From interviewing companies in our database we have

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Unformatted text preview: and few self help options, the ratio can be one call for every 20 visitors to the Web site and one e-mail message for every five visitors. © Copyright 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. 134 This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Frequently Asked Questions From The Popular “Ask Dr. Jon” Column Q & A Category: “Caller Service Recovery” Question Answer Our management team recently went through a brief presentation on Appreciative Inquiry (AI). One of the ideas we thought about was instead of reporting on “abandonment rate”, it might be better to report on “answer rate”, or percentage of calls answered. Is this common in other contact centers today and are 3% 4% abandon rate, or 97 - 96% answer rates still consistent goals? Thank you for providing your Ask resource. We are in the health care industry. Would you happen to know the percentage of abandoned calls that call back, and how many times they try to call back? Also what is the average time before abandoning? Grand idea. Abandon rate is a highly variable performance metric and therefore not as common as answer rate expressed in percent of calls answered on the first call. In the health care industry, the average time before abandoning is 128 seconds. On average 90% of the callers will call back and if they do not get through, they will try at least three additional times to reach you. Q & A Category: “Employee Compensation” Question Answer For annual telephone agent performance reviews, I have a four to seven percent range to work with regarding compensation increases. Is this consistent with other call centers? On average and across industries, the performance increase range is from three to ten percent. Many call center managers are encouraged not to increase the annual compensation by very much, but instead give quarterly bonuses based on achieving very measurable goals, like calls per shift, attendance, occupancy, caller satisfaction scores and the like. In addition, overtime is also a way to satisfy both the companies need to take care of seasonal spikes in calls and the employees need to make more money. On which basis would you build up the bonus of a Debt Recovery Agent and what % of total salary would you also recommend as a bonus? Suggest the following: 1. Make at least 20% of total salary related to performance. 2. Make percent “Promises to Pay” calls equal to 50% of performance pay, 3. Make percent “Partial Paid Debt” calls equal to 25% of performance pay, 4. Make percent “Completely Paid Debt” equal to 25% of performance pay, What is company policy on sick days for agents? I have received several “Ask “ questions regarding company policy on sick days for agents. In checking our benchmark database of best practices, it is clear that more than half of all call centers allow unused sick days to accumulate from year to year. In addition, it seems that the most common strategy to minimize agent sick leave is to make att...
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