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Unformatted text preview: that someone from my team has contacted you Questionnaire to compare our call center with other concerning the original questionnaire. If you have call centers. We can provide Our Center Performance further questions, please contact me. index to you. And we want you to check our performance. I want to know how to do this. Please help me. The term “world class performance” is often bandied about in the industry. Are there any metrics that are actually used as a benchmark to determine so-called “world class performance?” I think if anyone is qualified to answer this question, it is you. “World class” is often used qualitatively but seldom quantified. In my opinion, the only way to truly determine world-class performance is to compare your call center with a Peer Group of similar call centers with similar challenges. On our Web site, you can select your Peer Group by determining one or more of the following parameters: 1) percentage of inbound calls handled, 2) percentage of business-to-business calls, 3) total volume of calls handled annually, 4) total number of full-time equivalents, 5) type of call handled (such as customer service or tech support) and 6) many other “apples to apples” parameters. If you select such a group of “like” centers, and your performance places you in the top ten percentile based on the call center performance index (CPI), you are truly “world class.” What does a call center have to do to renew certification? Once certified as a “Center of Excellence,” a call center must maintain its superior performance and this is audited annually by a BenchmarkPortal approved auditor. Copyright © 125 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Q & A Category: “Call Quality Monitoring” Question Answer Does the time spent monitoring and coaching agents have any effect on key call center performance metrics? In this case, monitoring includes side-by-side coaching, analog call recording, and digital voice and data recording. If our database is divided into two parts, that is, those that do not monitor, we observe the following differences among those that do monitor: a) average speed of answer is 19% lower, b) average talk time decreases by 29% and c) after-call work time is nearly three times lower. We met at the STI meeting in Wash. DC. Could you We normally use 10 seconds, and this mostly screens for wrong numbers. tell me what the standard is for discarding abandon calls on a Tech. Help Desk? My Help Desk is trying to determine whether to use 5 or 10 seconds as the standard. Thanks very much. How can I estimate the number of calls by month to be monitoring by CSR? Which is the way that I can random the calls to be monitored? How is it correct to calculate the number of monitored calls, by the offered calls, the attendance calls or by the number of agents? Great questions. We have just completed our st...
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