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Unformatted text preview: enchmark Portal have been valuable in moving from a service only to a service to sales environment. One question that I have not been able to find is a benchmark of sales per sales FTE for those industries that have a dedicated sales unit within their center. For example, our branch staff sales are around 3.6 - 3.8 sales per FTE and here in the center, we're at around 5.5. We would be curious to see how we compare to the industry. Any information or direction on where I could find that information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Service to sales is the goal of many call centers that are trying to move from being completely a cost center to a revenue center. Sales per FTE per shift vary widely by industry. I do not know what industry you are in from your question above. However, across all industries (not very accurate for comparison purposes) the sales per FTE per shift is 9.3. Obviously, this includes at one extreme, big-ticket items that take longer to sell. A specific run on our entire database across all We always struggle with service level performance industries indicated that US call centers answer 80% of statistics. What do you find is an industry-wide average for the number of seconds in which 80% of all all calls in an average of 42 seconds. calls are answered? We are concerned with agents' data entry error rate. It costs us thousands of dollars each year to correct errors. Can you advise me what other call centers do to reduce the error rate? Some call centers spend a lot of money implementing software to check the validity of every piece of data thereby scrubbing the data before it enters the system. Others purchase monitoring and coaching software to improve the training and data entry skills of individual agents. A combination of the two approaches is the best solution. We have a call center that processes about 750,000 calls per year and a website that receives about 900,000 hits per month. We are thinking of adding a very visible “CONTACT US BUTTON” to the website. The question at hand is how to determine how many e-mails we would receive a month. Do you have any information about what has happened at other companies? Americans love email. From our studies, I would forecast you will receive one email for every 200 NEW visitors to the Web site. The definition of Web site “hits” is too vague, and often far exceeds the number of NEW visitors. Copyright © 147 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Question What have you found to be the most challenging issues facing call center professionals? Answer Better software to do value-based routing of inbound callers. Cross-channel integration. More sophisticated agent monitoring and coaching techniques. Smaller call centers that are geographically dispersed, but virtually managed. IVR equipment enhanced with speech recognition, making it seem very mu...
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