the blueprint of what you thought to what you now want. When people hold onto the dreams that they can't have it hurts the reality of whatelse they could do. The people around them don't help when they continually tell them how good they are and they really aren't, it really just plays into the false hope that everyone else is just bad. The best leader I ever knew" The living obituary assignment really made me realize just how important it is to make a good impression on everyone that you meet. Reading some blogs online I was able to find a great example of a tribute to the life of someone else. The website for the blog is: The man writing the blog worked for the deceased man and was touched by the impact he had on his life in the time he knew him. He said that people considered him lucky for getting to work with such a great man and people that previously worked for him said they would do it again in a heart beat if they were given the chance. He went on to describe the man’s life and accomplishments in full detail. The deceased, Frank graduated second in his class and left home to become a member of the Navy. After Pearl Harbor he went off to battle and earned a bronze star which is the 3rd highest medal. The author wrote, “He told me once, much later, about the teamwork the men in his department had shown that had saved them from repeated attacks from Japanese fighters and kamikazes, and had been responsible for his medal. He never mentioned that he had trained those men and built their sense of teamwork.” This shows just how powerful and noble of a leader Frank was. Frank ended up earning a Masters in Engineering because he loved to learn and knew that it would ultimately help him with his career ambitions. After 30 years in the Navy as Captain he retired to devote himself to his wife and children. He was able to realize that there are more important things in life than work such as family and love. Some of his other accomplishments involved teaching math in a college, taking a mountaineering class at the age of 55 and later going on to climb numerous mountains and eventually led to him becoming part of the all-volunteer Olympic Mountain Rescue team. Later he obtained his professional engineer license in several states and spent 15 years as a marine/mechanical engineer. Considering his age, many of his colleagues were younger and questioned his abilities but he was able to prove them wrong. The author said that every single person in the company knew him and had the utmost respect for him. Instead of wasting his retirement years he remained very active playing golf, skiing, and being an active member in his church and community. He set excellent examples for others to follow in every aspect of his life. He wrote three novels on the history of the Navy and became director of a naval museum. Unsatisfied with his multiple accomplishments he decided to audition for the local orchestra since he played the cello as a boy; he was awarded 3rd chair, eventually becoming the president of the entire orchestra. The author pointed out the main reasons Frank was such an exemplary leader in every aspect of his life: 1. He knew what he wanted to do and could get others to share his visions. 99 2. He told people what to do, not how to do it-he encouraged people to think, innovate and be creative. 3. He did his homework and anticipated obstacles-he was always learning and thinking. 4. He modeled the way-he pushed people hard and demanded a lot from them. 5. No one worked harder then he did-but he knew how to separate work from play. 6. He demanded excellence not perfection-he expected the same commitment from everyone. 7. He took care of his people and knew each person as an individual. 8. He was humble-he never bragged about his many accomplishments. 9. He had character-he was honest, dependable and truthful-you could count on his word. 10. He didn’t change his principles It turns out the author of the article was his son and he ended the tribute by saying, “The best leader I ever knew died recently. He was my father. I will miss him.” for the group Useless I would really like to knowhow some people in management positions get to where they are. Last Sunday, while at workone of our assistant managers decided it would be a good idea to leave everyone on their own. After asking fo help with customers multiple times he finally figured that he could stroll up front like there was nothing going on. When in reality we had been swamped for nearly an hour before he decided to acknowledge that he was needed. Then after coming up front he just decided that he would page other people instead of doing anything himself, as if Ihadn't already tried to get those same associates to help. After paging he again dissappeared thinking that he had done a good job, and actually none of the people he paged come up front. I would just really like to know what made him so special to become a leader. I thought that ou were supposed to be able to look to leaders for help and assistance. Apparently not to this assistant. memo The Biting Sarcasm Award to Ms. XXXXXX for …”I can't remember what we did in class on Tuesday... I know I got my memo back. I'm glad we had to turn them into group leaders because I'd had the incorrect heading. Then I'm sure we watched some youtube videos... Group leaders probably got berated for a couple of minutes... We may have completed an in class survey for some random person's research... And then I looked around the room at all the things that need to be repaired and updated. That front table should really go. It's missing a large piece of wood paneling in the front and I bet they never used those gas hook ups. At least Purdue paid to have the big water stains on the ceiling painted over…. Then we discussed groups and how all of the group leaders have failed because they did not choose their students based on GPA. Feinberg got up in front of class and paced around, berating the group leaders for their poor decisions. I understand that Feinberg wants to drive his point across about leadership and making good decisions and standing up for yourself and deserving the best and blah blah blah... 100 Feinberg, yell all you want, ask your students questions and exclaim 'Oh Jesus' at (what you perceive) as a ridiculous response. That's fine and dandy, but could you just do it a little faster? Your 'lectures' are long, dull, and repetitive. And I have to be there so I can pass and graduate. So please do me and the hundreds of other students a favor and make your point a little faster. We've got stuff to do for professors that actually teach. Thank you so very much. Reading this left me with a desire to do more in life. I didn’t know Frank, but simply from reading this eloquent article I wish I had the opportunity to meet him. Frank was amazing, not only was he in the Navy but he was able to do everything and anything he wanted in his lifetime. He lived his life to the fullest and died with no regrets. He valued both work and family was was able to find a happy medium between the two. He gave his time to help others in the Navy and on the rescue team. Frank modeled the way and set examples in every activity he took on. No challenge was too big for Frank and I only wish that someday I can be as good of a person as Frank was and that I will touch someones life enough for them to say such amazing things about me. For the past four years I have been saving the notes from my best friend at home, Shelley. I can still remember the day four years ago when I went to check my mail, and my first hand written note from her was there. Nothing special, just said "Thought I'd give you something to read! I miss you down here and cannot wait to see you!". Ever since that day we have continuously sent handwritten notes to each other every few months. This is something I look forward to now, I cannot wait for her notes. It really did surprise me yesterday during Kirk's lecture how many people have not received or kept a note. It has become such a norm in mine and Shelley's relationship, I do not know how we would be without them. It only takes a few short minutes to grab a pen and write one, why would everyone just not do it? The difference a handwritten note can make it someone's day is amazing! If I am having a bad day, and I see a letter addressed to me in her handwriting, it's all smiles from there on out. Let's all drop the blackberry's and email once in awhile and get out a pen and write a note. You will make someone's day. I was mindlessly surfing the web when I stumbled across the article titled "Ambiguity Advantage". The article discusses the apparent correlation between tolerance for ambiguity and acceptance to diversity. The article talks about how people with low tolerance for high uncertainty tend to feel more comfortable in certain environment and also prefer to deal with people who are similar to them. On the other hand, people who cope well with high level of uncertainty tend to like being challenged and stimulated intellectually by opinions of people from diverse background. Blog 14: Be nice, idiots. 101 I now we all have insecurities and pain in our lives, I just never though how comparable everyone certain situation was to mine. I remember the quote when I was little, “Stick and stones will break your bone and words will never hurt me.” But words do hurt more that you may ever know, and I don’t really understand why someone would want to add to someone else pain. HENCE, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!! At a recent trip to the Lafayette grocery store, Payless, I saw a manager who was an outstanding leader. I was purchasing some deli meats at the deli counter in the store when I saw the manager of the deli section, I assume, displaying some important leadership qualities that we have often touched on in class. It was a very crowded day, and the deli counter was especially backed up. As I waited in line, I could see this manager telling her employees what to do and keeping them up to date with the orders, but what really struck me was she was jumping in and taking over orders and cutting priorities so that employees could grab the next customer or get more meat. All the while, she continued to hold conversation with customers, assuring them that they would be served just as soon as she had a moment. I was very impressed by this managers ability and willingness to lead her employees, and to do with a smile in a time of urgency. Blog 15: The End Well now that it's over I feel guilty about all the bitching and moaning I did about the course. It was quite likely the most valuable class I've ever taken. I'll make this short and sweet, Feinberg­style. I learned: Be a leader • Never pass up an opportunity! Be a good person • It's easy and it really, really matters I could go into detail about what I've learned from Feinberg, but that about sums it up 102 Advice to future CSR 309 students If you are enrolled in this course for the next semester, it is a good idea to get a hold of someone who has taken the course. By doing this you will not miss out on any points from day one, and will be aware that a thorough search of the syllabus will be necessary. Also, even if you are shy, don't shy away from the option of being a group leader yourself. Be prepared for the questions that will be asked of you in front of the class by contacting someone who had taken it. It doesn't seem like it would have taken much more time to be a leader, just countless emails to send out each day, and you do not have to do all of the assignments. After seeing how much of our grade depended on our leaders performance, I would have taken it into my own hands, but luckily I was in a group with an outstanding leader! A Little Disappointed I must say I am a little disappointed in my group leader. I think I am anyway. I guess I really shouldn't jump to conclusions because I don't have all the information. But, there were rumors going around that if we showed up for class on last Wednesday we could get extra credit. Even though I had not heard anything from the group leader, I decided to go anyway just in case. I could have left campus and gone home at 4:00 but I stayed around until 5:30 to check out class. When I went there, there was one other member of our group there. We found out that the extra credit was only for certain groups which didn't seem fair. So I'm thinking our group leader might have had the opportunity to allow us to get extra credit but didn't. If this is true than I am disappointed in my group leader. If I had been the group leader I would have most definitely passed this opportunity on to my group. As a group leader you should do everything you possibly can to help your group succeed. Words of Wisdom There is a great passage in the book of Romans chapter 12 on leadership and roles. It is for anyone, not just a pastor or priest­ Romans 12:4­8 "Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully." 103 In today's workplace or anyplace, for that matter, there is a role for someone; there is a job that needs to be done. If you have gathered anything this semester it should be to self­evaluate and assess your life, what you are doing and where it is taking you. Find yourself and your talents and use them to the fullest, because I guarantee there is no one else who will be able to do exactly what you do the way you do it. There is ALWAYS something you can do in every job to make your performance unique and special, it may take some thought but your remarkableness is there if you look for it. How to Write Better Papers One of Dr. Feinberg’s goals is to teach us how properly write papers. The following are a list of tips that I have compiled based on Dr. Feinberg’s lecture and e­mail regarding our first wiring assignment. Our first paper writing assignment was Individual Memo 1. For this assignment we were instructed to write a leadership analysis of the movie Ratatouille and the first couple days of class. The Top Ten Paper Writing Tips 1.) Make your first sentence POP! 2.) Concisely state the purpose in the first paragraph. 3.) Focus on a few ideas 4.) Back up your ideas with creditable sources 5.) Elaborate less, focus more on substance 6.) Relate your last paragraph to your first paragraph 7.) Do not use “I” 8.) Use proper resources no: dictionaries or Wikipedia 9.) Have creditable people critique your paper, and then rewrite. 10.) Be proud of your work, it reflects upon you. Above is a list of things to consider when writing papers. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to write beautifully, but we all are able to write with a purpose. In addition to our purposeful writing ability we are surrounded with resources to help us write better. Therefore you are the only one to blame if your writing sucks! Use your resources! Writing Resources ∙ Writing Lab in Heavilon Hall 226 ∙ Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)­ Goggle OWL ∙ Friends ∙ Parents ∙ People in general 104 My friends’ mother passed away today. She was a wonderful person and I consider myself lucky to have known her. After I heard the news yesterday, I got to thinking about the impact she had made not only on my own life, but on the other lives around me as well. Feinberg was right the other day when he talked about making a difference one person at a time. Many people think that there is no point in them doing certain things because one person cannot make a difference. I could not disagree more. Feinberg said that all great things start with one person, so that person might as well be you. You have to start somewhere. Whether it is a great parent that raises a great family, a professor that changes the lives of his/her students or a CEO that creates 5,000 jobs for people by starting a new store, these people are changing our world one person at a time. Shannon’s mom, Debbie Smith, had been battling ALS since last year. ALS is a form of Lou Gehrig’s disease which affects an average of 1-2 per 100,000 people per year worldwide. Sadly, there is no cure for ALS and it only has a 10% survival rate. The way it works is that muscles in your body begin to sicken and die over time, including all voluntary muscles including speech, respiratory, swallowing and even eye movement. The mind remains unaffected, as well the five senses, so you are aware of everything that is happening to you and your family. People suffering from ALS describe it as being buried alive. Eventually, Debbie’s entire body shut down to the point where she was in unable to move and communicate. She stopped breathing on Easter, so she was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. Because her body had gone without oxygen for so long, she had severe brain damage. Shannon’s family decided to take her off life support yesterday so that she could pass on and no longer be in pain. Before being diagnosed with this disease last year, Debbie was a leader by being a wonderful mother to her children (4 daughters), wife to her husband, and friend to all those who her know her. She was active in her church and community and always made the extra effort to make others feel good about themselves. After being diagnosed, doctors told her she only had a few months to live. When asked about her story, these were her words: 105 "Instead of referring to this as My Story…I like to think of it as My Journey. A path I did not choose, but one I am now on. Although I don’t know where this journey will take me, I know God has a plan and I will follow him every step of the way. I am trying to live my life one day at a time, but there are days I look ahead and feel worried or scared. On those days, I cling to the verse: “So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 I am thankful to our many friends, family members and prayer warriors who are on this journey with us. May God richly bless you all! My journey with this disease began about six months ago. Last February and March everything was fine…we were in Orlando, FL at the National Cheerleading competitions and my health was normal. In April, I began noticing some fatigue unlike any other I had experienced. By May, I noticed an unusual weakness in my knees when I would bend down. I kept going at my hurried pace with my family. By June, the weakness was in my arms and legs…not severe, but enough to tell me this is not normal. I had just opened a gift shop and so my life continued at a hectic pace, even though my body was screaming to slow down. As I was getting Melissa and Leah ready for cheer and dance camp in early June, I stepped up on a stool to get into a closet and my knee gave way and I fell backwards. That’s when I made my first doctor’s appointment. That first doctor’s visit was the beginning of many blood tests and additional doctor visits throughout the summer. After ruling out many curable disorders or diseases, on Aug 22, 2006, I was told I had ALS disease—also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. As devastating as this was to our family, we did not give up—and did not want to accept this. Neither did our dear friends. Within a week after this diagnosis, a precious friend of mine (of over 30 years) Karen Clark, felt it had been laid upon her heart to start a “prayer chain” of faithful prayer warriors to cover me and my family with prayer every hour of the day. What a comfort to know each hour of every day someone was lifting up our 106 family in prayer! This awesome prayer chain is still going…and I pray for God to please bless these wonderful people to enrich their prayer time with God. I firmly believe in the power of prayer…and this was demonstrated on Sept 26, 2006 when Mike and I were led to Houston, TX to go through 3 tough days of testing at the Methodist Neurological Institute. We were blessed to see Dr. Stanley Appel, Professor and Chairman over this institute. He is an expert on ALS and we got in to see him in less than a week. That was not an accident…but the power of God. He gave us the wonderful news that I do have a longer life expectancy and that is a blessing. We are not giving up…we know God is more powerful than any doctor or any disease. God is the great Physician. He knows what I am going through and will never leave my side. I will be in His constant care and be rewarded with the riches of His Grace. My life is in His loving hands. I feel honored that God has chosen me to be a possible instrument to reach many people and show them the power of God, and the body of Christ at work. I will not ask “why” but “what” can I learn from this experience...this journey. I am trying to see things through God’s eyes. I feel through my weakness…I will receive His strength and hear His calling. I pray for a miracle and hope that if that is what God wants to use me for…in the end, He will be glorified, and many will be changed in their personal walk with Christ. May God bless you and keep you and may your faith ever grow stronger once you see how faithful God has been to you and how very deeply He loves each of you. I wish you many blessings along your life journey…enjoy every day, every minute and never take anything for granted but be thankful for each day you have and be prayerful always. In His Care, Debbie Smith" 107 Debbie ended up living much longer than expected. Because of this, she became a spokesperson for ALS. Her family went on TV and to fundraising events to raise awareness for this disease. She was able to touch the lives of so many people and give them hope, showing them God gave her ALS so that he could use her to make an impact. She is a true example of a leader. We are lucky for every day that we have to spend on this earth, so why not use it to make a difference? Everyone has different talents and abilities that they can use to positively impact the lives of others and make the world a better place. Debbie Smith's funeral will be this weekend and I can't even imagine how many people will be there. So many wonderful and amazing stories will be shared about her life and there will be no shortage of great things to say about her as a person. When it's my time to go, I can't think of that much that others will have to say about me. I was a good student, nice person, etc., but did I change anyone's life? I sit at my apartment and complain about having homework. Debbie had a fatal disease and chose to find the positive in it by sharing her story with others. She should be an inpiration to every leader. We need to be grateful for what we have and start using our abilities to change the world. The whole weekend got me thinking about what tremendous pressure it must be to be a mother. Talk about being put into an incredible leadership role. Mom's are responsible from day one to mold a human being into a productive member of society and an overall good person. They have to make crucial decisions every single second of every single day to teach their child how to behave and how to make the right decision. Every mother has their own style and their own way of doing things but they are all just trying to be the best leader they can be for their child. Growing up I took this all for granted and pretty much looked at my mother as someone who would do anything for me because she had too. Now that I am older and have a little more life experience I look at my mother (and father, but this is about mom's) in awe of all she has done and all she has gone through as a leader in my family. It takes an incredible woman to be a good mother and every mom I met this weekend should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished as parents and as leaders. Some great insight for a great weekend. Thanks mom. 108 Do something Great Today If you want to be a better leader for today or tomorrow make an effort. Do something simple. Such as: If you often walk to campus, like I do, you will notice the plethora of trash laying on the ground, you will also notice all of the squirls, chipmunks, and birds. Well, of this little animals have to live in that trash and we have to look at it. Simple solution! PICK UP THE TRASH. It would only take a half an hour and it will look better and you will feel better. I collected 4 bags of trash around my apartment complex on Sunday, and it's not very big. Another good example: The commercials on TV that show each person helping someone else and then someone else see's and follows their example. That is a great clip about leading. Someone else will see you do something good and follow in your footsteps. So, what are you going to do today? • All I need to know, I learned in Crack 309 So it's the end of the semester and I would like to recap on some of the biggest lessons I've learned in Crack 309: -Nobody cares about you... except Feinberg -Call the people you love and tell them... everyday -20 seconds of a good commercial can give you goosebumps and change your life -Even though you're the person blogging, you learn a lot along the way -Life is all about choices, the problem is: we allow choices to go by without making them -Be like the button lady -Have people edit your work -A standing ovation can make anyone feel amazing -Everybody needs WIGs! -You can be an expert at anything, just study it an hour a day -We know the $25,000 (or $1.9 million) secret to life... are we going to follow it? or waste it? -Tick tock tick tock.... -There's a lot to learn from a grocery store with a great motto -You might have had something terrible happen in your life... but people around you can relate more than you'd ever believe -Why should someone follow you? -If you seek to improve those around you, in turn you will gain far more yourself -If you're late, that speaks louder than anything you will say thereafter -There is always an excuse to have an ice cream party -Under the 'Donald Trump' shell, is the only professor I've ever felt truly cares about his students 109 • • • • • • • Finally, the Deloitte video which featured how women have progressed in their company was very interesting. Some key points I received from the video were: 1. Intellectual talent is the driving force in the professional services industry because of the fierce competition. 2 Previously at Deloitte, women were very rare in the organization, and the CEO saw that and addressed the issue by hiring 50% women. 3. The main objective at Deloitte was to retain and advance the women in the company because many women left the company earlier than expected. 4. Leadership is influenced by a woman's initiative. 5. A program called "Men and Women as Colleagues" was launched to better understand each other. Oh, and my mom adores you--she knows from all of the stories I tell her I never had a female coach from kindergarten to my senior year in high school. Some of my male coaches understood that girls are different than boys, but some didn't. Some of my coaches would yell at us and give us harsh criticism. Maybe this motivates boys to try harder and prove you wrong, but this does not work on girls. If you tell me I suck, then I'll believe you and lose all confidence in myself and get worse. Girls need more affirmation than boys, especially from men. This was something I had to share. I mention several times in my blog how I'm in counseling. Well, I go to group therapy on Thursdays. I have a fear of showing weakness and being less than perfect. I sometimes feel like admitting that I go to counseling as a sign of weakness. I had something I couldn't handle and I had to ask for help. I struggle with that fact, but this past week a girl in my group told me something I had never thought of. She said her dad (a psychiatrist) always told her that he thought that the people that walked through his door were some of the bravest and strongest people he'd met. He said this because he thought it took an amazing amount of courage to ask for help. I starting thinking about how this relates to leadership. As a leader, if you need help you can't be afraid to ask because not only will you drown, but so will your followers. As a leader you are responsible for more than just yourself. You can't let your followers fail because you're too weak to admit you can't do something. The strong leaders ask for help. Recently I had an interview for my dream job. I have bombed interviews in the past. A while ago Dr. Feinberg sent out an attachment of how to turn the "What is your weakness, " question into a strength. I thought about my weakness and how to turn it into a strength. This also led me to think about other questions you hear a lot in interviews, and how I should answer them. Needless to say, I felt prepared in my interview. They told me I would hear from them in a week or two, but either way I felt like I needed to thank Dr. Feinberg. Yes, I brown-nosed. I wanted him to know my name and that I held him responsible for my confidence in my interview. I wanted him to know he'd done something good, and hoped he would be a better leader because of the praise. A good leader knows when to praise the people around them, even if it is just to get a better performance out of them. People need to know they are doing a good job. People need praise; leaders and followers alike. So, followers, praise your leaders so that they are motivated to help you more. Leaders, praise your followers so they are willing to put forth more effort to make you look good. All it takes is a little brown-nosing. A leader is only as strong as his/her team members. As a leader, you have to be able to help the team grow and mature. After the first class I was incredibly angry and confused... I called my dad and ranted about how much I was going to dread going to this class... he convinced me otherwise and told me to treat it as a game. He told me to figure out what the goal was and have fun mastering the game. Somewhere along the way I started to enjoy being in class, then I began to enjoy going to class and soon I found myself thinking and talking about it outside of class. I was in a job interview on 110 • • • • Monday and I swear I found myself thinking about this class. I found myself saying, "Crystal, you're not wowing them. You need to wow about how you can get a group of people together, make a decision, stand behind that decision and if it’s wrong adapt and learn..." Ironically, the interview was for a financial position, but none of my finance classes ever crossed my mind, it was this class. -I liked the test a lot. – The Meaning of YO I was talking to Tracey last night, she brought up a really interesting point. We were talking about why Feinberg ends everything with YO and she came up with a hypothesis. Feinberg always tells us to 'be careful out there' and to call him if we ever need a ride home. Perhaps he doesn't want to ever end with saying goodbye. If he ends it with something open like "yo" or "so it goes" it leaves things open... waiting for the next time that we'll see each other. I think she is right too. But I don't see a problem with not saying goodbye, yo is just another way of saying "hey, I'll see you later". Short and Simple: Create a diverse environment and let pain motivate and encourage the soul. -I liked how at the end it was written, "and you want to add to someone's pain?" I try each day to be a truly nice person. I will now try 150 times harder. It reminds me of a quote that I once heard that goes something like, "Be kinder than necessary to all those you meet. For each person is facing some kind of battle." So true! I never think when I meet someone that they have other things going on in their lives. As humans, we tend to forget about others. I want to add to someone's happiness, not take away from it. I thought it was interesting that all these quotes were from people that are in a leadership class. Great leaders have to overcome huge obstacles to get places in their lives. These are the leaders of tomorrow. These people will overcome their personal hurdles, as they have done before. These people have chosen to go somewhere with their lives by enrolling in college. While many would be stopped in their tracks and just quit, these people haven't. I say a prayer for each person that they may have strength and continue on their own personal paths to success. • I woke up today in a bad mood. The weather wasn't good, I had a headache, I felt ugly, I had nothing to wear, I was in a fight with my friend and family, I've had a long week so far, and nothing was going right. I made it through the day in the same old depressed mood. Then I went to CSR 309. So far this semester I haven't liked going to this class because of the time-- 5:30 pm (my dinner/nap time). But today things changed. I realized I like this class, I learn so much. I don't learn mathematical formulas or Hydrogen compounds but I learn about myself. The kind of person I want to be. I'm starting to realize this class is all about me. I want to be a better person. I want to inspire others. I want to become Richard Feinberg, kind of ;). He does a fabulous job at teaching how to lead. We recently watched a video "Happy Morning" by Folgers. Singing yellow people in the morning. Annoying or perhaps inspiring? I took this commercial as inspiring! I am going to try to wake up each day with a smile and a plan to help somebody! :) Until next time. -- • The best leader in my life My 91 year old grandma is my hero. Last may, she slipped on chocolate milk and broke her hip... she's been in recovery every since. When you think of someone that age having something like that happen, you'd think that would be it for her. You'd think that if 111 she even made it out of surgery her life would never be the same again. You'd think that she'd have a bad attitude and just want to throw in the towel. But not my grandma... Yesterday she went home. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life... not many people my age have a relationship with their grandma, let alone aspire to be like them. In 23 years I have never once heard her complain, not even "I'm cold". She never expects anything from anyone so if you do the smallest gesture she is so thankful. I work hard to be like this. She has such an amazing attitude on life and is truly happy. I asked her what the secret to a happy life was and she said "enjoy each day for itself". Because of her determination she overcame the odds... she accomplished something that seemed impossible, yet didn't even know it. It was natural to her to pick herself up with a smile on her face, thanking those around her, claiming that she is lucky. When in reality, we are. • Feinberg gave us some statistics in class, if I recall correctly 3.9% of Purdue students are African American. I don't consider this stat to have anything to do with racism. I don't believe Purdue is deliberately trying to keep this number low it just happens that this particular University doesn't have very many African Americans. Yes the numbers are similar in other Universities but I don't think these stats belong in the same category as the Racism 101 video we watched. I would be more interested in seeing the percentage of students who come from low income families or first generation college students. I think it's no longer appropriate to label people by race or ethnicity. I think statistics should merely state economic status or personal characteristics. I feel strongly about this subject because I don't like hearing people labeled as "black". I think the minute the world gives up on taking statistics on the black people, AsianAmericans, or Hispanics the sooner the racial slurs, jokes, and threats will stop. Someday I see this possible. -- S Parsons • Sometimes I like to think of a word that I would like someone else to use to describe me. The first word that came to mind today was passionate. So what does it mean to be passionate? What do I want to be passionate about? How can I become more passionate? Passionate (my def): dedicated to something that is important to you Passionate (dictionary def): having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid So now I want to find out what I would like to be passionate about. Well, what is important to me? (my friends, my family, doing well in school, finding a career that I love...essentially, my life) I am passionate about my life - the people in my life, what I am doing now in my life, and what I will be doing in the future. Ok, so how can I become more passionate about my life? Based on my own personal definition, I need to be dedicated to it because it is important to me. Dedication, in my eyes, means constantly working to improve. So I guess the next step is for me to evaluate the different areas in my life and see how I can improve them. Now to tie this all back to leadership...I remember when Kirk Weisler spoke to us a couple months ago. If I had one word to describe his personality, I would say passionate. That's what made him so inspiring and interesting. Cool, and there it is. -• The two teachers that started this amazing school were in their early 2o's when they presented their idea to the school board. After many failed attempts to get their proposal 112 • granted there was one school distract that believed in them. This helped to show me that a leader never gives up and persist until he/she gets their idea out to the community. In the news report it was very easy to see that the passion that started the school was still alive in the students, teachers, and parents. Passion and drive are contagious and because of these two attributes there are Kipp Academies across the entire United States. This is something that I have always struggled with. In fact, I would say that one of my biggest, if not my biggest, is my inability to make a decision. I am so scared of making mistakes and picking the wrong choice that it enables me to make decisions. The sad thing is, I know that good leaders have to make decisions. -- • Have you not learned anything yet? Last night, as well as today, my frustrations within the class have grown. No it is not my group members who are giving me stress, it is the other group leaders. It AMAZES me that several of them still have not gotten it! Honestly if you have not learned by now that assignments need to be turned in on time, or that you need to respond to emails in a timely manner, or that you are expected to show up to meeting, then what the hell are you doing? Do you not read? Do you not listen? I am floored by the fact that several of these individuals got picked to be group leaders. Most of us know a good deal of people in the class, which is a large reason of why we were chosen. I believe I was chosen because people know that I would work hard for them. However, it is apparent that some of the group leaders do not have a clue. They walk through life with blank expressions expecting people to repeat directions more than five times before they are willing to take them in. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. It should not be someone's job to remind you more than once how to do your job. You should learn from it, take in the comments, and apply them. How do people expect to become successful if they have to have things told to them more than once? If I was hiring for a $95,000 job I would not hire most of the group leaders. There are a few who have really gone above and beyondSarah Keeker and X Coonan- who deserve credit for applying what they have learned thus far. I have been doing my best, but I know there are things to improve upon. I am far from the best, but at least I do not have to have-• People don't blush in the dark Did you know that the majority of people don't blush in the dark? Today was not one of those days. I am not an easily embarrassed person; I will make a fool of myself to get a laugh or make fun of myself when I fall. But today I was embarrassed. We had two 113 • • • • guests with us, college recruiters for JCPenny and what Marisa said really hit home with me. I think that when guest speakers are invited it is important to respect them and make them feel welcome. I loved that we gave Marisa a standing ovation, I think that Feinberg was right in judging how that made her feel by the giant smile on her face. I liked hearing what she had to say about Resumes, but it is INCREDIBLY unfortunate that we did not take this class earlier in our college career. As I have said before, I didn't have someone telling me to do great things with my life, I didn't have someone telling me that I should be involved and hold leadership positions. So as a graduating 5th year Senior, all I can say is that I've been involved. And I am embarrassed by this. When I go to that 95k job interview and they ask me what leadership experience I've had and how I'll be able to lead a team, I'm still working on the answer that I will be giving them. Because I can tell you right now, since I have to hesitate, it’s not going to wow them. And for this I am embarrassed. I'd like to briefly mention one of America's most famous heroes. OPRAH WINFREY! Oprah is a real life example that women can be leaders. They can achieve just as much as men and can inspire the world. Oprah has helped millions of people worldwide and is a true American leader. "The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work." --Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine -A Little Bit of Feel Good Goes a Long Way This is a song by Jamie Lidell. The video is slightly disturbing, but I really love the song. Check it out if you want: . Anyways, I was just listening to this song and I got to thinking about the title: a little bit of feel good goes a long way. So true. Every time I listen to this song, it puts me in a better mood. Being in a better mood helps me have a better day. When I have a better day, I try to make sure the people around me have good days too. My "little bit of feel good" that I get from listening to this song makes me do nice things for other people. Interesting. People work better when they are in a good mood. As a leader, help your followers find their own little bit of feel good. Maybe your team will be more cooperative, creative, and efficient. That's it for now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day. -So many of my classes require group work, including group papers and presentations. I have been stuck with bad group leaders and some really good ones. I get so frustrated when I have a bad group leader, and it is not always my fault because many group leaders are assigned. If not, sometimes I blame myself for getting stuck with a bad leader, because usually it is someone we as a group had nominated. The most common mistake of a bad leader is either taking full responsibility and doing all the work because they don't trust the group or want to be in charge. This often happens and it does not turn out well because they don't realize that the task is usually one that requires a whole group of people to accomplish it. Other reasons a group leader may fail in class is if they don't communicate to their group members. There have been times where I knew things were due in a class and the group leader never sent an e-mail about them, or when we were going to meet to work on them. This results in another individual taking over the group leader position and then the original leader usually receives a bad peer evaluation in the end. -Obviously a class on leadership, especially like CSR 309, would not be an ideal class for elementary aged children, but shouldn’t they be exposed to at least some of the ideas? I wonder how much different my days in high school would have been if I had had a different attitude about leadership then...just a thought. -114 • It's all about LOVE! As I was thinking about when my first real leadership position came about, I was taken back to elementary school days. I attended a private Catholic elementary school. In 6th grade I was voted as President of our class. Our class consisted of about 23 students. While I do not remember all of my duties as 6th grade class President, I remember two things. One was the class motto I chose: "Never place a period where God has placed a comma" - Anonymous. Do not limit yourself; there is a world of possibility and opportunity out there. This was the message I wanted to get across to my classmates. The other duty I remember was giving the farewell speech during our 6th grade graduation. This was the last time we would be "St. Mary's 6th Grade Class." We would be moving on to the junior high school the next year for 7th grade, and we would each follow a different path. In my speech, I chose to recognize each individual student for the unique trait they brought to the class. For example, "Daniel - the class clown. You always know how to brighten our day." I do not remember what I said during the rest of my speech, but I remember how I made my classmates feel that day. They all felt that they brought something special to the class, and they were recognized for their strengths. This is something I do not think people do enough in the real world. The small things in life can sometimes bring the most joy. Just being told that you are good at something, that you are smart or funny or caring, can make a difference. After my speech, a classmates' father told me that was the best speech he had ever heard, and he could see the smiles on my classmates’ faces as I called their name, his son especially. Even though this took place 10 years ago, I still remember those comments and those smiles. I hope that I have made an impact on more people's lives since that time. I will always remember that speech, and I will use that to better my leadership and management styles in the business world. It's all about LOVE! • When Angry, Count to Four... Do not speak harshly out of anger to anybody; those who are spoken to will respond to you in the same way. Angry speech brings trouble, and you will receive blows for blows. ~ Buddha Dr. Feinberg taught the class this valuable lesson this week when he reflected on a recent personal experience in which he wrote an email out of anger. While Dr. Feinberg said it is completely acceptable to write a letter or email voicing your frustrations when you are angry, he stressed the importance of waiting to send the response until after you have cooled down and reexamined your statements. If Dr. Feinberg had taken a step back to let his anger mellow, he could have avoided the consequences of responding angrily to the Dean. For me, Dr. Feinberg's advice could not have come at a better time. Lately, I have been incredibly annoyed with someone's actions, or lack thereof. When asked to evaluate this person's performance, I was heated and annoyed by the accumulation of preventable predicaments that had occurred throughout the semester. Our last assignment was the final straw. My review was - blunt, to say the least. While my review will be given to this person anonymously, I 115 remembered Dr. Feinberg's advice and chose to sit on it for a few days. I asked my sister and my friend, Erika, for feedback. I believe there is a fine line between constructive criticism and statements made out of spite. I must give my honest opinion, however, I have to consider this individual's personal feelings and make sure the feedback I provide is constructive and not malevolent. • If I wanted to learn about a topic without a metric certifying that I have mastered that topic I would go online and listen to free class lecturers that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology posts on their website for anyone anywhere in the world to indulge themselves in. Or I would pick up a book say The Leadership Challenge and read to my heart’s content. But there is no certification from learning online class at MIT. That’s why they put their information on the web for everyone to utilize. I can have the same education as undergraduate from a leading institution like MIT and without the grades to go along with the diploma be in the same socioeconomic class as a ditch digger. I will probably have less societal respect then the ditch digger for not capitalizing on my mental gifts choosing to squander them on manual labor and not the greater good of humanity. Students pay tuition for certification that a subject has mastered. With the exception of one final grade; every grade I have earned in college had been fair. Wither it an “A” or a “B” I either but in the time and effort or I did not, it’s as simple as that. It is erroneous to use inappropriate metrics determine mastery of subjects. If an individual is going to use an inappropriate metric, then that individuals should not be grading or assigning exams. If I knew that exam would have been graded fairly I would have spent much more time picking out the minutia of the book. It is in the finite details that true understanding takes place. I instated opted to spend more time on accounting. The main concern of the professor was administering the exam to ensure people completed the assigned reading. Yet the professor was aware that most did not. If he truly wanted people to read and comprehend the book then he should have graded exams fairly in the past. Let people know what your intentions are first then expect people to follow second. Do not expect people to follow you if your true motivations are kept secret only to be reviled when you deem it appropriate. In this case administering an exam expecting it will force people to read then give everyone low grades to prove a point. -- • words: Lord of the Flies, and LOST Okay, so that's actually 5 words (3 if you exclude articles and prepositions) but it's a direct quote from Dr. Feinberg on the second day of class. This was the day he sat amongst us as a "consultant" while we had a "task" to fulfill (and ultimately FAILED). 'Your task is to study leadership in the here and now.' What happened on that day was chaos. The directions were less than crystal clear, and everyone had a different opinion for how our task 116 should have been interpreted. With a little guidance, we managed to break up the entire class into groups/teams and pick leaders among those groups. The remainder of the class period consisted of various students taking the initiative to stand in front of class and try to organize some kind of lecture. Some were successful at gaining the attention of the class, but almost everyone ultimately failed. How do you decide what to do in a situation like that? Nothing will be accomplished without a decision-maker, without a leader, without a central being. A leader is imperative. So how does this work? Well, for us, it didn't work. In truth, there was surely nothing we could have done to succeed to Feinberg's standards. Everyone argued as ideas were presented and dismissed, one by one. There was no single vision, and no motivation to work together. The entire 1hr 15min was spent in shambles. Then words of wisdom poured out of our "consultant's" mouth. "Two words: Lord of the Flies and LOST." I may have been one of 20 people who heard him say this as everyone else rushed out of the room, frustrated at being without a professor for the second day in a row. (What kind of games are these?) As far as I'm concerned, we did exactly what Dr. Feinberg expected us to do. That is, to argue with each other and make no real progress. What happened to those English boys who were stranded on their desert island? They elected leaders and began functioning as a colony with rules and responsibilities, but ended as savages when the roles of leadership were completely confused and then lost. Without a good leader, they were all headed for death. Not unlike ourselves in class, when everything seemed to be going smoothly as we divided into groups and picked leaders, but soon became unruly when there was still no sign of a solitary leadership source. What happened when passengers of an airplane were survivors of a crash onto an uncharted island? Leaders were not selected, but were somehow determined as all remaining passengers looked toward the few members who seemed most credible. One in particular, who seemed to have talents which would benefit everyone. Not unlike ourselves, when our classroom was disagreeing about every suggestion until one Matt took the stage and seemed to say the words that everyone wanted to hear. Our Jack Shepherd. 117 Congratulations, Dr. Feinberg, for successfully recreating such chaotic situations which truly test everyone's capabilities of leadership. • Life Ambitions *Spoiler Alert: This is not about making Feinberg's head bigger than it already is* Alright, Feinberg, you might be cracking me. The mere fact that I am writing this blog means, as much as I don't want to admit it, that I have been contemplating my future life as a professional and, more appropriately, as a human. I have been thoroughly obsessed with hating Feinberg's self loathing love for himself and his neurotic, sometimes mildly inspirational teaching style. I have been against everything that is CSR 309, until this living obituary assignment. I think that this is a fantastic assignment, not because I was forced to tell a stranger some personal information, but because I was forced to think of ideas ,these personal statistics about myself. Who would have thought that a mildly detailed description about my past would have given me such an enlightening view into my potential future? I have always been abnormally observant of really strange features around me. For example, I was sitting in the union studying with a few friends and after about two hours I was wondering out loud why the radio hadn't been playing commercials and my peers all looked at me and inquired to the fact that was even music playing (no, the music won’t just in my head). I think that this skill of observation has been the one constant feature of my personality that has gone unchanged through my whole life. Taking this personality trait and what I said about myself to give my partner some ammo for her living obituary about me; I was surprised to see how much I really liked to help people and act unselfishly. The power of observation and caring for others go hand in hand. In order to be observant there must be significant care, however subconscious it may be, for the surroundings around you. This is also true in friendship. To be observant within the realm of a friendship isn't understanding that they are wearing new pants or that they got a new haircut, it is understanding what their mood and acting accordingly. Happy, invite them to go do something. Sad, offer their favorite mindless activity,. Excited, have them come to the bars with you. It seems foolish to think that an individual would be able to come up with the perfect 118 response to a friend or acquaintances mood. But, I think that through feeling and caring about that person one is able to observe a friend and care enough to react. Through this philosophy , I know now that I want to do something to better myself and to better the people around me. I want to be able to affect my immediate relationships while I am young and making money and doing my whole professional, self actualization thing. Then, when I have whet my whistle for helping myself and my immediate circle of people. I want to branch out and do something for people on a larger scale. I have been given so much that it would be selfish of me not to give something back. So, I still don't know what I want to do, but I have discovered something urgent and important that I will not be able to accomplish at this point in my life. But, this urgent/important goal will drive me to be the better person that I hope to make the people around me. • This week was quite interesting to me. I've never actually sat down and thought about what my parents, friends, or teacher would say about me if I was to pass away. Also, I have never been drilled with the idea of a mission statement. I came home 3/4 and thought it would be smart for me to break down all three of the characters named above and write what I personally think would say for my obituary. Also I would like to mention what I hope my tombstone will say. Parents: "My son Drew was a very loving and respectable young adult. He was always planning ahead, attempting to be the next person to make a big positive difference in this world." Friends: "Drew was a very outspoken, fun, and loving individual. Drew has had a positive impact on all individuals he comes in contact with. I know that wherever the past life takes him he will be loved as much, if not more, then how much we loved him." Teacher: "Drew was always a very outspoken individual. He had the ability to conquer anything education threw at him. He was not listed as 4.o educationally speaking, but he is listed as a 4.0 as a great individual. He will always be remembered." Tombstone: "Here lies Drew , a man of inspiration." • Grading blog feedback was interesting for me as a leader. I had a lot of people in my group who tried to review other people's blogs and there was nothing there. This was not just one or two people but multiple. How could so many people care so little as a leader. I know my group members have more than a few blogs to say the least. Many of them are very much on top of things. I find this curious because that means that other group leaders either don't care that their group members haven't posted anything or haven't checked which implies not being too interested. I would hope that the individuals would care enough about a 400 point assignment to write more blogs, and if they didn't care that their group leaders would at least be on top of them trying to get them to write some more. This was sadening as a leader and class member. I would have hoped that even if 119 people didn't care about this class and what was going on they would at least care about their grade. • I find it extremely ironic that our assignment for the Living Obituary is due on my 22nd Birthday. However, it really puts things into perspective. What would my family and friends say about me when I'm gone? I posed this question to my roommate and she was extremely uncomfortable with the situation. So I modified the question as what would you describe me as in one word. Her answer: ambitious. I have thought about it for a while, and I guess I'm ok with that answer. Would my mark on this world just be ambitious? Not loving, dedicated, loyal, etc. ? I am going to take more time to think about how I feel about this. Since time is slipping by to our eventual death (not to sound completely morbid) I found yesterday's lecture very insightful. After reading the "Purpose Driven Life" I really enjoyed seeing it's ideals elaborated in class. Especially the four concepts of personal greatness, organizational greatness, leadership greatness and execution. All of these greatness concepts really embody everything I am attempting to achieve in my life. It's an ongoing quest for perfection, I am determined to obtain. This then lead into the allocation of time. Sometimes this class just throws me on my back with the insight offered. Time: you can't buy it, there is no substitute and it is invaluable. What a concept. What have I done with my 22 years of time on this planet? Am I making a difference? What have I done lately? So much to think about tonight in bed. (Yes, I think about this class constantly) • SLEEP! Sleeping is important! I know that Dr. Feinberg said the best way to manage your time better is to sleep less. For me, that is just not possible. I do not function well with little sleep, and I cannot pull an all nighter. This video is from the Today Show. Sleep can make you look younger and have more energy. With little sleep, people have a higher appetite and a lower metabolism; therefore, those people have a higher weight gain. People with little sleep also have bad skin and hair. Watch this! • Today's class was one of the supreme classes I have had in my college career thus far while in attendance at Purdue. In a previous class last week the Professor asked the students in the massive lecture hall “who wants to be leaders” and those that stood up now had to come to the front of the class to plead their case within 20 seconds. These young, timid, inexperienced students where directed to “HURRY” down to stand in front of overhead projector filling in the role of spot lights as they presented their case. OMG it was insightful to see a little bit of what a recruiter might experience and hear conducting interviews on a college campus. There was so much value from this class period! Participates had an opportunity to give their 60 second sell although it had to be cut down by 2/3 just hitting the highlights. Observers had the opportunity to see what an interview might be like on the other side of the table however dramatic and unprepared participates were in this situation. It was fantastic to see so many eager individuals claiming and wanting to be leaders have not the vaguest idea what to say. The following 120 statements sound pretentious, condescending, and vindictive however this is a competitive world. To know what your competitors are going to say when presenting information during an interview gives one an idea of how to better differentiate yourself from the crowd. Fortunately everyone in that class saw and heard the same information as I, so no one has less insight. - • What Does it All mean? At the very first lecture, professor Feinberg told us that, this class will change our life. Did I believe him....well, I didn't think it was possible. After all, I thought it’s just a class and there is going to be boring lecture. However, the whole concept of the class was unlike any other class I took in these 4 years of my undergrad here. Every lecture was full of entertainment, interesting videos, and wise advice from professor Feinberg. Even though it was a class from 5:30, I was always very surprised by the attendance of this class. I attended every single class because there hasn't been a class period where I didn't learn as little as something about leadership. What does it all mean? Professor Feinberg said, ultimately learning is yours. I agree, he gave us as much as he could in the 1:15 min that he had us for, twice a week, however, it is up to us individually to make the very best of your life. What did I learn about leadership? I always had this fear that, if I was a leader, will I have followers? Will I be able to make a difference? If one thing I learned about leadership, it has to be that, anyone can be a leader. We have to take on self-leadership roles and WE CAN make a difference. Professor Feinberg, was right, he did change my life. He did make a difference in a big way. In his every lecture, he gave me confidence and the hope to reach higher. How do I go from here today to where I want to be? These are all invaluable lessons that I have gotten from the class, which I have been using to make a difference in my life. What is the secret to success? Well, that is no longer a secret. As professor read us the note of J.P. Morgan.." every morning write a list of things that needs to be done...and do them. And you know what, this is the secret, how do I know because I have been doing it ever since and it works. What more do we need in life except some laugh, some time to think and some emotions. I used to be so pessimistic in life that it used to spread though my friend circle, they used to hate how much I used to complain. It’s surprising how confident and positive I have become this semester. I don't blame others for my lack of achievement or for being ordinary, rather I have taken it up as a challenge to succeed. There are all the tools available, mentors, guidance, but ultimately learning is mine. I know, I am not being the smartest person in the classroom, as now I now that, the smartest girl/guy in the classroom rarely wins. What's more is that, despite the drawback, lack of success, I now know 121 that I can do it! Simply because if water can boil at 212 degree and it’s just warm at 211 digress, there is a lesson for all of us there. The difference of one degree makes all the difference, and I know with a little bit more enthusiasm, hard work, positive energy and selfleadership I CAN DO IT TOO! -Laugh, Think and Cry The speech that Feinberg showed in class of Jimmy V's last speech for ESPN was one of the more inspirational and uplifting 5 minutes that I've had in a long time. To see someone who was so positive and optimistic about his death was really moving for me. He seemed so vulnerable and genuine that it almost made me mad that such an inspirational had to die so young and early. But, at the same time that I am upset that such a person would have to die prematurely, I am really happy that he was able to offer his inspiration and optimism on a very sensitive subject. He has been able to help millions of people because of his foundation that raises money for cancer research. The most moving part of the speech was when he moved from talking about his life story and his family and he opened up about his life philosophy. “To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.” This is my favorite quote of his because it helps me to focus on what should truly be important and what we can do to enrich our lives. We can feel and be completely consumed in what we are doing and through this commitment to the things that we should be focusing on we will have a much more enriched existence. I agree that a successful professional career is important, but by focusing on the three principles that Jimmy V lived by, success will come. I'm not talking specifically about financial success, more success through the relationships that one can build through complete commitment to self and to the personal relationships that we hold close to our hearts. • When outstanding work is completed in each CSR 309 assignment, the creator is recognized in front of the entire class. Richard Feinberg performs an important motivational behavior of recognizing students that exceed expectations. I have received recognition on three different assignments, which includes the blogs you currently are reading. The acknowledgment is constant. Almost every assignment receives feedback on a job well done or a critique of needed improvement. Most importantly recognition is continuous. Feedback is received with in an appropriate time frame, usually within days after an assignment was turned in. 122 Receiving this motivation inspires me to try harder and to put forth my honest share of effort. There are many things that are wrong with CSR 309 just as there are things wrong in every other classroom on Purdue’s campus. However in CSR 309 there is recognition and that is something very right that you cannot find in many other class rooms. I am not talking about bragging rights. I am talking about an intrinsic reward to know that you have done something well and someone else appreciates it. That intrinsic reward is motivates me. What motivates you? • Leadership through religious reflection Mark 3:7-19a Jesus departed with his disciples to the sea, and a great multitude from Galilee followed him; hearing all that he was doing, they came to him in great numbers from Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, beyond the Jordan, and the region around Tyre and Sidon. He told his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, so that they would not crush him; for he had cured many, so that all who had diseases pressed upon him to touch him. Whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and shouted, "You are the Son of God!" But he sternly ordered them not to make him known. He went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted, and they came to him. And he appointed twelve, whom he also named apostles, to be with him, and to be sent out to proclaim the message, and to have authority to cast out demons. So he appointed the twelve: Simon (to whom he gave the name Peter); James son of Zebedee and John the brother of James (to whom he gave the name Boanerges, that is, Sons of Thunder); and Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus, and Simon the Cananaean, and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him As I was doing my daily bible reflection this morning, this passage stuck out to me as a visual of what Jesus' leadership meant to him and how he led his disciples to influence the masses. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is impossible to deny the fact that the principles and ideals that Jesus preached: Love, humility, pride in others and the ability to see the best in people and to bring that out of them. Jesus chose his 123 disciples based on their ability to follow him and to obey his wishes because they understood his message and his ultimate goal. Leadership is being able to delegate responsibilities to the subordinates who can complete the job based on their skills and abilities. Jesus' success as a historical and religious icon was based mostly on his ability to trust in the best in people and to exploit their unwavering belief in his strength. Jesus had the confidence and love for his disciples that every leader should use to direct his followers in the right direction. Jesus had no pre-conceived notions about what each man could do, he just recognized their potential to do the good and right thing and he helped bring that out of them through his silent humility and love for his followers. Even though I am not the most religious person in the world, I have a deep spirituality that transcends race, religion or nationality. I think that this belief that people will do the right thing gives me an advantage when it comes to leading people. I can see how religion applies to everyday leadership because, as we have discussed in class, leadership is based on being able to trust and love the subordinates enough to give them a proper responsibility. • treating others kindly... The Irish Proverb, “Be kind to those that meet you as you rise, you may pass them again as you fall” is a great quote that we can use today in our economic circumstances. As we grow older and now are in a position of finding our careers, networks are great ways to know of opportunities that surround us. Many jobs that I have had came from networks that I had created for myself through other job experiences and the people I met along the way. Right now a lot of people are being faced with job loss and economic uncertainty, but one place to start a search for a new beginning can be through people you have met previously. It is always important to be kind to those you interact with because they may be able to help you out when you are in need. As our economy recovers, many employers will be looking for hard working people and a great reference can be someone that knows how hard you work and can attest to your skills and capabilities. • Let's Wrap It Up bittersweet (btr-swt) Adj. 1. tasting of or being a mixture of bitterness and sweetness 2. pleasant but tinged with sadness 124 This is the only word to describe my feelings toward Dr. Feinberg's CSR 309 class - at least now that it is over. I must admit that I LOVE being finished with classes at 2:30 pm on Monday and Wednesday, but I am sad that I will no longer hear Dr. Feinberg's words of wisdom. Dr. Feinberg - you are probably wondering why I didn't choose to be a leader. Even if you aren't, I'm going to tell you. The reason I chose not to be a leader was because I am already a group leader in another course and I am taking 21 credit hours this semester, so I did not think I had the time to dedicate myself to 10+ other people. I believe a good leader knows when to lead and when to follow - this time I followed. Did I make the right decision? Absolutely not. I missed a tremendous opportunity, but it is my mistake. I am the only one to blame. Honestly, I am probably going to be the young woman that runs into you 10 years from now and tells you how I still beat myself up for not choosing to be a group leader in your class. If I do randomly stumble upon you, I hope it's sitting next to you on an airplane because I'd love to see the work of your 309 students in years to come. In the end, I learned just as much being a follower as I would have if I was a group leader. Being a follower taught me how important it is for leaders to respect, recognize, and reward their followers. I also learned the importance of 24/7 communication. For example, I wrote my group's entire GM1 and I was not given feedback from anyone in my group. I guess I didn't ask for it, I just assumed all of my group mates would contact me to see how it was coming along, you know, since I held their grade in the palm of my hand. I guess they didn't care and my group leader didn't either - even after numerous attempts to contact her. In fact, I heard from other classmates and group leaders that the GM1 was due by 3 pm, so at 3:01 I chose to submit our paper myself without my leader's approval. Sometime later that evening I received the following email from my leader "Amy I am SO SORRY!! I didn't check my webmail AT ALL yesterday! I just got all your emails right now! I'm getting ready to read it now, even though you probably sent it in already. Again I APOLOGIZE! I'm sure it's great!" I'll admit, it really hurt my feelings that I had spent 4 days writing and critiquing a paper for 14+ other people to get a response from my leader saying she hadn't read it yet but that she was sure it was great! My leader emailed the paper to the rest of the group - I heard nothing from any of them. My experience from GM1 really influenced my actions on GM2. I did not write the entire paper this time, or give much input for that matter 125 because it was written by my group leader over the Easter holiday, but I did remember to read the paper and tell her thank you. I have learned that these two little words should never be forgotten because reward and recognition is a powerful thing. So to finish up, I will miss Dr. Feinberg and the lessons he has bestowed upon me. Never before have I had a professor that said “if there is anything I can do to help you be a better person, e-mail me.” I find it unfortunate that I only met Dr. Feinberg the last semester of my senior year. Had I had him much earlier, I would have enrolled in every class he taught! Dr. Feinberg is something special...and he's sexy. Peace. Love. And leadership. I’m off to change the world • What I learned in school today What's that saying we have around here? "Purdue University: Where your best hasn't been good enough since 1874" That's how I feel. That my best isn't good enough. Not by Feinberg's standards. And it's true. I haven't been creative enough, I haven't done good enough job reading between the lines, I haven't taken advantage of every opportunity. I have failed time and time again, and I've only been a leader for three short weeks. I get email's telling me I'm a failure. I get called out in class for letting my group down. I get criticized for being nowhere near the potential I should be. I am being cut down and blown off time and time again, and I love it. I am not good enough at pushing forward, at persevering. I am not afraid to fail. I know I'm going to fail. Everyone fails. What matters is whether or not you fail in the same area more than once. I will not make the same mistake twice. I will take advantage of every opportunity. I will not be a failure by the end of this semester. • Dog Poo... So Kirk Weisler was great, wasn't he?! 126 Really though, I thought Kirk was insightful, captivating, and totally legit. Comparable to many, many boring and painful guest speakers we've been forced to sit through throughout our lives, this was a treat. You might think I'm crazy, but I'll even say it was enjoyable. My favorite was the pin lady. But it was probably everyone's. I think I like it for a different reason than the rest of you though. You see, on the very first day of class this semester, someone gave ME a pin! Metaphorically speaking. I was on my way to my first class and stopped at the third floor computer lab in the Civil Engineering building to print off some papers. I went to the printer to get my things, came back to my computer, and found a piece of loose-leaf paper tucked under my bag. In the middle of the sheet was written "Random Compliment" in large letters. The rest of it read: "you are a beautiful girl. from the guy that was sitting to your left and problem won't see again. =) " I was FLOORED! I couldn't believe it. And I know it wasn't the Compliment's Guy who stands outside SC and WTHR every Wednesday, I know what that guy looks like. The boy who was sitting to my left didn't say a word to me. We didn't make eye contact. He just noticed me and took it upon himself to make my day brighter. He didn't leave his name, he didn’t' leave his number. He just took it upon himself to make sure that I knew that I was noticed. I told everyone about it. I was in high spirits for a week! And after listening to Kirk talk I thought to myself "That boy. That boy on the first day of class. He gave me a pin." And then I felt terrible. 127 It's been 5 weeks, and I haven't taken it upon myself to give anyone else a pin. I haven't payed it forward. This boy did something genuinely nice and selfless and I've been basking in it, looking at the note he wrote me every day in its frame on my wall, and I haven't done anything about it. I've been so selfish. I'm determined to give someone a pin this semester. A good one. A big fat one. I'm going to pay it forward in a way that means something to someone. Maybe it will be you =) I hope you give someone a pin too. Think about it. When's the last time you did something out of the ordinary, out of your way, for a perfect stranger, for nothing in return? Yeah, I can't remember either. • Don’t have any money so I live on the other side of the river in Lafayette and my neighbors are somewhat of a sketchy sort. I took my daughter outside to explore and play because it was really nice outside. There were two other mothers outside and their two 5 year-old sons were playing in front of their apartment house. One boy kicked a ball and it went into the street and he loudly exclaimed "Shit!" His mother told him not to say that, but she was laughing at the same time. She told him not to talk like that because that's what she's supposed to do, but secretly she was showing off in front of her friend that she was a cool Mom. Well the boy repeated himself a few times because of the strangely positive attention he got each time he said it. I wondered to myself that if the person that Mother admired the most or respected the most was standing there, would she be proud. Her 5-year old cusses and she thinks it's funny. Would she want to show him off to someone she looked up to? Leadership Lesson #18 - Don't be cool, be proud. Elaboration: A CEO or a Mother is not a good leader if they're just trying to make friends or be cool. A CEO teaches the members of the organization to be successful and have value just like a mother builds an appropriate relationship with their child that fosters growth. These leaders influence the people in their lives to be proud of what they accomplish and who they have become. 128 • Why is it that so many people try to sell their ideas about leadership? Because selling people leadership knowledge is big business. People lack experience and knowledge about how to effectively lead people in a professional environment. Seminars, books, self-help “AKA selfleadership” is inundated everywhere in American culture. Revenue from these leadership guides easy reaches into the hundreds of millions of dollars and on the global scale reaches into the many billions. It seems that everywhere you look someone is trying to announce the latest strategy or trend in managing people. In Purdue CSR 309 class the Professor, Feinberg, handed out a 3inX4in laminated yellow paper with ten bullets titled “the ten Commitments of leadership” which were points proclaiming that information contained on the paper was a summary of everything you needed to know about leadership, everything. 1. Search 2. Experiment 3 Envision 4. Enlist 5. Foster 6. Strengthen 7. Set 8. Recognize 9. Celebrate Is it just me or is someone missing a point… By my count there are only 9, but the card clearly states there should be 10. Is it possible that Rich tried to sell us a leadership idea and purposely left one out…? Is it possible there is not a 10th leadership lesson? Is it possible that he printed these yellow lamented cards off for a much more important lecture outside of Purdue University and decided to not be entirely wasteful and just “give them to the students, they don’t need all the leadership notes anyways” Whatever the reason is I want to know what the 10th damn lesson is. Not so much that I care, but obviously, if it were that important Feinberg would not have forgotten, and would have included it. I would like to know the leadership lesson he left off on purpose or on accident, so I can see which one is the least important. It appears Feinberg needs to practice some of his own medicine and indulge himself in the tantric art of self-leadership, checking over ones work before distributing to the masses. I do not want guess about whether I am having a fundamental attribution error, or guessing that he really does just plain sucks at life. Love you! YEA! (… the missing link is 129 Achieve small wins that promote consistent progress and build commitment- Love ya back) • You are the creative force of your own life It is up to you to decide where you want to go in life. No one can make that decision for you. You have the ability to change everything in your life or job at any moment, but the hard thing is adjusting to change. Most people have a fear of change, whether it be their daily routine, what they eat for lunch, or moving to a new place, people are afraid of what is to come. However, I don't think anyone should be scared of change; change is the best thing that can happen. It is almost empowering to know that you have the ability to change everything around you in a heartbeat. If you wanted to, you could change all aspects in your life and replace them with things that make you happy. I feel like most people are afraid of change because they don't want to try new things and they don't know what is going to happen, but that’s the best part. I came to Purdue not knowing anyone and was terrified, I lived in Naperville my whole life, had my family, friends, boyfriend, and activities, my life was routine. I lived in a bubble. I never expected my life to change like it did my freshman year. I was so devastated leaving; I thought the world was going to end. But it ended up being the best thing that has ever happened to me. I met all new friends, realized I could live without the old (even though they are still my friends), I became more independent than ever, and best of all I did things I never would have before. I felt for the first time in my life I had control over the things I did and it was up to me to decide which path to take. I am now a junior and continue to live day to do. I do the spontaneous as well as get everything done. I wouldn't say my life is not a routine, because I think being in school generally makes life a routine, but I definitely feel that I have the power over my own life. The decisions are endless and they are also mine • Leadership Ratings WOW! What an amazing class period. I was so refreshed and excited to be sitting in that class and observed the activity as the students 'to be leader' formed group and tried to get their task done. As we were observing each of the members within the group, as an observer it made me realize exactly how important it is to stand out among the others. As the first group came in and was told to figure out the qualities of a leader, instantly they all got busy trying to get the job done. I noticed that some were just individually trying to come up with a list, totally excluded from the group. At first, there were no leaders, 130 some of the student’s backs were facing the evaluators (students). There was no leadership shown within the time they were given, except at the end when one of the students decided to write the qualities on the board. Sitting there judging the students, it became so apparent that only the ones who took a active role by displaying some sort of qualities, or even the qualities they were writing down, would be up for competition to be leader. As the second group came, they were also displaying the same characteristics, no sense of leadership, or organizational skill. I think because I was not participating in the activity, it was easier for me so see exactly what they were doing wrong, or lacking in sense of leadership. Most importantly, neither of the groups were displaying the qualities they wrote down for an ideal leader. How ironic? I would have to say that, it’s more important to focus on the way to get a job done, this way we can build a strong framework, a strong base which will benefit us in the long run, rather than just jumping into it without any direction, or rules. My most favorite group was the last one, as soon as they were given the task, they formed a circle within themselves, and decided what and how they were going to showcase this to the audience. Their creative way of working as a team, made not only the leader but the followers look very good. They were portraying the qualities that they decided as a group. Seeing these group perform the same task so differently, made a huge difference in my mind about being not-so-good, good and exceptionally well. I can relate this to the job interviews, leadership roles in various organizations. Firstly, there are going to be many candidates aiming for the same prize, it is our responsibility to make sure to get the job done the right way. Secondly, we have to ask ourselves, how are we impressive from the others? Thirdly, we have to challenge ourselves to be the best in a creative way to win the hearts of others. I think one thing that I learned during this exercise is that, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the path that we create, the decisions that we make and what we offer that is going to make all the difference. It’s because, the first two groups may not have done that well, but they did somewhat demonstrated their work. • Pain Response Wow...I just read the responses Feinberg sent us from the "pain" we wrote about during class awhile ago. I kind of am in pain that I wrote about was towards the bottom of the document that was sent to us with the whole class' pain, yet someone found mine and responded to it. This person seemed genuinely concerned and wrote a lot about what I had submitted to Feinberg. This response has given me a little bit of hope for humanity, since it seems like everyone nowadays only cares about themselves! This person was willing to help in any way possible, without receiving anything in return. I'm really in shock that there is a selfless person like this that would be concerned about someone they don't even know. No offense to whoever's reading this, but it seems like 131 the class is composed of a lot of people that care only about themselves and their image, and not about the way other people feel! This pain exercise has really made me feel better, just knowing that there really are some good people among me that care. Well, at least one! lol. This person that responded showed a lot of leadership, by asking questions and trying to find out answers, even though they probably won't ever, but by offering to help or to get help shows a lot of courage by an individual in my eyes. Well, that was not really a blog about leadership but I felt I needed to get that out...I'm really glad Feinberg had us do this pain exercise... Not only because of the response, but the fact that it really feels a little bit better (I don't know if that's the right word?) knowing that other people are in pain too, no matter how small or big it is...because sometimes it seems like there are so many people around you that have no problems in their life and have been spoon fed and cared for their whole lives and have never had to see pain or feel pain. I feel like this was an eye-opener for me, because just realizing that other people have pain around me even when they don't show it is a good thing to remember in the future, when I'm a manager and leading many people. I am going to need to remember that however things may seem with a person, they might be hiding a lot and there might be a reason or two that they aren't achieving success or working to their hardest. I need to remember that people have lives outside of work and school, and that things have happened to people that have effected them in horrible ways, so not to jump to conclusions or get discouraged when things go differently than I planned them to. Well, that's enough for now... • Kirk Weisler: Chief Morale Booster and Initiator The class that I dreaded so much, now as I recall was not so bad after all. There was humor and emotion, there were stories and anecdotes, and most of all, there was substance. Kirk Weisler came to share, not to teach. He talked about making people happy, about loving your family, about growing and about believing in yourself. There are so many people out there who just want to see you go down, but there's very few who really wish the very best for you. Like Dr. Feinberg would put it, I am trying to surround myself with all these positive influences and get rid of all negativity in my life. We have just one life, it's short and will pass away soon. I don't have very much time left. What is it that I want to do with my life? Where is life taking me? Is this journey long and winding or will be it straightforward and simple? There are so many questions, but no answers. I need to classify and prioritize my goals. I have a dream. • What did the test teach us about leadership? That what I have been thinking about class since last Wednesday. The test wasn't long nor were the questions too hard. In fact some were unbelievably easy. So back to the question, what did it show us? The test showed me that we made it hard when it could have been easy. It seems like all we needed to do time after time was just ask if we can have some extra legroom but we don't because we have been conditioned to think we will not get it. Just to make a point in class Fienberg is god, and he shall sustain us. I wonder if we should just suck things up and start asking for things 132 • that I think our team might be more productive if we would just get hammered together." • A moment of truth for Group Leaders! In class yesterday everyone sat with their groups (okay, pause. I had to smile when President Joe gave out this assignment because it was clear that we would be working with our groups during class, and I heard at least 3 people say that their groups never sit together. So during the first 5 minutes while the most of the class got situated, we began our assignment. Not to totally bash the other team leaders. Small sense of pride for my team. I love that we all sit together, go Team Wicked Awesome!) and we began to fill out clever little worksheets with diagrams and exercises all related to the topic of communication. I have to admit, it felt like kindergarten. This two page exercise consisted of the same question asked in 20 different ways. We weren't allowed to talk. We weren't allowed to share answers until Group Leaders instructed discussion. Critical opinions aside, I tried to keep my team focused on the true necessity of the worksheets. Many of them had the same critical outlook on these worksheets, and I knew if I fell into that category, we'd never got it done. Also, I was REALLY interested in their answers. My group members are the bee’s knees. They all put in really great work, they have a great time with each other, and they still know when to take me seriously. I asked them to do me a personal favor and take the exercise as seriously as possible because it would really help me out. As soon as they realized it would benefit me especially, they were more willing to do the work. During group discussion, I noticed a few things: our team has been very successful and as a result they were less willing to admit we needed any changes our team is hesitant to tell me how I can perform better because they either like me too much, they are afraid no one else would agree, or they are fearful of their grade our group is so comfortable with each other that they easily carry on conversation and it can become difficult to pay attention to the topic at hand our group is happy to listen to each other but tend to interrupt with agreement and as a result we get off track everyone in the group seems to have something to share and wants to share it but topics are stretched out unnecessarily long 133 my group members generate wonderful ideas my group members are willing to help my group members are honest my group members make a serious effort to understand the views of other members every member of our group genuinely enjoys being a part of our group What my group members want: my group members want to spend more time together outside of class, not related to class my group members don't all know each other my group members want more meetings they want meetings to have a purpose they want meetings to have an agenda they want meetings to NOT be canceled ( <--- busted) they want other group members to be more accountable my group members want rewards/consequences for their work they want me to motivate them better they want casual Fridays and costume Wednesdays they want an overall sense of meaning less emails from Feinberg more drinking Geez, aren't these all the same things I want too? Then why is it so difficult! Why aren't grades enough motivation? Why is their respect for me not enough of a reason for them to finish their blogs? How do you create a sense of meaning when this class is so ambiguous? How do you motivate 17 people who all have different interests? I still don't know... So what have I don’t to try to fulfill these needs? I scheduled a meeting and told them what would be covered and stressed the importance of it and put everyone on the same level of responsibility. They offered their help and we agreed to meet at a convenient location at a time good for everyone at a member’s house we agreed upon. I didn't cancel the meeting. I provided motivation to attend the meeting by agreeing to allow alcohol at the meeting (I got major responses from that one. Thanks Bryce!!!) I made everyone introduce themselves when we all got together and it provoked a lot of 134 conversation. I made a calendar with all the important dates for the rest of the semester so they could visualize how little time we have to finish everything and continue to be motivated and organized. This still doesn't cover all the bases. Can I be perfect by the end of the semester......? would make class easier. Even though it sounds kinda crazy it may not hurt to try. • • Every reality begins with a possibility" There is never a limit to the amount of possibilities we can choose, but is it difficult to choose the right ones and follow through with them? Is there something else in our lives that is holding us back from taking all possibilities and only choosing a few? Is there enough time in the day to do everything we want? It is impossible to think about all the things we could have done in life and get very far. You must have a positive outlook on life and instead of reminding yourself of everything you let go, aspire your time to the things you're doing now. I know that there have been times in my life that I have looked at good opportunities and let them pass me by. Thinking back to it today, I am disappointed in myself because there was really no true explanation to why I looked at those possibilities and let them pass me by. I could have taken them and made myself a better person from the outcome, but instead, I chose to watch them go to the next person in line. I haven't made the best choices in my life, but the past can only predict so much. If you start taking opportunities and chances now and give them everything you have to offer, they will reflect you as an individual. Today, I would never let that happen. I will take every possibility that comes my way. Whether they are good or bad, I want to experience things so I am able to say I did. By accepting all possibilities and opportunities you are giving yourself the chance to learn from everything. You have to look at opportunities and find the ones you feel are going to better you in all aspects. It is up to us to take the responsibility of something and put forth as much effort to it as possible and get as much out of it as possible. No one else is able to push us more towards something than ourselves. You are the only person in your life that has the ability to change your life to the fullest. Yes, good opportunities may arise from other people, but it is up to you to take those opportunities and fulfill them with the most you can. It is our opportunity to choose and create the life to which we aspire, its right now that possibilities are being transformed into reality. You have to look to the future from every opportunity you receive, how is it going to make you a better person and what are you going to learn from the experience? And although you have let some great things pass you by, by getting involved in things now you are going to improve your outlook on life for the future. Brown-Nosing Recently I had an interview for my dream job. I have bombed interviews in the past. A while ago Dr. Feinberg sent out an attachment of how to turn the "What is your weakness,” question into a strength. I thought about my weakness and how to turn it into a strength. This also led me to think about other questions you hear a lot in interviews, and how I should answer them. Needless to say, I felt prepared in my interview. They told me I would hear from them in a week or two, but either way I felt like I needed to thank Dr. Feinberg. Yes, I brown-nosed. I wanted him to know my name and that I held him responsible for my confidence in my interview. I wanted him to know he'd done something good, and hoped he would be a better leader because of the praise. A good 135 • • leader knows when to praise the people around them, even if it is just to get a better performance out of them. People need to know they are doing a good job. People need praise; leaders and followers alike. So, followers, praise your leaders so that they are motivated to help you more. Leaders, praise your followers so they are willing to put forth more effort to make you look good. All it takes is a little brown-nosing Directions The thing that stuck in my head the most from class yesterday was the example where everyone was asked to point North. When I looked around, everyone was pointing different ways. There were people pointing left, right, in front of them, behind them, and there were people arguing and trying to prove that they were right. I on the other hand had an embarrassing moment (I was pointing straight up haha). This really made it clear that even a simple task that someone should understand without explanation can really be interpreted in so many different ways. I understand the importance of clearly telling your followers what you want them to do, since interpretations of a simple request can be very different Since Dr. Feinberg loves Youtube, I have posted two Youtube videos that I found that demonstrate the difference between men and women. • Leadership Lessons List As Feinberg's class is coming to an end I decided to put together a list of my leadership lessons. This list is not half of what I learned from the class that "can change [my] life." I actually wish I blogged more because having it all written down makes the ideas easier to remember. And there was just so much available in this class that I don't want to forget. I must say though, I am proud of my list because it reads rather well and includes a lot of great stuff. 1 - Complaining does not solve problems. 2 - Carve your path. 3 - Leadership is a socially constructed process. 4 - Having things turn out the way you wanted is not a measurement of success. 5 - Followers notice when they're disappointed or let down more often than they notice when they're satisfied. 6 - Do what you can and do what you can't. 7 - Be concise. 8 - Great people have differing opinions. 9 - Everything is done for a reason (until proven otherwise in a court of law). 10 - Regroup. 11 - Title your emails according to the subject matter enclosed. 12 - Show you care and they will care too. 136 13 - Recognition is key to motivation. 14 - "Make it Sexy." 15 - Update. 16 - Take time out for yourself. 17 - "Will insert creative idea here later..." 18 - Don't be cool, be proud. 19 - Do not merely delegate tasks, delegate the potential to achieve tasks. 20 - (When appropriate) Remember to have fun. • Showering with Feinberg I took a decently long shower this morning. I decided I would stay in the shower until the hot water ran out. Which means about 15 minutes for my water heater. What did I do for so long in the shower? I thought about Feinberg. Yes Feinberg, I was thinking all about you this morning, is that a waste of time? Actually, maybe. But what do I really do in the shower for that amount of time? I'm standing there with my thoughts. I thoroughly enjoy feeling the hot water beat down on my skin. What?! It feels good and makes me happy. My thoughts wandered to the video we saw in class and I contemplated peeing in the shower. As I looked down at my feet and saw the water had accumulated to my ankles I realized it was not such a good idea. My drain does not work properly, but I enjoy splashing my feet in the water so I don't fix it. Plus it keeps them warm too (without any tinkle). Maybe in someone's shower where the water drains on time and my feet wouldn't stand in it. Want to let me use your shower? I have to call you out on this Feinberg - if you're only taking 35 seconds to shower, you're not washing everything. Fran might appreciate a 60-second shower to make sure you're getting those hard to reach areas. Anyway, because it's 29 degrees outside I use my hot showers to enjoy the warmth, relax and let my thoughts run freely. I don't believe this is a waste of time for me. Being in the shower is a very limited time in the day where I am by myself and am not interrupted. What a warm shower brings me during the day - time to myself - is not a waste. Because after I'm out it's back to the madness of raising my 14month old girl by myself. Leadership Lesson #16 - Take time out for yourself. Elaboration: It is important to have time for yourself. Uninterrupted, relaxing time where your thoughts can run (fast or slow). 10 minutes, 20 minutes, when you're not multi-tasking and able to center yourself and 137 have a moment of peace. This can make the rest of your day more productive. • • • • • But like I said, as sad as it is to say, this pain assignment is just encouraging to know that we are all real people, no one is perfect, we all are hurting inside, and that we are not alone. Three things from this class that will have changed my life and that will lead me to be successful are as the following: 1)My writing abilities have improved greatly 2)I will be able to perform better in interviews, greatly increasing my upward mobility, net income, and the possibility of finding a mate for reproduction. Specifically in group interviews where ones leadership skills are show cased. 3)Realizing that I have the capability to do great things. After the first week of this course I am confused to what the point is. I understand that it is a leadership course and you are supposed to be an independent student, but so far it has been complete chaos. The first day of class everyone was expecting the regular syllabus review, but instead we were greeted with a Tony Robbins pump yourself up video. I believe the point of the video was clear and everyone knew what it was. I understand that you can change your own life in a moment as long as you are willing to make that change. It is your decision on who you want to be and others can influence a change, but only you can do it to yourself. Once the video had ended and the leader in the front of the room said write down the point and we're done, I left. Only to hear the next time about how many people stayed the whole class time to see if anything happened. Maybe it wasn't a very good leadership move for me to leave, but I found there no point to stay. The second day of class was exhausting. From different people standing up in the front of the room competing for who will be heard and who the leader really is to all the different conversations going on around me. One person after another went up in front of the class and failed, what was the point of the assignment? Who is supposed to lead? What is leadership in the here and now? The class repeatedly asked these questions, but is it a hard question or obvious? I understand what leadership is and I think this course is supposed to be lead by ourselves. I think because we aren't told when assignments are due, we are teaching ourselves to be independent leaders and to lead ourselves. I am learning now to check the syllabus and check the website everyday so when something is due, I know about it and I don't get behind. You can't depend on anyone else except yourself and from the notes by our consultant, if you don't know about it and you make excuses, "you're fired!" THE END Well, we had our last class on Wednesday and I'm not going to lie I was so happy! Not because I hated the class, I just completely hated my group. The Strong Ones This was something I had to share. I mention several times in my blog how I'm in counseling. Well, I go to group therapy on Thursdays. I have a fear of showing weakness and being less than perfect. I sometimes feel like admitting that I go to counseling as a sign of weakness. I had something I couldn't handle and I had to ask for help. I struggle with that fact, but this past week a girl in my group told me something I had never thought of. She said her dad (a psychiatrist) always told her that he thought that the people that walked through his door were some of the bravest and strongest people he'd met. He said this because he thought it took an amazing amount of courage to ask for help. I starting thinking about how this relates to leadership. As a leader, if you 138 need help you can't be afraid to ask because not only will you drown, but so will your followers. As a leader you are responsible for more than just yourself. You can't let your followers fail because you're too weak to admit you can't do something. The strong leaders ask for help.'s my take on the evening... TOP FIVE LESSONS LEARNED IN LEADERSHIP CLASS - DAY 2 5. Students are addicted to their cell phones. I would wager that 65% of the students in the room had a cell phone out at some point during the class. I saw at least three people actually having conversations on their phones while "student leaders" were attempting to conduct activities and lead discussions in the front of the room. And then I must have watched about a thousand text messages being sent and received. I'm not totally sure how anyone is supposed to be studying leadership while chatting away (or texting away) on their phones. 4. A group of your peers must be harder to lead than anyone else. There was a girl who tried diligently to lead group discussion on leadership, but it seemed that no matter what she tried, there were a few hecklers in the crowd that were having a hay day. Maybe they couldn't handle the fact that she was trying to set herself apart from the rest of us, or maybe they just relish in mocking another student...but whatever the case, they made everyone look foolish and brought the whole group down. 3. Some people just have a leadership presence. I couldn't tell you exactly what set the final student leader apart from all the others, but whatever it was...he was entirely more successful than anyone else. I suppose he was more confident and charismatic than anyone else... 2. Stick to the task at hand. It sounds easy, right? But what about when everyone has a different opinion of what "the task at hand" is? Maybe this, too, is what made the final student leader successful...he had the opportunity to sit at the back of the class until the last stretch of class and take in all of the opinions of the task that were floating around that the other leaders were too unorganized and self-focused to hear. Thus, he had the ability to put together the bigger picture of what the class wanted to accomplish given the task, and he was ultimately able to put a voice with most of the classroom's opinions. Additionally, when there were multiple tasks happening at once...or straying from what the mass of students viewed as "the task at hand"...side conversations and side activities would pop up all across the room, and suddenly there would be extreme disorder. 1. Leadership is everywhere. So overall, Day 2 of Leadership Class was kinda messy, but it prompted me to leave the classroom somewhat enlightened yet still looking for answers. It really made me think about what it takes to be a leader. I was so curious as to why some students were brave enough (and/or thoughtless enough) to stand up and try to take control of the class. And as to why some students were content just sitting there. And as to why some students felt the need to cause dissension in the ranks. I left the building flooded with thoughts, 139 • • • and I remained flooded throughout the week...asking myself these questions and more as I stumbled upon new instances of leadership occurring right before my eyes. I remember the book called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I never read it, but the title pretty much explains itself. It asserts that men and women are totally different beings-like Mars is different from Venus. I don't agree 100% on men and women being entirely different beings. Some men are more sensitive than other men, and some women are more independent than other women. Men and women can share the same values and may even perceive things the same way. A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a bunch of friends at Purdue Union. My roommate asked this question to the guys: "If you found out your girlfriend slept with another guy, of if your girlfriend tells you she loves someone else, which one will you be more upset at?" Without much hesitation, the guys picked the first one. They said, "Well, I wouldn't want to see her face anymore because I lost faith in her." The girls chose the second one, "If he liked someone else and he told me, that would leave a deep cut and it’s painful." See how gender plays into this and leaves you with different answers. When asked my opinion, I didn't give it too much thought and replied "Well...I definitely wouldn't want to see his face ever again if he slept with someone else. I guess if he really loves another person and I can't do anything about it, then its best to let him go." Applause applause from the guys. They told the other girls they should think more like me- I guess I can think like a guy sometimes. Only after the discussion did I seriously give it some thought. If I really liked the guy, then of course it would be painful and I would be upset; if he slept with someone else, I'd just be angry and want to break up. Talk about slow reaction there. I should ask my male friends these types of questions, see what they say. Haha. Not too often in a college class does a student find herself staring at a piece of chocolate the teacher has just given her as a part of some future assignment. In this class however, that is the exact position in which I found myself. I wondered for some time how this would eventually relate to leadership. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long to indulge in our assignment of eating the chocolate. As I let the candy melt in my mouth, I began contemplating the unknown purpose and hidden message within the exercise. Though this was a simple and enjoyable exercise, it actually had a very powerful lesson for us all. It became evident that the chocolate represented a task that the leader (each student) was in charge of accomplishing. As the leaders stayed focused on the task and did not worry about the unfocused minds of those around them, they easily completed the job. Those who allowed their minds to wander, chewed the chocolate despite being instructed not to, and did not take the task seriously were not successful. This is a very important lesson in leadership: stay focused and give your best effort to complete the task at hand despite the sometimes seeming insignificance of it. If you have not seen an episode of the show "The Office" by now, you are truly missing out. It is about a small branch of a fictional paper company called Dundler Mifflin Paper Company. The main character is the branch manager Michael Scott. On his desk is a coffee mug that says "World's best boss," but in reality he is probably the world's worst boss. Inappropriate comments and "that's what she said" jokes are his specialty. Even so, he is the type of boss that I would love to work for. He is always doing something to lighten the mood in the office. This episode in particular that I saw the other night gave lessons on effective leadership, and also showed exactly what not to do as a leader. The episode begins with Michael Scott entering the office dressed as Willy Wonka because he came up with a promotion idea to place golden tickets in five boxes of paper that gave customers 10% 140 off their next order. In my opinion this is a great display of leadership. It would make my day if the boss came in to work dancing, dressed as Willy Wonka. Later in the episode, we find out that the company's largest client received all five of the golden tickets. Michael then attempts to place the blame on someone else to avoid being punished by the corporate office. Finally, when corporate finds out what happened they love the idea, and Michael tries to take credit for the idea again. Nothing about what he did shows good leadership. A good leader has to take credit for their own actions, regardless of the outcome. This definitely is not setting a good example for everyone to follow. Each episode of "The Office" is hilarious, and you can usually learn what NOT to do to be an effective leader. You can see a clip of this episode by clicking here. • Good writer, bad writer In class on Wednesday, Feinberg made me realize that I do not want to be known as a horrible writer. I always say that I would rather write a paper than take a test any day. And to say that, I want to be known as a good writer. Some people say they would rather take a test over writing a paper because they are good studiers and are just better test takers. I don't want professors or work associates to look at my papers and be labeled as a "bad writer". I want my writing to be inspiration to others around me. After getting feedback today from Feinberg about The Queen analysis, I was surprised and impressed with myself as a writer. Although there are things I can improve on and am definitely capable of, hearing positive feedback mostly throughout my paper was something I was very proud of. I like how Feinberg posts pieces of the papers he is impressed with because you are acknowledged for something you have written well. If you did not do as well, you can look at others and see what you need to work on for the next type of assignment like this. • Show Your Recognition One of the main components of leadership is to give your followers recognition. This can be done in a variety of creative ways. If leaders are aware of this they can greatly improve their teams’ productivity, communication, and costs. Also, some employees might be more motivated by recognition than their paycheck. It is more important for them to be noticed and appreciated by their employer than receive a monetary bonus. This website,, discusses different ways to motivate your employees with recognition. It discusses what different generations are motivated by and helps show how different individuals are motivated by a variety of things. It also has workshop information, a blog, and other educational information. Additionally, this website discusses the importance of realizing that recognition and rewards are two different things. Showing recognition does not cost that much because it can be as simple as telling employees about the 141 extraordinary work of a co-worker during a meeting or a boss writing a letter to an employee thanking them for their hard work. On the other hand, rewards are another way to show appreciation but can be more expensive and often include more planning • Pass it on! So now you've received Kirk Weisler's book, The Dog Poop Initiative. What did you do with it? Did you set it on your bookshelf? Throw it under a pile of papers? Leave it in your backpack? ...If so, then, in the infamous words of Feinberg, YOU SUCK! Here's the deal, Kirk Weisler cannot possibly speak to every person in your world...but YOU CAN. The opportunities to pass on Kirk's words and lessons to those around you exist every day. Don't let them pass you by! Think of what a great environment you could create if everyone around you simply took initiative without prompting as a result of sharing Kirk's book with them. So here's what I did with the book...I passed it on. I gave the book to my younger sister who is a camp director, and she is going to share it with her camp counselors at their training. She absolutely loved the book and thought that it would be a great way to inspire her counselors to take initiative in all aspects during camp. She is going to create that environment that I was talking about...she is going to be a great leader. So I challenge you to pass it on, too. Sure, it's a great memento of Kirk's time with us, but now we all know it's out there, and we know exactly where we can find another copy if we want one, so why not share it with someone who's not heard the message? • "There's a circle to every story" Before I reflect on the happenings of today's leadership class I'd like to get some blog thoughts down about a book I'm currently rereading. While I was home over spring break I found my old copy of "Tuesdays with Morrie." Most people have read or at the very least heard of this bestselling novel written by Mitch Albom. Back in high school when all the hoopla started about it I read it. I remember loving it back then, but decided since a good amount of years had passed since then I might have a different perspective on it at age 22. Not only was I right, this book would be an amazing book for everyone taking CSR 309 to read. Of course I'm a corny person who enjoys "life lessons." It's ironic in the sense that it's a professor giving his student his last lesson. This seems to be a trend lately, with other books, "The Last Lecture" for example. I'm drawn to these reads for some reason I can't quite explain. I'd like to discuss some lines that stuck out to me in "Tuesdays.." (ones I took the liberty of highlighting haha). "Dying is only one thing to be sad over, Mitch. Living unhappily is something else." My question is, why does it always take something tragic or losing something in order for us to appreciate it? For example, (this is nothing deep, but made me think 142 about it) I live in a sorority house, for the past two days we have not had hot water. Every day I take a shower just expecting the hot water to be there, when it's not there you really miss it! BELIEVE ME. I take it for granted. Living in Pi Phi these past three years has made me thankful to go home. At home I eat home cooked food, have air conditioning, cable in my room, my own bathroom, my own space. My parents laugh at me, but I don't take the little things such as a steaming hot shower for granted like siblings! Also, I'm very tolerable of most people from living with 72 females. Ultimately my point is that why does it take losing something for us to appreciate it? We are all guilty of this. So it don't know what you've got till it's gone. Another quote that caught my eye was, "How useful it would be to put a daily limit on selfpity. Morrie was dying of a disease called ALS that was basically deteriorating his body. He admitted that he would sometimes wake up and cry and feel sorry himself, but only for a certain amount of time. I am definitely guilty of throwing myself pity parties. Sometimes I lose sight of how truly bless my life is. Too bad we can't have someone to constantly remind us of how lucky we are. Thirdly, my favorite one that stood out was, "So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning." This sounds like something I can hear Feinberg saying or reiterating to us during lecture. I'm at that turning point of wanted to move on from the college lifestyle and not wanting to let go for sake of being afraid. Meaning and life purpose have constantly been subject matters on my brain. Does everyone have a purpose? Maybe some people are just space fillers. Then again every one's definition of what is meaningful is up for debate...I just wish looking back I would have chosen a different major. In reality I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, but now I want to do something fulfilling. Not to say that in some sense being in retail can't do something to help society (help those who are poorly dressed) yet it's all so shallow. Clothes, your profession, these things don't define you, they are just that THINGS. What you do and the person you are truly matter. To conclude my little tangent, I highly recommend this book, or just rereading a book you enjoyed at another time. You'd be surprised the perspective you take on it after some time passes. 143 • • • Earlier tonight after I got done working out, I realized that our health is a lot like our lives. We can control our health to a great degree, and we can also control how our lives turn out to an extent. There are many people that are content with not exercising or if they do just doing the same thing over and over, while others are intent on improving their bodies and changing things up often. I think a characteristic of a good leader is that they should be striving to squeeze the most out of life, for themselves and those around them. Leaders should never be satisfied with how things are because they can always be better. Whoever said men are from Mars and women are from Venus got it right. We just can't seem to figure each other out. From lecture, it was obvious that men have two heads that can make decisions. Whenever I think about this, an episode of Seinfeld comes to mind. Jerry is trying to make a decision about what he should say to a girl, and the thought process is shown by a chess game between his brain and another one of his organs. The point they are trying to make with this scene is so true. It can be very difficult for men to think about women without thinking about them sexually. From what we heard in lecture, it seems that most men in the class have the same problem. In order for a man to be an effective leader they will have to understand the differences between men and women. They have to get rid of the whole alpha male way of thinking and start using the brain on the top of their head instead of the other one. Male leaders need to view women as intelligent and capable individuals instead of just being a piece of meat. The gender battle is one that will probably be eternal. Evolution has made us this way. A good leader can accept this; a bad leader will ignore it. For those that did not read the book, I truly feel sorry for you. You all missed a great opportunity to learn about leadership and improve your lives. I learned some lessons that I know will be useful as I start my career, and that could set me apart from the competition. When the time comes at the end of the semester to sell back books, this will be one book that does not get sold. It will be on my bookshelf for years to come and will not be collecting any dust. • A quick quip on leadership, I was watching the masters and Kenny Perry was leading with 2 holes left. He had a 2 stroke lead and ended up choking the lead and losing in a playoff. During his post round interview he was asked a bunch of questions about his round and how he felt after losing the lead in dramatic fashion. Kenny Perry, being one of the nicest guys on the tour, was very upset with himself, but did not get mad on TV, or blame anyone but himself and gave praise to Cabrera (the winner) for hanging tough and winning. His class was certainly well appreciated considering what had just happened. He set a great example of leadership in taking the blame himself for what happened and not blaming others, the course or something else. Setting a good example, especially in the world of sports where all you heard about is steroids, lying, DUI's and guns. Good example Kenny, much appreciated. • Well, the majority of my friends are enjoying themselves on a beach somewhere in Florida or Mexico while I'm sitting in my room in 144 Greenwood, Indiana. Where in the world will I find something leadership related to blog about today? That's what I would've said three months ago before I started taking CSR 309. But now, I see small forms of leadership everywhere! As I have been enjoying a week at home, I have witnessed my mom become proactive in something that is very difficult for her to face. She has been struggling with endless health-related issues over the past four years, and although she is extremely tired of the battle, she keeps fighting. She gets up in the morning despite everything in her mind and body screaming at her to stay in bed; she takes her medication and new concoction after new concoction; she listens to everyone around her complain about their trivial problems of the day; she consoles business acquaintances as they worry about their businesses failing in the current economy; but somehow, she continues to not only exist, but impress the hell out of me, my dad, and my brother (the three people who actually witness her constant struggle). How do people change the world? Do they sit down, draw out a plan, get a few people on their side, and then venture out into the masses? Or are they inspired by some internal struggle they've had, in turn inspire everyone around them to forget miniscule issues, and then change the hearts of dozens, then hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people? Do they start with others, or do they start with themselves? I think I know one can be great without first destroying their own internal demons and creating a contagious light within themselves. No one can inspire others without first overcoming something with bravery and courage which transforms the outlook of those around them. And no one can tell others to face their fears and accomplish their dreams without first living those words themselves. Because I have seen a woman take charge of her life in a way that no one but her could, I know that if I ever want things to be different in my life, I need to shut my mouth, stop complaining, identify what I want, and take the necessary actions to make it happen. Great leaders don't point fingers and tell everyone else to do the work for them. They pave the way with their vision, passion, and sheer determination to see the project through. If ever a finger is pointed, it is at him or herself to recall the previous struggles and utilize that inspiration to continue pushing forward and never return to a place which was far darker than the place where progress allows light to shine brightly. • CSR 309: Life Changing? The message of Monday's class was that CSR 309 will change my 145 life, and I am finally beginning to think it will. It is amazing to me how many inspirations for leadership are around me all the time and I don’t even know it. Whether it be through television shows, commercials, or news articles inspiration is literally everywhere. The clip of the show “Made” that we saw in class really got me thinking about this. I have seen this show countless times, and watched many people fulfill their fantasies. The show inspires me to take leadership of my own life and realize that anything is possible. One of the main values that I have taken away from CSR 309 is that optimism is a big part of success. If the homeless girl whose parents were drug addicts can graduate from Harvard, then what could possibly be holding me back from reaching my highest goals? She was obviously forward thinking, and used the resources she had well. Tuesday’s class taught me that in order to be a great leader I need to always look around me for inspiration, and be optimistic about all of the things I can accomplish. • Active Engagement vs. Passive Participation So here's the deal...I work in a hospital pharmacy part-time as a pharmacy technician. Our pharmacy hours are 7 AM to 7 PM. Last night at about 6:30, our hospital calls a code yellow. This means there has been an external emergency and we are expecting numerous patients to be in our ER. Pretty serious stuff. So my thought is that as soon as this code is called, the 7:00 "quitting time" is out the window. My entire goal as a pharmacy technician and hospital staff person is to provide the best patient care possible, and I don't believe that leaving in the middle of an emergency would constitute "best patient care possible." Apparently, though, the pharmacist that I was working with did not care. He was more concerned with getting out of there at the strike of 7:00 than doing the job he has vowed to do. The entire situation frustrated me, but it also provided me a lot of insight into my leadership skills and the general leadership principles behind the situation. So first, my leadership skills...When I realize that the pharmacist is still clawing at the door to get out, I take instant hold over the situation. I am the one who initiates staying. I am the one who goes to the ER to see where I can be of assistance and get a good grasp on the entirety of the situation. I do the job that the pharmacist, licensed professional and thirty years my senior, should be doing. I do the right thing. I am amazed at the leadership that I saw going on in that ER...absolutely amazed. Nurses and doctors from all over the hospital...all different departments...OB nurses...surgeons...surgical floor nurses...cardio people...lab people...x-ray people...all rallied to provide the best patient care. All rallied to serve each other...none of them were doing a job that they normally did...probably none of them even doing a job that fell remotely under their job description...but all still fully devoted to the cause. All of them worked together beautifully. Nurses and coordinators who I had never seen step up to a challenge truly surprised me. Doctors that had never set foot in our ER (i.e. the surgeons) were lending their best hands to make sure every patient was taken care of. It was outstanding. Really, really amazing stuff. Such a testament to the self-leadership of these people. And then there's my situation...I still can't understand how someone would be so self-centered as to not have a care in the world about what might have happened had he left. Let me tell you what might have happened had the pharmacy left in the midst of this 146 absolute crisis situation...1) Any patient could have needed an emergency IV drip mixed. Had the pharmacy left, an administrative coordinator (who is absolutely running all aspects of the code situation) would have had to come into the pharmacy and spend no less than ten minutes mixing a drip, in which time she loses complete track of the situation in the ER because things are moving at such an accelerated pace. 2) EMS personnel cannot get their used meds replaced...thus, they cannot return to the scene of the accident quickly and cannot help further patients. And 3) Should absolutely any medication consulting need to take place (especially likely with non-ER docs working in the ER), there would be no pharmacist to assist them. And do you know what all of these things ultimately could mean??? Patients die. That's it. Period. So my bigger picture thought in all of this is that employees who are actively engaged in their work do great things, and employees who are just there to passively participate in their work only ever do mediocre things. Every single one of us, no matter what our job or what our level of management, has the opportunity to be actively engaged. All that means is caring about what's happening around you and going above and beyond your set job description in order to make things better for yourself and others. If nothing else, remember this...If you stand at the edge of the water and dip in a toe, okay things happen, but if you jump in with both feet, great things happen. Look before you jump...but jump. It's the only way to be actively engaged in and love what you are doing. • This dialog is from the Disney movie Pocahontas: Grandmother Willow: (Touches the water with her branch) Pocahontas: The ripples. John Smith: What about them? Grandmother Willow: So small at first, then look how they grow. But someone has to start them. John Smith: They're not going to listen to us. Grandmother Willow: Young man, sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. Don't you see? ... Grandmother Willow was so wise. I started thinking about applying for jobs and how these HR folks see so many resume's from so many different people with various backgrounds and how am I as a 22 year-old college student ever going to compete in today's job market against a 28 year-old with 3 years of corporate experience. But then I thought about my ability to make ripples. I am just a single ringed ripple right now, but I have the ability to grow and to become the biggest ripple in the pond by the way I present myself and my actions. Sometimes, the right path is the hardest one. Leaving Purdue to attend a school far, far away from all of my friends and family was difficult, but I went because I knew that I would be given better tools than I was given at Purdue. I can use those tools to differentiate myself from everyone else. I can use my disciplined background as a 147 military child, which was not easy growing up, to display my focus and drive to the recruiters and my ability to foster strong relationships in a quick changing environment. If I look deeper, I see that although I may only have one ripple right now, it's a good one. • It made me realize that if the scenario were a reality I'd put the shot gun as number one, so I could use it to get rid of the people who get on my nerves (totally kidding). Maybe the vodka would be a necessity to be passed out as well. Anyway...I would like to do the surviving in the woods experience sometime like the skeleton girl that was on my lacrosse team. You never know when experiences like that might come in handy • I recently read an article in DETAILS magazine that struck me as being unique. The article was a about a young, extremely young congressman from Illinois. His name is Aaron Schock. Aaron was born in 1981 and resides from Peoria, Illinois. This young man is thought of being the future of the GOP. Aaron is a pure self-starter. He started buying up real-estate and stock investments when he was 14 years old. He attempted to start college early after his junior year in high school but the school board denied him due to a physical education requirement of four years. The following year Aaron ran for the Peoria School board as a write-in and won, he was 19 years old. After obtaining his finance degree from Bradley University in only two years, Aaron ran for the Illinois House seat and defeated an 8 year Democratic incumbent. After Ray Lahood announced his retirement from the US House, Aaron campaigned with George W Bush and won the election with flying colors. If this is not impressive enough, President Obama personally asked the young Republican if he would accompany the President aborted Air Force One to Peoria, Illinois in order to push the stimulus bill. Aaron went along and even supported Obama. But in the House vote Aaron voted against the bill, saying the bill was a "skunk". This gained Aaron recognition and respect of his colleagues well beyond his years. Many longtime GOP members said it was a great showing of integrity and character. Aaron is now being looked at as the future of the GOP party. Many veterans are asking Aaron how to connect to the younger voters. Democratic voters ages 18-29 are outnumbering the Republicans by 14%. This could be a huge problem in the next few elections if the GOP does not address this issue. Whether Aaron is the answer or not is still yet to be scene, he has some good ideas about how to reach the 148 younger demograph. Aaron believes that it is not the language that the problem, it’s the way the reach them. These "millenials" are reading their news on blogs, facebook, etc. This is Aaron's philosophy. But it hasn’t come natural to Aaron, he hadn’t subscribed to twitter until about 2 months after he was elected. He is old school, still against abortion and gay marriage. I am writing this blog about Aaron because I believe he is an obvious natural leader. He has taken everything put in front of him to the next level. From the time he started building his own IRA at age 14, to his graduation from Bradley in two years, and now he is making a name for himself on the Hill at the very young age of 27. He has proven before that he has no boundaries, only time will tell how far he will go. Chris Wallace of Fox News has been quoted asking, "Governor Schock? President Schock?". • Pride My group leader told us what her principal would say after he made the announcements the other day and it got me thinking about what my principal used to say after he made his announcements, "Take pride in yourself and in the Royals". When we were given the chance to look for a youtube video that we thought was the meaning of leadership, I found one I really thought meant something. Coach K of Duke was being interviewed and a section of his interview was based on what he thought leadership was. He made a statement that basically said if you don't have pride in yourself and in your team, you will get nowhere. Having pride in yourself and in your team will make sure you are making the best decisions for your group even if they are not talked about together. I think that my principal was trying to say the same thing to us in high school. If we don't have pride in ourselves, then we will not succeed and if we don't have pride in our school, then our school will not succeed in sports and academics. I wish I would have understood this back in high school, but I am really glad that I was opened up to this idea now and use it from this day forth. • THE END! Actually, not the end, it’s only beginning for all of us in this class. No matter what we do or where we go, we are all going to be presented with leadership opportunities. Through many lectures, group meetings, books, and examples we were presented with the basics of how to be a good leader. We were given a set of tools that in the right hands can be used to be the best leader possible. Be it the principles from the book, the lessons learned from It's Your Ship, the commercials, the movies, the Feinberg quotes, the card we were given, etc... These are the tools we need to harness 149 • As far as class's a good thing I'm trying to be positive. It's stressful and busy and overwhelming, but I'm going to hang in there and get the most out of it that I can. (see I'm being positive!) -- L Toler • Derrick Rose I am so impressed by the play and leadership that Derrick Rose has been portraying on the court thus far in his NBA career. This kid came out of Memphis after one year after leading his team to the National Championship, then he was the overall number one pick to a city in which expectations are higher than any other, Chicago. He is a rookie and certainly playing like a veteran. Not only are his own personal numbers outstanding for a rookie, 17 points per game, 6 assists per game, he is lifting up the play of others around him. Throughout the season we saw this young leader time and time again put his teammates in front of himself. Otherwise a young mediocre team, Rose brings a lot to the table, already one of the best passers in the league, he has 6 assists per game and won the skills challenge at the all-star game, beating out the likes of Tony Parker. Also, his defense is shut down, you can’t get past him, easily the quickest kid in the league. All of these attributes are great, quick, not selfish, good shooter, great vision. But what I really like about Derrick Rose is his attitude. You never see him complaining on the floor, asking for more minutes, yelling at a ref, yelling at a teammate. Not Derrick Rose. He is so modest during his post game interviews, giving everybody else merit and crediting his own success to just working hard and never giving up. He has inspired so many kids in the greater Chicago area, coming up from a very rough neighborhood and attending Simeon high school he has beat the odds and made it to the top level of competition and is making a difference. All this from an NBA rookie, I am excited to see how this young player develops into an elite member of the NBA • • One last thought. I was driving yesterday while checking my webmail (yes not a good idea). Of course I received a weekly weekend email from Dr. Feinberg. He ended it with yo (naturally). I've been trying since the beginning of this class to figure out why he does this. Then like a ton of bricks it hit me!! Maybe he says yo because it's not a goodbye. He's always concerned about our safety, "be safe out there." Could it be that he doesn't want to say goodbye? Goodbyes are so permanent. It's a long shot perhaps...maybe not? I need to know!! Now that class is over, I think I can successfully answer the question to other: why should I follow you? People do not want to hear what accomplishments I have achieved 150 • or my fantastic leadership qualities, those are expected. People want to know what I can do for them, and how hard I am going to work to help them in every way possible. “People are not going to yell at you when they are holding one of your bananas” • Semester Review I cannot help but be honest when I say that the first two weeks that I sat in Physics Room 114 for CSR 309 were purely frustrating. I had no idea why I was wasting my time or allowing a non-existent professor dictate my ability to learn and my demeanor as a student. I questioned his motives, his credentials, and his ability to lead a class of around 300 students. I wondered how in the world he could still have a teaching career at a major university. All of these feelings and attitudes quickly began to fade when Dr. Feinberg stepped in and truly took charge. He began testing us and pushing us. He made us think for ourselves and learn to exceed our own expectations of life as students. He scared us in a way that forced us to be independent and not run to someone else for the answers. The videos and stories shared by Dr. Feinberg are so incredibly powerful to his students. I cannot count the number of times I felt a lump in my throat or tears burning my eyes from the things I witnessed or heard in this class. Never in my life have I met someone as motivating and inspiring as Dr. Feinberg. I’ve been to countless leadership conferences and participated in what seems to be an infinite number of leadership exercises, but I have never been deeply affected the way I have been from Dr. Feinberg. I have told everyone close to me what an amazing experience this has been, and encouraged all of my friends to take this “life-changing class.” The principles of leadership that I have learned in this class, I have already put to use. I was the Vice President of Pledge Education this semester in my Business Fraternity. In previous semesters, we have had a major issue with the pledges not being professional and representing our Fraternity well. I decided to test out a few of Dr. Feinberg’s theories. Specifically, I did not give the pledges all of the answers up front. I made them work and contribute greatly to the organization before I expressed my personal care for them. I found out what motivated them and what mattered most to them in their lives. I figured out how they learn and what they wanted out of the Fraternity. And I made absolutely sure that they were rewarded for their individual and collective efforts and hard work. 151 I have utilized inspirational stories with the pledges and instilled in them the values of our organization. I have empowered them all with not only their own future, but the future of an organization I care immensely about and have spent three years developing into a top-notch business Fraternity. I have expressed to them my confidence in their abilities and my trust in them to carry on a 25-year legacy here at Purdue with our Chapter. Although I have always been a passionate person, I have gone through what feels to be a life-renewal process over this past semester. It all stems from CSR 309. I take time out of my day to make others feel better. I tell everyone I care about how much they mean to me. I choose to “scoop the poop” rather than leave a pile which everyone else chooses to avoid. I no longer feel that external circumstances can keep me from achieving my goals. I surround myself with the people I love and I cut out those who bring me down. I ensure my peers, superiors, and constituents all understand my devotion to them and that I am a person they can trust to follow. I found myself sitting in my seat after Dr. Feinberg’s last lecture on Wednesday. I did not want to leave. How do you say goodbye to a person and an experience that literally has changed your life for the better? Although I still wish I could sit in Dr. Feinberg’s lecture for another 5 years, I understand that I must learn from myself and others around me now. He has trained me to see leadership in everything, and I am inspired my even the simplest act of kindness. As soon as the last lecture ended, I drove to see my closest friends who happened to be playing a softball game. I had been crying pretty hard since leaving the lecture hall, but I felt an overwhelming need to hug all of them and tell them they meant the world to me. If I can show them even a glimpse of what I learned about life and leadership in this class, I am confident their lives will be forever changed as well. The objective of this semester wrap-up was to discuss everything I learned from CSR 309 and Dr. Feinberg. Although I did not discuss very many principles here, I can assure everyone I learned an infinite amount of leadership techniques and strategies. I just find myself so emotionally moved that I enjoy discussing the personal relationships which are vital to being a great leader. If I tell my constituents why they should follow me, and I fight tooth and nail for them, my organization will 152 be better off and everyone in it will be fulfilled. All in all, I have grown immensely over the past semester, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Feinberg for that. There are several big events coming up in my life that will truly test my ability to put what I have learned into practice. I can’t wait to go out into the world with my new found passion and knowledge. I can’t wait to begin changing the lives of others. I can’t wait to hit the ground running full speed ahead. And I can’t wait to do my small part to change the world. • So what does this all mean?? All good things must come to an end.... but then where do you go from there? This class has been an amazing experience and I am actually grateful that is was required. My eyes were opened to so many new things about leadership. The best thing about the class was that each day we met I learned something new. The task now though is to go out and not only be able to retain everything that we learned, but put it into action! We spent 105 days, 2,520 hours, 151,200 minutes, and 9,072,000 seconds learning about leadership... and now we have approximately 1,639,872,000 seconds left to go out and apply everything we learned. Every day is a new opportunity to practice leadership. The best way to be a leader is start with your own life. Self leadership teaches discipline and makes others want to follow you. Most people, for the most part, want to surround themselves with positive people. Positive people know how to lead their lives. The reason that they are positive is because they have everything in line and for the things that they don't, they figure out how to get them in line. A positive person is contagious and you should want to follow their actions. It’s the simple question: "Why should I follow you". However, when it comes to positive people, you can see the reason to follow them in their actions, you don't even have to ask. Have a vision. Be a leader. Take every opportunity handed to you. Think "I" inc. Whoever has the best brand wins. Ask: Why should I follow you? and Will they follow me? Do three things everyday: 1. Laugh 2. Think 3. Cry. Think to yourself each day: Where have you been? Where are you now? Where do you want to be? In the end, you realize that you have always had the power to be a leader. It’s just a matter of doing it. Once you stop blaming others for 153 your lack of achievement you can go after things that you didn't know you could do on your own. It is not anyone else's job but your own to lead your life. Just because you are alive, does not mean that you are living your life. You must make something out of it. Be remembered. Do things that no one will ever forget. Take chances. No regrets. The rest of your life, starts now. • Throughout this course I have realized that effective leadership is not necessarily about how much you can learn from textbooks; it's about the relationships that you build with the people around you in the organization and how you well the organization is ran by the leader. The leader must have the capabilities to make change decisions and make authoritative decisions that will positively affect the followers and have accountability with the decisions that are made. • As promised by Feinberg to be one of the best lectures he’ll teach this semester (even though he claims this about every lecture) I was eager to go to class. The topic of today’ class was Time Management, which is definitely a topic that I needed to be refreshed on. You see, Time Management and I have a love/hate relationship. I constantly strive to manage my time correctly because I know it will make me feel accomplished and good about myself at the end up the day, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. (I am one of those people that wish I just had ONE more hour in the day). Although, lately every other week turns into chaos because I did not manage my time wisely but I struggle to pinpoint exactly where I went wrong. …Here's the scenario: For two weeks I can just be on top of the ball by having managed my time to a "T", getting everything and more accomplished. It’s these weeks when I am like, ‘Life is going to good and smooth right now, it scares me’. However, when that third week rolls around, it's like BOOM! and I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut of trying to multi-task with papers flying everywhere. By the end of the week I am screaming “TGIF!”…Then using my weekends to forget about my stressful life... Sunday will roll around and I’ll ask myself “what in the heck went wrong last week?” I’ll analyze it for a minute and lately have consistently came up with the same answer as to why this is happening to me... In my case, I've noticed that the week of hell are a result of me just simply not being organized or preparing myself mentally for the coming week. In order for me to keep my life in control and manage my time wisely, I need to be proactive and organize myself for what’s ahead. I also think that I procrastinate too much and set my priorities wrong 154 which is something I really need to evaluate when trying to manage my time. I think it is very important as a leader of your life to know this about yourself because if you don't then it could be an unnecessary rough life. As my junior year high school teacher, Mr. Philippe, used to say; “When the tough gets tougher, get organized!” I still use that motto to this day. Anyway, after listening to Feinberg, I was hopeful to get some more insight as to why my life seems to go up in shambles every so often. Feinberg mentioned that we do not manage our time until we have a good reason to do so! However, I feel I always have a reason to do so, but I think I fall into traps that lead to poor time management decisions. Feinberg’s lesson has I definitely made me realize what those traps are. • Leadership in Companies As a senior about to head into corporate American, I was curious to know about what companies are superior in regards to leadership. Also, I was wondering what different companies do to encourage leadership so I did some searching on the Internet and found interesting information about GE. One article I found was on that ranked the top 20 Global companies to work for that develop good leaders. The top 5 companies included General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, Hindusta Unilever, and Capital One Financial. The companies filled out a survey and were rated on leadership qualities. Along with the survey, each of the company underwent interviews to help with the ranking. The complete list can be seen at dex.html. So I looked at GE to see what they offer their employees to help build their leadership skills. They offer promotions for leadership positions from within the company which is a motivator for their employees. Also, GE stressed helping employees develop their leadership and providing information. They spend billions of dollars for training and educational programs to help create leaders. GE has built the John F. Welch Leadership Center that is the world's first major corporate business school. Much of GE's leadership development comes from the constant training and education. GE is committed to improving leadership within the company and building excellent leaders. Much of their leadership is focused on learning. They also offer their employees two leadership programs to aid individuals in their leadership abilities. This shows that not only is GE taking on the challenge of creating these leaders but they 155 also see the importance of constantly evolving and never stop learning. These are important qualities to have in order to survive in leadership. These strides that GE has taken not only help improve their leaders but also show innovation and the importance of leadership. GE realizes that leadership has a huge role in their organization and in order to improve this area they have devoted time and money. More information can be found on their website at . “We have always believed that building strong leaders is a strategic imperative. When times are easy, leadership can be taken for granted. When the world is turbulent, you appreciate great people.” — Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman and CEO I think it is interesting that he said leaders are often taken for granted. This is a valid point and true. A lot of times, good leaders go under appreciated because people tend to focus on the negative. So when a leader is doing a good job they are often not thanked or shown appreciation. When a leader is doing a poor job, this is when people take notice and repercussions occur. • • Dr. Feinberg wants students to be able to recognize leadership in our daily lives. During my spring break trip I saw a great example of leadership from a most unexpected source. My general opinion on airlines is not very high. My experiences with domestic carriers like United, Jet Blue, American, and Southwest usually are not noteworthy or involve a headache. During an international flight from Lisbon to Paris and then Paris to Chicago my opinion of airlines (at least of Air France) completely changed. Our flight from Lisbon was delayed by weather for over an hour. As a result, we were at risk of missing our connecting flight in Paris. We notified the crew on our way to Paris of this major issue. They took the care to arrange an Air-France associate to be waiting for us at the gate who took us directly to our connecting flight. The team of Air France personal escorted us through security and customs to make sure we had no issues that may delay us further. They greeted us warmly and assured us they would make sure we did not miss our flight. They treated us like V.I.P’s and put us at ease with warm smiles and small talk. They escorted us the whole way until we safely arrived at our gate. Then before we left they asked us to fill out a quick survey on what we thought about their service. I was immensely impressed because they seemed genuinely interested in hearing our feedback. Leaders understand the importance of receiving feedback and use it as a tool to improve. Of course I gave a rave review and couldn’t help but feel great for the rest of trip. The level of service and care they took to satisfy the client blew me away. Many companies say they put the customer first but few actually act upon that principle. That is leadership! Whether or not it was typical company policy is not the question. Either way someone made sure the customer was put first and in my book that is leadership. This is my last blog. The semester has flown by. I don't really feel like I have learned much about being a leader in this class. I mean, I know we got allot of good advice, but I think I was expecting some more practical applications or something. I've worked in 156 • some form of retail since I was 16 and have been an assistant manager for over a year now, so I think I've experienced allot of what was told to us in class. Also, I tend to stand up and take charge in most situations so this has added to my experience. Feinberg called out my group leader concerning the goals she created for our group. She stated that one of our goals that we had discussed (which is true) was to all get an 'A' in the class. Feinberg then asked all the group members to stand and asked us if we were willing to die for an 'A', if they were they should sit down. No one sat down which I feel is rightfully so. Feinberg then leaked out a small amount of verbal diarrhea, stating that if we aren't willing to die for an 'A' which is a goal our leader has set out then we must not be behind our leader. This is simply unintelligent thinking. A student should never put their grades on such a pedestal that they would sacrifice their own life to assist in the structural well being of that pedestal. Just because your leader sets out a goal that you also agree with does not directly lead to the top of the list of individual priorities, above life itself. • ?eM wollof yeht lliW Hey, Haha, this is my spoof of Professor's point in class about putting a sticker on your forehead stating "Will they follow me?" I liked this because it was very simple and to the point. If you can't answer that question truthfully, then you're not getting the job done right. • • • In class we received a 100% guarantee from Feinberg that we will be fine in the future (well minus that one serial killer). I am holding you to this promise professor. Granted, I am trying to be an optimist these days, therefore the glass is half full, the world is my oyster, etc. We'll see where this crazy ride called life takes me once this CSR journey is over and done. The material in this course was second to none. Over the years Dr. Feinberg has collected and filtered through hundreds of videos and articles to put together a wonderful mosaic of inspirational material. Some were serious, some were funny, but all had a valid point. The easy road is a road I need to travel a lot less often if I want to live a successful life! • It's Your Ship It's your ship was a great book about self leadership and how to be successful. I would definitely recommend this book as it was very helpful to me. The book stresses optimism and that opportunities never cease. It's important to make the best of everything you do or are involved in. The book can be used as a guide to show people how to join in leading themselves for a purpose larger than themselves. • Have you ever had one of those days where you just weren't sure of anything? You didn't know up from down, right from left, wrong from right? Oh, and I'm not talking about the nights after too many shots of Tequila and you wound up on the floor of the Cactus with a cop asking you to put your pants on and come with him. I feel a little, or a lot, lost in CSR309. I love leading people, and I know I'm good at it. Mind you, there are few things in my life that I would openly admit I'm good at, singing excluded. I am creative, a people person, and goal-oriented. I just love to lead. This class gives me a chance to do so, but I'm constantly lost. It's hard to lead in a completely 157 foreign environment with very few goals or instructions set in front of me. I've come to conclude that the point in this class is to figure out what the goals and instructions are. My leadership has always been done with someone above me, or even beside me, telling me the ultimate goal or agenda and a basic outline of how to get there. CSR309, a.k.a. Feinberg, wants us to figure EVERYTHING out on our own. In no way is this going to hinder my learning at Purdue. I thought for a moment that I was wasting my time in this class, but I have come to realize that the whole point is to make sure that I'm not wasting my time and to keep myself motivated, busy, and productive all at the same time. It may seem like I'm rambling or that I am jumping all over the place, but I have a point here. I was, and still kind of am, 100 percent lost in this class. I didn't, and still don't, have any idea if I will get an A or an F no matter how much effort I put forth. All of this aside, the whole reason for this class is not to care about the frivolous things like grades. Feinberg always says, "Well, then you're starting off with minus 50 points." I don't think those points matter in the grand scheme of this class. He wants us to learn how to lead in a completely unknown situation with no one telling us what to do or how to do it. He may think our only motivation, or a way for us to take the class seriously, is by threatening that we will lose points because he knows that most college students just want to pass and get on to the "real world". Luckily, we are being inspired, not required, to do the work he desires. • Is this the point? I have tried to remain positive about our roller coaster experiment of a class but to be honest I am really tired of this. Perhaps this is Professor Feinberg's point in his bad leader act, but to be honest it still does not really make a whole lot of sense. I am glad that Professor Feinberg felt like it was his duty to demonstrate to the class what a bad leader is. However does he think in my 22 years of life that before him I have never had to deal with a bad leader? Most likely many students in the CSR 309 class have encountered more bad leaders than good. I have encountered horrible T.A.s, Professors, Managers, Group Leaders, Sorority Presidents, Academic Advisors, the list goes on and on about all of the poor leaders that I have experienced in only my college years. So why does Professor Feinberg feel like he is doing something so significantly new? Actually having a good leader as a professor would be more refreshing. I am just disappointed in how long this has been going on. I get it, I feel lost, I am doing everything wrong, and I need a leader. I literally dread going to the class because I know Professor Feinberg is going to tell the class how stupid they are, how we are doing everything wrong. Where is the line drawn? As mentioned, I do realize this is a lesson, but a grade is still a grade and at the end of the day Professor Feinberg is being paid to give out grades. I am frustrated by the tests, the lectures, the lack of information, and respect. I just keep going over what this is all leading to. I am just really hoping that at the end of the semester I will understand the method to Feinberg's madness. 158 • For spring break I went on a cruise with my girlfriend and some of my friends. While there I was able to meet a lot of new people from diverse backgrounds. One person I had the opportunity to speak to stood out among the others. He was a middle-aged man who owned his own small company and we spoke about the difficult situation this economy has put small business owners in. He told me about one employee who he had to let go because he couldn't afford to pay him any longer but had grown very close to him and his family. What made this man stand out was when he began talking about the two most prized positions he kept in his desk - two letters he received from last employers. They weren't letters of recommendations, just simple letters telling him what a good job he had done. These were the exact letters that Kirk spoke about and how special they become. It's nice to see something you learn in lecture being demonstrated in someone's lives and being able to make the connection when you see it. • So before we got started, Feinberg started out with an article from the exponent that made me feel a little more empowered by what he said. The article was on the candidates running for President and VP of Student Body Government and Feinberg asked the class what we thought pissed him off the most about this article, but no one could figure out the answer (some idiot next to me even said the tie one of the guys were wearing in the picture..come on) Anyway - The answer was the all the VP were girls. Now, being a girl and a girl that has always had to stand up for girls values growing up with 3 brothers, you would think that I would have noticed that as an apparent characteristic. However, I did not, and had he given us 10 more minutes to think about it.. I still would not have come up with that answer. I started to question the situation itself and myself as a girl...Why did that not strike me as being an issue? Do I unconsciously think that men are more superior? Has my environment around me conditioned me to think that is the normal way things are ran? • Don't judge a book by its cover It is true to say that you can never judge a book by its cover. That idea goes along with humans too. You can't judge them by their sex, race, nationality, or any other physical characteristic. You need to know who they are and how they act. One way of knowing how a person is by actively listening. It’s a concept for most that is difficult as it takes time and effort to do it. Most people just listen to give a quick response. Others judge by how a person looks and do give a damn. But when 159 taking the time to actively listen to another person, you gain their trust and you fill their emotional bank account. The bank account is how much trust you build with your listener. The higher the trust or deposit, you will actively listen and try to step your feet inside their shoes and make much more effort to giving a response. This in then will help you bond much better with your listener and make yourself a better person from their perspective. • Adulthood I just found out one of my best friends is pregnant. I was her maid of honor on August 30th, 2008. I introduced them when she was a sophomore in high school and he was a freshman at Purdue. He is also one of my best friends. She called me ten minutes ago and said, "I just wanted to let you know that I'm due on October 17th." I cried, couldn't stop smiling, and mustered up a simple "congrats Angie." I really could not be more happy for her. It isn't simply because she's having a baby. It has a lot to do with the fact that they are in love, married, and have succeeded as a young couple. She is younger than I am by two months. I still think she has accomplished more than I could ever dream of. Anyone else who tells me they are getting married or having a baby at this age disgusts me, but not Matt and Angela. They lived their lives to the fullest before they met, but they needed each other. She helped him become the amazing, sober person that he is today. While, at the same time, he showed her what true love meant and how to be a happy person. I'm not jealous by any means, but I can only hope to be as united as the two of them have come to be. At the age of 21 and 23, they had a 20,000 dollar wedding and owe nothing on it. It was a beautiful ceremony and all of our best friends were the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Angela and Matt don't really come around much anymore, so it was my job to get everyone together as many times as possible last year to plan the wedding events and the parties leading up to it. I was happy to do that. I have always been the one in my group of friends to take the reins socially. I honestly think that if it weren't for me, a lot of my friends would no longer be on speaking terms. Now, this isn't my way of boasting. I actually think I'm rather pathetic in the sense that I am so dependent on other people that I refuse to let anyone exit my life. I will make sure there is always a bond amongst my friends because I need them and I want them to 160 realize how much we all need each other. Matt and Angela may have strayed from the path that the rest of us are taking by getting married and having a baby at an early age, but they are successful in their own way. And I love them for that. • What you want? It was interesting to see the different comments that men and women had about the opposite sex. The main thing that got my attention was the huge difference in views between men and women. There was a huge disconnect between the two and this is what causes the underlying issue and conflict between the two. This disconnect causes issues in expectations, views, and relationships. So for years, there has never been any clarification or resolution to this problem and honestly I do not think there ever will be. This issue probably will not be changed because a lot of it has to do with genetics and just the tendencies of males and females. It would be too hard to changed learned behaviors. The same issue can happen regarding leadership. If there is a disconnect between a leader and their follows this can only lead to problems. Having these different views in expectations can only cause future problems especially if they go unresolved. Followers not knowing what their leader expects of them only makes them unable to fulfill their duties and cause their work to not be up to par or what their boss wants. As for leaders if they do not make their expectations clearly stated then this will cause issues for their followers. Followers having unknown goals cause followers to have an unclear understanding on what to do. Even though males and females are unable to completely correct problems caused by the disconnect, leaders have the ability to clarify their goals. Clearly stating what leaders want from their followers can only provide a means to avoid problems. So creating an environment that has specified expectations and open communication can only be beneficial for the leader and followers • • Part 1 I remember few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my friends who graduated from Purdue too and now working. He complaining me that he works so hard but some people don’t recognize his hard work and all his efforts for the company. This is where validation is all about. Validation talks about how to confirm the validity about people efforts or something that can bring confidence toward working so that they would continue to work at their best as they can. This is also a great way to bring reward to someone by telling someone they doing a good job or simply just thanking them Today in class Feinberg revealed his love of movies (which wasn't much of a shock at all). He made some very good points though of why he loved movies in that it lets you escape. Not only does it let you escape but it allows you to dream and enter their world. I can honestly say that I watch and look at movies differently now that I took this class. 161 • • When I watch a movie now I can easily pick up leadership themes. Before this class I would just watch a movie and take it for entertainment purposes only. Now when watching movies I find a leadership lessons in the movie. I then take that leadership lesson and ponder it and that benefits my life and leadership education. Movies can be such powerful tools for leadership. They inspire thousands of people that watch them in multiple ways. In an earlier blog I talked about how Good Will Hunting was such a good leadership movie. I watched that movie just because I heard it was a good movie. However, after watching it I was moved. Me being moved by it lead to me writing about it in my blog. Movies can inspire and move us in many directions in our lives. I can actually take something I saw in a movie and apply it to everyday life. Now obviously some things are in movies for a reason and can't be in the real world (Star Wars) but you still can find leadership in them. Overall I think movies make us feel better about our lives or at least make us hopeful for the future. They can help motivate us, which in turn motivates us to become better leaders. It's no surprise why movies are so popular Throughout this year, X has been so gracious to me, and she has shown me all three of my favorite points in this class. She has told me to get off my butt (in nicer terms). She has showed kindness through understanding why I am not in class. She has also shown that by investing time in me, and reaching out, that she could help me get through this class. I have loved this class. It has taught me a lot, and I am glad I could be a part of it. Fiasco # 3 - I get to Entrepreneurship class the next morning and 3 of the guys are very late for class...and we're the first group to present! So the one who showed up on time and me have to start the presentation and watch the others filter in during and take their respectable places to give their parts. So I've been wondering since Thursday how leaders get the energy to deal with people who can't commit, or for whatever reason, don't perform at our expectations. I think it's because I did put so much into the presentation, that I allowed the others to take an auto-pilot role. There is a fine line between leading and taking over. When you take over, people can take advantage and let you hold up the entire organization. • A lesson my mom taught me during that week: I call my mom overseas every week, Here was our conversation: M = mom J = me M: " so did you bring anything for your cousin?" J: "no, because the city she is at is much much much much bigger than Lafayette so it would be stupid to bring anything." M: "that's not good" J: "why?" M: "you should do that to express your appreciation for letting you spend your spring break over there!" J: "oh...." M: "did you pay for meal while you guys were out?" J: "no..." M:"ok..after we are done, you should tell them that you are buying them 162 dinner sometime next week for appreciation" J: "why? they won't mind ok... she is my cousin, she won't care about that" M: "no, you have to. You have to show you appreciation for anyone who did you a favor, helped you or treat you nicely despite the relationship between you two! You are not only have to do that to your cousins, you also have to do that to your brothers!!" J: "fine... ok, I’ll tell them that." My mom was right. I was totally wrong, although my cousin also said that she wouldn't care, but she and her husband were happy about that, and my cousin said to me "Yes, your mom knows about life. She does show that she cares about others." I guess my mom would be a great leader when she is not in the role of MY MOM. YES MOM, I am really happy to have you as my mom. =) Thank you <3 Also thank yous for my cousin and her husband ;) • Parents: The most important leaders in your life. While home on spring break I have been spending a lot of time with my family. I love my family and will brag about them whenever I get the chance. While spending time with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law and my new nephew, I started thinking about how important our parents' leadership is in our lives. My parents have been married for 35 years and this alone is a huge force in my life. I know many people that have parents who have divorced. What kind of leadership is a divorce? What is that telling their children? I will do everything I can to follow the example my parents have set. They are good people and I strive every day to make them proud, because they have always made me proud. The thing that really made me start thinking about leadership and parenting, though, was my sister and my nephew. My nephew is now seven months old, but even though has not very old, my sister and brother-in-law have to be good leaders. I believe, in laymen’s terms, that parents who screw up are the ones that have kids that screw up. Parents have to set a good example so that their kids know what is expected of them. Kids are sponges and will soak up everything that their parents do. I realize that sometimes no matter what parents do to try to be good role models, their kids still may not follow them. I think, though, that the majority of the time, parents are the single best leader in theirs kids lives. 163 • • • Don't read this as me kissing ass Dr. Feinberg, but Thank you. And so it goes"... the semester has come to an end. Although this was definitely my most intriguing class of the semester for it constantly kept me on my feet... I must be honest by saying that I am a little relieved it is over. It's not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy waking up Monday and Wednesday morning knowing that my Blackberry was going to be flooded with emails from Richard Feinberg, but finding the time to thoroughly read all those emails to bring any sort of value or benefit my life was sometimes a struggle and a bit stressful, for you never know, a missed email could equal a missed opportunity. Apparently the solution was to make a smoke signal or a light signal with a damn compact mirror. Really? A compact mirror is going to signal an airplane in broad daylight? I understand that there would be people looking for us, but I don't think a little hand-held mirror would cut it. Another one of the things we had to rank was 2 quarts of 180 proof vodka, oh, and a loaded pistol. Guess what I was thinking... A few swigs of vodka and a bullet for each of us, and we wouldn't have to figure out what to do with the rest. Call me a pessimist if you must. • • • I'm an optimist, but an optimist who brings her raincoat. I my own boss Title of blog of Blogs are for the birds I am a shy person like the dude but I need to overcome it as I need to keep pushing myself to a point that I feel satisfied (not setting the bar low). But if you’re too scared, you won't be making big changes. Big changes come from people with confidence, they will sacrifice themselves for their beliefs. That’s the kind of leader I want to become next year. Thanks Dr. Feinberg for making me want to become a person like that. And thats how it goes....YO - • Group leader Team "Wicked Awesome" lead by X Coonan is by far the closest and most cohesive group with the best leader. Check the results....X made us a Wicked Awesome team, PROPS! Let me start off by talking about how proud I am of my group leader X Coonan. I was very proud when Dr. Feinberg called her out in front of class and congratulated her. Go Team Wicked Awesome! • My mom is working in non-profit organization now. Before she enters, people do their jobs their own way, and most of the people had been there for more than 15 years. After she entered, she realized that people are not following the guidelines so then she tried to convince people to follow the guide line. So then this is usually what happens: A = my mom B = other people A: "we should follow the guide lines the headquarters gave us..." 164 B: "we've been doing this for more than 10years, so this is right" A: "but this is not what the guideline states..." B: "this is how we do things here, this is the way here!" so then my mom kind of retreated since she is just a newbie in the organization few weeks passed, she went to a meeting in the headquarters.... The HQ announced that starting now, every sub-organization have to follow the rule so it would make everything easier. So then my mom passed the message onto them. What happened was those people were so mad at my mom and even yelled at my mom saying that they will not do that way because they've done it their way for the past years before she came. My mom still tried to communicate with them, telling them that it's the HQ's order and told them that she'll be willing to help them to follow the guide line. Even so, one of the ladies was still furious and had spread rumors saying that my mom is picking on her. My mom felt frustrated and a little angry about this because she just couldn't understand why people can't follow the rules. So then she came home and talked to my dad about the situation. Unsurprisingly, my dad said, "She's in the organization for more than 20 years and do the job for more than 10 years. Just think about how much she did for the organization! This would be reasonable for her not to follow the rules...." This is a typical result of relationship (long relationship with the organization)>reason>rule. But my mom thinks that rules are rules! The rules are made to be followed despite who she is, how long she is in the organization, all rules should be followed. • I totally agree with my mom. She is a very nice person, a very very kind lady, she could easy forgive those who hurt her, she would help those who needed all she can, she cares about everyone around. But, when it comes to work, she think everyone should follow the instruction otherwise the team would be in a chaos. I think she is right, but in our culture people usually don't think that way. I guess she is just born in the wrong culture; otherwise, people would recognize her as a great leader. The first day in 309 broke all those rules having no teacher, no syllabus, and no structure. This shows you how leadership is important and how people have came to expect to lead. • So long We just had our very last CSR309 class. It was oh so bittersweet. No, but really, it was kind of sad to think we won’t ever have it again. I enjoyed going to a class that was completely unpredictable. I also got so many things out of the class. I have come to realize that I waste far too much time sleeping and watching TV than I should. Also, I think that I have the potential to be an amazing force in anything that I do, but I constantly show mediocrity because of pure laziness. Compared to most of my friends, I am motivated and extremely successful. This is only because none of my friends from high school or even grade school went to college. A few of them didn’t even graduate high school. It’s easy for me to surround myself with them and feel like the most 165 successful girl in the world. I go to college, have the same job I have has since 15, am in a sorority, was the VP and President of that sorority, blah blah blah. Truth is, I don’t put much effort into anything that I do. I have been skating by in school for years and am graduating a year late and with a different major because of it. I was lucky enough to be born with a level of intelligence that most people don’t have. Therefore, I don’t study for tests because I tend to be good at guessing. I can outsmart most people in relationships. You know how they say “you can’t bullshit a bullshitter”? Well, trust me, no one can bullshit me. That’s not necessarily a good thing. I don’t like that I’m good at lying and getting away with things because it becomes second nature. This all comes back to laziness. This class makes me want to do things with my time, good things for good people. This semester I even worked more hours because I started feeling guilty about drinking and sleeping my way through the weekends. Sure, compared to a lot of people I am a successful young woman with a lot of potential. To me, I am just a young woman with a lot of potential. Goodbye Mormon motivational speaker Goodbye Monday and Wednesday classes Goodbye CSR309 Goodbye Feinberg • • • I just received my Living Obituary back from Feinberg. Now, while I didn't get a bad grade on the paper, I was very disappointed in the alleged CEO of this class. Writing, "This is not well written" with no explanation as to why, is NOT a good way to do things. I want feedback, because quite frankly, I spent a lot of time considering this complete stranger I was supposed to write about as if I'd known her for my entire life. I wrote a very nice life story for this girl - and it wasn't a story as if she had died. I captured her essence to the best of my ability. I understand that you don't want to be a good leader...yet...or whatever...but that feedback sucked. I was legitimately upset about this email. It ruined my day. Ugh What do I think the point was? I think the point was to realize that people yearn for instruction and leadership. We want to be told what to do and how to do it. We want guidance. When left to our own devices we doubt ourselves and pretend it's not our fault that we are just sitting around doing anything besides what we should be doing. We wait. T his week was a more busy, stressful week in that on Monday we had a test. The test was over "The Leadership Challenge" and all the readings from the syllabus. I was unsure what to make of the test being that there was probably nearly 600 pages of testable material. I sent a text to a friend who had taken the test and asked him what I should do to prepare for it and how worried I should be for it. He responded with "Haha try to get a 50 percent on it and then do bonus that's what I did and got an A in the class." This was relieving but at the same time depressing knowing that I was probably going to do pretty poorly on the test; I had read the book and somewhat skimmed over the readings but I still felt like I was going in there unprepared. The test went how I 166 imagined it would in that there were 10 short answer questions. Some questions were easier than others and some seemed like you could BS your way out of them. Admittedly, I did do quite a bit of BS-ing. I figured the more I wrote the better chance I had to get something right. • Restaurant Visit Normally, as you walk into a restaurant you expect a friendly smile and welcome. However, during a current family visit to a brand new restaurant, we received neither of these. Not only did the hostess not acknowledge us for 20 minutes, our orders were all wrong, and the wait staff seemed to be uninterested in our table. When I got up to use the restroom, it was dirty and unkempt. At the end of the meal, a member of our party asked to speak with the manager. At first I expected an apology, and hopefully some compensation. Neither of these were given. As I was listening to the manager try and give justification for how our experience went, I thought to myself that the attitude of the manager must have an effect on his staff. Being an inspirational, and motivated leader is what employees will look for. The acts of this leader, has not only brought the attitude of his servers down, but I am sure it will not help his sales. • At least there was one or two questions on the exam about the articles, and thankfully I did read the first chapter because I did get some of the answers that way. But with all that, I still ended up getting just below a 50%. Oops. Lesson learned. READ THE BOOK. Going into this test, I was extremely ticked at the leaders...and Dr. Feinberg. There were numerous of rumors going around that I had heard that the leaders failed their task of not asking for a study guide, so therefore, Dr. Feinberg was going to make the test impossible and so that everyone would fail. I heard this early on either before today or early this morning. That's a lot of why I gave up on reading the book. I thought that because the leaders failed, we were essentially going to fail also. Once again, I was wrong. • • When I finally got the test, I was literally wanting to kick myself. The test questions would all be really simple to answer, if only I had just done what I was supposed to do and read the dang thing. So in the end, even though the leaders may have failed us, that is no reason for us to fail ourselves. I think that is a big lesson in this class. Of course, there will be some leaders who won't do all that they can do to help us succeed, but if we work hard enough, there is no reason why we can't still all get an A in the class. NO Reason So Monday we received our team assignments. I thought it sucked. Being e-mailed and saying "Hey, I'm your group leader" was a little rude, I thought. It would have been nice to have taken time out during class for the team leaders to divide us up and do introductions. Instead, we show up for class today to built a fort and we don't even know each-other Dear my little darlings, Mom and dad can't always be with you. There would be difficult times you need to face while at school. If anyone picked on you for no reason, don't be salient, stand up for yourselves. Don't give a thing about "WORLD PEACE", it's the biggest lie in the world. If 167 • • someone bullies you and no one helps you, FIGHT BACK !! You have to fight back!! Let those people know that you are not weak! Show them that you are STRONG and let them know they did/think are wrong. And let them LEARN that they can never at advantage on you. If you do so, I'll be very proud of you my kids. Love, mom Joyce Every week I play with my roommate in the basement with all her art supplies. While she does her homework for her art class I see how ugly I can make a piece of paper. What I have learned is that her assignments are always very open ended. She asks me if I like something, I ask her what the assignment is, she tells me whatever she wants. I feel like this would be a great way to teach leadership. She has to step up and make whatever comes to her mind for a grade. I think it’s amazing. Granted she doesn't really have to lead anyone on this assignment so maybe leadership isn't exactly the word I am looking for. I think this ability to discover yourself is a step in the direction of becoming a better leader though. She can creatively express who she is through a canvas of colors. I find being with her just allows me to relax and have fun. I think these times are fun. I challenge myself to make my ugly piece of paper turn into one of her amazing pieces of art. I don't get nearly as close as she does to perfection but I try. The more I work with her the more I start making things I like. I learn what looks good and what looks bad. It allows me to get in touch with a side I never would have. A step in the right direction to becoming a stronger leader. On another note I want to take the time to thank my AMAZING group leader X once again, I know I have a post dedicated to her but I just want to say once again I am truly glad and blessed to have been in her group and to personally know her. X is one of those people that are beckons of light and always on a positive note. I can't see why anyone could dislike or not what to be around here. As for Team Wicked Awesome it was an outstanding group with amazing people that knew what we wanted, followed our leader to the death, and still had a good time together. I hope other groups were envious of our tight knit love for each other. That teams and X really made the rest of the semester of CSR 309 that more better • Currently work at Chumley’s Brew House in Lafayette, and over the last two years I have noticed changes that didn't think the restaurant was going to be able to overcome. I am now a part of a team that has changed the entire attitude at work. By doing this we are seeing more and more people coming in to have a good time. When I first started they weren't known for their customer service and people are now impressed with the service that we provide. Hopefully we can continue with our success and all of us as a team can continue to show leadership with new staff and make the restaurant an even better place to dine at. I love the leadership that the managers are displaying while working and making sure that they are getting the acknowledgement that they deserve. • group leader I just wanted to make a post dedicated to our team leader x and her extraordinary, outstanding performance as a group leader. I feel really lucky to be a part of her team and I know that I would not be doing as 168 well I am in the class if I was in any other group. x goes above and beyond her responsibilities. I know that a lot of her grade is weighted on her performance but I think she does a lot of it out her genuine kindness. She is always on top of things of letting us know through emails and before/after class what needs to get done, what is coming up, what we need to do as a group, what our goals/visions are, and anything that Feinberg gives to her. She also makes out plan sheets for us or guidelines which also is a big help. This in return helps me stay on top what needs to be done for CSR 309 or for our group. She is also very supportive of our group and makes us united as a group. Our own personal cheerleader haha. Every time we do little things well in class she is the first to personally email and congratulate us on it, which makes me feel good about doing a good job and want to keep doing well for her and the group as a whole. She is always optimistic about things, like when we got chewed out by Feinberg a few times as a class as a whole, she just told us to keep our heads up, we are doing great as a group, and not to always take to heart what Feinberg’s rants because well that is what he does best is rant. I am glad that Feinberg has recognized her in class for a job well done on our GM1 even though as a group we did the paper, but she was the one that put that fire under our butts to do well, organize the paper, and to get it done. If there was a reward for the best team leader I definitely would want x to get it and if she did not then they are truly not seeing an amazing true definition of a leader. I could have never been 1/4 of a leader she is. So x KUDOS! keep it up the amazing work and don't ever let anyone make you feel inferior or get you down because you are a beautiful person inside which I truly mean. I know you will go far in life with the gracious personality and headstrong mentality you have. Thank you for having me be a part of your team. That is what I took away from Wednesday's class, that and that team Wicked Awesome is probably the best, most fun and united team in CSR 309, I couldn't off asked for any other team, I would actually be envious if I wasn't on this team. WICKED AWESOME! • The Little Rascals “I’ve got two pickles, I’ve got two pickles, I’ve got two pickles today … hey hey… a doo daaa dii daa doo da day!.. I’ve got two pickles 169 today! hey hey!” Buckwheat. Little Rascals is by far one of my favorite movies. A true leader can be seen in Spanky. He successful made the He-Man Woman Haters Club and led his club to a victory at the soap box derby race. The group comes up with a way to make money for the second race car by setting up a booth and charging money for what would have been a free talent show. Alfalfa goes against the club by falling in love with Darla. The club eventually breaks them up and the entire movie Alfalfa tries to win her back against the wishes of the club. At the end of the movie Alfalfa gets the girl and is a trend setter. The He-Man Woman Haters no longer are women haters. The club changes it rules because of a vision Alfalfa had at the very beginning. He ends up being a leader as well. • • • Thank you for being a beacon of light and showing me how the little things in life can make an enormous change in our lives. "He never let us forget, whether with his words or actions, that ANYONE can do ANYTHING with a dream" I wanted Dr. Feinberg to call on me that day, and probably only that day, because I knew exactly what I was going to say. I would have told him about me playing paintball and all how it is an up and coming sport, where professionals barley get compensated for the time/money they put into it. I would have told him about the struggle, funding a team as a teenager, convincing your parents that even though paintball is not going to take you through college like baseball...ugh..that someday I was going to show them a paycheck and raise a family from playing the game I love. I would have told him about how I wake up and work EVERY SINGLE DAY to make this dream a reality. I would have then explained how I am currently climbing the mountain of my dreams and making good progress. I travel all over the country almost constantly doing the thing I love, and at this point I do it for free. There are a very select handful of players that are living my dream, and I haven't stopped nipping at their heels for a minute. I don't know what Dr. Feinberg would have thought about my dream, but if it were to be able to make one point, I would want it to be that even though I am not the kid running to the front of the class to be a group leader, or the person scouring the e-mails constantly for extra credit(but will try harder to do), I am the kid that is exhausted every day trying to listen to my professors and learn how to be a better leader, while at the same time constantly putting it into action in pursuit of my team and I's dream. I guess I would just want him to know that although imp not dancing, imp still listening and learning; acting as the sponge vie learned to be through my paintball career, and that to me is more important than any grade. "When facing your dreams, don't follow the great, BE THE GREAT, otherwise you will just simply be one step behind"-me Today I was in line behind this guy who was trying to buy a drink at Loops in the Union. His credit card/debit card was declined, so I just told the girl to throw my stuff on there too, and I'd get it for him. It really just made me happy to see this guy smile, because he was already on his way to take the drink back to the refrigerator. He said, "Wow, you're just a nice person." I don't want to sound self-righteous or any of that nonsense - I just really think that recognizing leadership since I've been in this course has helped me a whole lot. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have been happy to help someone out BEFORE this class, but I honestly think my shyness would have held me back from saying 170 anything. I have been trying to work around my incredible shyness in order to be a better leader in the future. • Just last night I got extremely inspired by the movie, "Stop-Loss." Not only did I bawl my eyes out towards the ending of it, but it really opened my eyes to something so extremely important. I am not a supporter of this war that we are in any way shape or form -- but I am a huge supporter in our troops...our soldiers and everything they are doing over there. They are risking their lives for us while we sit here going about our day. In this movie, we see Rico, a soldier, get extremely wounded during his time in Iraq. He has lost one of his arms, a leg, and his vision. His face was so burnt off that it hurt to even look at him. But his spirit was not lost. When his sergeant went to go see him, you could see how happy he was, and when his sergeant (played by Ryan Phillippe), was leaving, you can see the sadness in the soldier's face. It was heart wrenching to see this, and even though this may have been a movie, I don't doubt that there are people like Rico everywhere. After watching this movie, I want to so badly find some army hospitals nearby and just spend a day out of my week with these wounded men, even if it was for just a couple hours. The idea of them just sitting or laying in their beds without the means to be able to move or talk to anyone makes me so sad. So yeah, movies are amazing. Not only do they entertain you, but they help you forget your own problems, perhaps even help find solutions to your problems, escape reality for just a minute, or even bring you to reality and inspire you -- in this case, it inspired me. • • I feel bad for my roommate who never came and sat through a class to experience your life changing lectures even one time. Tonight in 309 things really started to click in my head. Up until now I have been questioning every assignment because I just never got it. But now, I think I understand that I have been making excuses. I was blaming others for things that were in my control. I have been doing assignments haphazardly because I never understood the point. But now I realize that there is a method to all of this madness that is CSR 309. I need to stop blaming people and really put forth a great effort. I have so much more to offer than what I have been showing. From now on, I want to start taking more time on my work, and showing people the leader inside that I know I can be. • It's 11:05 pm on a Wednesday night and I just found myself thinking of Feinberg. Sneaky rascal • Today, one of my friends at another big university turned down an invitation to a boy's formal because she is hoping to be asked by another boy. When her mother found out about this, she was upset because during college she was never one of the "popular" girls asked to many formals by multiple handsome men (she had to be 171 lying...seriously) and because of this she always envied and almost despised those girls. When asked why her daughter would not be flattered and say yes to the boy to asked her, she said that she felt uncomfortable because she doesn't know any of his friends or their dates who will be at this formal, but she has friends attending the other. To this, her mom, who is a very, very successful business woman in an executive position for a large car manufacturer, appeared even angrier. She said, "Why would you ever pass up the opportunity to meet new people to go to an event where you already know everyone. How will you ever be successful if you cannot make friends and network?" The fact that she has obviously gotten to be where she is today because of her ability to socialize and network in any situation really set the light bulb off in my head. Of course. If we only allow ourselves to be in situations that we are "comfortable" with, we will never grow or get anywhere. If we only turn right, we will drive in circles forever. If we only buy chocolate ice cream and never vanilla, we will never know how good chocolate-vanilla swirl is! From now on, I will never go to a party and only socialize with the people with have familiar faces but rather strike up a conversation with someone I've never even seen. Who knows when that person will become your new best friend...or your business partner • Pshhh, Mel Gibson Has nothing on me..(What Women Want) Today was yet another entertaining class. We learned about sexual harassment and watched some humorous clips poking fun at the very serious issue. I read the material that Dr. Feinberg sent via e-mail last weekend about what women and men want. We went over it in class and I saw some more of the comments and a few were outrageous. I saw a trend of the comments referring to guys ( me included) as "pigs". Are all guys pigs? I try to honor and absolve this skewed notion of a man. If we are such pigs, why is it scientifically proven that women think about sex more often than men do? Actually, twice as much to be more specific and accurate. If you don't believe me, do your research. ALARMING facts here. What are women? Angels put on this earth to beautifully frolic and grace US men with their presence? Maybe, so. I'm just giving some points to think about not that I don't think of women in that sense or any less, but all men are NOT pigs. Moving on. The lesson I learned in discussing sexual harassment is to always stay professional in the work place. Treating others equally and not any lesser due to their gender. I can do this by leading through example and setting precedent. I cannot join the stereotype of sexual deviant men that women try to mold men as • The fact that I am writing this blog now about week 9 which was two weeks ago on the subject of times management is kind of ironic. You could say maybe I didn't apply what was taught to me in class because I have had plenty over break to write this, but this probably got pushed back because it was not urgent and I knew I could always write it after break, which is what I a doing now. 172 • Looks do matter? In the past, I have heard controversy of weather looks matter in the work world. In my opinion the answer is yes and no. Being a good leader involves many qualities, despite looks. You do not need to be a supermodel or a bodybuilder to be successful in the work world. However, being well kept and groomed will get you farther up the corporate ladder. Coming to work every day in nice clothes and done hair will earn you more respect. It demonstrates that you are organized and well put together, which are both aspects in a good leader. Your employees will respect you and it will reflect the positive qualities that you can bring to the company. Overall, I believe that looking professional and cleanly will improve your confidence, and the way your employees view you when trying to build status in the work world. • Easter Church Service - Religion and Leadership As an out of state student I went home with a friend’s family and observed a church service for Easter weekend. I have never sat through a church service and specifically paid attention to the leader. The leader at the front of today's service was a priest. He stood in white gowns with two assistants that sat behind him. He was the only individual facing the church at all times. All the parishioners were facing the front. I found myself asking myself is this effective leadership. He commanded great attention and was very powerful. I was attentive and listened. It is an interesting concept church. Is the priest the leader in the minds of parishioners or is god? Who are they really there to listen to? Is church spiritually driven (within oneself) or speech driven (by the priest)? • A leadership journey is never ending. It is something we each embark on as a small child. How we treat our selves and others can measure part of our success. The way we grow and adapt to change indicates one’s ability to learn….The most valuable lesson I have learned thus far is being an excellent leader makes all the difference. Pick your team wisely, share expectations, be the best boss and your team will not fail you. Trying to conquer a task meant for many alone will result in nothing more than basic achievement. • One Last Thought You are reminded of the value of good leader when you are presented with a bad one. I've been meaning to get this off my chest for awhile. Dr. Feinberg told me to basically get off my ass and do something with my life because I 173 have no idea when it will end. Well I had an experience when I returned from spring break because a good friend of mine hung himself over that break. He came home one night, told his sons goodbye, went to the barn, and hung himself. This isn't like any other suicide because it was premeditated. He wanted to end it, but I don't understand why. This man seemed like the happiest man I have ever met in my life. He had 3 sons who were nothing but good and a wife who was even better. He and his wife were having issues, but that is no reason to leave your family behind. I really respected this person. I almost felt like he had the perfect life. He had a beautiful home, a beautiful wife, and 3 sons that adored him. What else could you want? What is there to be sad about? If you can't tell I really respected this person and wanted to have the same life almost. Well going back to the point. I remembered what Feinberg said about living life to the fullest and I decided that I would stop being afraid of useless stuff. I came to the conclusion that this is my life and I could make it if I wanted to or I could just sit idly by and watch. Watching is fun, but it isn't what I want. I found out that I like to watch people and I like knowing people. This is coming from an only child as well so fathom that. I decided to get to know someone new every week. Reach out and try to make someone else's life better. As of now I have no idea if I've made anyone else's life better, but I do know that I have gotten to know someone new each week. Spring break was the start with the cabby, but I plan on doing it every week from here on out. The last realization I came to, after getting to know different people every week, is that everyone has a story to tell. Each person I met had at least one interesting story to tell about themselves. It is really cool to know that I have those stories in my memory because it means I made a connection with that person. Take the cabby in Panama for example. This person had such a hard and interesting life and she didn't even know it. If you have been reading my blogs you will understand what I'm talking about. To end this session I will say this: Don't pass up an opportunity to get to 174 know someone new. You never know when someone's story will change your life, or when you can change someone else's life. Keep an open mind and go out into the world looking for what makes you happy. • • • • • • The perfect example of leadership.....not really. Although spring break is a very fun week, I can easily say there is very much a lack of good leadership. I was amazed by how quickly people would agree to do anything. The DJ of the beach would get on the microphone and announce a contest and people would get up on stage and do the contest.... no matter what it was! I was amazed to see how many people in one week ate corn dogs to the point of making themselves sick. I'm talking about left and right people would agree to do things there is no way they would consider doing any other week. The leadership basically didn't exist except the DJ who people mindlessly followed. It would be interesting to have someone do a study on the influences of spring break. Although it is clear the number one influence is alcohol what other influences would exist? Also, the pressures of spring break clearly should be factored in. I can't help but wonder what makes a person get up on stage. This week happened to be my 21st birthday week, and it made me think a lot about what I have accomplished so far in my life. It took me about 10 minutes to try to think of what exactly it is that I have accomplished, and I have very little to report. In class we talked about having a vision for yourself, and knowing exactly where you want to go. I think I am struggling with this concept because I know so little about what I want to do upon graduation. It is getting increasingly harder for me to focus on my schoolwork (especially know that bars are in the picture), and therefore, my grades are suffering. I am usually a very driven person, but for some reason, I cannot get myself to find the importance of the classes I am in. I am sure that they will help me in the future, but it is getting very easy to just do mediocre work instead of great work. Sometimes I just feel like none of my classes have a point, and that makes it very hard to have a vision. Hopefully soon I will get some motivation back and will be able to work in my classes to find how I can be great. There were two things that you told us in one of the first lectures. Opportunities to add value are everywhere & opportunities are everyday: I now see what you were talking about. There ARE opportunities everywhere. I see them more and more every day. I see them at work now all the time. If I see something that needs to be done at work I will do it before someone tells me to do it. I'm taking more initiative in my life when I used to just sit back and let people tell me what I needed to do next. I do not let other people run my life. If I see something that I want to do I'll do it. If it’s an opportunity that could help me in the future then I will step up and do it. At my current job, we just recently had our performance reviews. I took from this that I need to step up. I realized that my being at work is serving a bigger purpose. I'm not just there to make money. I'm there to help people. When I see an opportunity present itself at work I take it. I do the work that maybe someone else would have done before. If more people took the time to share their pain with others, I think we would all be more understanding and empathetic. One thing from another class that seems to fit here is: learn from your past, live in the present, and plan for your future. I picked up at least three things through class that have changed and made an impact in my life so far. First, I have utilized my time better and created a better agenda. I am maximizing my day and organizing by priority of what I must accomplish first. Time is indeed a valuable commodity and cannot be replaced. I have realized this and life is 175 • • ticking away. LIKE RIGHT NOW! Secondly, I have learned to speak up and share my opinion with others. Most of the time the best opinions and thoughts are by the people who don't want to speak up. They are drowned out by the more extroverted personalities. Take charge is a motto I'm implementing into my lifestyle. I can't sit back and let things unfold without me in the thick of it. Thirdly, I have learned how to be a leader. To walk the walk and talk the talk. My confidence has increased and it needs to be for people to buy in and follow my plans. I have learned a lot and my time in CSR 309 was a great experience. It's a class I have gotten something out of and that I can use in the real world day-to-day. I know that I can relate to every person that said something about divorce. My parents have not divorced yet, but it literally is like they don't even know each other. Even the simplest of conversations will somehow turn into an argument and feelings will get hurt and they will grow further apart, which doesn't just damage them, but also my siblings and me. I worry about the example they have set for us and how we will have a harder time in our relationships because of it. It all comes from a lack of self leadership, mostly by my dad and an ability to control his feelings and anger. How can you ever expect to be a good leader for a family, when you cannot even control your words and sometimes your actions? What kind of example does that set for your sons or your daughter? I believe that the most important practice of exemplary leadership is to model the way, especially in a family unit. You can tell a person all you want about what you should do, but if you don't do it yourself, it sends a confusing message to your followers. Most animals have leaders of their pack. Everyone goes along with what the leader wants and if they don’t, they get kicked out of the pack. Why can’t leadership be that simple for us? If you defy the rules of the group you aren’t in the group anymore. I mean I guess we wouldn’t have much of a class if leadership were so simple, although, it would be easier. • Pursuit of Perfection The University of Connecticut women's basketball team went an outstanding 39-0 this season. They never even had an opponent come within single digits of beating them all year. The closest game they played they still won by ten points. This is the second time in 8 years that this basketball program has gone undefeated for the entire season. There hasn't been an undefeated men's team since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. The fact that the UConn women's team has done this twice in the past 8 years shows the outstanding leadership that is in the entire program. I give most of the credit to their coach Geno Auriemma. First, he has to take the initiative to go out and recruit the best players in the country, and in doing that he has to be able to pick the players that will be able to lead his team as seniors. Not only does he have to show leadership himself, but he has to be able to recognize leaders on the basketball court. UConn is constantly a contender for the national championship because of the leadership of their coaches and their ability to see leadership in players. 176 • The most common pain statements were: 1. pain from having divorced parents 2. being abused 3. being overweight 4. addiction to drugs/ alcohol 5. feeling unworthy and useless • The most important lesson gained from these statements was the importance and influence parents have on their children. It was obvious that parents created the majority of the pain discussed. Even at the ages of 20 + we look so carefully at our relationship with our parents. As a parent it seems you must do 100 good things to counter act 1 bad thing. The effort and attention I will give to my children will be with love and lessons. I will protect them from abuse, broken relationships, and pain suppressors. During lecture I was sitting next to a fellow classmate whose pain statement was discussed. It was specifically in reference to being abused as a child. Just discussing her pain statement created great emotion and pain once again. Uncontrollably she began to cry. Post lecture she asked if we could sometime discuss class. I said absolutely. During this talk I will sit and listen. I will not provide advice I will do my best just to be a support system I believe she has been lacking for many years. Dr. Feinberg is talking about our pain a coping mechanism or does it create more damage? Overall, what was the point to the lecture? If I had to guess it would be to understand we all have pain and it is more intense than we portray in addition to how to be an excellent parent or oppositely, what not to do as a parent. Sitting on my leadership ass NO MORE shall I sit on my ass and go with the flow. NO MORE shall I doubt my abilities as a leader. • • • NO MORE shall I leave the fate of my grades in class to somebody else. Feinberg also gave us leadership cards with some outstanding quotes on them. Mine is in my wallet and will likely go everywhere with me. I've been looking for a great quote to get a tattoo of and I think the quote by Henry Ford is perfect. "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." You have to believe in yourself. That's the only thing that matters. Think of the many girls that are stumbling around because they have accidentally had one too many drinks... they have a friend who is leading them and being a good leader by getting their friend home and making sure that they are going to be ok. Although, this is a very odd way to demonstrate leadership, it is still being a leader. If each one of those girls decided to go overboard and drink however much they wanted it could be a catastrophe. Who knows what could possibly happen to those girls. Anyways, this was a random leadership demonstration that came to mind as I was out last night Becoming a leader starts from within. You need to find yourself and have attainable goals before you can go out and start making a difference. What difference will you make? Will you have followers? These should be just a few of the questions that we start asking ourselves today, in hopes that we will make something of ourselves in the near future. For most of us this semester, that future is approaching very soon...the real world 177 is closing in on us, and what are we going to do with the lessons that we have so newly learned? Leaders will take that initiative and run with it. • Today's class was necessary but unusually boring compared to normal. I feel that yes it is hard to jazz up racism and discrimination but I feel it still needs some work to really WOW us students • Dr. Feinberg asked some students in class what they would do and their responses were homework, study, and something else that I could not hear. I was thinking, "If he calls on me, I would say SLEEP". I was so tired during class and I think that one extra hour of sleep would help me with my performance for the rest of the day. • Leadership at Work I think that I have not been taking the job that I currently have very seriously. I think that since it’s simply a job to make some extra money on the side during college I do not view at an activity in my life that shapes me. The reality of the situation is that it’s a great opportunity to show what I can bring to the table if I put my mind to it and focus on succeeding. It's so much easier in life to just say, "Oh that doesn't matter because blah blah blah..." but it hit me while I was working the other day that I can do better. If I simply cannot apply myself in my current setting then I need to find a new setting, a new job that challenges me and makes me what to be my best. There's no reason to cruise by in life and that is absolutely something that I have been woken up to over the course of the semester in this class. I want to do better and I need to do better because a year from now there's no more practice it's real life in the real world with a real job. I need to get myself in gear now and work on preparing my work ethic, motivation and leadership qualities so that I can impress the companies that I interview with and eventually help their businesses succeed. • Today's Inspiration "Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you." -- Richard Bach • What would I want my professors, friends, and family to say about me at my funeral? That's something I've never really thought about. Dr. 178 Feinberg mentioned that he doesn't know any of us so he wouldn't say anything at our funeral. Why would he? As of right now, I can't say that I care. • The circle is finally complete. A President has been appointed. The chain of command is now as follows CEO - President - Team Leaders Peons. Now the class will have more structure and we will hopefully be able to achieve our goals more efficiently. • Equality in the Workplace In class a couple of days ago we discussed the idea of women in workplace. A couple of things shocked me. First the negativity of some of the writers was amazing. I am sure some people did not take this too seriously because no names were attached to it. If this is honestly what people think then boy we have a serious problem in the world. I found the stories about some of the women graduates who were harassed in the work place amazing. Especially the one who called our professor on the phone while being chased around by her boss. It is important for a leader to be aware of diversity for numerous reasons. The most obvious is a legal reason. You don't want to cross a boundary and get sued. But the second more important reason is that managing diversity helps keep the organization focused and well oiled. You need to keep a positive work environment in order to accomplish your objectives. When you let diversity issues get out of control the group looses focus on the goal and causes internal problems. You need to deal with diversity issues quickly and harshly in order to make sure they do not interfere with work. You can't force people to not be sexists or racists, but you can force them to not act racists or sexists at work. • There are a few things however that grew tiresome. Once he finally started teaching, it was frustrating at his lectures sometimes. He would give us a point, and then a thousand examples. I feel like sometimes we got the point and yet he hammered it in for an extra twenty or thirty minutes. Especially when we had responses he was reading. After five or ten responses, we got the general point of what he wanted us to take from what we had been replying about. 52 pages of responses later, we were just bored about hearing ourselves bitch and him make the same point. • Burn Out What does a leader do when he sees that his team is starting to burn out and the task is not completed? Well thinking as a follower, what could possibly make me continue to work hard for a person when I am exhausted? I would have to take a 179 few things into consideration: Do I like this person (Do we have a good rapport) Do I feel as if the leader is working up to my expectations of them Are the people around me working just as hard as I am How much do I care if I do not get this done After answering these, and I am still on the fence, what can persuade me to go one way or another? It all comes down to the leader now, the leader must be able to tell that I am exhausted and provide some kind of pick me up in order for a person to feel better then do better. If a person doesn't feel good their production will show. So after seeing that your follower is drained how do you pick them up? Well read go read "The Leadership Challenge" by Posner and Kouzes or read my post below. You have to encourage their heart in some manner. It could be a simple note that states what a great job they are doing or you could bring them lunch if they were unable to go out because of such a heavy load. These little things have huge payoffs in the end. But will you take advantage of them is the real question. • • • • Every missed email is a missed opportunity - Dr. Feinberg sent out many emails and if we missed just one or we did not open it in a timely manner then we could quite possible miss an opportunity for extra credit or a life lesson. I always enjoy the days when class is more like standup comedy hour rather than school If you are one of the first 10 people to read this, e-mail me ( and I will send you something that has to potential to change the rest of our life – just put name and mailing address While I am not sure how this applies to leadership, I can take a guess. You will always be surrounded by people who work a little differently, annoy you, gag you, attract you, etc, etc, etc. And while you're around these people, you will always have some sort of opinion of them, and they will have some sort of established opinion of you. For a better community and group cohesiveness, it is important to remember these opinions exist. It can contribute to better patience levels, knowing people better, etc. This is my take on the whole thing because for example, while I think men do not appreciate women enough, men probably think women take them for granted or what not. That's just the way it goes, and will probably always go. So if I remember that they have an opinion too, I may be more considerate and think a little differently. • I realized that I have already wasted a lot of time not stepping up and being a good leader and from now on, I will try to be a good leader in any way I can. It's all about taking the initiative to DO SOMETHING. 180 You may be the smartest or greatest leader in the world but no one will ever realize that until you step up and show people how great you are. • So do that, make your life what you want it to be! No matter how hard you have to fight, or what obstacles you have to overcome, just do it! So in the end you can say that all of it was worth fighting for! • Driving home from Florida, we were 20 minutes away from home when we got a flat tire. We were in the process of calling AAA, when we saw a truck driver pull over in front of us. Our first reaction was to lock all the doors and stay on the phone with AAA. He came up to the window and asked us what was wrong, and we told him about our flat tire. We had the trunk all packed up, so he helped us get the spare out of the back and changed the tire in about 15 minutes, and then helped us load the car back up. It took him 15 minutes, where as it would have taken AAA probably an hour just to get there. I offered him money and he refused to take it after many attempts. After this incident I started thinking about Kirk Weisler’s lecture about extraordinary people around us every day that we sometimes don't take notice too. After this I felt terrible about being scared or skeptical about him stopping to help us. Just shows there are still genuinely good people left. We got his name and saw the number on the back of his truck and called to tell his company about what he had done and how much we appreciated it. He had told us he had daughters and would want someone to help them too, so needless to say he was a great guy, that deserved recognition. • Biological Leadership Greetings, This week in CSR 309, Professor Feinberg linked about 50 students together along with himself with finger cuffs. I was one the chosen few, I was linked a few people ahead him. Once linked Professor Feinberg told the student in the front to lead us out of the classroom. We started to precede towards the door and all of a sudden a feel a tug on my trailing arm. Professor Feinberg decided to stop and said, "Why should I follow?" With not enough time to alert the leader, I found myself in a very uncomfortable position. After becoming a member of this unit, this came to mind: In terms of a well functioning body, communication is the circulatory system of an organization. It connects every aspect of the body together, from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. When this 181 system is flowing smoothly, the body is able to run efficiently. Even in stressful situations the body would be capable of doing things even the mind (leadership) couldn't imagine. The greatest thing is that there is not a start or finish to the circulatory system, it’s just a continuous flow. There is one part of the circulatory system that stands out, The Heart; it is the source of its strength. I would have to say that the heart would represent the culture of an organization. The culture of an organization should constantly pump the mission and expectations into the members, and provide the tools necessary to succeed every day. And that is exactly what the heart does. Having a great Heart (culture) is essential because if we look up the leading cause of death for Americans we will find heart disease at the top of the list. This applies to business as well because only the strong survive. And you will be the strongest if you're culture and communication flows together in one accord. What you use this well oiled machine for is another blog. Good Day • • You're fired! Two things. When Dr. Feinberg yells, "You're FIRED!" to everyone who walks in late to class, it can be a little hard to take. Granted at this point in the semester, it's more hilarious than anything. However, last week I when I sat down next to a friend in class, she said to, "I can't stand the thought of showing up late to this class, I would rather not come than have to come late." Then I got to thinking about this and how it applies to leadership. Some people are willing to take the humiliation of YOU'RE FIRED and some would rather cut their finger off then suffer through the two little words. But then there is the counterpart, you should not be late if you're responsible. So what's right and what's wrong? I think that this just shows that leaders should definitely have a certain set point patience level. A patience level that tolerates "life" but does not put up with laziness or slacking. I think to be a good leader you have to realize that people have kids, and bills, and spouses, and a whole other realm of things that take place outside of that persons place at work. You just have to be patient and accept that sometimes those other things will have to be important. Dr. Feinberg's class is in the middle of the evening and therefore of course there will be timing issues. There may sometimes be things that will have to cause you to be late. By Dr. Feinberg yelling, "you're fired!" to us, we've realized his bad leadership in this. Hopefully this lesson will always be with me and will come to mind when and if I ever have people working for me whom may show up late. Validation and Rewards. I will be honest that is probably the one thing I always overlook as a leader. Leaders should validate their employees in order to let them know they have done a good job. Even when the leader disagrees with the group member they must validate them. They must let them know that their opinion is important to them and they are valued in the organization. As the video suggested a simple comment about 182 someone’s hair or tie could be appreciated. To apply this to an organization, by validating people's opinions you are able encourage an environment where people are able to freely express ideas. If you invalidate someone’s idea or opinion you run the risk of them not contributing in the future. If they feel like they are going to get made fun of or ridiculed for their ideas why would they present them. In turn this would hurt the organizational culture thus impeding the organizations ability to reach its goals. In my fraternity house a lack of validation really hurts us. When we meet in committees anyone with an idea that is not considered normally is ridiculed. As a result or ideas are all uniform. All though this provides group continuity, it discourages free thinking. The results is the same four or five people make the same decisions. This means we do not have that creative of ideas and we are often times struggling to come up with new ways of thinking. We should be encouraging participation on a larger level and allow everyone's voice to be heard. If we had been more open and validated those ideas perhaps the people that came up with them would be more willing to share their ideas. Some of which could be really important for our organization • At Home With a Smile “If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning ‘good morning’ at total strangers.” ~ Maya Angelou This quote (complements of Kirk Weisler's Thought for the Day) has a lot to do with leadership, especially in our own homes. We often try so hard to impress and be happy on the outside that we forget where true happiness really comes from and what truly matters. Without a happy personal life, the professional life is directly affected whether it shows on the outside or not. Each and every one of us needs to think daily about first making a difference in their own homes, and then spreading that happiness outwards to people on the street or in the workplace. The people we love will be there through thick and thin, and we can count on them when we are having difficult times. It is important to devote time and appreciation to these people because this is where our true core lives. • Kirk spoke of Gallup's 12 questions. These questions can measure employee engagement. The results from the survey showed high employee engagement associated with superior job performance. Gallup's 12 Questions: 1) Do I know what is expected of me at work? 2) Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right now? 3) At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day? 4) In the last seven days, have I received recognition or praise for doing good work? 5) Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person? 6) It there someone at work who encourages my development? 7) At work do my opinions seem to count? 8) Does the mission/purpose of my company make me feel my job is important? 183 9) Are my co-workers committed to doing quality work? 10) Do I have a best friend at work? 11) In the last six months, has someone at work talked to me about my progress? 12) This last year, I had opportunities at work to learn and grow? • Lead by example......Or not Another late night finished up by writing down what leadership topics are on my mind. Leadership by example. I have not really talked about this yet in the blog and we have talked about it in class so... I have a friend who expects everyone in my Fraternity House to study at least ten hours a week. That is job he is academics chair. We are supposed to go to study tables and record our hours. Do you know how many hours a week my friend is actually at the study tables a whopping total of 0? I have never seen him there yet he is supposed to be leading them. Because of that I do not believe more than five people out of a house of one hundred at twenty are actually meeting the required hours. I believe part of the reason was his poor example. In years past we would get at least half the house (still not good) to meet the challenge. It made me realize just how important leadership by example is. I asked a couple of people why they never come and they said well he is never there and that nothing is going to be done for them missing the hours. My friend failed them. They are not studying as much and their grades my slip. If he had set the example and been at the study tables every night he would have been leading by example. People who have gone there because they would have a respect for him. They would follow his example, study more, and thus do better in school. • Do you think Ms. Sparks is talking about you? You shut your mouth when you're talking to me! First of all, that may be one of the greatest quotes of the new millennium. But seriously some people need to shut the f up. I'm not trying to be mean but you know those friends you have that just whine, and complain, and are just overall Debbie Downers? Sometimes I think it would benefit everyone if you just gave these people a swift kick to the baby maker. Feinberg once said "stop whining and start doing the right thing." Seriously though. It's like if these people (and I've been guilty of this too) would take the time they spend bitching and moaning and be proactive in their lives, we would all be thankful. Like how many times have I griped about having to do hw? If I would just shut up and do it, I would probably get it done faster and would be much more efficient. I think that whining leads to procrastination and procrastination is never a good thing. Though it seems that I'm majoring in procrastination, but at least I realize it's a problem right? That's the first step to making a full recovery. Admitting you have a problem. Now this really doesn't have 184 much to do with anything besides shutting people the heck up, but what about those people that seem to be in every class that ALWAYS have to laugh at EVERYTHING? And it's not a little quiet giggle. It's a full on hyena laugh. What I wouldn't do to launch a spit wad at these people. I'm all for a good time, but when it's every class you start to wonder, what could possibly be this funny? I think we have a case of an attention whore on our hands ladies and gents. Pretty freakin obnoxious. Gosh I sound so hostile in this post. Apparently I'm really passionate about Debbie D's and loud mouths. I think I'm going to try to go one day without complaining. That's a good goal. I wonder if I can do it. I'll keep you posted. Until then....You know you love me XOXO So now, I have moved on with my own cereal project. I am in the Purduettes and we are with each other every day rehearsing and we do on average 60 performances semester. Needless to say, we get tired, we get on each other’s nerves, and sometimes we need a little pick me up or some love. I've made it a point to collect everyone's favorite childhood cereals and will deliver these throughout the semester. I love the idea behind it too much to not do anything with it • I think President Obama has a great leadership style to end racism. He is using his power of the president to put an end to the racism, not only in the U.S. but the world. Immediately putting an end to Guantanamo Bay Prison. IT seems that what occurred in the treatment of the prisoners was racist based. Taking away someone’s rights can be considered racist I believe because no matter black or white Asian or Mexican everyone deserves their own rights and taking them away can be considered racist. President Obama is taking great strides I believe in ending racism. Becoming the first black president shows that people are starting not to notice ones race. I hope to think that in 5 to 10 years racism will be gone in the world. Yet, seems like a goal that could be very hard to reach. • According to Dr. Feinberg, an idiosyncratic credit is an allowance for leeway that is gained through making good contributions to the company by volunteering, working hard, and doing more than is expected. Someone who has gained idiosyncratic credit is allowed to do something crazy or wrong while at work or performing work tasks. This is funny to me, but very real. The only catch is, that person isn't granted permission to all of a sudden start being a total idiot all the time. I have gained some idiosyncratic credits in my current position as a night manager at a local liquor store. We have five stores in Lafayette 185 and West Lafayette, with the one I work at being the biggest and main location where the owner and general manager work Monday through Friday. Since we are the biggest store, we get the big beer and wine trucks into our store and then distribute product out to the other stores. Sometimes our "trucker" cannot make it in to do this job, so they call me. I am always happy to come in for this job because 1. It pays better than working in the store 2. It is way more fun than standing in the store for eight hours helping customers and 3. I get to drive around and I love to drive. So I come in when they call me to do this which is a big favor for them because otherwise, the other stores wouldn't get the alcohol they need to operate. I also pick up shifts for my co workers when they need the weekend off or whatever and mow the grass at the store when it needs it. That is how I have gained my idiosyncratic credits, and believe me....I have taken full advantage of them. I work a lot of Friday mornings at the liquor store because I don't have class on Fridays and they usually have a lot of things to do that day. There have been many occasions when I have come in either up to a half hour late or smelling like I just left the bar and looking like it too...probably because I had just gone to bed three hours prior to coming into work. Yes....I have gotten called out for it by my bosses, but the thing that saves me is that I play it off a little bit and work extra hard on those days. That way it doesn't matter to them because I am still getting everything done and doing it well. I just try to stay away from customers on days like those! • SPRiNG BREAK... woooo! Although Feinberg is always in my thoughts... my intentions on Spring Break were to forget about class and hopefully not get an e-mail from 309 every 10 minutes. Thankfully, the e-mails were put on hold for the week (for the most part) --- What I found though was very surprising. The things pounded into our heads in class really stick in my mind. I am constantly observing people in their element, and critiquing the leadership skills of different individuals. SB'09 Leadership Example #1: Sitting in the airport waiting to fly to Ft Lauderdale. The airport intercom system constantly has monotone voices calling people to their flights or the lost and found. What a RELIEF it was and an instant eye opener when someone enthusiastic came on. This person loves their job, it 186 might not be the best job but they give it a personal kick and enthusiasm because it is all they have right now. It even got everyone’s attention and started conversations between me and some people sitting nearby. SB'09 Leadership Example #2: Our flight attendant LOVED his job and LOVED leading the plane. The whole flight was nothing but enjoyable because this man engaged everyone by making it fun while adding humor. People liked him and wanted to follow him because he was funny, likeable, personable, and still getting the job done while having a good time. SB'09 Leadership Example #3: I got an email on Wednesday during break. It said "Every day you do one of two things.. Make yourself BETTER or make yourself WORSE." I decided to wait until I got home from my last spring break to apply this to my life. It was worth every beer and shot but I'm ready to make myself better from this day forward • KIPP, Really... A belated response to Kipp. I felt like the other blog entries meant more to me. I remember watching the video in class and thinking to myself that there were a lot of great leadership lessons to be learned from Kipp. Setting a goal, giving them the tools to succeed, setting them up for success, encouraging them, and holding them to that standard. I also as a side note thought it was great how these two young teachers were laughed at when they first started and now they have proven that their method works. But then when asked about Kipping the University I laughed. I liked my response of I already feel Kipped hence why I am writing this so early in the morning, but I like another response better. One student wrote that we are in college we should already have those skills. I completely agree. We should have those study habits without having to Kipp the school. But then it occurred to me, why don't we. Why can't some people effectively lead themselves in order to accomplish their goals? Why do we have groups in college were one person does all the work. Then it occurred to me today, another reason why I am writing this today, if everyone was self motivated we would not need leaders. I know what you are thinking professor, but seriously if everyone in the world could self-lead why would we need leaders. If everyone finished tasks on time with adequate quality without help we would not need leaders, and our professor would be out of a job. We would still need bosses. I do not think we need to Kipp the University. 187 However, this did provide an interesting food for thought for me. It demonstrated that we need leaders. We need people to keep us on task and to care for our well being. We need people to provide instructions when necessary and give us feedback. We are not all perfect selfmotivators and sometimes we need to be inspired by someone who "gets it". Leaders are what hold organizations together in times of distress. If we all were perfect students you would not need group leaders in CSR 309. The fact is because we are not perfect we require direction • I am apart of Purdue Musical Organizations' Purduettes. This is my fourth year in the group. The group has a leadership committee called "Purduette Gold." I am GOLD of Public Relations. This means that I take care of PR for the group outside of campus and I am considered an overall leader in the group. I have a serious job of setting good examples for the girls in the group. To sum up a big part of this, it means that I am on time, honest, respectful of others, I look at the person who is speaking to me, I always say "Yes, ma’am," or "No, sir," I display confidence, I am proud of being a Purduette, I am present (mentally and physically), and I can consistently keep this up. It has taken a lot of work to get these traditions down. I have had to follow good leaders who came before me, and if it was not for them, I would be lost. They instilled pride for this group in me--much like a sorority girl cherishes her house and sisters. A few weeks ago, I entered Nine Irish Brothers for a drink with some friends. I could not drink much because I knew I had an early call time of 8a.m. the next morning for a Purduette church service at West Lafayette First United Methodist. Upon entering Nine Irish I saw that a junior in the group was sitting in the corner intoxicated. I felt that this was going to turn out not so well. I left the bar an hour later. The next morning I arrived to my call time on time. Twenty minutes later, this certain junior is nowhere to be found. I learned that she has called and reported that she will not be with us for the two services as she has "the flu." This is absolutely an unacceptable Purduette behavior. You are really only allowed to miss shows if you are dying. If you do not feel well, then show respect for other group members and show up any way. You do not have to perform, but show up! As a GOLD, I had the task of telling our director that this was a lie and that I knew she was just hung-over. I am friends with this person, so doing her in was very tough. I learned a lot about leadership in this situation. First off, I clearly see how difficult it is to lead and discipline your peers. A task that I'm sure many people my age find difficult. I applied this whole situation to the first rule, Modeling the Way. As I thought about this situation, I realized that any other GOLD probably would have done the same to me had I not shown up or did something similar. I then realized what a bad example this sets for the other freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the group. Any number of them could now believe that it was acceptable to not show up to a show because you just "didn't feel like it!" As a senior leaving in May, I felt that the rule of "Show up no matter 188 what!" is an important rule that I do not want to see thrown away come August of 2009. When modeling the way, we must clarify our values. This is difficult. Weigh out what you feel is VERY important to you. You must have faith in your principles. You must also have the discipline to not allow others to step on those. Values guide us, and if you believe in the values, then they will guide you too! Kouzes and Posner state that shared values are an organizations promise. As tough as it was to turn my peer in, I did it because I truly only want those who really want to be a part of Purduettes to be a part of the organizations. I then had to consider that we all make mistakes. I make mistakes all the time, but I try and recognize them when I do. I felt that this peer was more upset that she had been ratted out than taking responsibility for what she did wrong as a Purduette. Modeling the way truly is a test of character. Finding your values and letting them guide you can be a tough job, especially when you make mistakes. • Leadership by sacrifice. A solider jumps on a grenade. A man takes a bullet for another. We hear stories about people giving their lives for the ideals they believe in. Leadership in war is an easy topic to deal with. But is it easy to apply the lessons from leadership in war to everyday life. When someone gives their lives for their ideals or to protect another we must first look at why they are doing it. Sometimes it is for the love of a fellow soldier, other times it is to protect their ideals, but most importantly it says something about the character of the individual. They were willing to trade their life for something they viewed as bigger than themselves. And here is where the lesson is. We must realize that we are indeed part of a larger organization. Whether it be CSR 309 or the United States, or the World there is something larger than us. We must strive to take the attitude of duty before self as a leader. We must make sacrifices. Even though we will not be laying our lives on the line, we must be able to sacrifice in order to guarantee success. We must occasionally put the organization ahead of ourselves. By doing this we benefit those we serve. I am not talking about our bosses or our leaders but our peers and subordinates. By sacrificing we help our peers and together we can achieve our goals. • Depression So the class before our last class was probably the most depressing class I have ever been in my life. We went through a list of all the things people feel bad about themselves for and my god, I feel so much better about the things in my life that I am upset about when compared to some of these people’s issues. I mean, I hate to be callus, but some of these people are F-d up. I mean, it was so upsetting hearing what 189 • • • • • happened to some of these people and how they have to live with some of this stuff that I do not even know what the point of this lecture was. A quote from The Replacements is "Winners always want the ball when the game is on the line." Feinberg, if you’re reading this I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t choose to be a leader. If you’re not wondering then I will tell you anyway. Although having a guaranteed A in the class is a high perk, I enjoy knowing I earned my A. I like knowing I did all that I could to succeed and take the most out of this class. Do I think I could have been a better leader than some, yes? Why didn’t I? At the time I didn’t have the time to dedicate my efforts to 14 other people that would depend on me. I thought it took a good leader to know they should not step up when there are other people who can do the job better. Was I wrong? Yes, but that is my missed opportunity. My mistake. There is no one else to blame but me. Just as much as a leader learned from their positions, the followers learned just as much- although my learning included many frustrations I think leadership is about being the best person you can be. There are many components of this, and it is not as easy as it sounds. Every day you have to try to get better, make the people around you get better, and be enthusiastic when doing it. I think that is the bottom line! Enthusiasm will motivate people to do the same. It is almost like you have to spread a disease, in this case a good one, across your organization. In the end, no one can do this but YOU! It is in your hands. As the mother of a biracial child I see every day the subtle racist tones of others. I will never know, as a white woman, what it will be like to walk in his shoes. I hope that he will never experience the pain of his ancestors just because the color of his skin is a couple of shades darker than mine. I know that is unrealistic, but as his mother I want to protect him from the cruelties of life. I only hope as he grows into a man that he will have great leaders to follow. And that one day I will know that I RAISED a leader that does not judge people because of their DNA. It's comforting to know other people's lives suck just as much as my own. I do wish the best of luck to everyone- life is a tremendous thing. While reading classmate's responses to the pain exercise I continually thought about what Dr. Feinberg wrote at the end of his email- "Do you want to be the cause of someone's pain?" Hell no, I don't. Never. Life is life and pain is inevitable. For some of us, our deepest pain is a moment frozen in time- it will always be fresh in our minds. I remember the exact moment my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I 190 was sitting in my 10:30-11:20 AGEC class and received two phone calls from my parent's house. I knew something was up and I grabbed Michelle as we walked out of the class. I told her I needed her to sit with me while I called home because I knew "shit was breaking". So, we sat outside Krannert on a bench and she held my hand as my stepdad told me my mom was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer. After a good cry and a few cigarettes I went home and slept for hours hoping to wake up to a different situation. More devastating than my mom, I remember the day my Grandfather passed away. Friday December 5th, 2008. I was watching Seinfeld episodes and painting my nails when I got that phone call. This shit never goes away. I would have like to have seen more responses to the pain activity where people have overcome their struggles. Those people are to be admired and respected. As much as some of us don't want to admit, things do get better. -• So we are now having some serious issues with our group. These two girls who have contributed nothing and done nothing but complain and bitch. They attacked our group leader verbally through E-mail and in class as well. Now after doing no assignment, and not following our group leaders instructions, they were upset when they found out they were getting bad grades. I feel like they then thought up all these excuses and began attacking our group leader because they are afraid they are not going to do well. They threatened to go above his head and talk to Feinberg and to the dean, but I doubt that will help in the long run. Just like Feinberg said in class the other day, it is a bad idea to attack the person holding all the cards. They bad mouthed xxxx, and now they are going to fail. It's a life lesson that they should learn and I am glad that their immature actions will finally have consequences. • Pay it forward I recently attended the Sweet 16 Men’s basketball games in Indianapolis this past weekend. During a break in between games I decided to go get some food. After I had ordered I handed them my debit card (thank god for the new technological improvements) they tried swiping my card a couple times it was not working...after that they told me there was nothing they could do for me, I thought they should at least comp me the meal since I had no other form of payment. As I started to walk away I felt someone grab my arm pulling me back to the concession, the man a Michigan St. fan offered to buy me my meal. I insisted it really was not that big of a deal and I would be alright. He once again insisted it was nothing for him and sent me on my way. I 191 • • • • was totally shocked by this great act of kindness this man had to me. It made me feel appreciated in a way I don’t think I have ever experienced. It is like Fienberg talked about regarding giving up his seat to Military personnel or even giving someone a round of applause and a standing ovation after a speech. Making others feel wanted and appreciated can help a person’s day go smoother or even life seem brighter. I will definitely do my deed to society in a way when it presents itself, to repay for what that man did to me. It seems even the little things in life can have the greatest impact to one. Here I am, spring semester of my senior year. January 2009, graduation is 118 days away and I will be 22 in two weeks. There is something to be said for how quickly time seems to move . . . at least I think so. I've been asked to create this blog by my all time favorite professor, Dr. Richard Feinberg. I'm not just saying that for kiss butt points. I could care less if he even knows that. I do not doubt that he will read this, he seems to be a man of his word. However, Dr. Feinberg is one of my favorite professors because he does not waste my time. While I am sometimes frustrated with his you tube video, after you tube video, after you tube video displays in class, I have to say that there is always, always a relevant, well-thought-out point behind what he is telling and showing his students. Sometimes I see him as an Andy Kaufman of the CSR department. As if he is sometimes making us do assignments like these for his own enjoyment --A mystery element behind each task? His classes are not like other professors. He doesn't talk to hear his own voice and he doesn't give out assignments that he knows we are completely capable of doing with our eyes closed. I believe he genuinely cares for the future of the world he lives in and for the future careers of his students. Our Leader Last night in class when Dr. F recognized X for a job well done on the GM1, I had such a sense of pride for being a part of our team. x, contrary to popular belief, did recruit some people for her team; it wasn't totally random. Our group is highly talented and x has us highly inspired. X has the charisma to keep us all excited and motivated but at the same time makes it very obvious that we need to handle our business. Our meetings are fun yet highly productive. This is why we call ourselves Team Wicked Awesome. Good job X!! Good job Team!! I wouldn’t have any guy in my life that is a d-bag YES MAN! recap OK so I know that these blogs are back to back, but I am putting them up even though I thought of them or did the things in them a long 192 time ago. So I mentioned in my last log YES! man and the personal leadership it demonstrated and the fact that I was going to try it. Well I did and I am absolutely AMAZED by what happened. I decided to start small. I had been having some SERIOUS relationship problems, but I love my g/f and didn't want to end things, so I had to change something and fast to keep it from falling apart. She was being very difficult to deal with so like a normal b/f I was just getting frustrated and we were arguing. Then I watched YES! man. I figured, what the hell, couldn’t fuck us up more than we are right? Well I picked her up from her dorm, and started asking her questions. We ended up doing something a little spontaneous, driving over to Jimmy John’s then running to Insomnia cookies. Not the biggest leap, but it made her smile. And the entire time we were doing that, I was validating her. Sweetie you are awesome, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, sure let's go do that, and etc. I continued this throughout the night and into the next morning, when she whined about something, I changed it, when she asked me something it was of course right away, and to my surprise, she loved it. So later on during night 2, after she broke down in my arms telling me thank you for being so awesome, and just making me feel like a million bucks, she confessed what had been going on the past few weeks, and why she was upset. Well, it wasn't anything huge and I just continued to do what I had been doing, assuring her I would help her and being there for her, and OMG! the entire dynamic of our relationship flipped back to where we were when we had just met. We have been amazing the past two weeks, she even bought me flowers, just for being awesome. The point is this, If things in your life are rough, all it takes is trying it a different way, or being nice instead of surly, or anything like that to affect a small change, which could cause a huge shift in the direction things in your life are going. • Story I recently received this e-mail regarding the following story: Last Friday I was going through the Indianapolis Airport. People in the Security Check line were grumbling about what nonsense the process 193 was, blah, blah, blah. An elderly lady (in a different line) was struggling with her luggage, pocketbook, etc. She was also confused about what to do, how to do it, couldn't get her shoes off (and a host of other things). The Security Officials weren't helping the situation either (they can be mighty callous at times). I started to move her direction, but before I could get out of the line I was in, a gentleman (close by) sat down all of his stuff, and began to help the lady. I thought he looked familiar, but it didn't register; it was fascinating to see him come to her aid (nobody else was making a move to help!). He was talking to her, making conversation, helping her untie her shoes, putting her things in one of those bins, and making sure she was AT EASE. He helped her through the screening gate, then calmly put his things on the belt, went through and immediately began to help the lady put her shoes back on, gather her belongings, etc. In the meantime she had reached in her purse to show him pictures of her family. He made a big fuss over the photos, then asked for a wheelchair so he could get her to her gate. Honestly, it was a Hallmark script. They disappeared down the concourse together...he was pushing the wheelchair and she was jabbering with him. It made me smile...a lot. NOW HERE'S THE KICKER: I got through security and went to get something to drink. Just beyond the little restaurant was a group of people gathered, all excited, shaking hands, etc., and in the center of them was THE KIND GENTLEMAN. Guess who it was? TONY DUNGY, the recently retired coach of the Indianapolis Colts! I looked at his hand and, SURE 'NUFF there was the HUGE diamond Super Bowl ring. The point: The elderly lady didn't know who he was, or care WHO HE IS, or would even have known had she been told. HE DID THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASON. Important people serve others with a sense of purpose. These kinds of things are still THE BEST LESSONS EVER. Thanks for letting me share it. I think this story is very inspiring. It kind of harps on what Kurt talked about regarding the "pin" lady at the Atlanta airport. You just don't know how you might be able to touch one’s life in what may seem like a small way to you, but means the world to someone else. I think that we can all 194 use this example, and no matter what your status might be in the community, to live a better life and if someone you see is having trouble with something you might be able to help them with, then stop and help them. Tony Dungy has been considered a great leader, not only on the football field, but in the community as well and this is a prime example of a great role model for us all to follow to lead a better life. • D-Rose Today I witnessed one of the most incredible displays of leadership at a young age I have ever seen, and I could not be more proud to blog about it. Derek Rose proved to be more than just a rookie and the number one overall draft pick in the 2008 NBA Draft on Saturday afternoon in the TDBankNorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. He took the Chicago Bulls to a level of play that we haven't seen since the Jordan era as he lead them to a 105-103 overtime victory of the Boston Celtics. This was the first time since before the Jordan era that the Bulls have beaten the Celtics in a playoff game. With 36 points and 11 assists, Derek Rose elevated not only his own play, but the play of every single one of the Chicago Bulls on the court. This is what I believe constitutes a leader. Who can get the most out of the people around them? I know that Derek Rose got absolutely everything possible out of this young squad of individuals today, although I'm sure he probably doesn't believe it. He, like most successful leaders always strive to be better no matter where they are currently. Although Derek Rose is not the most outspoken person on the floor, he knows exactly how to lead by example. His body language tells the story. His cool, calm demeanor enabled him to go 12-12 from the line, including 2 clutch free-throws at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime. I think that the entire Chicago Bulls lineup learned something about Derek Rose as well as themselves today in Boston. • Great leaders with bad intentions Watching TV today led me to seeing a documentary on Mobsters which ended up having a big focus on James Bulger. "Bulger is being sought for his role in numerous murders committed from the early 70's through the mid 80's in connection with his leadership of an organized crime group that allegedly controlled extortion, drug deals, and other illegal activities in the Boston, Massachusetts, area. He has a violent temper and is known to carry a knife at all times." Bulger for a great deal of time was number 2 on the FBI's 10 most wanted; second only to Osama Bin Laden. What I find so impressive about Bulger is his ability to lead a 195 massive number of people and keep them motivated to commit such acts of violence and crime. Many of his men committed countless murders and robberies. It’s a shame that his powers and talents were used in such a negative fashion but it is very profound when analyzing his abilities and talents. • Movies! So, writing the paper about leadership in movies was one of the easiest and greatest assignments I have ever had. Feinberg gave us quality feedback based on the first one on the directions on what he wanted, and boy did I deliver. I have never gotten an A on a college paper, something that has irked me as I know I am a good writer, but I lose a lot of points on technical crap, until this paper. Not only did I get an A but I WOW'ed him as well. Which means I got extra credit points. Now I know he didn't mean those points to do this, he just gave them out to say, "Hey, thanks for writing a great paper," but it has really and truly helped me out. I mean, to hear from a Professor, hey, u did an awesome job, I gave u extra points because I genuinely LIKED your paper, is one of the biggest self-esteem boosts I could have towards my academics. The whole time I have been at college, I try and try on assignments, and still never get A's. Supposedly that makes this a great campus, but it makes me less and less motivated or enthusiastic about doing work. The harder I try and the worse grades I get, the easier it is to blow off assignments, thus leading into a downward spiral of failure that has plagued my college career and caused many bouts of drinking and severe shenanigans. It actually motivated me to study a bit for an exam I thought was going to be easy, and by studying I got one of the best grades in the class, and the best one I have EVER gotten on a college exam. -- R Hart • In my opinion our tower was the tallest, strongest, and most unique. Yet, I will agree our presentation could have been better. One group made a tower out of the group members by doing a cheerleader pyramid. I will agree it was very creative and out of the box thinking. They were the winning group, but I think it was a good experience and that our team worked very well together as a team. =-x • One of my favorites that I plan to watch more often: This video honestly gives me chills. I absolutely love it! Helping really is a chain reaction. If you do something good for someone, they will do something good for someone else, and so on. I will try to help anyone I 196 can from now on. Doing these small things takes seconds; even doing something as simple as holding the door open for someone. It makes a person feel appreciated and feel good. • Josh Fields is sexy • Made Others Shine Leadership was very evident toward the end of class today. The last group really impressed me with some of the ideas that they came up with in how to do the task that was given to them. Matt got everyone involved, and in doing this they all were able to shine and be their own leader. He helped to get the ball rolling and once it was he passed it off to others and let them do their part in the task at hand. I true leader helps each of their team members shine, and that was pretty evident in group 3's performance. I think we were all floored with what they came up with. They made it fun to watch, we learned something (even about them as individuals), and they made sure to let us know what was going on and what they were thinking; which was most important. The other 2 groups shut us out, what kind of leaders are they? Ones that will do all the work, take all the credit, and listen to their own ideas...I think so. They had a different way of doing things and executed their plan...which is what a leader is supposed to do! • • • • I understand that we are all to pass on but right now, I would rather live my life and not think of death. I was looking at the syllabus and reading the part about the blogs and came across something I don't think I realized before and have not been doing effectively or actively in my blog. I am talking about a life event that I now understand better is a leadership thing. I realized being an older brother is a leadership thing, A HUGE ONE! It is so obvious when you step back and look at it, but sometimes you don't realize it when it is happening to you every day. I began to look at how I could be a better leader for my younger brother. Up to this point I have almost strictly been trying to be a leader by leading by example. Some ways I see that I could be a better leader for my younger brother are so simple. Call him once a week, take him to do things when I am home, do something he wants to do, just show him I care in general. How can I better his life? If he followed me, would he be better for it? These are things I need to ask myself each day. My parents always told me, "your little brother looks up to you, you know?" Honestly it isn't something you want to hear and it isn't something you think about until one day you decide you care and want to do something about it. Thinking back, I have experienced this type of handshake and it really did make me feel more comfortable. To think that the simple gesture of handshaking and adding a little touch would cause such a great feeling. Down there I learned how lucky I am to be able to live the lifestyle that I do and be able to go to a college like Purdue. I do not take things for granted anymore. The trip also helped be because I have had the opportunity to tell all my family, friends, coworkers, etc. about the difference we made and how I want to do down there again to help out 197 the children. It was a life changing experience and I hope that with my stories I will be able to inspire others to do mission trips or just to be actively involved in their own community, because once you see the difference you are making its really addicting and you want to keep on helping. When in Colombia my friend Julie and I adopted a little girl and it was really great to know that we are personally changing her life. For just $240 a year she will get all the food, school supplies, and a uniform for school. Just knowing that only $240 can go so far was really astonishing and we were so lucky to be able to help her out. In class Dr. Feinberg always talks about the little thing in life you can to do be a leader and hopefully people will follow in your foot steps to do the same. One of the most memorable stories I remember was going to a school in Cartagena where the children have no shoes and they really do not have much, but I got packet of stickers and I was surrounded with about 20 children who couldn't wait to get a sticker from me. It was really emotional to know that these kids get really excited just to get a sticker. I was so blessed to be able to see the smile on the kids face when we were playing with them and just holding them. Some of the children would not let go of the other Purdue students. It was a great experience to be able to bond with these children and to know that we are making a difference. • Leadership needed Having been on Purdue's Track and Field team for 5 years, I have seen many leaders come and go. Twice I have seen our team at the top of the conference and twice i have been on the team where we were on the bottom. The problem that faces the team is that we have maintained approximately the same amount of talent throughout the years. What has changed? There is the reality that every competition won’t be your best and that just because it’s a team competition doesn't mean that everyone will be on the same page at the same time. Beyond that though there is a greater factor hindering our team. With a deeper look at the composition of the team I come to the realization that the few leaders that we have on the team are stellar athletes but they do nothing for inspiring the team. Our team is extremely young causing many issues with confidence and maturity but also creates difficulty with leading them. With outdoors coming up we will see how the captains on the team respond and others around (including myself) handle the current adversity. • Almost Greatness After watching the 2009 NCAA Men’s College Basketball 198 Tournament, I believe that my theory on coaches at the college level has been proven correct yet again. I have always believed that coaches are the most significant at the college level, especially in the game of basketball. Their leadership roles are much more significant than that of coaches at the professional level. Coaches in college really have an impact on their kids because they are just kids, and they are playing for the love of the game, and not the paper. One man made this theory believable this March, and he proved that you can push kids to do extraordinary things when you know how to lead. This man was Tom Izzo, head coach of the Michigan State Spartan men’s college basketball team. Every March it seems that somehow, no matter how well they did during the regular season, the Michigan State Spartans always are at their best. Tom Izzo gets his kids ready to play when the time counts, and he does so effectively because he genuinely cares about the kids he coaches, and wants them to succeed in life beyond Michigan State basketball. Michigan State, even though not widely predicted, ended up making it to the Men’s NCAA Division I National Championship Game. Although they proved many wrong during all of the tournament leading up to this game, the Spartans fell short to the much more talented Tarheels of North Carolina. Tom Izzo led a group with no big names and not as much talent as most of the squads that they matched up against, and somehow managed to take them to a level that none of them had ever played at. Every single player on that team played their hearts out, until there was just nothing left to give. Leadership is getting the most out of the people you lead, and Tom Izzo got more out of the Michigan State Spartans this March than any other coach at any level. • • Today's leaders should not be racist in any way at all. Essentially they would be hurting themselves by restricting the opportunities they have to find great followers and future leaders. Leaders have an obligation to see what everyone brings to the table and if they judge before they see what a person is capable of, they have failed themselves. Along with being on Feinberg's Wall of Fame, another thing also surprised me that day in my e-mail. That was a message from my group leader telling me congrats on being on the Wall of Fame. Wow! That definitely caught me by surprise! Not that because my leader isn't awesome or anything, but because how many people actually take the time to congratulate others for their accomplishments or awards that they get. The answer: Not many, and I have a leader who does recognize those for their accomplishments- our group is lucky...and wicked awesome! Along with the recognition, my group leader also asked the 3 of us in the group that made it onto this Wall of Fame to help her in the writing of our first Group Memo. As a group we met to discuss ideas and opinions about the article and then the 4 of us have arranged a time to combine all these ideas into one 199 fantastic paper...Wall of Fame worthy! • • Recognize those people who are working hard and doing a great job, wouldn't you want someone to do the same for you? Brochure Yourself I had the pleasure of interview one of my very own group members: Heath Carpenter. Heath is in a couple of classes with me, but I have never taken the time to sit down and get to know a little about him. Heath and I talked for awhile after class one day and gave each other pretty much a play-by-play of our lives. Heath and I have a mutual friend so it was weird to me that I had never met him before. During our conversation, I found myself wanting to learn more and more about him. Everything that he was telling me was truly taking me by surprise. How could someone so young already have been through all that he has? Heath is truly a remarkable person and anyone that has the chance to sit down and talk with him should run with that opportunity. During our conversation Heath really made me think about what I am doing to make a difference in this world, because he has. For those of you that didn't get a chance to read my living obituary on Heath, he had to overcome many obstacles in his life and because of these obstacles he has learned many lessons. Heath uses the experiences that he has had to help others overcome some of their problems, he is a true mentor. I was nervous about writing this living obituary for one reason and one reason only: I wanted to make sure that I did Heath's story justice since I was so moved by how he is using his obstacles to teach others how to overcome their own. He truly is amazing and I hope each one of us leads our life in the direction that he is taking his. Heath Carpenter everybody...Team Wicked Awesome!! • Blow them away! This week was once again insightful. We spoke a lot about interviewing the first day of class. WE MUST BLOW RECRUITERS AWAY! • Appreciation I never really put much thought into how important the U.S. Army and other United States armed forces really are to me. I often take for granted what these brave young men and women have done for our country. I guess it could be because I have never experienced something like that, and I just let it pass by me without even acknowledging it. After watching the video about the U.S. Army paratroopers, I really have a new understanding and appreciation for what these heroes have done and are still doing for our country. I never thought that I'd say it once, let alone twice, that I enjoyed an assignment given to me in a class. This is me saying for the second time, that I really liked the group memo 2 assignment. I really never take the time to appreciate these men and women, and I think that it's almost selfish on my part that it took an assignment from a college class to get me to recognize the heroes that protect and serve our country on a day in and day out basis. I think that the video did a great job of illustrating 200 the discipline and leadership that one must possess on a daily basis in the United State Army. If they make one wrong move, they could jeopardize not only their own lives, but the lives of their fellow soldiers as well. They must exhibit complete trust under the most extreme circumstances in their partners in battle. There is absolutely nothing that I have ever done that required even near the amount of courage that these men and women display every day. After completing the assignment, I now have a new understanding of what these soldiers have done and are still doing for our country. The cheesey commercials don't seem to illustrate these points, and maybe that is why I never had such an appreciation for these men and women. Once again, this was a meaningful assignment that I got a lot out of, and it must be acknowledged. • • No Feinberg today. That was good and it was bad. The good is that I didn't have to pay attention at all. The bad is that we didn't get to hear a lecture about how to be better leaders. Leadership is very important to your resume when you are looking for a job. You can either have an average resume with nothing that really stands out as super impressive or you can have a super impressive resume with nothing that stands out as average. For instance, if you were hiring a new employee, who would you rather take out of person A or person B? A: 3.6 GPA President of the Financial Club Secretary of the Stock Brokers Association of Purdue CFS Ambassador B: 3.6 GPA Member of the Financial Club Member of the Stock Brokers Association of Purdue Member of the Karate Club Member of the Aquatics Club Obviously, student A would win out. Everything on the resume of the student who is not just a member, but has leadership positions would win out. Everyone who is out job searching needs to keep this in mind. You should not be just average when you can be extraordinary. LEADERSHIP DOES STAND OUT. • This last lecture given by Dr. Feinberg was the most eye opening and depressing lecture I have ever heard in my college career. Everyone had to write about the pain and suffering that they go through every day. I noticed that pain can come in many different forms, with everything from family lose to feeling like you don't fit in to people dealing with drug additions. The more and more Feinberg read the entries the more I started to feel like my pain wasn't so bad. There are many people out 201 there that have it worse than I do. I have always heard from my parents that I should feel grateful for what I have and that I am very fortunate to have such an amazing life. I never truly saw how fortunate until I realized that the pain entries that were being read were from students sitting right next to me. I had never heard about all of these different types of pain but on television. Hearing that my fellow peers were dealing with huge issues made me reevaluate my own pain. • WOW...I'm a procrastinator So, I admit it. I am a huge procrastinator • • • Let’s start with Mr. Thrasher…I'll admit, during the first few weeks of CSR 309 I was pretty skeptical. It was hard not to be when your professor doesn't show himself on the first few days of class and then when he does he informs you that "this will be the best class you've ever taken" and "no one cares about you or your feelings". What a way to start the semester. I thought I was in for 16 weeks of lectures by a very large ego tenured professor who thinks he is God’s gift to the world. Let’s start with R Dougherty who says in her statement of what this all means…The biggest thing I took away from this semester is that leaders need to be more than just good ideas. They have to actually DO SOMETHING! Let’s end this with Mr. DiFabio with…I find it intriguing that there are people who "get" this class and there are those who don't. • Leadership at Walmart* If you want to sit around and look for forms of leadership... go to Walmart. Walmart's employees are very helpful and willing to go above and beyond for the customer. Also, the company is great at getting customers to want to come back with their great customer service. Some of the ways that they demonstrate over the top customer service are: -Greeters when you walk in make people feel good -Price match, no matter what the competitor's price is -Return service on anything... no seriously, it can be used and they'll take it back -Employees everywhere you look for easy access for questions or directions These different services are just to name a few. Walmart is a great place for other companies to look up to as something to aspire to. Their leadership and constant high sales are both reasons why Walmart is one of the top companies in the states. • Everyone's Pain Everyone has pain in some form or another. Some people feel the effects of racism. Others experience pain from divorces, breakups, death, or psychological traumas from childhood. In this class, we read the anonymous responses of what pain people felt in the class. It really struck a chord with me because so many people have gone through 202 horrible struggles throughout their lives. That day, I was dealing with my own pain from a fight I had had with my boyfriend the night before. Everything in that class showed me that everyone has heartache. We are all flawed. As a leader, you must realize that everyone has had a different life experience with their own pains within it. You may never know if someone had been teased every day of their childhood for an imperfection. That sticks with someone though. For example, I was teased all through middle school because I was awkward and not as pretty as the other girls. Because those people constantly talked behind my back, I still find myself trying to overhear conversations. I have to force myself to not think that they are talking bad about me. No one might ever know that about me though. That is why, as a leader, you should treat everyone with respect. Dr. Feinberg said that you should never tell an offensive joke or treat anyone poorly because you never know what they have gone through in their life. I know that now I will think twice before gossiping about someone. We cannot change the experiences we have had in our lives or the pain that we went through. What we can do, though, is control our behaviors now. We can also sympathize and show compassion to others who are going through a rough time in their life. If a leader does not understand how to relate to someone who is hurting, then he or she will never be a great leader. Sometimes it helps to simply be there for them or listen to their story. Leadership requires more than a business face. It demands an emotional response to the people. • • He continued on with the power point, occasionally telling those who came in late that they were fired. I found his abrasive attitude toward us very unappealing and I was itching to get out of there. I must admit that he did command the class and brought some humor into his slides with various videos and clips. I got the sense that he really did want us to listen to what he had to say but I just don't respond well to his attitude. He told us that he will continue to be the worst leader until the class as a whole became well managed by selected leaders. I really can't wait for that day. The purpose of movies is to provide entertainment and allow people to take their mind off of things such as work and school. Movies are meant to be a pass time that you can enjoy, not work. The minute you HAVE to watch a movie it suddenly loses its appeal. Movies are intended to entertain people, (documentaries not so much.) Either way, I highly doubt that when a script is written the writer thinks "I'm going write this movie so people can analyze and learn from it." Being able to learn from movies is a great thing, it just takes away from the movie. I can think of one movie that I thought would be terrible, but actually was surprised to find out that it wasn't too bad: The Queen. When we first started watching The Queen for class I couldn't have been more distracted. Once I was able to watch the movie on my own time it was suddenly much better. Despite the fact that I don't really care for watching movies so that I can learn from them, I still find that it 203 • • • • • doesn't ruin movies for me. I can always find another reason to watch a movie. The moment that you can no longer enjoy a movie is the moment that a part of a cultural tradition has died. One of the other main reasons that I like going to work is because I am always learning something new, besides just sticking to my specific job I get to do many different things that are interesting to me. Along with learning to do some of these new tasks comes more responsibility. This is big for me because I really like when people trust me to do something that I haven't done before. Overall, the people that I work with really know how to make somebody feel valued for what they do. If only there were more people in the world that knew how to motivate people this way, there would be a lot less complaining and a lot more happiness. I would like to detail on a quick story and get on my pedestal real quick. I was leaving the grocery store this weekend and only had one item as I was walking out. There was a worker who was walking out with me who obviously had one focal point, to gather all the carts. He abruptly walked by a very old lady who could hardly push her cart to the car and didn't offer his help. I truly was appalled because I was very close to my grandmother and she would always make me go help "her kind." I even had the intention of helping this lady but I thought I was SOL and this kid was going to get the opportunity. I was completely wrong and somewhat embarrassed. I offered my help and after being turned down numerous times (old women sure are stubborn), she allowed me to put her groceries in the car. I felt really good about myself and almost went in and gave my words to the manager but I opted not to. Chivalry is not dead folks! For spring break I went on a cruise with my girlfriend and some of my friends. While there I was able to meet a lot of new people from diverse backgrounds. One person I had the opportunity to speak to stood out among the others. He was a middle-aged man who owned his own small company and we spoke about the difficult situation this economy has put small business owners in. He told me about one employee who he had to let go because he couldn't afford to pay him any longer but had grown very close to him and his family. What made this man stand out was when he began talking about the two most prized positions he kept in his desk - two letters he received from last employers. They weren't letters of recommendations, just simple letters telling him what a good job he had done. These were the exact letters that Kirk spoke about and how special they become. Really, it's just time to change. …wiith around 19 other students and a professor that we all liked to call "Debbie (Downer)." "Debbie" showed us so many leadership flaws throughout the trip. The first problem we faced was her outright comment that we could not make any suggestions. She said, "This is not a group of leaders." She told us that we had to do everything she said whether we liked it or not. Everyone was furious. We are not fiveyear-olds who need our hands held. We are twenty-something’s who have great ideas and will willingly follow if given a good reason to. That comment made us resent her for most of the trip. One time, I just asked her to repeat something so I could be clear on it, and she snapped at me. She did the same thing to other people for simple questions. Followers do not want to be blind and deaf to procedures! Let them in on it for crying out loud! Another issue arose with "Debbie" giving conflicting commands. She would also tell us that she told us something when she never did. One problem came up with our journals we had to write. One student wrote his on a computer instead of in an actual paper journal. There was never anything that said he could not do that. When she found 204 • • • out, however, she had a fit and told him he could not use it. There was never anything to tell him otherwise though. No syllabus, handout, nothing. Yet she said that she had told us a hundred times that it had to be hand-written. At the same time, none of us remember her saying that. A good leader should communicate more effectively, and when in doubt, write it out. Our group had the hardest time keeping up with her latest command. Since she kept changing her mind about things, we were never sure what was happening. One issue came up with drinking on the trip. Alcohol in Colombia is a huge part of their culture. It is included in so many events and activities. One such activity was a bus tour of the city at night. In the tour, it includes in the price rum and cokes for a celebration. One of the local trip leaders told us it was an amazing tour and that he would not let us drink too much yet "Debbie" said no. Earlier in the week, however, we had wine at a dinner, a champagne toast when we first arrived at the hotel, and even a happy hour provided by the hotel one night. We were so confused on the policy. We ended up getting to go on the tour if it was on our own instead of a school function. (Side note: everyone decided to go). The leadership on this trip was so difficult to live with. We would have graciously followed her if she would have given us a reason to. Her conflicting policies, commands, and rudeness turned us off to her leadership throughout the trip. She was so unpredictable that we ended up always being on pins and needles when around her. I almost had a panic attack one day because she was constantly barking orders at us, and we had no idea how to do those orders. I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Colombia, but the poor leadership added an unfortunate stress to what was supposed to be a lovely Study Abroad trip. Still Hope On my way to my leadership class I couldn't help but wonder what we would learn about in class, or if I would run into somebody that has redeeming qualities. A typical way that I judge people is based on whether or not they hold the door open for people. I know that this is not a very good way to base my judgments, but it still seems like a pretty good indication of what type of person they are. There are also other things that I notice and base my opinions off of; pushing in their chair, picking up their mess, and the way that they just treat people in general. Sometimes though, you run across people that seem like they are somebody that you know you wouldn't have a problem with. The person that I saw that made me think of this was one of the janitor's in the Physics building. The first thing that I noticed was that he was using two brooms to sweep the floor. Not only was he doing his job with a smile, but he was doing it more effectively and efficiently. I used to work at the State Highway Department, the mentality there was to do your job the right way, but no faster than necessary. When somebody does their job in a manner that demonstrates that they truly enjoy it, there's something to say about them. What made it official that this person was somebody I wouldn't have a problem with was when he said "hi." It seems like more and more people are forgetting that conversation or even a simple acknowledgement can remind you that people are not as oblivious as you think they are. Dr. Feinberg, where were you today? Hmmm, I demand an explanation. X missed me….. Today we hit on a very touchy subject for me: racism. Being Mexican, I experienced my fair share of prejudice but I have sadly got used to it. I almost always try to make a joke about it, saying that I have heard all the jokes and challenge people to come up with a new one. It is a defense mechanism that has worked well for me in the past. 205 However, I never thought about how my ethnicity will affect me in my future career. I know being a woman would be challenging enough but now I have to add on not being white. I would hope no one would treat me differently but that's just not possible. There are always going to be people who just don't like people of color and I accept that. In fact, I look at being Latino as a benefit. I will stand out and be able to add being bilingual on my resume which will hopefully give me an edge over others. -- K Diaz I love being a Latina and feel that I have a sense of humor about the stereotypes. Unfortunately, there are times when I wince at words such as 'spic' but it is not something that I will cry about. I think I'll be able to take any prejudice that comes my way. I have so far in my life. • Kirk Weisler's Leadership Workshop One word: AMAZING. • • Darth Vader (Feinberg) Vs. Luke Skywalker (Kirk Weiser) As I mentioned before, I left my job (high five for unemployment) and I am currently enjoying being very unemployed during my final days of my last semester at Purdue. BUT, somehow I can’t escape the drama of my old work place. In one day, yes one day, two sales associates and a manager quit- walked out without putting in their two week’s notice. As much as I wanted to say, “I really don’t care,” I listened to what one of the quitting sales associates had to say. This was done via text messages… why, well, because we act like 14 year olds. Quitting sales associate: I just quit said job. Me: Sweet deal, why? Quitting sales associate: Well as you probably know, *store manager* has been gone the past week. When she came back yesterday, she went off on *assisted manager 2* because everything was nuts. And *assistant manager 1* and *assistant manager 2* were left out to dry when *sales associate sucks at her job* screwed them over AGAIN. And I took all her shifts to cover and make it easier this week but I just can’t do it! I worked open to close yesterday when I was supposed to be off so *store manager* wouldn’t have to stress and I went in this morning for *sales associate who was sick*. I was going to work a split shift. Leave at one and go back at four thirty. But I went in this morning and *store manager* had three carts full of things that were supposedly out of place but actually they were just slightly turned or a little off center or whatever. And she wrote *store manager 2* and me up for it. Or tried to. *store manager 2* walked out after I left at one. And I went back and turned my shirt in. I’m just tired of getting screwed over. I never got any help from *store manager*OR *assistant manager 1* No one ever said good job or thank you. It was always you did this and that and everything wrong. And it got old. I mean, today I needed a duplicate receipt printed for someone and I called *assistant manager 1* SIX times before she came up there because she was on the phone with her boyfriend. And by then, I had like nine people in line and she came out, printed off the receipt and didn’t help empty the line. She went back in the office and called him back. And that crap ALWAYS happens. I’m just tired of it. I could take two more weeks. You were the only cool manager there that actually treated us nicely and helped us you leave and everyone is quitting. You cared and talked to us and I hope we can still be friends bcuz I always looked to you as a role model. Despite the horrible grammar/run on sentences, I think you get the point. 1. I hate drama 206 and I would rather not be involved in it and 2. It is clear that my former work place is lacking in appreciation for work done amongst other things- many other things. The catch is- the store manager and I are really close friends. Should I tell her she needs to stop being a douche bag/hard ass and treat her sales employees with a little more kindness? It should be common sense that a smile or a thank you goes a very long way. Do I tell my former boss/good friend that maybe she needs to look to herself as the blame? Maybe her followers would perform better if their leader was well, a good leader? It’s ironic and somewhat funny that this situation happened on the day of this lecture. It’s also annoying because I had to hear about this nonsense when I am no longer employed at said job - • First and Only Exam Well that was not fun. Let's just say that the first exam was no walk in the park. It was over A Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner. I read most of this book and still felt like I did not do well. This test required a lot of memorization and then specific application of the concepts. I felt like better leadership on the content of the test would have made it more successful for everyone. One reason I believe this is true is because I had no idea how to study for it. All I knew was that it was over one large book and may include some applications. A great leader would have directed us to relevant materials and then would say "Know this well." I understand that leader should not need to spoon feed their followers, but direction is critical. Because I did not understand what was coming, I was unable to effectively prepare. So many organizations face this problem. Employees at certain companies may not understand how they will be reviewed or critiqued when employee evaluations come around. Because it was not communicated, they were not able to prepare or work on skills in order to rate higher in the evaluation. A great leader will explain to them the criteria. In the same way, a great leader should have explained the criteria for the class test better. If a leader lets a follower goes into something blind, how are they both supposed to shine? -• Purdue: I love you Purdue. I have met more interesting and amazing people here then I could have imagined. Coming to a college across the country with no friends was a life changing experience. I may not have left a legacy in public or with the school...but I know I've changed people's lives; as they have changed mine. Unfortunately, I wish I would have gotten more involved; but I suppose I'm pleasantly surprised at how I turned out. 207 • This past week, 22 Purdue students, including myself and Professor, Dr. Thelma Snuggs, did a mission trip with Ambassadors for Children in Cartagena, Colombia. That's right, Colombia, South America. The country world renowned for cocaine and drug deals. After visiting, it couldn't be any further from that. It's a beautiful country with amazing, gracious people. This was my first time in a third world country and I was shocked to see the vast differences and extreme poverty throughout the city. It was heart breaking to play with the children and then have to leave them. Just giving them a gift or some sort of hygiene kit brought a smile to their faces, and trust me there is nothing like bringing a smile to a child’s face. At first I didn't see how this could tie into my leadership experience as a college student, but then I began to really analyze my trip and when I got back it all became clear. In that community of such poverty and clutter, there is a wonderful culture full of life and people full of passion. These people we helped, they saw the leadership we were displaying, they saw the love we were willingly giving to these children and foundations, they knew we were leaders among our own communities and inspired them to do things for their community after we left. We were leaving our marks and the same time, motivating others to participate and continuing giving to these beautiful children. The wonderful people who are started these organizations were the most kind hearted people I've ever met. They are truly the leaders of that community and have forever changed and saved lives of hundreds of children. These people are giving hope to the community, and we inspired more of them do so. I've never felt so proud to have lead and been a part of group before, I feel like I've done my part. I felt like a REAL leader. • • • • • Muchas Gracias Colombia There was this one video clip that hit me pretty hard today. The clip was about this one person singing opera in the show "American Idol." He was fantastic, I was so amazed by his voice and it was definitely one of a kind. In business, we all have to stand out like this. There are 10,000 people trying out for "American Idol" and only one gets selected. It goes the same with Job Interviews and promotions. I believe we should be prepared to present something about ourselves that nobody others can express and present Lastly, as a men, I do want girls to know that maybe some of us are assholes, but most of us are nice, and we cares, we love; and we are good in bed, hahaha...I don't know about the last one, really, since the batteries are easy to get! Another thing I have taken from this class is you do not have to be the leader in order to be a leader. My mind set before this class was, if I am not the president of the organization, then I cannot make a difference because I do not have a high position. I was completely wrong because you cannot be successful with a group of people who just want to lead and everything has to be done their way. "The most effective test of a good leader is whether the people that work with you, come to you because they really need your help and your advice, because you really know what you're doing. If they come to you because you add real value, it means you really understand the organization you're running." Leadership and pain: The greatest thing I gained from this lecture is how to control my own perspective on people. I need to focus less on how people are flawed, and more on why and how I can help. I may not be able to help everybody all the time, but understanding, partially, will help me be a better leader. A leader doesn't necessarily judge everybody based on value...we all bring something to the table whether we believe it or not. Working with 208 • • • people to get past their issues and bring the best out in them is the greatest example of how a leader should be. Now, this is the first time I am completely impressed with someone else leading my group. Kyle has done miles better than I could have ever done. He has so such charisma and people want to follow him and hear what he has to say. I feel so grateful that he chose me to be in his group. Yes, chose. The night he was chosen to be group leader, he read through all of the documents with the students work posted online and messaged those that impressed him to please be in his group. I'm glad that I did not end up being a good decision for me. I would have really regretted it if I ended up having a terrible group leader and learned nothing from this experience. soapbox moment. alright, so GM2. The first time we didn't do as well as we could've working as a group. And we've changed that for the second GM, or were supposed to. Yesterday in class I overheard our "leader" saying that again, not everyone contributed anything at all, much less quality work. We had all agreed to do our personal best and meet altogether to come to a consensus of our best 10 points we wanted to include/edit the points together. I also heard our "leader" say that he wasn't gonna do any of the work either. He would help piece it together, etc. but didn't actually write anything either. And he gave his second-incommand leader (the kid who covers for him when he's not there) a free pass to not contribute anything at all because it was his 21st bday last week. Something about this makes no sense to me. Leaders lead by example. He is involved in a play somewhere and comes to maybe every other class meeting, because his schedule conflicts. He justifies this by saying he can't learn for us, we are responsible for that. Which is true. But if he is supposedly our leader, shouldn't he be educating himself as well. maybe he knows everything already. That is the only reasoning I can come up with for why he wouldn't need to be there as well. I was super upset that he's like "I email everybody once a week, I have my A, I don't need to write anything." It's disturbing. So basically we're doing the work for him, and his buddy just because he's newly 21. awesome. not. and he promised to at least compile what was sent, for all of us to evaluate it....and here we are....4pm the day before it's due and we have nothing yet. Interesting. I do feel a little bad bad-mouthing XXXXXXXXXX, Mr. Rico Suave himself, and I feel like he does have good leadership qualities. But they are definitely not coming out by way of this class, and especially not this memo. He didn't hide the fact that he wasn't contributing at all, which we may/may not have realized had he not said it, he said it openly and out loud and I'm sure I'm not the only one in our group who heard it. frustrating. hopefully we will work it out tonight. I know I'm not the only one who is bothered by this. Name withheld by Feinberg I was most inspired by the statistic if you spend an hour a day on something and continue to do that for a certain period of time it will eventually allow you to be a national expert on that topic. • The greatest lesson learned in the course is the affect I can have on others. I learned that to lead others, I must first sympathize, give responsibility to, and appreciate others. Nobody will lead a follower that is grouchy, rude, and does not set a clear vision for the goal to be completed. Leadership is not a task, it is a privilege. The privilege comes with many rewards. The greatest reward for great leadership is 209 pride. I learned that when I step up and help my team, I feel proud. When my leader recognized me for stepping up within the group, I felt a great sense of pride and a desire to complete my tasks. This is what leadership is all about. • Today in class we had to fill out some evaluation forms regarding our group. We also had to make a list of changes that we would like to see done. As easy as this assignment sounds, it was actually a bit hard to find something to change about our wonderful group. For some reason or another, our group (Team Wicked Awesome) works incredibly well together. I know a lot of that is thanks to our group leader x. She has really shown us that she is a leader in every sense of the word. She is always on top of things and giving us tips on how we can do better. She organizes group meetings and at those meetings we do small activities just to get to know each other a little bit. It inspires me to do better work and participate more at the group meetings, so keep up the good work x! • • • May I introduce to you Ms. A: JCPenney DogHouse Something weird that happened to me over spring break. I visited the career services office at the Fashion Institute of Technology one day to get some insight on the job market. I waited for about 45 minutes before anyone was available. Finally, I get the opportunity to meet with an amazing woman, Ms. Pam Zuckerman. She is going on and on about JCPenney, and how they are opening a new store on 5th Avenue that is supposed to "put Macys out of business." She then mentions their newest campaign: The DogHouse. She was completely stunned to know that I had already seen the commercial, and immediately started throwing out contact information. It was like she suddenly knew that I was right for the job. I told her that I saw it in this class and she commended Dr. Feinberg. She said, "Wow, that must be a really good professor. Listen to him. He knows what he's talking about." Pain" in all of us.. Today's lecture was not something that is say, "typical" of a classroom perspective. If you wanted your heart strings pulled at, this was the class to attend. It was definitely something that makes you think and maybe even see things a little more clearly. It's not every day, that's for sure, that you talk about the "pain" in your life. Of course it was all anonymous, but it did make me think, what if some of those pains were from the people next to me? All our pains were different, some were similar but all affected each one of us in all kinds of ways. Each person’s pain was something difficult, different for all of us. 210 To hear some were depressing and upsetting, was definitely not how you would normally spend your day, but leave it to Feinberg, to make things out of the ordinary and completely turn our minds inside out. If I take anything from this class, it will be to think outside the box, be more one on one, look deeper. Not only in myself, but in others. that might be the most important thing I've taken from all this "pain" talk. It might be slightly different from what others would say, bust as a leader, that is what I've learned. • Denver International Airport: The airport was insane, mostly because CU and CSU (to name two) were getting their spring breaks. This seemed like a natural cesspool for douche bags and people with little character. An example of how sad some people are sometimes? We were going through security and I got sent to the far right. I ended up behind a guy who was balding and looked to be in a hurry. We were sitting there and waiting (the line was moving very slowly). He suddenly turns around and says, "I guess we were sent to the retard slow line." I took offense because one, I have friends who have family members who are mentally impaired, and two, we were moving slow because there were kids in front of us. I looked and said, "There are kids up there, relax." He turned around and that was the last thing he said. *I think the saddest part about this story was that after it happened, I told myself I had to blog about it... • What I learned: Love yourself Love others Become confident in your abilities If your are to do something, DO IT! • Living Obituary vs. Lady So I was writing my Living Obituary and I had my CSR 309 binder out... 211 as usual my cat Lady walked over, laid down and went to sleep. This is my excuse for not studying. -• • • • The worst part of it all is that most of these occurrences happened years ago, yet the pain has not resided. There is no cure for pain. We cannot forget that pain that has taken place in our lives. The only thing we can do is move on. Sometimes, it is impossible to forget pain and remove it from our memory. Friends and family will always be there to help us remain strong. I have gained great insight to the lives of my diverse classmates. Monday's class was, in my opinion, the most effective class all semester. Dr. Feinberg took a class period to sympathize with the pain that his students were feeling, and gave us a chance to express our pain anonymously. It’s important to understand where we are right now and hold nothing back. If you look back at your life in 10,20,30,40 years from now what are you going to remember... what you did and what you should have done. It is inevitable that you will look back on your life and think of things you should have done. So Don't Hold Back! There are times when I really think my life sucks but this assignment allowed me to see that it is not bad at all. Tipping Point Lately, for one of my classes, I've been reading the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. And in this book there are three main rules/agents of change that are emphasized. Those three are: The Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. Now in the Law of the Few, Malcolm talks about how there are only a few exceptional people out there that really know and bring people together. Those few people are called Connectors. Some famous examples of connectors are Opera and Alan Greenspan. The connectors are people who tend to have a lot of "weak ties" rather than "strong ties" with people. They have several more acquaintances and people they might have some small relationship with rather than knowing only a few people very well till the point whether those relationships might be considered "strong". One thing I noticed is that many of the greatest leaders in life are Connectors. Feinberg is probably, I would guess, could be a connector. The author, Gladwell, writes books based on conversations he has with people on daily basis. He meets extraordinary people who have such a story, then they mention someone else he might be interested in speaking with, and then he goes to speak with them. This concept just amazed me, to the point where I realized, he is a leader of pure conversation. Not only is he teaching others about how to connect more with people, he is leading others to new ways of networking and achieving success in their lives. This is definitely a different kind of strategy to use in leadership but it will definitely get you places. For instance, Opera is one of the most famous Connectors on this earth. She knows more stars, successful business people, extraordinary "everyday" people in general. She is more connected and probably has the most networks anyone can have. Opera has lead people through all walks of life, she connects with everyone. Not just the rich and famous, but everyone down to the lowest poverty in Africa. It only strikes me because I don't think I would have thought of this theory as something that is of distinct leadership. But really it's probably one of the strongest leadership strategies a person can develop and become successful. 212 • Who knew that being a social butterfly as a child could foreshadow a lifetime of success. When I think of CSR 309 I think of; wow me!, why should I choose you?, that's just not good enough, be careful out there, make a difference in people’s lives and the best keep it zipped! :) - • Quote Dr Action, Beginning, commitment, decisions, entropy, fear, ideas, intuition, listening, originality, planning, procrastination, risk, teamwork, adversity, change, communication, dreams, enthusiasm, goals, innovation, knowledge, motivation, passion, priorities, purpose, success, vision, attitude, chaos, courage, encouragement, example, greatness, integrity, opportunity, perseverance, problems, reality, surprises, worry. • uno. CHALLENGE the process dos. INSPIRE a shared vision tres. ENABLE others to act cuatro. MODEL the way cinco. ENCOURAGE the heart this is pretty straight forward. my issue comes with knowing which part I’m best at. I guess that will come with time. Kirk and Feinberg both said that you have to choose your strengths and focus on that. I can pick those out pretty easily, and I defiantly know what I’m NOT good at as well. but how do you bring the best out of other people too, or even know how to pick people based on what they're good at? trial and error? my favorite thing that we've realized though is that NOBODY has to be good at all of them. they just need to be able to know who is and get them to do it. in leadership it's not up to any one person to be responsible for everything, it's a shared process . • "right people in the right seats at the right time". -Feinberg's Life Lessons Week 8 .. and so it goes.. Yesterday evening I noticed I've developed a habit. Every Monday and Wednesday evening when I walk to my car and drive home from 309, I call my mother and tell her about the things "Feinberg is sexy" professor has said today. I honestly didn't notice I was doing this until my mom mentioned it to me last night and she said something that kind of shocked me. When she answered the phone, before we even exchanged greetings, she said: "What life lesson did you learn today?" That about blew me out of the water. I gave her the all confused "what are you talking 213 about" and she said that every Monday and Wednesday I call her and reflect on what my "Feinberg is sexy" professor has taught us that day. Then she said that in the beginning they were complaints of irritation from having a bad leader, but lately they have changed to what seems like I'm reflecting on certain "life lessons" he seems to be teaching me. Again I gave her the all confusing "what?" and she laughed this time. But asked me again, "So what life lesson did you learn today?" I decided to go on.. I told her a little about the funeral exercise, which she may, like Feinberg mentioned, almost started crying, but I continued because well she asked me what I learned today. Now I knew I wasn't going to get much out of her about what she might say about me if I happened to have passed, but I knew she would have something to say about what I learned. She asked me if I remembered the day of my grandmother’s funeral and what I had told her that day. If anything I remember being incredibly upset but I didn't completely remember what I had said that day. She enlightened me. Apparently I approached my mother and told her that if I ever lived the life my grandma did I would be happy. And when I think about it, to this day I ask myself what my grandma would do in certain situations I encounter. • • • • This blog might not be completely about leadership but it's definitely about something I've learned through Feinberg lectures. Or should I say... "Feinberg's life lessons" -A few weeks ago during class Fienberg showed a video (not unusual) and it was a Folgers Coffee commercial that said a fabulous morning. During that lecture I sent the lady who I work for / someone who has taken me under their wing an email. Stating that I was thankful to have her in my life, all of the opportunities and leadership that she trusts in me and allows me to pursue. That the experience she teaches me is priceless and am so thankful and blessed. Two-seconds later she replied, thank you, I just got out of the hospital, I really needed this. I have learned so much from this class and it is the simple things that go so far. It is things like that, previous to this class I would think those thoughts but not share them. It’s all about the LOVE, when people feel loved they show love back in many different and unexpected ways. Anyways, to tie this up... the Folgers commercial was so obnoxious and weird but so funny, it reminded me of quirky things and how they stand out. Standing out is not always a bad thing, and evolving and learning new things and applying them will never go out of style. -The highlight of this class was all the videos we watched... maybe the best or worst depending on how you look at it was when the dog exploded and blood went everywhere! Yes, we really did watch a video where a dog exploded... The theme of the class was communication. Obviously the person feeding the dog did not communicate very well or read directions. We did a lot of humanitarian work with the children of Cartagena. This was interesting because we got to see the lack of leadership that the government of Colombia is putting forth to help the people in high poverty areas. We demonstrated leadership every day. Whether it was helping children, passing out hygiene or educational kits, or learning about the history of Cartagena we used leadership. It should have been called a leadership trip. -If everyone takes an extra minute out of their day to "pick up the poop," or lend a helping hand, we can make the world a better place. -- • the leadership backbone "The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop 214 the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it. " -After class last week, our group leader sent out this quote. I totally agree with it. You either have the guts or in this case backbone to step up to be a leader, and you develop yourself from that. You will learn when it is appropriate to pull out the "funny bone" and be charismatic. Once you are a leader, you can then use that to set goals for the future which would be the "wish bone". This quote reminds me back to the day people nominated themselves to be leaders. The people with backbones immediately stood up and walked to the front, and I hesitated. I stood up but I didn’t make it down the front in time because I had to think about it. This doesn’t say that I don’t have a backbone, maybe it is just not as strong as others..... -• Leadership Failure and Keep it in your pants: two messages in one day! Where do I begin, class today was fun and amusing as always. We learned that our papers sucked, leaders failed us and most importantly ;) to keep it in your pants or keep your pants zipped. We all need to become better writers, or at least have people help us. Our papers are our chance to shine and most of us were very dull! The leaders failed us, they did not request to get a study guide or write the exam... I don't know why they didn't think of this. Well maybe I do, they didn't have to take the test so they didn't really care. We as group members should have requested those things be done, especially when we are the ones who would suffer if they were not done. Keep your pants zipped! The birth of a cow, the scream of Fran during birth that Dr. Feinberg did so well all are great forms of birth control for the rest of this week at least. Leave it to Dr. Feinberg to teach us little life lessons using farm animals for an example. : ) • I have already written a thank you note to the woman who interviewed me from Abbott. I had a great time listening to what he had to say and wrote down all the books he listed. I even emailed him after to say thank you and he emailed me back right away. He said: My pleasure to be with you Allison... thank you for your kind e-mail 215 note...I'll keep it :) READ Lead - SUCCEED Kirk I thought that was really nice of him to email me individually. It shows a great leader makes time to appreciate others and gives simple gestures like that. -• Sorority Leadership I am a Junior in a Sorority here at Purdue. After spending time in this class I have realized how many people like the idea of being a leader, being followed or the position in its self but do not do ANYTHING to show leadership in their position. It is really disturbing to watch so many girls take these leadership positions, and do nothing with them and continue to let our house fail on numerous levels. But they are always willing to reap the benefits. To me the entire system is corrupt, these girls are very disappointing and reflect upon myself negatively. Who is to keep these girls in check when they are the ones with most of the authority? At times I am very proud to be a part of my house and love it for its own reasons but am mostly disappointed with the girls who call themselves "leaders." I am very curious to see in the next few years if there is a trend in the workforce I enter. I believe the cheaters never prosper and so far in my house many "cheaters" have prospered. I know that I have taken a lot from these situations and problems. Overall I can only worry about my actions and how to better myself. But still It does piss me off a little. • A Day to remember... Today, 10 years ago we lost a family friend. Carissa Deason was a friend of my sisters and someone I looked up to as a 12 year old. She was killed on her way home from spring break her senior year of high school by a drunk driver. It was early in the morning and we were driving home from Orlando, and we passed a crash on the side of the road in Tennessee. Not knowing anything yet, we said "That looks like the Deason's SUV", but continued driving back home. It wasn't until later that afternoon that we heard the news that Carissa had died. Her father, 216 an ER doctor, couldn't do anything to help her after the crash. She was airlifted at the scene.... I cannot believe that 10 years have passed since the accident, but every time I hear of people drinking and driving I do not forget the consequences. It’s a topic that is really close to the heart. Below is a link for the PSA that was aired about her. Take a Look. R.I.P Carissa Sue Deason 1981-1999 JoyStar Family Interactive Entertainment Network - Drunk Driving Prevention-Carissa Deason -• The first couple days of class, I wondered... "Who does this pompous jackass think he is? This must be a social experiment. Where are the cameras or Psychology graduate students viewing us from?" • After all is said and done, I don't know if anyone can know for sure what points Professor Feinberg wanted us to take from CSR 309. A clip of men and woman from Ms. Reynolds v=DxZ3A9giyIo What I really got from watching this documentary was leadership in its purest form, even according to the guidelines Professor Feinberg gave to us in class. The Jumpers were given expectations of what they must achieve, this led to having set attainable goals. They were trained to accomplish these goals, and if they couldn’t reach them, then they were out. They were truly motivated by their own personal will which made them that much more successful and passionate for what they were doing. A memorable quote said was, “All Indians – One Chief, “ they were to obey the Chief and respect him as well. The jumpers did just that. Their constant evaluation made them work harder, it gave them a passion for what they were doing and what they were to become. The reward was definitely greater than the risk in their eyes. At the end of the documentary when they completed the task at hand and were rewarded for their hard work and sacrifice, the jumpers all took immense pride in what they had accomplished. To be a paratrooper is something of honor that not all people can do. – If I missed a day of class I felt as if I missed something amazing. A few weeks ago I asked Dr. Feinberg to speak in one of my other classes about change and its relationship to leadership. After a very entertaining speech, Dr. Feinberg sent me an email thanking me for inviting him to my class, and that it meant more than I knew. And he was right. I didn't think much of what it would mean to him to speak in my class. But the pure request of him to speak in my class proved to him that I believed in his efforts and had confidence that he would do a wonderful job. It is small acts like this that make a good leader. When I am a manager someday I hope that I can make others feel confident in themselves as I believe I did with Dr. Feinberg The overall message was to be a leader by being a better person, helping others, treating people well, and being an overall positive and more intelligent person. • • • • 217 • • • Was this my favorite class at Purdue? I'm not going to lie, it wasn't. There were times that I really dreaded going and just sitting and listening, Before tonight, I felt lost in our group. I didn't really know anyone in our group because we had only met two times, and I didn't even feel like I knew our group leader very well either. We didn't sit together in class. Also, I felt that there wasn't much communication in our group other than random emails from time to time. For our group memo 1, we all met in a computer lab after class and introduced ourselves(which was good) and then searched for an article to write about for our memo. After we all agreed on an article, our group leader had us each go home and write like a paragraph and send it to him and then he would piece our memo together with our input. We never did see the finished product and then when I get back from Spring Break, I realized I received a 137.75/200 on the group memo 1 and didn't know why. I didn't even know that the grade was an individual grade and group grade averaged together. Our group leader didn't communicate this to our group, and it would be nice to know what I got as an individual grade too. Tonight, we all discussed these issues and I was glad to know that I wasn't the only one feeling this way. We came up with some good ideas as to how we can improve our group. We all felt that we needed to sit together as a group in class so we are going to start sitting in the middle row towards the front. Next, we would like more communication within our group so we are going to start a facebook group for discussions and information on assignments. We would also like to meet outside of class maybe once a week in a less stressful setting. We are going to start proofreading each others' papers to make sure that we all turn in exceptional papers. One last thing, we think that our group leader needs to communicate with us more about our individual performances and our finished products on group assignments I have found a website that addresses capturing the essence of leadership. It explains that we don't have to necessarily be taught leadership but we can capture/catch the essence of leadership through stories. I felt like this was the best website to explain the Living Obituary assignment. Below is the website address... The next web address is from the same website; However, it is an example story that they share about an essence of leadership through the story of Thomas Edison • • • This might be the first day I have enjoyed this class! Or NOT Is my team better as a group or as individuals. Well, ideally we should be better as a group but that is not exactly how it works sometimes. With the survival training exercise, I improved my score with the group and our group improved ever so slightly from the individual average. Although, there were group members who did much better individually than with the group. This is a tragedy when a group does not excel over just working as individuals. It is also disappointing when a group does not attempt to seek out their best individual team members and use them to their potential. As a Korean living in America, it must be a lie if I haven’t felt any racism from Americans since I came here 10 years ago. I am the minority in this huge country and sometimes I do feel isolated by majority. But I don’t feel so angry or have grudge against racists. That 218 • is the nature of human, I can’t change that. America is a country of immigration; however majority is built by white people. But I hope it gets better for everyone and for our next generation. Someday, they will realize how silly they were, hating someone because of other’s skin color or nationality. What type of leadership is involved with selling insurance? My husband recently got a job with Northwestern Mutual and I can't help but wonder if selling insurance is something that is ethical? Maybe the question isn't whether the actual selling of insurance is ethical but what type of leader do you have to be do selling bets on someone's life? My husband is now almost done with his training and about to start calling on people to see to and I fear rejection for him. I know live insurance is one of those things that people don’t want to talk about...and I know it’s going to take a lot for him to work up the nerve to have those conversations with people...that ones that no one wants to have. After hearing my husband talk about all the benefits money wise...and the benefits for those who sign the contracts I think you would have to be a 100% ethical person when selling life insurance. You can't just sell policies to someone you know doesn’t need one, or for a high price just so you get more commission out of it. That takes leadership. Leadership in not only your personal success. but leadership in help other invest their money in their lives so their loved ones can he secret if something hapens. • Week 9 - Is it worth $25,000 How much is too much? Today we started class with this story- One day, a man approached JP Morgan, help up an envelope and said something like ‘In this envelope I hold a guaranteed formula for success which I am willing to sell for $25,000’. JP Morgan replied ‘I do not know what is in the envelope, but show it to me, and if I like it I will pay you what you ask for’. The man agreed to the terms and handed over the envelope. JP Morgan opened it, took out a single sheet of paper. He gave it one look and handed the piece of paper back to the man, pulled out his checkbook, and paid the man the $25,000. Is it possible that the words on that single piece of paper was the difference between being successful and being a nobody. What single information could be the answer to becoming great, becoming powerful, becoming rich, becoming famous, becoming the best you could ever be. What could the secret formula be? The paper read: 1. Every morning, write a list of the things that need to be done that day. 2. Do them. The answer, the formula to success was no secret. It is all about prioritizing yourself, setting your goals, transforming and goals, and finally achieving them. The world is always moving, and changing constantly, you need to rethink your goals every morning to adapt to the changes around you. Yesterday is over and tomorrow has not come as 219 yet, so it is important to give it your best shot, and making today a great day. -• • • This story really hits home for me because my older brother was in a serious car accident in November of 2003. My brother shattered his pelvis and had a list of other life threatening injuries. He was in ICU for a month then he was transferred to the lower level of the hospital. In January he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital in Houstonite where he would begin his long road to recovery. It has been a long journey for my brother but he has never complained or felt sorry for himself. He took on every challenge that came his way. My brother is still in a wheel chair but is now able to stand up by himself and walk short distances with a walker or on a treadmill. I'm confident that with his upbeat attitude and positivity he'll soon be walking. I'm truly proud of him and I wish more people had the character my brother and Jessica Clements share. I will become the trim tab. It seemed like he could take almost any commercial, cartoon, or video clip and turn it into a lesson on leadership. I now find myself looking for signs of leadership in commercials while I'm watching television. I'm not sure if I'm glad about that because I now have a hard time relaxing and watching television blissfully ignorant. • I do know that if I was a group leader, I would have had my group sitting together since our first class in groups and had people getting to know each other right away. It is the little things that make groups work and create cohesiveness. I know now that we had today's class that things will be different and we will begin to mesh together as a group. I want to get as much out of this class as possible and am hoping that happens. • • • • By opening up and relating to your followers builds a trust and friendship that can help the group succeed. As a leader you must be concerned about the success of your followers. If you do not care about the individuals in the group or their success then they will not succeed I stopped my boyfriend's sister from driving home drunk from the bars. Instead, I called her mom, and she came and got all of us because none of us were in any condition to drive home. Even though it was 2 in the morning, she was so happy that we called and thanked me for being the "responsible" one In the beginning of the class, Dr. Feinberg showed this quote on the screen “30 years from now, you will be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than the things you did.” I made me think 30 years from now, what things will I be disappointed in? I remember people saying marriage is like that. You will regret and be disappointed either you do it, or not so why don’t you regret on something at least you tried. The world is full of excitement and adventures. It will be depressing just sitting there not doing anything and after 30 years, you regret man I should have done that. You have to take your chance and be brave while you are young. That is the spirit of a good leader. The quote doesn’t necessarily mean in disappointment. It means don’t be afraid of doing something. You must be active and try your best on everything you desire without any hesitation. The video teaches a great lesson in honesty, you must be honest with everyone including yourself. You're not being a good friend by lying. Never lie to spare someone's feelings you're just furthering the problem. This is hard for me because I am not a blunt Peron and I don't like hurting people’s feelings. But I see now how important it is to be honest even when it hurts! 220 • • • • So from now on if your friend has bad breath tell them or nicely offer them some gum if your friend has a booger hanging out kindly tell them if your friend asks you how there outfit looks and they look horrible tell her if your friend smells terrible tell him or just throw him in the shower If you can learn to be more honest you can grow to be a better friend and save your friends from any unnecessary embarrassment. Honestly we embarrass ourselves enough on a daily bases we might as well help others avoid some humiliation. Be honest with each other but do it as nicely as you possibly can! Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "A leader is a dealer in hope." After paying close attention to the qualities and values that make a great leader, I'm convinced one of the secret ingredients to greatness is simply hope. We look to leaders to provide us with answers and options because we hope for something better. People hope their leaders will guide them into a more promising future. With that being said, the best leaders do not hide the realities of the present from their followers. Instead, they attempt to prove to them that beyond difficult circumstances they have hope for light at the end of the tunnel. After seeing the movie, Milk, a biography of Harvey Milk who was the first openly gay man elected to public office, I noticed many parallels from his campaigns to President Obama's in 2008. Like Barack Obama, Harvey Milk based his multiple campaigns in the 1970's around hope. Both politicians urged their followers that something better was in store for them if they could only dream and hope for it. Change was needed in both situations, but instead of focusing on the negative, they focused their energy on what could be. Also, both men used catchy phrases to get the attention of the people. Harvey Milk used the slogan, "I want to recruit you," while Barack Obama used, "Yes we can." Recruiting common people who hoped for a better tomorrow was the basis of both men being successful. James Kouzes and Barry Posner may have put it best when they stated in The Leadership Challenge, "The climb to the top is arduous and long. People become exhausted, frustrated and disenchanted. They're often tempted to give up. Leaders encourage the heart of their constituents to carry on." Hope for a better tomorrow is a powerful, powerful thing. What’s the deal with writing? What’s my deal with writing? I’m horrible at writing and yet it’s one of the most important skills necessary to be in a professional organization. It’s hard to do well in a class (like csr 309) when almost all of our possible points come from some sort of writing assignment. Of course there is always the “if you’re not good at it, practice until you are.” But why would you want to practice something you hate doing, and don’t want to practice? I hate proofreading. I hate writing. And yet I know how important it is. • How do I overcome this problem of not wanting to write…and not caring how I write? – Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I know most people think this is just a hallmark holiday but to me it’s more important than chocolate, bears, and roses. Valentine’s day revolves around love which is one of the most important things in life and separates a good leader and an amazing leader. If you are able to show your employees love you will gain their love and trust in return. This brings me back to Kirk Weisler, throughout Kirk’s workshop he stressed the importance of love not only in our own lives but also at work. He gave us 5 ways to say “I Love You” without actually having to say the words. 221 1. Words of affirmation (kind words, compliments) 2. Gifts (it doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. It just shows you were thinking about the person) 3. Time (spend quality time with those you love) 4. Physical Touch (handshake or a hug) 5. Acts of service • • Don’t’ be afraid to show people you love them and that you care. Love is a very powerful thing and very contagious. Loving someone doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong and a complete person. It is also extremely important to love yourself because you can’t fully love someone until you love yourself. So go out there and show the important people in your life just how much you love them. Don’t be afraid! “You know Ashley…I want to fly more than anything, but there is something that is more important right now. You and our family. I am taking this job to support us. I WILL fly one day, I will never give up on my dream, even though it has totally dome me wrong. I will strive to be the best insurance salesman I can be. I can do anything as long as I know I will fly one day. Until then…I’m going to be the number one guy people in aviation call for insurance.” I was totally amazed…My airplane geek was actually a leader. A leader for himself and for me. Next time I’m in an interview and they ask what sets you apart…I will always remember my husband’s story and how he will never give up on his dream and how everything he does between now and it coming true is how hard he will work every day until it does. He could have easily given up and brought me down with him…but has not. – City Bus Etiquette Why must students exhibit not one ounce of courtesy while riding the City Bus? Purdue provides students this service to insure they are safe, and bus drivers dedicate their lives and time to providing you with a safe alternative to walking to class. As a resident of the Acres, I find it extremely rude when random students hop on the bus, only to be dropped off at the next stop, and fail to thank our devoted bus drivers. This behavior is clearly due to lack of leadership. Leaders express gratitude and are not afraid to put themselves out there to say “thank you” to those we appreciate. Another aspect of the bus system that aggravates me day in and day out, is the lack of chivalry men demonstrate to women. Whatever happened to men letting women have their seats? It seems to me as if more lazy men are sitting in the seats while ladies are standing up, gripping the overhead bars with all of their strength to ensure they don’t topple over. • Be leaders boys. – Over the past weeks, I've spent too much time lounging in my living room and watching television. Like many others, I've developed a small addiction to E!'s reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In one of the most recent episodes, one of the sisters, Khloe, gets sent to jail for a DUI arrest in 2007. Khloe originally got sent to DUI and alcohol classes, however, she skipped them for two weeks to vacation in Australia. After returning home she visited her judge who told her she would have to spend 30 days in jail for the violation. Khloe nonchalantly calls her mom, who is devastated by the news. Then, she has to report to her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, who also reacts 222 nonchalantly and actually gives Khloe a high five. On the day she is to get booked, the family drives Khloe to the jail yet don't seem to be affected by losing their daughter and sister to a county facility for a month. Luckily for Khloe the jail is overbooked and she spends a total of two hours there before getting released. Shockingly, to celebrate her release the family goes to dinner and purchases rounds of shots and mixed drinks. Later that night, the sisters actually go out clubbing and proceed to become quite intoxicated. The episode ends with Khloe drunkenly screaming at paparazzi shouting about how she doesn't care what they think. At this point you may be wondering what this has to do with leadership. Being an active CSR 309 student, I've developed the ability to analyze leadership in almost any situation. I got to thinking about the episode I had just watched and grew perturbed about the poor, poor leadership shown by this family. One of the main issues is that Khloe has two younger sisters, ages 13 and 11. I have two younger sisters who are 9 and 11, and it personally upsets me at the poor examples the older sisters in the family set. Whether she knows it or not, her younger sisters look up to Khloe. She is a terrible role model for them. Furthermore, because she is never properly punished for her poor decision making and actions, there is no message enforced to the younger girls about what is right and wrong. The Kardashian and Jenner families should not be surprised when their youngest children grow up to make the same mistakes their siblings did. Moreover, the mother sets just as bad of an example by picking up her daughter from jail and taking her straight to the bar. I do not understand how anyone in their family would want to be around alcohol when Khloe went to jail for a DUI. It further reinforces that this family simply doesn't get it. Not only is this family setting poor examples for each other. What they do is being broadcasted across the nation. Thousands and thousands of young girls watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians each week. Unknowingly, the family is a role model to many people who watch the show. Ratings may go down without the poor decision and drama. However, this family needs to get its values and principals in check before they become completely dysfunctional. • Is forgetting an USB cable a way to lead? No, but even though Mr. Feinberg didn't mean to teach us a lesson it actually did teach me something about leadership. When you show up to somewhere in which you are planned to meet people it seems as unprofessional and unorganized -• I think the best time for this anger to be released is when there is an abuse of power authority above you. I held the position for planning special events for my sorority and that year was when our honor board was extremely power crazy. It's incredible what a touch of power can change people into their darker side and I was convinced I would put them back into their place. They put me in a state of confusion when they decided to lie about the consequences about grade standards. They made me feel like a piece of crap for just doing my job and I did my research from our honor board handbook and found out what they said to some of the girls about their grades and going to the dances was 223 completely unnecessary and inappropriate. I quoted it and sent an email to the entire house, which I thought was a bad idea for a little bit but realized afterwards that that's what they needed to put them in their place. I don't regret my decision one bit, and although you might be confused on what I am saying because I can't necessarily tell you what exactly occurred, the main point is that defying authority, even in anger, is perfectly fine as long as you have your own ass covered and you know what you're doing. Keep your cool and prepare for the consequences. I prepared for the consequences and when I told them my side of the story, they had no choice but to agree that it was the right thing to do. • I've recently been thinking back to Kirk Weisler's visit to CSR 309. One of the topics he spoke about was note writing. It's been said that note writing is the cheapest yet most effective ways of recognizing another person. I personally have always been a note writer. After Kirk spoke about how meaningful notes can be to people, I started wondering if the people I had written notes to in the past kept them or what the note meant to them. I know that I have boxes and boxes of keepsakes in my house, many of which contain notes to others. I have saved a myriad of love notes, work notes class notes, and more over the past years. The simple act of a person writing down their feelings and giving it to you can make an immense impact. Notes are more powerful than words because you can keep them forever. Although I remember a lot of kind words I've received, I love the fact that I can open my keepsake box at any time and take a look on a piece of paper what someone said to me. • Pain Monday's class was about pain. The pain we live with, the pain we feel daily. This was a depressing class. Dr. Feinberg read a lot of peoples statements about pain. It was amazing how many had lost siblings, hate themselves because of their looks, and have had drug addictions. This class really made me open my eyes and see that the things I have gone and am going through other people have been through it as well. I know what my pain is. I am forced to live with it every day. There are a lot of things that have caused me pain. Whether it being my dad divorcing my mom, not really being close with my dad, losing a grandfather, who was the only grandfather I knew, not being very close to my grandfather, having been stabbed in the back by people I thought were my friends, being cheated on, feeling left out, names I have been called, dealing with an older brother's drug addiction, and poor decisions that I must live with. The list can really go on forever. I have been 224 through a lot in 21 years. However, I do not look for people to feel sorry for me. Instead, as I have gotten older, I have learned that you can take the pain you feel and become a better person. I take each event that has caused me pain and analyze it. I try to find if there were any warning signs that could have braced me for the pain I was about to feel. After analyzing the situations, I look at myself in the mirror and find ways that I can better myself and not feel that pain again. As a result, I have been able to deal with situations when they arise. I have also hurt myself with this pain. Not physically, but I have come to the point where I have built walls up around myself so that I really don't let anyone in. This has affected my ability to reach out. I have been trying to let some of my guard down, but it difficult. As pretty much everyone can relate, once you've been hurt, you never want to feel that way again. I have also hurt myself in a way that I cannot really let things go. I have been stabbed in the back by "friends" many times, and it is hard to even look at that person. Whenever I see them, I become filled with anger and rage. I really do hate that feeling. Even thinking about the situation, causes the same reaction. Trying to let go of pain is pain in itself. I feel like it will take many years in order for me to get over the events. With letting go you must feel the pain again and channel it outwards reminding yourself that it was in the past and only the future matters. Although I struggle letting things go, I have learned to recognize the people I do and do not want to surround myself with. Through this pain I can pick out more loyal and better friends. As Dr. Feinberg has said, "You need to get rid of the black holes of negativity in your life." That quote sticks in my mind everyday and is something I always remind myself of. I try to live by my grandfather's ways. He always forgave those that harmed in, even his own son who spoke badly of him and hated him. This is something the world must attempt to do. Pain is a learning experience. It is something that sticks with you but how you deal and overcome it is what really matters. You may never get over some of your pain but you can learn to deal with it and make it small enough, you can live life without letting it take over your life. • Today I watched a movie that demonstrated some of the strongest leadership I have ever seen. It is an older movie, produced in 1993 with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. In the movie, Tom Hanks is a homosexual lawyer with AIDS, and Denzel 225 Washington is a masculine male lawyer who has a strong case of homophobia. When Tom Hanks (Andrew) is fired from his job, he wants Denzel (Joe) to represent him in court. At first, Joe says absolutely not, but after certain occurrences, he is inspired to help Andrew. The movie is an excellent display of leadership. Joe didn't have to represent Andrew. But, he was passionate about seeking justice through the law, and his selfless personality told him to do the right thing. • • Maybe we should all try and get over our own insecurities and stereotypes and do the right thing more often. To me, when you realize that everyone has some kind of pain in their life the playing field is somewhat level. It is so easy to get carried away in our own lives and forget that everyone is human. When you take the time to truly get to know someone, you can learn remarkable things about what they've been through. In my leadership positions in the future I will definitely try to keep this in mind. People don't walk around with their "pain on their sleeves," so to speak, yet if you remember that everyone has it and we are all the same, you might start to treat people differently. One of my favorite quotes of all time is, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." And I believe this quote sums up the lesson I've learned through this pain exercise better than I ever could. -Colleen Barrett, Southwest Airlines Colleen Barrett, the president of Southwest Industry, spoke about the satisfaction of employees and customers in the airline industry. Even with a sluggish economy, Southwest is making money. Colleen talks about how her passion was service and her start with a legal secretary degree. She noticed that there was a lack of customer service in the airline industry, therefore she and her husband decided to start Southwest. They place their employees at the top of their list of importance, they want to deliver proactive customer service to their employees, so the employees then deliver proactive customer service to the customer. Southwest has consistently made money over the last 35 years, therefore serving their third most important customer, their shareholders. Southwest has used co-leadership between Colleen and Herb Barrett, their leadership styles complement each other. Both understand the importance of treating people equally, without thought of title, everyone is a part of a team. When asked if leaders are born or made, Mrs. Barrett states that she likes to be part of team, and she is as good of a leader as a follower. She states the importance of company culture, and creating a support system which makes employees feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. The interview really brought up some great points, in a really simple way. Ms. Barrett didn't use any fancy terms or concepts. Simply, she stressed the importance of contributing to make the world a better place. Through tirelessly serving the needs of employees and customers, Southwest has created a culture around its service of providing cheap fares and good service, they rely on the golden rule of treating others the way that you would like to be treated. Check it out: 226 • • • • One of the things that caught my attention in Wednesday's class was a quote by Stephen Covey saying, "Always be loyal to the absent, in order to obtain the loyalty of those who are present." To me, this translates as don't talk behind peoples' backs. But digging deeper I found this to be good advice. Sometimes I do talk bad about people who are not around and I always knew it was a bad thing to do but I never looked at it quite like that. When people hear you talk bad about others they will realize that it’s okay for them to do the same, or they might take offense if they know and like the person, and even worse they might tell the person you said something about them. Pretty much, there is not much good that can be accomplished by bringing others down when they are not around. -The clips that were shown in class on Wednesday also showed how gender differences are subtly shown in TV commercials. For example, the clip for FedEx, a group of all men meeting in the men's bathroom to make a decision. There were no women involved. What is with that!? The world is still showing young women that they are not capable of being in upper management, high position jobs. Women are constantly needing to prove themselves that they are just as good as men. This all can be changed with women being more outspoken about getting into leadership positions. We need to stand up and take on the position and run it better than any man could. The glass ceiling is starting to get small cracks, but that is not good enough. Women will one day break through that glass ceiling much like Barack Obama did for African Americans. The thing standing in our way is not just men and their beliefs we cannot do the same things but ourselves and lacking the leadership to go ahead and take control. -The Rejection Letter Today I received a letter stating that I had been declined for an internship with Aldi food stores. For some reason, before I opened the letter, I knew I had been denied this opportunity. My world is not crumbling because of this rejection because I have an internship, however it really got me thinking. In CSR 309 we talk about standing out, stepping up, and doing anything in your power to get that $95,000 a year job, the trip to Hawaii, and the car of your dreams. Where did I go wrong? My leadership skills failed that day in Valparaiso, Indiana as I endured the interview process. After hours of dwelling on this rejection letter, seeking others out for their advice and opinions, and reading my resume over and over, I realized where I went wrong. I had the wrong mindset. I was never excited about this internship and I knew it wasn’t the company for me. Walking into that interview I was unenthused with a fake smile plastered across my face. Why on earth would I have done this? If I were acting as a leader, I would have forgotten the fact that I didn’t care about the job, and would have been excited to step up to a leadership challenge, and WOW the recruiters. Human resources saw right through me that day. They saw someone who was feeding them what she thought they wanted to hear. – Leadership and Influence Former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts • "I began to understand that I could influence people, that I could change people's minds. Maybe the first sign that you have a leadership skill is that you can move others… And I don't believe you can be a real leader without passion. I also don't believe you can be a real leader without risk taking." I liked this quote from former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts because she points out, what I believe, to be essential to leadership, being able to tap into people's emotions. When people allow you to access their emotions, they give you the ability to motivate, 227 • encourage, and extend the passion that you have for an idea, goal, or vision to another person. With that comes great responsibility and risk because there is trust involved. A leader has a responsibility to succeed for followers their follower, over themselves. Failure on the leader’s part affects those that believed in the person to succeed. I have always believed that being on team sports as a child has helped me develop into a better leader in college. As a swimmer and runner, mainly individual sports, I was always more concerned about my relays than my individual events. This was because, and still is, because my main concern is the performance of the group. The success and failure that was shared with others has always had more of a profound impact on me than my personal performance. As a competitive person, I obviously take a lot of pride in my personal performance, but risk and trust that involves others, I believe, is more important. A Leader Emerges On Friday evening at Delta Zeta’s annual sisterhood retreat, a leader emerged. This woman has repeatedly been declined when applying for leadership positions because of her mediocre grade point average and had given up on making a difference whether it be on campus, or in her sisters’ lives. As VO of Programs, I am accountable for delegating a “Sisterhood Chair,” who is responsible for planning and executing g all sisterhood functions and retreats. While going through the selection process , I decided was going to choose someone that didn’t necessarily have the best resume, but someone that I saw had great leadership potential, if they were just give the chance to try. I gave Jen the chance to try. When she accepted my offer to be sisterhood chair, I clearly told her that I expected her to do everything she possibly could to better Delta Zeta, to make all major decisions independently, to communicate all necessary information to the chapter, and to be creative and challenge the status quo. Friday was Jen’s first event. She captivated the chapter. The women of delta Zeta had a wonderful night full of teamwork, competition, creativity, laughing and everlasting memories. All thanks to Jen. The retreat was fluid, fun, organized, and a huge success. Many said that that was the best sisterhood retreat Delta Zeta had ever had. It just goes to show that sometimes people just need someone to give them a little push, some encouragement, and someone that believes that they can do great things. • • I was so proud that I had a part in helping Jen in her leadership success. – So what did I learn in this class? I believe the most important lesson is that you cannot expect others to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself. You must be able to lead yourself in all the right directions first, and once that is accomplished, the others will follow. Steve Jobs at Stanford Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford in 2006. His final words were "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish," by this Mr. Jobs is relaying the importance of always reaching for what is next and being naive enough to believe that anything is possible and try new things. As people age, they tend to lose sight of former goals and let life hold them back. Mr. Jobs offers three stories to come to this conclusions. The first is about "connecting the dots" and taking what he learned at his brief stint at college and applying it to his work developing Apple. In the second, Mr. Jobs focuses on "Love and Loss," how the loss of his job at Apple lead to the development of Pixar and meeting the love of his life. Sometimes what seems like a tragedy is really just an opportunity. Steve Jobs then shared a third and final story about death and his recent battle with cancer. From 228 this experience he shares that he learned to follow his heart and not get caught up in the "dogma" of the everyday. Life is short, when it comes down to it, it's not going to be money or possessions that are going to be important at the end, it's going to be relationships and the impact that is made on peoples' lives that will be remembered. • • • • This speech can be viewed at: I will carry my leadership gold card diligently. I long for the day that I see Feinberg years from now and can show him a worn-down gold-colored card with faded print in my left hand as I give him a firm handshake with my right. How could I make a difference? - (Stephen Covey Clip) All semester I have used the leadership position I am in now to relate topics from class to the real world. Thinking back, I wish I would have had the opportunity to take this class earlier because I feel it would have given me the tools I need to succeed even more in my position. When I first started in my leadership position I thought I needed to make huge changes to be noticed that I was making a difference. Now I know that is not true and looking back it probably just hindered me more than helped me. After this semester I have tried to make smaller changes and I think it has made a bigger impact than I ever thought it would have. Just like the Stephen Covey clip said, "Small changes can make a huge impact." I have made small changes by thanking or congratulating someone in person as well as writing them a little note. Having something down on paper means so much more than just the words. Along the same lines, I made an icebreaker game for one of our meetings that I think really gave the instructors that little boost of confidence they needed. I printed out half sheets of paper with every instructors name at the top, so everyone would have their own piece of paper to take home. We passed the paper around the room and everyone wrote something positive on their paper. At the end they had a paper full of compliments that they could take home and look at every day. Hopefully, at the end of the day they will know they are appreciated and this will inspire them to be the best instructor (and person) they can be. I know this lesson changed my life, and hopefully it will change the lives of others I come in contact with! i think that I might even try to attend the Kirk seminar next year. I loved it and I would go again every year if I could My group leader rocks Disclaimer……. Honestly, the one thing I hate more than anything else in school is group work. So often I get no direct benefits out of the work and half of the group meetings are completely unsuccessful and no common goal is accomplished. People show up with little knowledge on the subject and then to try to construct a paper or PowerPoint with 5 different conflicting viewpoints…I hate it. OK, so now you all know my true feelings when it comes to University group work. One can only imagine how I felt when I learned that much of this class consisted of group work, not to mention the group was going to be comprised of 18 individuals, most of which I have never met in my life…..With that being said, T C was an unbelievable leader, and took us to the promised land. T was not only constantly available for open communication through a number of outlets, but she was also a fun person who recognized that everyone in the group had their own personal lives that far surpassed the importance of one class. As long as we were able to accomplish adequate work within the due dates of each assignment T had no quarrels with you. However she was 229 • • • • still readily available to let you know that you need to pick up the slack if you weren’t pulling your weight. These factors combined with awesome group members is what allowed our group to succeed. I appreciate everyone in our group, and a special thanks goes out to T for being wicked awesome I guess I was just in one of those moods that I didn’t think it was a big deal that I wrote that and didn’t think of the consequences to really come. blew up. XXXXXXX called me out in front of everyone saying that I was BITCHING...bitching??!?! try expressing my feelings because you didn’t do what you said. but first of all to call one of your "employees" a bitch...that is uncalled for and could be harassment. second of all he said that it said a lot about the way I was raised. so now he was insulted my family for not raising me correctly when he just called a girl a bitch. doesn't make sense to me. and thirdly, for him to do that in front of the entire group in an email is very uncalled for, immature, IRRESPONSIBLE, and very VERY very VERY disrespectful. It makes me not be able to look up to him as a leader. and to think that this kid is in charge of my grade in this class?! wow. So in the end I did get an apology email from him. which WAS called for. it was nice to know that he saw what he did was wrong and felt the need to apologize. he said in another email that he wrote to everyone that he goes on rampages when he gets mad. that isn't the right thing for a "boss" to do. especially when you're going to do things like calling your fellow worker a bitch and insult the way she was raised. I just can't believe that this XXXXX was chosen as a group leader. So wrapping up the semester soon, I look back on everything I learned from the class and Feinberg. No one gives a shit about my well being, and the only true leaders are those who have the best followers. Looking upon my group, I had many quality followers, yet with every group comes some good quality followers as well as poor ones. After two group memos, we failed. After a half dozen group meetings, we have failed. We did not form the cohesiveness needed, and I failed our group. I gave them no reason to follow me, I gave them no rewards when they did follow me; I failed. Because of my faith and the experiences I have had I believe that I need to not only help those around me who face pain, but to set an example of what the bright side of pain entails. Without pain in the world we would have no sense of how wonderful conquering pain felt and what happens when you don’t let pain curtail your life. The pain that I have experience I see as a learning opportunity and gain characteristics such as endurance and patience. I hope that I may provide to my fellow pain feelers the joy that can ensue once you release the grip that pain has on your life. My mother always says that happiness is a choice. If I were to continue to let pain influence my life, I will continue to be in self-pity and self-loathing. Yes were all bozos on the bus and we all experience pain, however if we let that pain dictate our lives we will be endangering the happiness of not only ourselves but our children and their children as well. It is the opportunity that presents itself when we encounter pain and the way in which we can respond to it that will ultimately affect the world for generations to come Now I realize that writing something personal or opinion based calls for even more thought and precision. Words are how people express their thoughts, but orally and written. When someone writes their opinions poorly it looks poorly to the reader and also makes the writer appear uninteresting. My writing skills have been improved during the course of CSR 309 and in the future I will put more effort into writing all documents, long and short My boyfriend’s mother gave me for Easter a box of Godiva chocolates and a book called “Mother Teresa Her Essential Wisdom”. After I received the gift, my boyfriend and I silently exchanged humorous looks. We were both taken aback at the seemingly 230 • • random gift. Later that night I decided to open the book and take a look at what this book had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised and immediately encaptured by the words in the book. I started to reflect on who this woman was and how her influence can affect me even now, years after her death. The leadership portrayed by this woman is remarkable. If I could have just one ounce of her wisdom, and the love she had for everyone, I would be such a better person. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for the work she committed and the way in which she affected others. I would like to be a leader that reflects this attitude and behavior in all areas of my life. To be able to leave that kind of legacy for the things you did while on earth would be incredibly humbling Just this past weekend, going out to the bars here on campus, I grew as a leader. My friend got super pissed off at someone, and wanted to drive home drunk. No way was I allowing that. I got in his face, called him a taxi, paid for it, and made sure he got home safe. I did not want for him to fight anyone, and more get a DUI, because that will ruin your life if not end it. I stood up as a leader, even when I was not sober to the fullest, and did my duties to do the right thing. MY main question after class is why do the men perceive women in the way they do? Yes I am biased in which sex I am analyzing in this blog because obviously I am a woman. When I got to thinking more specifically about the work place and sexual harassment that often times take place, I wondered what triggers men to perceive women as being less capable than them to perform certain tasks? I understand that inevitably due to our differing physical natures that some jobs must go to men and others to women, but let’s look at the full time jobs. According to a wall street journal article I was looking at (, women in full time jobs earn 80 cents for each dollar their male counterparts earn. It is so puzzling to me that women have been able to work alongside men for such a time now that you would think this lack of pay for women could be eliminated. Maybe it’s the sense that women are in fact more capable than men that triggers them to sexually harass, perhaps to get ahead by making the women feel inferior. Or maybe men still have the cave man mentality which may never be able to be corrected. Are women partially to blame or does all blame go to men? I heard on the news radio this weekend that the highest percentage of women getting plastic surgery are women lawyers. And what procedure are they getting done? You may have guessed it, breast implants. Go figure. So the more money women are making, the more powerful positions they have, the more they are inclined to empower themselves by getting implants. Puzzling. It infuriates me when I hear/see women complain about how they are treated, and then when in a position where they can make a difference do something silly like that. Men in your profession are going to respect you less if you run around with fake implants. We all know that women get them for others to look at. Why would a woman buy them just to hide them? • • • In conclusion, men need to respect women, women need to respect themselves, and the workforce needs to pay women equally because according to the WSJ article women may surpass men in the work force. I took away something important from that class. There are leaders and followers, but the most important thing is WHAT AM I DOING TODAY? Am I crossing things off my to do list? I will ask myself this everyday now. Class bla bla I took what Prof. Feinberg said about writing hand written thank you notes and put it to good use. Last weekend was Easter and I was way excited to go home and see my 231 • • family. That was until I figured out I scheduled myself to teach on Saturday at noon, so I would not be able to leave until after that. I was so disappointed and on a whim decided to e-mail out our instructors Friday morning to see if anyone was going to be around and was willing to teach it for me. (On a side note over the past year, mostly due to our new awesome leader, the Group X program has become a more tightly knit family and everyone is always willing to step up and help out when needed!)Thinking that everyone had probably already gone home, I had just made my plans to leave Saturday afternoon, when I get a phone call from one of our instructors. As soon as she picked up the phone she said "Go home and see your family, I'll be there to teach your class tomorrow!" I was so happy and told her I would help her out whenever just name that time, but I knew I had to do something else for her last minute help. I obviously had thanked her on the phone but I knew if I wrote her a little thank you card it would mean much more and she would understand what she did for me. And what good is a thank you card without a Starbucks gift card? :) Perhaps the last lesson that needs reflection is what makes a leader deserve their followers' respect. I chose to be a follower but that wasn't the only choice I made during the course of the semester. In the beginning I chose not to respect Dr.Feinberg or his leadership. He wasn't proving to me that I should listen to him, attend his class or put effort into the assigned work. As a leader he wasn't earning the respect of me as a follower. As the semester progressed I appreciated the insights and visual discussions that he presented. However I didn't buy into everything. For example I think it is a terrible idea to only sleep a couple hours a night for the sake of progress. It is detrimental to a person's physical and mental health. Also I don't believe that tenured professors being paid an abundant salary should be allowed to wear sweat pants to teach. For these reasons, among a few others, Dr.Feinberg never gained my total respect as a leader. In previous classes I believed that all professors deserved my respect and trust because they were teaching the class. Perhaps this is what’s wrong with our education system, student blindly follow their teachers just because they happen to be standing up while others are sitting down. Nobody gives any thought to what is being taught or how the teacher’s personal opinion can influence the content. Although I firmly believe in the mutual respect of all people, now I will be more willing to question those that bare the authority of leader. Just because someone says they know what they're talking about doesn't mean that I have to agree. It's up to followers to interpret the messages and lessons of leaders. If it doesn't make any sense, then it's also up to the followers whether to listen. Whether to leave or even whether to take over the leadership role themselves Ponder on this quote for a bit, "you are not an accident". Everyone is brought on this earth to serve a purpose, what’s your purpose? I found this chapter to be riveting. Everyone has a purpose whether it is someone walking by us at the bus stop, the person ringing us up at McDonalds, or the president of Purdue. I agree with this quote completely, but the one thing that bothers me about it is the fact most people do not use their gift as well as others. I don't know if that means the drug dealers and pedophiles are on this earth to prove to us no one is safe or how much life can be better if you follow the law. Or does it mean these people did not follow their purpose in life. I struggled with this chapter because I don't know whether I believe in the whole Adam and Eve thing, or whether I believe in evolution. Did god put us on this earth? or did science and reproduction? I had to take a lot of time thinking after this chapter. How did I get on this earth? And if god put me here, why what's my purpose? Thoughts to ponder until next chapter.... 232 • • I guess Professor Feinberg is right..."The greatest reward is making a difference When I look at my list, I realize that many of the films on it have inspired me in some way. Spanglish-being able to adapt to changes in lifestyle and still remain strong. We Were Soldiers-Well it's obviously a great leadership movie, but I look at the roles the women played in every war. They never knew if their husbands or sons were coming home. It reminded me to never waste a day with the ones I love, they might be gone the next. Practical Magic-Never being afraid to be who you are. American President-Another obvious leadership movie that showed me how tough it is to remain ethical and professional. It's a Wonderful Life- Having a heart and realizing that every life matters. Jerry Maguire-I'm in sales so this one hits home. Again ethics and love is a big theme here and a big theme with me. The Little Mermaid- Ahh Arial. Being the youngest of my family I could always relate to her desire for independence and acceptance. Wanting to be part of their woooorld. Baby Boom-Being a powerful woman doesn't mean working the way up the corporate ladder OR staying at home with kids, it means being able to choose. Saving Private Ryan- Well this movie contains a lot of messages, which filled a five page paper my freshman year. Again it shows great leadership and sometimes poor leadership. But most of all it makes me appreciate what 'the greatest generation' did for all us and what soldiers in every country experience. The movies not listed are either just funny to me or might contain a great sex scene. But beyond the personal messages movies translate, they can mean so much more to society. I'll always respect movies and look for the hidden messages within them that aren't always so hidden. Much like Feinberg's class, the messages are right there staring you in the face. But most people miss them and I try not to • Purpose driven life-- day 1 So I decided to listen to Feinberg while I was bored over break and bought the Purpose Driven Life. I had heard of the book before his class, and thought if it’s good for Feinberg its good for me so I purchased the book. I read the back and the first part that explains the 40 day journey. I decided since it says to read it with a partner I would read it with my boyfriend before bed. Now let me give you the breakdown of my relationship. I am liberal and from Bloomington Indiana he is very conservative and from Texas. We grew up differently, especially in the religion category. He is very strong in his faith and I am not atheist I attended church when I was little, I just have not practiced as much faith as him. So this book was a good choice to read together. As Feinberg said if you both have different religious views you will not work out, so I guess we will have to see in a few years. So we began the 40 day journey last night. The first chapter was interesting to me since I am less religious because the chapter started with "It is all about him; God". Now Feinberg said he is not a religious man, so I figured there had to be some content in there 233 other than religion. The more I read I analyzed what it said. I realized so much of what we are told in classes are not always the best way to go about things. The author repeated all of the common things we have learned in classes like reach for your goals, you can do it on your own etc. It explained that if you have faith in something else then you can have the help you need. It is difficult to be motivated all the time and reach for your goals. At the end of each chapter we discuss what we read and then write notes in the book. I had lots of questions about faith when I was reading it. From what I have read I think this is going to teach me about leadership in a different way. I want to be a professional fundraiser and that is a job that takes a lot of motivation. This has also allowed my boyfriend and I to open a different door of discussion. So after chapter one, still skeptical about religion, but open to • • For one reason or another, Purdue University and its instructors generally leave all projects due during the last month of class. This produces work from students that meets expectations but generally does not exceed expectations. Also it puts additional stress on students who are looking to secure full-time jobs or internships after the semester ends. So my question is, if the leadership improves during the last month, will anyone have time to notice or even care? "Make your followers feel incredible and they will think of you as a great leader." Until Dr. Feinberg pointed this out in class, I never realized that it's entirely true. In my life I have been a part of many organizations, and have led a couple. As a follower, whether it be work, school or club related, I've done more for the leaders I respected. The first way they gained my respect was by acknowledging my contributions as a follower. For example, I work at a family owned restaurant as a server. This past weekend I was serving a party of one hundred people, which kept me at the restaurant two and half hours after close. Everyone in the party was paying separately at the register and was instructed to leave any tip on their table. When the party had gone, only seven dollars was left on the tables. Fortunately this family has made it a practice to respect their employees and stand behind them. My boss took care of my tip. He even went above twenty percent because he appreciated the long hours I worked and the special attention the party received. And because the family continually recognizes my hard work and stands behind my service, they've gained my loyalty. When it comes to gaining the trust of their followers, or employees, they are GREAT leaders. • Now it occurs to me that maybe I should tell them how I feel about working there. Tell them how much I appreciate all the things they do for me. Then maybe all the girls I work with would see my example and do the same. Perhaps an opportunity to lead has arisen, and this time I'm going to take it! In an e-mail Feinberg sent us it said, "It is clear that you got it. Now the question must be can you live it?" I think this statement has a lot of bearing on the situation right now. We are done with CSR 309; done with learning the ins and outs of leadership. It’s clear by the grades on some of my papers that I 'got it,' but can I live it? 234 • • • • Well, anyway. I try to say hi to the teacher in the hallway twice!!! but he never looked at me… I don’t know what happened… Maybe he is too tall or I am too short? At the risk of sounding incredibly tacky...I have simply learned nobody is perfect, Dr. Feinberg, Richard, Feinberg, R, RF, however the email is signed this week: Thanks. I hope you enjoy your reward, because you've made a difference. Keep it zipped. Because I allowed others to have an input on the decision they all felt more a part of it and followed along with it. The backroom runs smoothly now and I'm very proud of the way my team and I put it together, not to mention I received much validation for my efforts! • Obvious facts aside, though, this week The Fein spoke about listening, or as DJ Khaled would say, LISSSSSSSTTTTTTTEEEENNNNNNNN. Which is obviously important. I didn't really pick up too much about it though, since I was listening more to the group of hot sorority girls behind me. And eavesdropping on our new VICE PRESIDENT, Matt, who will now be known as Ms. Fein until the end of the year. Which is very soon, seeing that The Fein canceled class the last 2 weeks to make up for the fact that I had to listen to his personal friend for 5 fucking hours one Monday. Before I go on, I'm gonna bitch about my team leader, The Chosen One. Up until now me and him have been pretty cool...I'm not gonna lie, I don't really buy into the WE'RE A TEAM, LET'S GO GROUP!!!!!!! thing, but I try to be somewhat of an asset, even though I'm actually pretty useless, outside of my pathetic attempt at presenting our tower. But recently, I got an 80 on the group memo 1. I didn't really bitch about it too much, as an 80 isn't a bad grade. BUT (and there's always a BUT) he took 2 other members of the group and did it without really anyone else's input. Which I'm completely cool with, I'm not force myself to do more work when you don't ask me to, and I told him if he wanted me to do anything, to let me know. He didn't. That's fine, man, but DON'T FUCKING DEDUCT MY POINTS BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WANT ME TO WORK ON IT. And at least tell me why I'm getting an 80 (because I didn't do jack shit, I know). And I just KNOW that I'm gonna get an even worse grade on the second group memo, because a) once again I wasn't invited to the party and b) well, this one might be my fault, but instead of walking 2 miles to my group leaders house when I was sick 235 (Florida kids don't bring cars up), I just watched the movie on my own. I volunteered to help several times, but I've yet to get any request to work. Whatever. I still like you Chosen One, I just know I'm probably the best or second best writer in the group. God forbid my first individual memo about a shitty movie didn't WOW The Fein. Bleeeeeeeeeeeh. Fin • Doing What It Takes Sometimes you have to do everything in your power to communicate and make sure you are clearly understood. -• Ultimately going into this class, I thought I would feel satisfied earning an A. What I didn't realize was that this class wasn't about a silly letter grade added to our transcript. It was about gaining new experiences and becoming a better leader in any situation you are faced with. I can definitely say that I am a better leader because of this class - the main goal was achieved. Ordinary People, Extraordinary things There are many ordinary people in the world that do extraordinary things every day! It doesn’t matter who the person is, what their career is, how old they are etc, it only matter what that person does to help change the world. All the people in the world who have already touched the world and helped make it a better place were ordinary people. Ordinary people come in and out of my life all the time. They touch my life by acts of kindness, or encouraging words. The parents are ordinary people but to me they have done extraordinary things!! • • Don’t be afraid to be ordinary and do extraordinary things!!! We have currently have a leader in our house who was elected into her position. What makes a good leader? One of our girls is amazing at her position and has overcome every possible expectation for her role in the house. The other is just a step below her in responsibilities and abuses her power. The other girl does not make a good leader because she not only does not model the way she also doesn't enable others to act or inspire a shared vision. The reason she fails so miserably as a leader in the house is because she does not have any true leadership skills. People just elected her into her position because of her age. So can someone who is younger do a lot better of a job at keeping an entire house out of trouble and in control? I believe even a freshmen, if they had the right leadership skills, could be a better authoritative figure than this 23 yr old. Surprising huh? The PSG student elections have finally just finished.... Thank God. I am actually pretty annoyed with the PSG. I believe we don't hear a single thing from them until election time each year. And each year they promise us something unique or awesome. Well sorry, but you don't have the budget to build us a new co rec and the state is already doing that already. So stop talking about it. Control something that you actually can control. What? You want to regulate to only English speaking TAs? How are you going to do that? Do you think the professor that is asking that student to come do research for them cares if they can speak great English? Most likely that professor doesn't speak English either! 236 Anyways, all of my thoughts on PSG were proven true when I stumbled upon their end of the year send off while I was at work the other day. (I cater and they had an event) Let me repeat what they said they accomplished over their year as president... hmm... let's see. Oh, here was one, they got the Big Ten Network show no our cable providers. Yes, I'm sure you were the person who did that. I'm sure it had nothing to do with money or ratings. What else did you say? hmmm You fixed the problem with illegal downloading because the RIAA didn't file as many lawsuits. Oh, I'm sure that was you... or maybe students knew not to do it because they didn't want to get fined! • Listen, all I am saying is don't take credit for what you didn't do. Don't thing you are Purdue's savior. And don't think that just because you got 2000 votes out of 40000, you are something important. I've been sick with the bubonic plague since Friday, but am finally starting to feel normal again. We've been hearing that today's lecture would be one of the funniest lectures of the year. Yeah I had my doubts, but it ended up being pretty damn hilarious. • KIPP Normally, when you think of inner city schools, you think of undereducated children who can't read and write well. Some of these kids end up dropping out of school and end up in gangs. This is not the case with the KIPP schools that began in Houston, Texas. These children went to school ten hours each day and on Saturday and seemed to enjoy themselves the whole time. They were also very successful in school and many of them received scholarships to go to various private high schools all over the country. How can inner-city kids who grew up with poverty be successful in school and end up in college instead of in the streets with gangs and drugs? The answer is great leadership. The teachers and principals in these schools are in fact great leaders. They have incredible amounts of confidence in these children and believe in them. This is the first time many of these kids have experienced that in their lifetime and the results prove this. Also, these kids receive discipline in this school and they oftentimes lack this at home. The fact that these teachers are willing to put this kind of effort and work the long hours making about the same money as any public school teacher, shows the dedication they have to these kids and prove what truly great leaders they are. -• Lately I've been listening to a song called "Kill" off of Jimmy Eat World's album "Futures". I know that I've already posted about leadership in a song, but I feel that this one truly hit a string in my own heart. It's a breakup song, however I find it as more of a struggle to be able to have yourself let go of a situation that you feel stuck in. "I know what I should do but I just can't walk away". That epitomizes what I mentioned before, with not being able to open up your emotions to yourself. You know what has to be done, yet you can't actually do it. "I loved you, and I 237 should have said it, but tell me just what has it ever meant?" If you never gave yourself the opportunity to open up, instead of bottling it deep inside, nobody will know what's going on. You need to open up, get those feelings out, understand them, and then act on them. I find that knowing your emotions is a huge aspect that leaders must acquire. If they can't open up, then neither can their followers. Then where can you go? • When I think about all the great leaders I have worked with and know, they all have a story and are very good at explaining it. My boss in my internship last summer is a wonderful leader. He is very outgoing, full of energy and life, intelligent, motivated, well spoken, encouraging and intimidating. He has the best mixture of energy, enthusiasm, and aggressiveness, which makes him a great leader. Along with all his great attributes he has a story! In my exit interview we talked for a long time about my experience with his company, what I wanted to do after graduation, what my passion in life was, etc. After I talked he talked about how he got to the place he was today. It was an incredible story, which a lot of success, failure and hard work. What I learned from him was that I needed to find my passion, work towards whatever it is I am passionate about, and I will lead a happy, meaningful life. I look forward to the day that I can help my summer interns find their story, but first I need to find mine! • Celebrating the life of a complete stranger is an unusual concept to me. Although the title of the CSR 309 assignment is "Living Obituary", we are not announcing the death and how he/she spent their life, we're simply discussing the accomplishments they have made individually thus far in life. When discussing the life of my new friend Ritesh, not only did I learn about a peer I might not have had the chance to through luck, but I learned about an entirely new culture, and how he contributes to it. It's an eye opening experience for me to learn about someone new; when they were born, what they like to do, and their previous job experience. The most influential topic Ritesh and I discussed while preparing for the project is "Why You Should Follow Me..."; a recurring theme that Feinberg strongly believes in. Ritesh said, "I don't micromanage and I will do anything in my power to get my employees and myself to be successful at whatever we set out to do". Although that in itself is powerful enough, the reason behind that statement is what astounded me. Ritesh's inspiration for leadership comes from his father; 238 Ritesh is following his father's actions. The motto that his father followed was, "success is directly proportional to the effort". Although Ritesh's father lives on the other side of the Earth, and there is only a very slim chance that I could ever meet him in this lifetime, those words struck a chord with me. Those are the same words that my father lives by. How coincidental is it that I could be paired for a project with a complete stranger and follow the same words of wisdom as we progress into adulthood? • I Can't Let Myself Quit As a leader, you expect your followers to accomplish the goals you give them. To be a great leader you must also set goals for yourself and complete them 100%. Everyday when I go to work out I set a goal for myself, run a certain distance at a certain pace. This morning's goal was 7 miles in less than an hour. I know full well that I can accomplish this goal, but I was finding out that after a week off for Spring Break was making it more challenging than usual. With only 15 minutes left of my run I seriously considered slowing down or quitting altogether. The desire to quit was doubled by the time I had 5 minutes left. I began to think to myself, "No one will know I didn't finish my goal 100%." Sure I could say I ran 6.3 miles and still feel pretty good about myself, but I would know I let myself quit. And what's the point of putting in enough effort to do a job 95% of the way and quit. I say 100% or bust. So that's what I did, I struggled and hated life for the last 5 minutes but enjoyed a day full of feeling proud of myself. I believe that's what good leadership takes. Setting attainable yet challenging goals for yourself and your followers and completing them 100%. No one may know if you quit early, but you will know and that should be enough motivation to keep yourself going. • • On top of all of the leadership skills I learned from Professor Feinberg, one thing I have definitely taken from the leadership course involves the JP Morgan story. Each day, I wake up every morning and make a list of things I need to complete that day. If every item isn’t crossed off by the end of the day, I feel almost incomplete. I feel so accomplished each time I cross something off of my list. As dorky as it seems, I actually get excitement when I complete one of my tasks and get to cross it off my list. I used to work for Olive Garden and I never realized what good leadership was until I worked there. I used to work at Circuit City and Best Buy and the males in the work place never actually treated females like they were capable of selling the same products as they were. I was always one of the top sales people in my area and worked very hard to achieve great numbers. I never received good reviews or any thank you's. I eventually left one company for the other company because I was never appreciated, no one ever asked me how I was doing. The leadership in the place was not following any of the guidelines that our leadership book points out. Finally, I started working for Olive Garden and the management always challenged the way things were done. Appreciated and 239 • listened to their coworkers and employees. Everything including sharing values outside of the workplace was done there. I never realized that that was what they were doing, but now that I have read this book I realized that these steps are really key to moving forward and being good leaders. Best Buy and Circuit City have no achieved these goals and maybe that's why one is filing for bankruptcy, but Olive Garden has achieved this leadership goals. Jessica Clements What an exceptional soul! She’s weathered all the worst possible storms and still manages to face each day with optimism and excitement. A former model from Akron, Ohio, left her humble beginnings to start a new career in the Army, after graduating high school. She served as a Staff Sergeant in Iraq where she drove fuel trucks. On May 5, 2004, Jessica’s truck was hit by a roadside bomb. Shrapnel entered into her brain cavity and caused extensive damage. In order to mitigate some of the damage, doctors had to remove part of her skull so that her brain would not swell severely and cause death. The doctors removed a portion of her skull and implanted the portion of the skull into her abdomen in order to keep the bone living so that it could be properly reattached when she returned to the states. It remained in her abdomen for the next 4 months, while she was mostly in a coma. When she returned to the states, the outlook was very grim. She was not expected to fully recover, vegetative at best. Ultimately, she beat the odds and came out of a coma. She had to relearn all the basics of thinking, talking and walking. She described the experience as making her a better person because she doesn’t take things for granted anymore and isn’t as judgmental. Even though she is medically discharged, she still views herself as a soldier. She wants to continue helping other fallen soldiers and veterans by counseling them and spreading her story. I cannot begin to fathom how a woman could endure such traumatic events and come out of it stronger and more happy. I am floored! I hope that I can become 1/10 th the woman of Jessica…she’s truly remarkable. • CSR 309? Is this class the essence of leadership? no Does it make some interesting points? yes Am I disappointed with the structure? yes Am I happy with the lessons? yes Could there have been a different president? yes Could there have been a different goal? yes Am I happy with the class? yes 240 Is Mr. Feinberg the man? yes -• • About 5 minutes of not talking after her last remark, she instant messaged me again: S: ":-)" That was it. A smiley face. That was enough evidence for me to know that I made a difference. So what if it's just temporary, the more time she spends being happy and able to trust me, the less time she has to dwell on all of the bad things going on in her life. And thinking of that alone is making me smile. As I watched the doubles team of the William's sister I realized especially in sports teams there is always a leader. Someone that does not necessarily take all the credit but motivates and encourages the other team members. Now in the work place that leadership is usually rewarded with a promotion or being paid more than the rest, but in sports especially smaller teams the leader is not always known. And sometimes the leader can be different for different games or times. The leader is usually the person who has a lot of skill but skill is not everything. Motivation and wanting to step up to the plate also has a lot to do with it. • Things are starting to get better. I feel like Dr. Feinberg has gone into his cocoon to soon become a better leader. • Today, we watched a clip about an inner-city school and the extreme challenges the new principal faced. The school was dirty and unorganized. The teachers were unmotivated, which lead to the students being unmotivated. When the new principal first arrived, she knew she had to take some drastic measures. The first incredible move she made was cleaning the boy's bathroom. She and the janitor noticed a horrible stench coming from the bathroom. Just from observations, the bathroom looked pretty clean. Then, the janitor mentioned the smell must just be from the urine that has collected on the tile around the urinals over the years. (Sick!) He made it clear that he couldn't get rid of it. The principal obviously wasn't going to accept that there was no way to rid the smell. She spent the rest of the day on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor of the boy's bathroom until the smell disappeared. The principal's action on this day is admirable for many reasons. The teachers and students heard what she had spent the day doing and thought they could make a difference too. It is not usual for a person in her power to be scrubbing the bathroom floors of her school. I'm sure that is not in her job description. She is leading by example which is one of the most powerful things a leader can do to make a positive difference and gain respect. Soon, this inner-city school was a safe haven for the students. A place where all employees and children looked forward to going every day. S Ma • It was the first time that any of my teachers have ever told his entire class to take out their cell phones and call someone. The catch was that 241 we had to call a "loved one" and tell them that we love them and that we appreciate everything that they have done for us. So I take out my phone and hit speed dial #2 and I'm connecting to my home phone. As I had assumed, my mom, in the midst of cooking dinner, answers. Me: Hey Mom, its Steph Mom: Hey hunny, what's going on? Me: Well, I'm in class right now and my teacher told us to call a loved one and tell them that we love them and that we appreciated everything that they do for us. Mom: (silence).... (laughter) Really? That's so kind of him, tell him I say "thank you!" Me: Sure thing, I'll call you back later tonight, okay? Mom: Okay hunny, I love you! Me: I love you too Mom. So, I never told Dr. Feinberg that she had thanked him, but I'm sure an abundance of my peers' were in the same situation. I called her back later that evening, and she picks up the phone and instantly says, "I love you Steph". Although it's something that I hear every other day from her or my father, something strange hit me. With my roommate and her boyfriend in the room with me, I had to hide the tears that I was starting to produce. Even though both of my parents are aware that I love them both very much and appreciate all that they have ever done for me, I wanted to let them know that I have never taken advantage of their kindness and generosity, not only to me, but to everybody that knows them. Just 3 nights ago, my boss from this past summer called me and told me that she ran into my parents at a restaurant in Nantucket and told me how much she absolutely loves both of them... and it has only been their third meeting. It's strange to think of how strong of an impact people have on you. It has never seemed so powerful to me, the love that my parents give to me and my sisters. I just have to be sure that I give it back to them in ways that make them proud and make me just as happy. • I had an interesting thing happen to me yesterday that I must say made me relate back to one particular lecture is CSR 309. I got a call from Abercrombie’s recruiter yesterday. I had interviewed for their MIT program when they came to Purdue’s campus in January. Andy, the Chicago recruiter, called to offer me the MIT position. I was a little shocked to hear from her because she had told me they wouldn’t be extending offers until late April or May. She said a few things on the phone that made me realize that I had successfully given Abercrombie a 242 compelling reason to hire me. Andy said that I was the only person getting an offer this early. She said that the people who interviewed me said I was a person who couldn’t be let go. They think I’m an excellent candidate for the company, not just in short term, but for the long haul. She also said that Laura, the first interviewer, had so many great things to say about me. In fact, Laura had told her that she knew within the first 5 minutes of my interview that I would be getting an offer from their company. Andy explained that although there isn’t a specific opening for any Abercrombie location in the Chicago area, I had a job come June. Andy reassured me that when the time comes, there will 100% be an opening for me. She said, “If there isn’t, we will make one.” Wow…that made me feel wanted! I looked back on my recent blogs and came across one I had written about the importance of selling yourself in an interview. I had stated, “You only have a limited amount of time to sell yourself, so what you have to say must be good and must me memorable.” What happened to me yesterday made it apparent that I had been successful in selling myself to this company. Unless you give the company a compelling reason to select you, they won’t. • Week Eleven - Day Two I recently wrote in IM2 about how the film Quarantine shows that survival is one of the most basic forms of leadership. Two recent occurrences have led me to reevaluate my stance. In Wednesday's class, we split into our groups and performed a survival exercise. Then this evening, our group met and watched the videos for GM2. After the completing the survival exercise and watching the videos, I realize that although trying to survive is a basic form of leadership, survival is not. Our group was near the top performers for the survival exercise, but we were wrong in crucial areas. We could take charge and lead one another to try to survive, but without any training or knowledge, we could lead one another straight to death. The paratroopers in the video are also focused on survival. They have a mission to complete when they land, but survival is key. Again, all the will in the world will not replace the training that they receive. Without the weeks of intense education, they would have no idea of how to help themselves or their fellow soldiers survive. The will to survive can bring out the best leadership qualities in any individual. Experience and training, however, are just as vital. The in class exercise and GM2 video showed how important taking charge in a group are. I have had some survival training as a Boy Scout, so I 243 stepped up to my group, even when my answer was not popular. Although the will to survive is strong, we must all focus on our strengths, and not act too quickly. Each member of our group in class brings different skills and experiences to the table. This will be the case for the rest of our lives in work and everyday life. To be a successful leader, it is imperative to listen to what each member has to say. It may just save my life. After reevaluating my stance, I have made a full circle. I do think that survival is one of the most fundamental forms of leadership. However, the differentiation between the will to survive and survival must be made. The will to survive is basic. Survival, however, often times takes strong leadership, training, and input from all members of a group. -• • • • Being a leader has really become a pain in my butt. At first I thought it was going to be really rewarding and enlightening, but now not so much. I thought leading was supposed to be about guiding your team to greatness, not searching a ton of documents to find hidden segments of extra credit for the group. This might be a surprise, but I have other stuff that I do with my life. I can't always read every single document that Dr. Feinberg sends out the day he sends it. I want to lead my team through effort and creativity, not a bunch of ambiguous and hidden agendas. And then every time an extra credit assignment ends, an email is sent out saying "did your group leader tell you about it?" How the hell am I supposed to know if there is an extra credit assignment? Every single person in the class got the same email I did. It's not my responsibility to read the attachments for everyone and tell everyone what they say. I have no problem taking blame, but expecting me to search every 150 page document that comes out of this class for a little note about extra credit is just silly. I'm getting pretty sick of hearing how bad of leaders we are. Its part of the process, cool, I get it. It makes us work harder? Maybe. I want to be a better leader, not play Inspector Gadget and look for hidden clues Since my group leader Ross was not at the last class meeting when we discussed the group, he was given the cliff's notes. He sent us all and e-mail the next day and apologized for being a terrible leader. I do not blame him for being a bad leader. I believe a leader is only as good as the people he is leading. No one in the group had ever brought it to his attention that we did not have good communication, or that we did not know each other. I do not know if he thought everything was going good, or if he thought none of the group members really cared about group cohesiveness. Have you ever realized this phrase "live, love and laugh?" Today I actually saw another phrase on the clip “live, love, learn and legacy." I think this phrase has a lot deeper meaning in business and learning world. In the leadership world, in my mind, it is important to live (happy, think positive, believe in yourself and others), love (care, love, for yourself and others)), learn (acknowledge yourself, educate yourself and others), and legacy (to be memorable?) I am not sure what legacy means. But, yes Live, love, learn and legacy is something I have learned so far today in class. Even though Dr. Feinberg did not talk about it. Redefinition of success. Take Gandhi and take Mother Theresa. Our concept of success is always about the car we drive, the house we live in, the credit cards that we own, the 244 • • • • • country clubs that we belong to and the amount of cash that we have. In Singapore, we have simply abbreviated all these. It is known as the 5Cs. o Condominium o Car o Credit Card o Country Club o Cash We have all been conditioned to feel success only when we possess these 5Cs. What is the point though when we have nothing else? Stop focusing on material items and do some good (which I have by the way.) I now donate regularly to the no-kill dog shelter on Main and State St. But one thing I notice today…(my gp leader) She kind of can’t match Jennifer and my name with faces. Ha, I thought that was kind of funny. Do Asian people really all look the same? At the end of class, Professor Feinberg asked the students who wanted to be a leader to come to the front of the classroom. I hesitated. I quickly regretted my decision... My peer I wrote the living obituary about did not have anything remarkable for me to say about him. I didn't have anything remarkable to give to him to say about myself. But starting today I'm going to become a better leader, so when I do step through those pearly gates I will be remembered by the deeds I did and the people I touched. I heard something interesting today on CNN on, "World Leaders on the Crisis." Davos of Switzerland reminded his panel and the viewers of a great story: "You know the great story that's told about the Chinese president going off to get advice and asking, 'when will climate changed be solved?' God says, 'not in your life time, perhaps not ever.' And he goes away. Then the American president goes and says, 'when will there be world peace?' God says, 'not now, not this year, not next year, perhaps not in your lifetime.' And then the president of Europe goes to God and asks, 'when will the international financial institutions work?' And God cries." Why are we taxpayers allowing our hard earned tax dollars to be blatantly abused? Citigroup, a bank that received settlements from the $45 billion bank bailout was seriously considering finalizing their purchase of a $50 million executive jet. I can understand that the company ordered the jet in 2005 and it wasn't set to deliver until 3 or so years later. But Citigroup's Accounts Payable department didn't realize that the delivery was soon to close, in light of the recession? In recent news, Wall Street has managed to enlighten the world that many top executives have received a combined total of $18.4 BILLION in bonuses, the 6th largest on record. What reality are these boards of directors in? Why are we bailing these companies out so that their executives 245 • can gain on the society's misfortunes? Absolute power is corrupting absolutely, at the taxpayer's expense I always thought blogging was a little too intense for me. Letting the whole World Wide Web know how I'm feeling in real time seems like an invasion of privacy. But considering I like good grades, and good grades come from doing all the work in a class, and blogging is required for CSR 309, I'm blogging. Watch out, planet earth =) • Spring Break This year's spring break had instances of both excellent and failed leadership. How can a group of six people sit around a television for half of the day when a beach with powder sand is only ten minutes away? None of the members of my travel group were eager to kick each other in the butt to get going, but we were all eager to express our opinions. No one could take charge and get our day started. It is easy to see why companies fail when they do not have employees that are leaders. When everyone just sits back and waits on things to happen, the company stalls, and competitors take advantage. Not just in business, but in life. At the opposite end of the spectrum were our host parents. My roommate's parents live in Sarasota, Florida, so we stayed with them over break to avoid hotel costs. If we were the epitome of slackers, they were the exact opposite. Without us asking, they took a vehicle to the beach parking lot each morning, just in case we decided to go. They used their experiences of waiting for hours for a parking spot to benefit us. Every day they refilled the food that we had or had not eaten from the previous day. An entire refrigerator in the garage was filled with drinks and food for us before we even arrived. Mr. Johnson listened to what ideas we had, and then pulled out brochures, pamphlets, and online printouts of possible places to visit. I don't know if they were just bored with retirement and we gave them something to do, or if they genuinely cared that much. It was a bit overwhelming for their son, but the rest of us appreciated the work that they went through for us. They showed exemplary leadership. They gave us all of the tools and suggestions to work with, and left it up to us to make them most of them. What more can you ask for in a leader? I do not want a leader who holds my hand and whispers in my ear everything I need to do. I want a leader who gives me the options, shows me how to do it, and is there when I need help from them. The Johnson's were to me the kind of leader I want to be to other -246 • A Valentine’s Day Last week was Valentine’s Day. I have had a girlfriend for three years. I think Valentine’s Day is bullshit. However, must leader of some card/flower company many many years ago, decided to make valentine’s day a mandatory event for everyone. I had to pay for dinner and flowers. Which is good, I enjoy going out to dinner, I enjoy going on dates, and I enjoy buying my girlfriend flowers... I just don't enjoy it when I have to. Here's my leadership lesson: You sometimes don't have to make people better, perform better, or etc. They want to! You just have to make it possible for them to do it. Example.... if a girlfriend wants flowers on a regular basis... next time they get flowers bought for them.. Take your boyfriend out to dinner or pick up a pizza or pay for the movie. Reward good behavior don't force it. • Top 10 I came across a little book called A Thousand Paths to Enlightenment by David Baird, in it are short, inspiring thoughts and a lot had to do with the things we discuss in class. Below, I'm giving my top ten lessons I've learned so far in 309. 10. "Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully." This is one of the things I really took away from Kirk's presentation. Small actions can have a big impact on people. If you treat them with kindness and respect, they will treat you with kindness and respect in return. 9."Learn to recognize talents, don't hide them. What's a sundial in the shade?" Good ideas and talent can come from anyone. Don't ignore it because it might come from the custodian rather than the executive. Listen to it and give praise. 8."Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it." Or "Footprints on the sands of time weren't created by those sitting down." Either way, you have to put in work to achieve results. You won't succeed by sitting on your ass. 7. "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me and I'll understand." 247 To have a team firing at all cylinders, all members must be involved and comfortable with their roles. In "It's Your Ship", Captain Abrashoff doesn't just tell or show his crew how to refuel at sea, he lets them do it and learn from the hands on experience. 6."Whether you think you can or think you can't -- you are probably right." For anyone to have confidence in you as a leader, you must have confidence in yourself. 5."If you lose, make sure you don't lose the lesson too." Failure is part of becoming a leader, learning from those failures is part of becoming a great leader. 4."Enthusiasm means the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment." Inspire others to share in your passion for your vision. The easiest way to do that is to create an enthusiastic environment. 3."If you think you have learned all there is to learn, then you haven't even started." Change is key to growth. Growth is key to great leadership. Many veteran leaders are finding themselves falling behind innovative, new leaders because they are unwilling to change what has worked for them in the past. 2. "Govern the clock, do not be governed by it." You'll never be able to make a day longer than 24hrs, but you can give yourself an extra hour or two by prioritizing the things that are "urgent and important" from those that are "just urgent" or "just important". And drum roll please.... 1. "Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." If there's anything this class has taught me so far, it's that if you want to achieve anything you must have a clear vision that you can easily communicate to those around you. Why work hard if you don't know what you're working for? • I doubt my group would survive long after a plane crash. The worst form of sexism is sexual abuse. I don't care what any Alpha male wants to view as the truth, but women are not subservient to men in any sexual form! Men have 248 • • no right to rape women, if a man really needs to get it off that bad then he needs to get himself a plastic mold or some other crevasse to dominate. But in no way should a woman's rights be violated by a pathetic man's wants. No man can honestly tell me that he raped a woman because he needed it, get the hell over yourself. If you rape a woman, then you deserve lethal injection (hell yes, that's legal where I'm from). As for the cases of male rape, those female rapists deserve capital punishment too. Now this is school and in school we should always be learning. However, learning is now always cut and dried, especially in this class. When the winner was announced it was a group that was unprepared, without materials and came up with a last-minute idea that involved little to no planning. Was I frustrated? Of course....but not because I necessarily thought our group should have won. Rather, I thought there should have been a winner that brought materials and truly worked together with their team to create a structure...not have two people hold someone up and the rest of the group stand around them to represent supports while really doing nothing at all. The lesson learned? Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and how much you plan, people are always going to slip under the radar and surprise you by coming out on top. It can happen in the classroom or in the workplace and the best we can do is take it in and learn from their success to help us out in the future One aspect of the course that I was disappointed with was when Dr. Feinberg had bought in guest speaker Kirk Weisler. Don't get me wrong Kirk shared some really great stories and ideas with the class, but the thing that upset me was by the end of his time spent with the class he stopped sharing his ideas and focused so heavily on telling us what books we need to be reading and then I felt like class turned into an infomercial with the promoting of book after book. • SOFTBALL = FORTUNE 500 What is the difference between a softball manager and a Fortune 500 CEO? The answer is quite clear.... simply.... nothing! Whether it be leading a company of 10000 employees or leading a team of 9 players... Leadership is the common bond. To inspire others, to make them put forth their best effort day in and day out... that is what leadership is. I am on a softball team and am the manager... I did not ask to be on the team. Our team is the senior brothers in my fraternity. They all signed up and put me as captain.. yet none of them can play because of the time slot of the game. I was disappointed but looked for opportunities. I recruited a team and although we are not the best... we have a great time and we will do well in playoffs. I have never played an organized game of softball or baseball in my lifetime. I played all of the other sports but never played baseball. It doesn't matter. The same principles that I portray on the field can be the same principles portrayed in a board room. What is your ultimate goal? Ours is to have fun. 249 • • • I even made sure to go out of my way to offer additional support to my fantastic leader, Bob. My efforts were worth their weight in gold, my confidence soared, my group leader showed extreme gratitude for my help, I landed on a few halls of fame, I looked forward to our lectures, and I began to analyze life's situations very differently. Dr. Feinberg and Marissa overlapped for a few minutes, and these moments were used by Dr. Feinberg to learn an important lesson. At his direction, we gave Marissa a standing ovation for her short presentation. Her presentation was good, but not quite deserving of this response. Her smile and attitude afterwards, however, made it worth it. This ushered in Dr. Feinberg's first lesson. Make everyone around you feel good. We made Marissa feel good, and it really made me feel better as well. The pain that I still live with today is that my dad was not able to accompany to me college. He was so proud of me when I got into Purdue, and said he would be there when we walked into Purdue. He was not able to do that. He missed it by 7 months. Hell, it was just 6 days away from Chinese New Year. He was due to return to Singapore from Shanghai, China in 2 days to spend Chinese New Year with the whole family. He missed my elder sister's graduation from Brown by 4 months. He missed the deserving vacation he had planned with my mom before my sister's graduation to Orlando and Miami. He missed that by 3 months. He was going to retire after I graduate from college. He missed that by 4 years. My dad spent his whole life around his wife and 3 children. He and my mom spent weekends ferrying us around to various classes, Taekwondo, Tennis, Piano, and art classes. They juggled their time so efficiently that grocery shopping could be done in between during our classes. He worked really hard over the weekdays, instead of getting a break on the weekends, he spent it on fulfilling his children's lives. I now have a driver's license. I have had it for three and a half years. I never got a chance to have my dad as my passenger. And he will never get the chance to sit beside me while I drive. I will never get a chance to ever repay him for what he has done for us, what he has sacrificed for us. Up till the very end, he was still working so that I could be put through college. • • That is the pain that I put up with. I will not even bother to compare it with anyone else's pain. This is my pain, and it is only for me to bear. I may not remember his speech word for word but I learned a lot of great lessons from his speech and know that I will keep a lot of his words with me as I move on from Purdue and into professional life. And to top it all off, I got a free copy of "The Dog Poop Initiative," can it get any better? Ok, then after we watched the Racisim 101 video clip, he started talking about our Pain. He read it off from the word for about 50 messages. It was very very boring. Even though, I know that pain is suffering and painful but it just too much of reading. • Why should I hire you? It's a simple question. But they answer proves to be complicated. If you don't answer it just right, you could kiss a great opportunity good-bye. The key is to figure out what exactly the company is looking for and values in an employee. Then convince them you're better at that one thing than anyone else. Because let's face it, everyone is going to embellish on their talents in one way or another. Essentially, the winner is the best liar. 250 "Why should I hire you?"asks the interviewer. "You should hire me because I have a strong work ethic and am a great team player. I really want to see this company grow into a market leader and will do my best to help achieve that," is the answer the interviewer hears. But what you really said was,"You should hire me because I'm a great liar." And so it goes. It's not fair, but no one said life was fair. • Wrappin' It All Up As my girlfriend and I were walking into Walmart last night, a lady passed us on her way out with a cart full of groceries. She had some box on the bottom that was teetering, just about to fall off. I took a look at the box, but decided not to say anything, because if it fell off, she would surely notice. Just then the greeter stopped the lady and put the box further back so it would not fall. My girlfriend and I continued in and got what we needed, and proceeded to the self checkout. I opened up my wallet to pay for the Enfamil we needed for her niece, and I was dumbfounded. There it was, front and center in my wallet, shaking its finger in disapproval. I can't even read any of the words the way it sits in my wallet, but just then I knew what it all meant. That gold card with Leadership written in black letters across the top made me realize what this semester has meant for me. Hopefully I can use some, if not most of the points we have learned in this class to better myself as a leader and a person, but maybe I won't. This class has given me something much greater than any single principle or video or quote, but at the same time something much simpler. I know why former students still carry the card around when all of the letters have worn off. Mine might as well be plain gold already. I can't say whether at the end of the summer, let alone five years down the road, if I will remember or use anything Covey said. Kouzes and Posner's principles will probably just be a few bucks in cash when I return the book to the bookstore during finals week. I have what I need in the form gold in the front slot of my wallet. That gold card is a reminder to me to do better. Each of us can say it in our own words. Mine is not so eloquent, but it is better that way. What was keeping me from telling that lady her box might fall? I should do better next time. What is keeping me from spending a few extra hours in the library each week? I have to do better. Constantly striving to do better will surely lead me back to the principles we have learned in this class. How can I be a better leader for others? I will check out that book Kirk Weisler talked about. That will help me do better. Maybe it’s not 251 what an instructor wants to hear after spending a semester of relaying the best information available on leadership, but I probably can't recite much of it. But it has changed my life. I don't remember what a testamentary trust is from Estate Planning last semester, but thinking about that class also doesn't make me want to help an old lady cross the street. But 309, that class makes me want to do, to BE better. It's a journey that will never end, but at least I know where it started. That gold card in my wallet will be the fuel for the trip. • Au revoir mon cours favori de ce printemps, il me manquera! • A poem Leadership is pretty Leadership is gross Leadership is not quitting Leadership is asking the most It is tall and strong It is small and weak It is straight and long It can also leak Followers make leaders Leaders make followers Though the grass may not always be greener... Leaders mow the lawn. -• • • Ladies and Gentleman take me advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice- Major Sydney Freedman At work I recently had to bring an employee's comments to the attention of my boss. She made comments that not only made me upset and uncomfortable, but she made comments that visibly upset a Hispanic employee. I think if something was not said or done in response to that, the workplace would have greatly suffered. It is very okay to make comments, jokes or anything that could hurt a minority (or anyone in general). I now know it isn't just okay to step up against it...but it is MANDATORY to stand up against racism. In the beginning of this class, the first couple days were for a lack of a better definition, pointless. There was no apparent structure, leadership, or order to the class. It was absolute chaos. It was quite annoying having a class in the physics building at 5:30p.m. even if it was only on Monday and Wednesday. I kept expecting the class to improve but it did not. I kept hoping there was going to be structure in the class but no. We never were told, “Alright, this class is for real now.” If the apparent efforts of the TA’s and Professor Feinberg were not there, where is my motivation to put any effort into the class either? I never fully took the class seriously 252 • • because absolutely no one did either. My group leaders or all the group leaders for that matter may have done more work and the class took up more of their time, although their effort was there; or at least it did not show. Yes. Professor Feinberg brought up some great insight to almost every class, but it was random. It was like someone opened up PowerPoint and Google and just went on a copy and pasting frenzy. All of the information was aimlessly thrown at us students. It was almost too much to take in…. Thanks Professor Feinberg for your time this semester. If I ever need a sober ride I will be sure to call you. NOT! If a recruiter every asked me the question: “If you could have any type of super power, what would it be?” My answer would be to have extraordinary speed, because there’s always so much to do but so little time. I want to say that I was shocked by some of these responses, but I can’t. Reading through the documents of “What men think/want” and “What women think/want” was shocking yet very predictable at the same time. I say this because what men want women think of them, is something that I know, but I have been trying to tell myself differently. I would like to believe that not all men are the same, but Feinberg could not back up that idea for me. As Feinberg was reading through some of their responses of what women think of men (as told by men): · I am actually listening empathetically when they talk endlessly (I’m not) · I am as strong, wise and brave as a samurai master God’s gift to earth · God’s gift to earth I could not help but laugh. These guys were kidding, right? Well, at least I hope so… but something in me tells me they are not. However, there were some nice responses that keep me hopeful: · We don’t all care just about what you look like · I really do care about them and that we are not only after sex. I want women to look past the looks and view men by their hearts and personality · Caring, supportive and independent. Also viewing us as .loving and able to communicate well At least all guys aren’t brain dead and immature. Feinberg said that he has strayed from discussing other types of diversity (nationality, sexual orientation) because it was too offensive. It was interesting to me that he said in the workplace if a person makes a joke in relation to another nationality, it is a lawsuit, but many times, gender difference jokes are simply laughed off. However, in this day in age, sexual harassment in the workplace is a big issue that has been cracked down upon, so I am not so sure how funny gender jokes are anymore. In class, though, to a group of college students, these responses were funny overall and proved a strong leadership point. The real point to all of this is to show diversity of thought. It was amazing to see all of the different responses between the genders. Many males had similar responses, but some of them were day and night (as seen above). This can be said as well of the women’s responses. Between hundreds of personalities in the classroom, and two genders, each individual had a different response and outlook to the questioned that were posed. Understanding this as a leader is crucial. No two members of a group will view a question the same- everyone will have their own opinion on it. I can relate this back to the survival activity that our group did in class. Our group was very unsuccessful, and to Feinberg’s dismay, was a failure due to the fact that when we were unable to come up with a decision that pleased every member, we left it up to a vote. (Feinberg hates voting because it does not bring upon the best solution or answer to the problem or question at hand.) Now, after the survival activity and this gender difference activity, I can completely understand how difference of thought and ideas are many time demolished 253 • • • • by simply leaving it up to a vote. It is important to take a look at the differences in personalities, genders, etc. to come up with different answers. Although I did not appreciate some of the answers in the gender activity, I realized that I must accept this harsh reality in life and live with it. Everyone is always going to have their own opinion and life by it as if it is the way it should be. It is a leader’s job to understand that, and find ways to adapt to all personalities and embrace diversity of thought. Someone said something to me the other day that for some reason really stuck with me. I was taking out the garbage at my job and I was not too particularly happy. I hate taking out the trash, except on the basketball court. As I walked back down to the kitchen a girl saw me and said, “Look happy!” I smiled back to her and thought about what she said. She was right. Look happy and you will make others happy. It is a simple thing you can do in your life to stay positive and prevent yourself from getting down and out. During Monday's lecture we watched a video on Jack Welch. He developed the 360 degree review at GE upon his appointment. This review is done annually, and from the results the bottom 10% performers are let go. There is controversy over whether this is a cruel or a crazy way to run a business. I have to admit, when I first heard this in class, I was a little turned off. It reminded me of a dictator, executing those he/she deemed useless. But, on second thought this allows GE to have only the best and the brightest workers. And because it is a 360 degrees review, they have to be workers that work well with others and get along with co-workers! I think about how many hours I spend weekly, even daily working on the "trouble" employee. Or the anger and frustration I get from working with my current boss (who is useless). Please oh please, let my employer adopt the 360 degree review immediately...and god I hope I am not in the bottom 10% :) The thing that struck me is that I was actually never really prepared for questions about my leadership experience. This class just made me realize that I should. Soar vs. Sore Every time I go to this class I feel like I am being scolded by my mommy. Feinberg always just rants on how the group leaders are not doing anything right. We just do not get it. May I quote the Black Eyed Peas, Where is the love? • • • My path to greatness started last summer, when I decided that I wanted to be great. I started thinking, buying books, and focusing on my efforts to become a successful leader of myself. No longer did I want to be average.. I wanted to start trying to be the best. I realized that the only thing stopping me from becoming the person in my dreams was myself. I can be a successful woman in the workplace and in life.. I just need to learn how to apply myself. I started my journey with a list of expectations for my life and things that I would no longer accept.. I am a stubborn, hard-headed woman with high expectations, but I believe it will lead me to the top. Given the same amount of goodness in two people, would a person in a positive environment exude more good than a person who spends their time in negative environments? I think so. Never miss an opportunity to make someone feel better." I have a favorite quote by Lou Buscaglia that says: "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." We all have the potential to make someone’s day better and it can take something as small as a smile to make someone’s day go from bad to better. As a leader on campus I know that my followers are all busy students like I am, and I know the stresses that go into our days, weeks and semesters. So, when they don't have time to get something done or need extra time for a project, I understand that, and instead of punish them I ask them if they need any help with a smile on my 254 • • face because they are a valued member and I don't want them to feel any different. As a freshman, I was lonely, and I can remember getting a hug from someone I barely knew and that small act made me realize that I was not always going to feel alone at a school with close to 40,000 people. I do not feel alone anymore, but I know that others do, so smiling and giving compliments to people is a small way for me to make someone feel better. When people feel better and know that they are valued then their work is that much better than if they were having a bad day and no one acknowledged their hardship. As a leader, and a human being it is my responsibility to care for others around me, and making them feel better is just a small act that I can do. This video highlighted a very important aspect about leadership. From these small yet extremely large, acts of kindness many people are affected. After meeting and validating thousands of people, even including the President and validating him for his hard work, the dental industry is affected as a result of so many people smiling. It showed me that by giving positive feedback and having a positive attitude, many people are likely to follow you and regard you as a good leader. Everyone enjoys smiling and feeling good, so why not adapt this into your individual leadership life? Start trying to make others feel good in order to show them that you have the ability and the power to lead others in a positive way. Get a life Feinberg, is this even true? By the way if you are in fact reading this, I did think it was mildly comical that you said you did have ripped abs but they were just buried. Haha you wear moomoo’s. In case no one knows the meaning of this word it is: A rectangular cloth with crude stitching worn by morbidly obese persons. A good line to end the class and sure, why not, this blog too: LEAD YOUR LIFE. • Wrapping it up Chaos. Disorder. Uncertainty. This is how the first day of class goes. Students stand up and get shot down by the unruly crowd. Some didn’t have a chance. Richard Feinberg stays quiet in the back, waiting and enjoying the show. 3rd day is when our CEO appears, ready to teach how not to lead. 0% accomplished on our own without any guidance or direction or teacher. 9 self proclaimed leaders remain not knowing what to do either Leader selection is the most frightful experience in anyone’s life Everyone judging as you try to sell yourself behind an interrogation light. Alarm sets in when you realize you don’t know what is expected of you. Day in and day out, 17 plus students are relying on you and your leadership ability • • Every day brings successes or failures, learn how to deal with both effectively Reality for me. Share the success with everyone. Take full blame for the failure. Share a vision that people want to follow and stand behind Have a reason that they should listen and respect you. I now have tools and knowhow and want to change the world, or at least a life. Privileged to be in the leadership class. The lessons I’ve learned will stay with me. – Assuming this test was about applications of the lessons in The Leadership Challenge turned out to be the wrong assumption. This is the second test that I have failed to answer the names of the author’s right, now as a junior at Purdue University and once in 7th grade with Mrs. Jones' Biology class. It was apparent that these questions were designed for those who excel in memorization Of course I was eager to ask a friend of mine what she would say if at my funeral. So I text messaged my good friend Sarah. "Hey...what would you say about me if I was dead?" In front of me was my paper from class, on it under the friends category it says: 1. Funny 255 • • 2. Always there for them 3. Trustworthy My text message back from Sarah read...."What?!? You been drinking?" Sadly I had not been I inform her it is for a class assignment. "What are three things you would say about me if I was dead, and you were speaking at my funeral?" Drum roll is what she said: 1. Caring, you always willing to help someone out (sometimes to a fault) 2. Great sense of humor, you can always make me laugh 3. A good listener, you listen to all my problems and never judge me. May not have been exactly what I wrote, but heck...I'll takes those 3 too! Side note, I would call my Mother and ask her, but I am sure the near mention of me being dead would bring tears...and I just CAN NOT be responsible for those...shame on you Dr. Feinberg :) Exam I was chosen to proctor the exam for the class along with several other leaders. I asked my self several times what I had done to deserve the privilege of being asked to take on that role. Feinberg won’t say though what it was that made him choose us. I was thinking that it was because we had the highest scores for being picked for a leader, but thought that would be kind of an arbitrary way of doing it. The other option I thought of was from the tower building exercise. The reason being that we set out and accomplished our goal without much adversity in doing so. Being able to unite a group under a common goal showed in building our tower. I shared my vision and got everyone on board in building it. That is the only other thing I can think of for picking me. Of course I could be waaaaaaay off too. Bad leadership I was currently on the show extreme home makeover in Indiana a few weeks ago. I’ll be on the show you just won’t be able to tell who I am besides one of the workers in a white hard hat and blue shirt moving fast setting the walls and lower footings in the basement. But, despite what you see or think of the show and Ty and if he is a good leaders and what not. He's not. Well, I guess it’s really not up to him more so the company of Extreme home maker over. They are honestly idiots. They have a good idea of helping people I mean I guess they do except a majority of the families who get the new homes can’t afford the new taxes on them and end up having to pay a crap ton of money and lose the house that's something you don't hear about the show but.... That's not what I blogging about. They are so unorganized and don't have a shared set vision or set goals during this entire process of building a new house. It really is pathetic. They have a goal of building the house and wrecking the old one but after that it just turned to shit. My father’s company did the charity work of pouring the foundation and the basement for the house. They were supposed to pour at 8pm on Saturday or start at least. They didn't get to pour the foundation until 10am the next day! They were there for 48hrs straight and were like 18hrs behind schedule! It was ridiculous. They also said they would provide food for the workers the entire time they were there working. They didn't after the breakfast on the next day. It’s just sad. It was the poorest display of leadership I think I have ever seen for a professional job. And on top of this workers waited there for hours to be able to do their job. Then after speaking to my father I guess that it’s always like this. They are always hours and hours behind schedule. My father found this out after 256 we started. This is just a lack of respect for the people donating time and money to help someone out. They could have at least said you know we always run late on time so don't expect the schedule to go set as planned. But the extreme home make over people don't care because it doesn't cost them a dime. All in all I kind of hate that show and what they represent as a company now for the lack of respect they showed the workers who helped them and for the lack of leadership shown. It was unbelievable. • • • • • Two weeks later.. I have an interview for a potential internship this summer. The interviews went well and I took Kirk's advice on showing people that I am "ahead of the curve" by mentioning I like reading Anthony Robbin's books. A week and a half later, I get the call that I have achieved an internship position with their company. They made sure they told me how impressed they were that I read Robbin's books and have never heard that as an answer for things you do on your down time. I start May 11th. Thanks Kirk! Monday was our one and only test over the book, The Leadership Challenge. With the test behind me, I am disappointed in my performance. I did not feel I prepared enough for the test, or took it seriously enough. Although it may be a very pricey lesson, I am not going to let it count me out. My desire to improve my leadership skills and overall performance has only grown stronger. When we were first given the assignment to write the paper I had no idea there would be so many very deep and personal responses. I sort of judged our class thinking, 'oh we're all a bunch of college students"..I figured there would be lots of mediocre painful moments like "I'm not happy with my weight" "I didn't get good grades" "I didn't win prom queen in high school". I was so surprised to see how much death, disease, divorce, relationship deterioration came about. Reading that email was like reading the "Tough Stuff' part of a sappy Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I felt like I needed to go play with a puppy and skip in the sunshine after reading that. Whew! But in all seriousness, I had never felt so connected to our class. I felt so lucky to have the life I have and to never have experienced so much of the horrible things that have happened to others. It definitely let me know that you have no idea what other people have been through. In leadership, you can't judge a person that quickly. I think that's why it's important to befriend your employees and find out what makes them unique. Xxxxxxxx is another person I met in this class. I did my living obituary on her and she did hers on me. First off it was the most heartwarming and nicest thing anyone has ever written about me. I loved it. I read it anytime I feel bad about anything. But she is another person who I met through this class that is just AWESOME! She is a great person and has a good grip on the important things in life. This post is short I just had to say how great she truly is! Walking through Borders on Friday I came across a book that I've wanted for a little while, "It's Not Easy Being Green; and Other Things to Consider" by Jim Henson, The Muppets, and Friends. To my surprise the book had been marked down from $16.95 to $3.99, so I decided it was a good investment. While reading the book today I discovered how Jim lived his life through the characters that he imagined and invented, and how great of a leader he was. In a section of the book entitled, "Together We'll Nab It" Jim is quoted as saying, "I love my work, and because I enjoy it, it doesn't really feel like work. Thus I spend most of my time working. I like working collaboratively with people...I have a terrific group of 257 people who work with me, and I think of the work that we do as "our" work." Jim was a great leader because he loved what he did. He loved going to work each day, and he was passionate about being successful in anything that he set his mind to. This is extremely important, and something that a lot of people forget because if a leader does not like what they do, then it will show and their followers will see it. Followers need to be motivated by the examples that their leaders set for them. Jim set positive examples that motivated his followers to be the best that they could be. Fran Brill, who worked for Jim is quoted as saying, “Jim was an extraordinary human being-kind, patient, a natural leader, open to other people's ideas, and also open to different ways of thinking and philosophies...He treated everyone the same whether they were the head of the network of the fellow who emptied the trash. He also loved what he did, and when you made him laugh it felt like Christmas. I was very lucky to have known him since I was the first female puppeteer he hired on the show. I learned not only how to puppeteer but how to be a good human being. He set a wonderful example." Jim not only set a wonderful example, but he also made people feel like they belonged.Jim was a great leader because he gave credit where it was due and he understood the concept of what a team is and how one works. He understood that in order to be successful as the leader of his team that he had to make sure that everyone fit in. From Fran's comments it is clear that Jim did this. He used words like "we" and "our" when talking about his success, which showed that he valued the work of his employees and made sure that they realized it. Everyone on the team was equal and they all shared one common goal of making people happier, for at least the duration of one of their programs. Fran's comments were not the only ones in the book that praised Jim, there were several, which showed that everyone valued his leadership skills and it shows. • Jim made everyone feel better through his work. The title of the book is also a song that Kermit sings. Ray Charles described it in the book as, “The words say, “It’s not easy being green,” but the song is about knowing who you are. And in it you hear Jim’s message most clearly. He believed that people are good and that they want to do their best and that no matter how or why we might be different from anybody else, we should learn to love who we are be proud of it.” Jim was a great leader who wanted to make the world a better place. He was able to do this for the public by creating characters like Big Bird and Miss Piggy, who are just made up creatures but who everyone can relate to. He was able to make the world a better place for his employees by making sure that there was a sense of belonging amongst them and to show them that they were making the world a better place through their work. Jim was successful in his work and in his life, as a leader and a creator and he still lives on and is remembered through his characters. The last point I will talk about is "Quitting is leading too". It talks about how Mandela tried to change the voting age to 14. No one supported him and he was the only person who wanted it changed. It talks about how abandoning a failed idea or task is often the most difficult decision a leader has to make. It goes on 258 to discuss how his greatest legacy as President of Africa was his choice to leave. Only a handful of previous presidents left willingly in Africa. He knew that it was his job to "set the course for his country" but "not to steer the ship". It says that "Leaders lead as much by what they choose not to do as what they do". I just found this interesting in many ways. I relate this back to Feinberg in the way he is leading our class. Our entire lives teachers and professors have given us orders and we have followed. He is molding us into leaders and making us make decisions. I enjoy that part about this class and am starting to realize how important this class is. • • • • • Class was funny sometimes, but the PAIN lecture still bothers me (and it should). Have I spoken to, or even made eye contact with people in the class who have all been through so much? It made me think back to times when I have judged people from a first impression. I wonder who the girl is that had the baby? Did I ever cut her off while walking into the classroom? This activity made me have a totally new perspective about first impressions as well as relationships. I have 3 very good friends in the class, and at least 20 other people I know. However, I was left unsure as to what they said that their pain was. As I was reading, I saw one that I knew was one of my good friends. That made me feel better, knowing that I knew where the pain in her life comes from. However, it made me wonder how well I really know people. But on the other hand, is it that I do know these people well, but instead that everyone just does a great job at hiding their pain? I may be naïve, but I do really think that everyone is not open about talking about the source of pain in their lives. Maybe people are too scared to open up about these topics, or maybe they would just rather live life trying to focus on the good. But really, I don’t understand how guys get disrespected. From my experience and others, I feel girls get disrespected way more than guys do When I was in high school, I hated my soccer coach. The only reason I played for him was because I had no choice (if I wanted to play soccer). It's true that I have a general problem with authority figures, but this one was so far over the line, I couldn't even see the line. The line was a dot to me. He had no experience. He never played soccer. He played football, which is nothing like soccer. Surgeons are not trained by accountants. My soccer skills actually regressed in the fall when I played for this man. On top of that, he was arrogant, hard headed, and thought he was God's gift to soccer. When we would lose games he would tell the newspapers "we didn't want it bad enough". All the while he would teach techniques at practice that were fundamentally unsound. He was quick to take credit and slow to take blame. Let’s think about a sales team. If the sales manager has never worked with the product, isn't knowledgeable of the company, the industry, the market, and has never sold anything before, and is a jerk, how will he/she pull the best out of his sales reps? The question that I found most interesting was when Feinberg asked us the title of the book. The book sits on my bookshelf above my desk and I look at the dandelion yellow binding everyday with the two authors names in black writing at the top of the book. I could picture it in my head, but I could not come up with the two names. K & P, K & P, K &P, were the only things that came to mind, so of course I missed the question. Kouzes and Posner! I found this question interesting because we too often do not give credit to the people who deserve it the most. In high school my test had a pop quiz where the only question was 259 • • • ‘What is the name of the school janitor?’ He did not know the answer when he took the quiz and failed, but he sure found out soon afterwards. This has to do with leadership because if a leader does not make themselves known, then they can do all of the work, but just be a name on the side of a book that goes unnoticed. This is the same with a follower. It is extremely important to stand out and make your voice heard, in order to get the proper acknowledgement. Kouzes and Posner deserve credit for writing this book, and it is truly unfortunate that I could not remember their names. I don't think we made very much progress making Feinberg a better leader. I still wish he would have told us at the end what the group leaders should have done to make him a better leader. I guess it's what I suspected from the beginning, that you can't make people change; you just have to work around them. I wish Feinberg would have shown a good example of leadership and told us what we should do in our own lives to be like that. I disagreed with the teaching style of showing us what a bad leader is. I see enough of that in the world around me One night with Kirk Weisler shed more light on the world around me, then anything in my life up to this point. • Sell yourself: Don't be a tin of "SPAM" Being a selling and sales management major, I am constantly trying to figure out how to sell myself. In most of my sales classes and guest speakers who I have seen, I have heard them all preach that many times in sales, you are not necessarily selling the product, you are selling yourself. My first reaction in thinking about this concept is imagining myself as a grocery store item sitting on a shelf. There are over 10 aisles of food, of all different forms and types that may be desirable to shoppers. If a prospective client is that “shopper,” what would make me stand out, and be desired? Would anything about me even catch their attention or would they simply pass by? Even worse, would they look at me and be completely turned off, like a tin of “SPAM?” I realize that image and first impressions is a large part of selling yourself initially to a prospective client. Also, through this analogy, I realize that word of mouth can also mold your image. I have never even tried SPAM, but know that when the name comes up, people squeal at the thought of eating it; so there is no way in hell I would even give it a chance to try it! Beyond this, selling yourself involves an individual’s “pitch.” Why should a client want to choose you, or your product? Why are you so great, and what is it in for them? Leaving class, I thought about this and discovered that life is all about making choices and selling yourself, so it is absolutely necessary to straight out tell people why. Don’t leave it up to chance that you will win over the person interviewing you. Do everything in your power to give them the pitch that will sell yourself, and eliminate all uncertainties. 260 • I used to work for a glass design company. I was a lowly, hourly employee out in the plant. My department was the last line of defense. We were in charge of "peeling" the template design off the glass, cleaning them up, adding finishing touches, inspecting, and prep for crating. The glass literally went from us to the customer. One day, as we were peeling the design off the glass, paint was coming up with it. This didn't happen often, but was sometimes unavoidable. Unfortunately, this order was a big one, and had to go out that day. While minding my own business, I overheard the managers brainstorming. In the end, they decided to leave the glass the way it was, but scrape and clean the paint off one of the edges. The overall design looked the same, and this way it didn't look like we messed up! What a great solution! Never mind the fact that it was different than the sample approved by the customer. Don't worry about the fact that you will be able to notice the flaw when light hits the design (it is glass!). I don't know the details of what happened with that customer. I do know, however, that about 5 weeks later we had the same job come through. This time we used a different design process and the edge which we had "cleaned up" was now on there for good. Hopefully the customer liked it this time! Hopefully they actually like us and weren't just letting us finish the job to recover their sunk-costs ($20,000+)! Hopefully the overtime wages and all other involved costs didn't set us back too much! In hindsight, it probably would have been best to research the customer's request and MAKE SURE you can deliver. If you find that you cannot deliver their exact request, focus on what you can deliver, and sell that. If everything fails and you find out you cannot deliver your promise, confront your mistake, and work to make it better. At least by admitting fault, you are keeping your integrity. Long term, keeping your integrity will win you trust with your clients. • "Great leaders inspire greatness in others." The other morning my boyfriend was flipping through the channels on the TV and he stopped for a brief moment on an episode of the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. At the beginning of each episode there is a quote and it just so happened to be the one above. I had just enough time to read it before he changed the channel and I thought that it would be perfect to write about for CSR 309. Feinberg is always stressing what a great leader is and what a great leader does. Well according to this quote, a “great leader inspires greatness in others.” In order to be a good leader you have to be able to give what you have learned and pass it on to your followers. This includes the knowledge that others have taught you because in order to lead one must also teach and inspire. If you are taught the skills on how to be a great leader but then do nothing with those skills than they are wasted, and a potential leader falls by the wayside. If Martin Luther King Jr. had given up after he was called names and had his life threatened then the civil rights movement potentially could not have happened, but he persevered and was a great leader. He inspired many through his words and actions and even though he passed on, his words remain today. He inspired people to take action and to not be afraid. There were many people and there are still many people who have become great leaders because of example that King 261 set. “Great leaders inspire greatness in others.” Who knew that a quote from a children’s show could mean so much? Inspiration is the first step in understanding this quote for leaders cannot force, that is not their job. Instead their job is to “inspire” and to lay the grounds for their followers to be the best that they can be, but in the end it is up to the followers to put what they have learned into action and become the best leaders that they can possibly be. • I think if there is only one thing I'll take away from this course, that is "Never give up the opportunity to help other be better." • Sitting at the awards banquet and seeing Purdue as a finalist for those awards was very satisfying. I think each of the 15 people at the table with me that night representing Purdue each felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. Bottom line- get involved and don't be afraid to do something that may seem uncomfortable at first. There is a world of opportunities if you aren't afraid to take them. • My flight got delayed while in Dallas, Texas on my way to Killeen, so I had plenty of time to finish the book "It’s Your Ship." I really enjoyed reading this book, because not only was it filled with some of the similar leadership ideals I have, but allowed me to understand leadership from one of the greatest leaders, I believe. This book also was an opportunity for conversation while on the plane and at the airport. Traveling on a Wednesday, there were many business people traveling as well. This book opened many conversations with the people around me, from business people wondering what the book was about, to others having heard about the book from other colleagues. When I arrived in Texas, it was a conversation piece between my Uncle and me, with him being a great leader within his career and his household. • Today we watched a video on the KIPP program. This to me was an amazing example of leadership and what you can do if you set your mind to it. What impressed me the most was that two young guys fresh out of college were able to convince so many people to follow their ideas. They had a thought that "challenged the process" and went with it. I am in awe of the success of the youngsters in the KIPP program. At such a young age, it takes a lot of hard work to be in class that long and be that disciplined. All throughout elementary and middle school, I was in the honors classes which challenged me, but not to the extent of the KIPPsters. What a way to prove that just because you live in the inner city doesn't mean you're going to fail • "I can be more than I set out to do." and that is just what I am going to do, set out to be the greatest leader of my life and others' lives, knowing my values and the values of others will help me to make the best decisions I can and ultimately succeed at anything I put my heart out to do. 262 • I have trouble thinking that I can make a difference. One thing that stood out to me was that "heroes are made every day." Are heroes really made every day? It depends on how you look at it. If you have a mentality like me and think, "I can't possibly make a difference by myself," then no heroes are not made every day. If everybody puts in a little effort, than heroes can be made every day. My mind is racing with thoughts, so I hope this makes sense. A hero is not just someone who saves lives. A hero can be somebody who makes a positive impact, and we are all capable of that. I am a hero. I have to believe I am a hero. • In addition to all of Feinberg's clips from American Idol, I witnessed some more instances of self-deception on TLC's "What Not to Wear". I myself have experienced some of those "why did I wear that?"/"what was going thru my mind when I thought I looked good?" moments looking back. On the show this morning, I'm sad to say, there was a Purdue graduate who was named the most eligible bachelorette in Chicago. She was a graphic designer, but had no clue about fashion. This woman thought she looked good. Wearing her dad's oversized purple sweater, a hair fashion that was brought back from the dead from the 80's, and mixing her "Easter Sunday dress with her Harley riding black boots" as Clinton and Stacy put it. This is just another example of how you have to look the part. How on earth was this woman the most eligible bachelorette in Chicago and what about the way she presents herself would make anyone think she was an excellent graphic designer? Gotta make the feet match the mouth. Or in this case, the skirt match the top. • The simple issues here for leadership were 1- helping someone who I will eventually want to help me and this class (reciprocity is a very important rule of leadership. Another person is more likely to do something for you if you did something for them (and this will help the class when I ask) 2- show you that there will be many opportunities to do things within the organization that will have a payoff to you (in this case extra credit). • I just want you to know that today after class I got in the car and had a bit of a break down. I realized that I won't be seeing most of the people in the class anymore, most of which I have had classed with for the past 3 years. And I realized that it is over. And by It I mean my college life as I know it. I have only 2 weeks left basically and my life as I know it will be over. I will be starting a new chapter in my life full of foreign things. I love Purdue and what it has done for me and I love most of my fellow class mates and I loved your class. Today was rough for me I must say that. You left me feeling like this class did change my life, but with a big lump in my throat. • Don't pass up an opportunity to get to know someone new. You never know when someone's story will change your life, or when you can change someone else's life. Keep an open mind and go out into the world looking for what makes you happy. • This one is dedicated to family. I put my family as the top priority in my life. I take the things I have been blessed with for granted and I can't even remember the last time I told my parents "thank you." I will thank them and tell them I love them when they give 263 me something, but that isn't enough. I know it is important to show gratitude and appreciation for taking care of me for 22 years, but it never comes into mind when I speak to them. I will say it now. To my family: I love you and thank you for everything. It is late now, but tomorrow and for the rest of this week I am going to call my parents and my relatives to show appreciation. "Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire• And, post class just out of curiosity, I looked at the blanket hanging on the back of my couch to see if it was made for an Indian chief over a hundred years ago. It was made in China. Hey, it could happen (and I could've used the cash). That sure beats the $1.45 I found under the cushions. • I had read all of the students entries on pain and I can definitely say that not all of them I will ever understand, but they still break my heart. I have never been heavy, my parents have never been divorces, my boyfriends never cheated on me. All of these things cause students in my class a lot of pain but I will never really be able to understand their pain. I can just be more aware of the pain out there that everyone suffers. Now my pain is suffering the loss of my brother, and I hope that no one in the class can relate to that because I do not wish that pain on my very worst enemy. I just hope that others would be able to sympathize. Reading the stories really makes you think what other people are made of. When you see someone in class there is no connection really, but reading some of the deepest pains that the members of my class has felt makes me feel more connected in a way. It makes my class mates more than just another student ID. This needs to happen in the business world I think. Sometimes people are just workers and bosses really don't get to see what their employees have really had to go through. I think that this activity would bring a high level of respect into any organization. You have to remember that people aren't always what they seem to be. • No matter how small the role you play, your contribution can make difference. As part of the Taiwan Student Association even though I haven't gotten any real title (until next semester they are going to reassign the jobs for officers.) I still give our my best effort to support and improve every events and meetings. I have seen so many people being so careless about planning on the events, even skip the meetings a lot. That just making me mad and sad. Even though I know some of them don't really like our current leader and how she leads the group, but I thought they shouldn't let it be the excuse to skip meetings or be like "I just don't care anymore." I've always thought that we can criticize people but one first thing we need to make sure is that we aren't doing the same thing. If we are wrong in any way too, then shut up and don't complain. I really can't stand how they are being so irresponsible just because they think people are not respecting them. Although I can understand why, but if they want to stay and solve the problem they better act right first, or everyone will just keep on saying how other people are doing wrong also. All I want to say is that, we all have our 264 responsibility, we should stand up for doing right thing and believe that our tiny contributions can lead to a big step of improvement. • To leaders, it's important to make sure the entire group is going toward the future vision and goal planned before. To followers, complaints won't win peers' nor leader's respect, but solutions and cooperation will. • Leadership is noticed I just got back from Dallas, TX. I was in Dallas because that is where I am from and my cousin was getting married. I was on my way back from Dallas Forth Worth to the Indianapolis Airport. As we were boarding the plane, I noticed a woman (probably in her 40's) and she had some carry on. While waiting, I noticed that she was struggling to carry the bag. I asked her if she wanted any help and stated that I would be glad to help her. I carried her luggage onto the place and that was that. After landing, I saw her again and so I offered to carry her bag to baggage claim. At this point, she seemed to feel a little bad but I didn't mind. As I was carrying the bag, I felt my arms getting tired and I felt bad for this lady. The reason is that she told me earlier that she had been traveling all day carrying this bag. I thought to myself, "If this lady can do it without complaining then I need to shut up." We got to baggage and she thanked me for my help. She then proceeded to open the bag and I saw her dog climb out. I didn't know what was in there until this point because it didn't really matter to me. I guess I could have been more careful, but I just wanted to help. While waiting for my bags, a gentleman tapped me on the shoulder and told me, "I saw what you did back there and that was a classy move. It's nice to see people still care about others." This next part is cheesy, but kiss my ass cause this is how I felt. I was proud that my parents raised me well and that I had done something (and someone actually noticed). I wasn't doing it for the recognition, but it was nice to hear it because I try and be polite to everyone I meet. I guess it just goes to show that leadership, kindness, caring, or whatever you want to call it is contagious. Maybe someone else noticed and felt the urge to help another person out. I hope so, but if not I am okay with just helping out. • Spring break I recently remembered, drunkenly mind you, that Feinberg had told us to change 265 someone’s life for the better during spring break. Well I hadn’t planned on changing anyone's life at all until I met this sad little female cabby who had 2 kids she was trying to put through school and a terrible husband. The story starts by my friends and I needing a cab back to my hotel because I was too drunk to drive. I called the cab service and the cab lady ended up picking us up 1 hour later than we had expected. She started out by being so apologetic because she was late, and at first I thought that she should be. However, I thought to myself "Why should this woman need to apologize to us? She is picking us up for money at a fixed rate, making a percentage of that, and out at 4am doing so." I told her it was no big deal and asked her about herself. All of the standard questions, "Why are you a cabby? When did you move here? etc." We had this long discussion on why I should wait to get married and how the most important thing in the world to her was her kids. Pretty standard stuff. As the cab came to the destination I knew where this woman was from, how many kids she had, when she got married, why she got married, how old her kids were, and if she had any ambitions for the future. The saddest part was she had no ambitions, stayed with her crappy husband because of her kids, and never had any free time to peruse any of her hobbies. She seemed very unhappy and the only thing I could tell her was, "I try and look at life as positively as possible. There are ups and there are downs, but we should try to focus on the ups so that we aren't down all the time." I realize this isn't the most insightful phrase in the world, but I was a little intoxicated. But when I told her that she looked at me and said, "This is the first anyone, that I have driven, has ever cared enough to talk to me like I was a "person" instead of a "driver". I really appreciate it." I knew that she actually meant it from the look in her eyes. It wasn't the look I usually get which is the one that says you're really drunk and being dumb. We said goodbye and went our separate ways. It could have been the booze, but I felt really happy after that. I guess it was because I felt like I had made that woman's night a little less hellish. In that 15 minutes of conversation I had changed a person's mood. That intrigues me because I try to change people's moods by making them laugh not by listening and giving insight. Who would have known that a week of drunken debauchery could have a moment like that? 266 • Give them feedback, don't give them false hope. • One last thing, (your name ) would have done some pretty cool stuff, but he was too busy doing great stuff • you really are spectacular…start acting and living like that. Think kindly…act wisely. Is there a top to the mountain? Life is an adventure. We work to create a mission to achieve goals and full fill dreams. The question I ask myself is there an ultimate prize at the end of the road? Is there a specific moment in time when it all clicks and we feel self full filled? This clip shares an example of a successful character looking for the final prize. In the clip he doesn't find the prize and wants to know if at the end there really is no real dramatic ending or if he missed it and should continue looking. This same puzzle relates to our journey as a leader. Does one ever know when they become an exceptional leader? If so, how? Leadership is learned and can be taught, (purpose of Feinberg's class) but is there a climax? Can you only go so far in leadership or is there always room for improvement? This is a lot of rhetorical questions but can they be answered? • • And let’s end with…Ms. Coorsh who says after handshake day… I am quickly coming to the realization that this is not your average Purdue class.” How right she is. • A Stansbury -- Take a sentence here a quote there a passage here….whatever serves my purpose even if I do not explicitly tell you what that purpose is…because a lot of learning life is on your own Leadership is in everything and now I see that. I can't help but to find the leadership connection in TV shows, movies, and newspaper articles. Now that I see leadership everywhere it is a daily reminder to be the best leader that I can truly be. -• “One Extra Degree….that may be all that is needed to take an ordinary day and turn it into extraordinary. It may be enough to take an ordinary life and make it extraordinary..” • Watch the video at • You have to have hand! • My friend, Mikey, leaves for Iraq April 18th. His deployment will last for 400 days and his second deployment will be in 2013 to Afghanistan- if not sooner. He will be missed and my text messages will be minimized significantly. I asked him how he felt when people thanked him for serving our country. 267 His reply, “Eh… it’s kind of weird. Sometimes old ladies ask if they can hug me. And that’s a little much. And unfairly, young ladies never ask to hug me for it. I’ve had a lot of drinks bought for me, but only once did someone buy me dinner and they left before the waiter told me. With buying me stuff besides a beer I feel kind of bad. I mean, I already get paid.” Perhaps Dr. Feinberg bought my sweet friend his dinner. Anyone who reads this, thank someone- especially if you know a Mikey of your own. I also asked…. Me: Do you even know what you’re fighting for? Mikey: Freedom, liberty, the right to a pizza delivered in 30 minutes or else it's free. Me: I was expecting a less cliché answer. Mikey: So that Toby Keith can write songs about it? Me: He’s a douche. Mikey: I fight because they say “Go fight.” And that’s what the Army does. It’s a like a hammer. Hammers don’t ask why they hit the nail. They just do it. Me: Is your heart in it? Mikey: Am I out to kill Iraqis, no. Would I hesitate to shoot someone that I thought might be about to hurt one of my soldiers? I’d pull the trigger before considering it. I think the invasion was a mistake, but I think it’s a “you broke it you bought it” type of deal. The country is in shambles regardless of what you hear on TV. So when we leave they’ll actually be better off than they were. Does that make it right for us to invade a sovereign nation? Not really. But, I’m not there for the big picture. I’m there to accomplish my mission and bring my soldiers back safe. Mikey: I hope my mission is to miss you because I’m doing it. Mikey: Really, the way I am looking at it, it’s a year of my life for a down payment on a house and I keep politics out of it because that’s not my place. I have my opinions, and I express them, but not as a soldier. Me: Does the Army thank you? Mikey: Twice a month. Me: Besides a paycheck. Mikey: The Army does a lot of glad handling. "We support ourselves, way to be on our team." There are many great aspects to my conversation with Mikey. As discussed in class, every side has an opinion and there are many sides to the story. It is a circle. Show appreciation for work done is a theme in class. According to Mikey, the Army says thank you with a paycheck. Is that good enough? 268 My sweet Mikey, I will miss you so. All you young ladies, hug a soldier. Keep buying the booze/dinner • Thank you for a wonderful semester. R Feinberg AND SO IT GOES ……………………………….. Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock…. The Last Kiss (as heard on the Dr. Laura show) sually my wife leaves for work before me. When she leaves she gives me a little kiss and says see you later. Today was a little different. For some reason she gave me a very passionate kiss and told me that she loved me. The kiss was very different and after she left I had a smile all day. The call came about 530…my wife had died on the way to the hospital after a car accident. That kiss was three months ago and there isn’t an hour that goes by that I don’t think about it… with a smile. This was a gift my wife gave for me that I will hold for the rest of my life BE careful out there yo 269 ...
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