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Unformatted text preview: ect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Frequently Asked Questions From The Popular “Ask Dr. Jon” Column Question Answer Can you explain why there are such large discrepancies between the median and average talk times and after call work times for the Peer Groups and All Participants categories. There are large variances in our collected numbers when the groups are less specific in terms of the type of call that they handle. In a Peer Group, this variability is more limited. AT&T has a virtual rep “Ask Allie” on its corporate website (see on the left screen, need help? Ask Allie). She is a “virtual rep”. A customer types in text Q&A’s and a computerized virtual rep (a.k.a., our Knowledge Management System) supports the response. If she has difficulty answering, on the 3rd attempt, the virtual rep provides an e-mail form or chat session with a live rep (a.k.a., “Escalation”). My question: Are there any industry benchmarks or standards for virtual reps such as percent accuracy, percent customer satisfaction, cost savings, call avoided etc.? Great question. And, yes, there are now companies that supply these virtual reps as a product. These same companies have also done the research you are looking for. I have not been able to find this information. What is the average (for all industries) and the ideal/best practice for the staff to manager ratio in a contact center? Peter, the ideal/best practice for the “staff to supervisor” ratio in contact centers across all industries is 17 to 1. Do you have any information (benchmarks) in the Retail Call center industry the shows the cost per selling an item at brick and mortar vs. the costs per selling an item in a call center setting? In other words a comparison of selling costs in retail industries that have brick and mortar and catalog channel. Thank you. Good question, and yes we do have some best practices benchmarks in the retail industry for you to consider. One such company is called “Finali.” They are located in Boulder, Colorado. I do not have their coordinates with me as I am on the road at the moment. Check out their Web site for the details. Since cost depends on the type of retail store, I would suggest a “unit” cost approach in our comparison: 1. Brick and mortar cost per item sold = 1,000 units 2. Telephone catalog channel cost per item sold = 100 units 3. Web site self-service cost per item sold = 1 unit Fulfillment of these orders and the items sold is, of course, another story. Tough question since agent absenteeism can be a Do you have any metrics that would establish acceptable levels of agent absenteeism in a customer major hurdle in delivering acceptable service levels. service contact center environment? If I study our database of over 10,000 call centers, we see an average absenteeism of less than 5 percent, or about 10 days per year. This number does vary quite a bit between industries and regions of the country. If you have not already done so, I sugg...
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