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Unformatted text preview: dden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Question Answer I am hearing more and more about 'human factor' design regarding call centers. What is this and how does it apply to managing my call center? Human factors design has become more popular as management focuses on the seemingly “little” things that can often make a big difference in productivity. Human factors is an engineering discipline in which the prime thesis is that the “human-to-machine” interface is critical in applying effective technology solutions, and maximizing ROI. The call center agent, or knowledge worker, must use complex technology to consistently deliver excellent service. A few examples of factors that can be researched for design changes include the following: the keyboard (size, shape, layout, etc.), the screen (color, size, height, angle, etc.), screen layout (location of fields, color-coding of fields, pop-up windows, etc.) and many, many more. The human factors spet focuses on those elements of the human physiology and psychology that can impact performance. Major improvements in agent effectiveness and efficiency have been realized by human factors re-engineering call centers technology. I am hearing more and more about moving calls “off On average 60% of the operational cost of a call center shore” to reduce costs. What does your research offer is tied up in human resources, and just finding great on this issue? agents that can read, write and speak English articulately is becoming tougher and tougher. Countries that were part of the English Commonwealth, like India, British Guyana, and others are stepping in to take up the slack. Many citizens of these countries benefit from having an excellent education that includes reading, writing, and speaking English fluently, but they cannot find jobs opportunities due to the lack of industrialization of their countries. With the globalization of telephone networks with the resulting low cost of long distance calls, call centers in these remote areas have become financially quite viable. Handling e-mail, especially technical support email, is a great way to begin. I am interested in learning the average agent population of in-house call centers in the US, and the same for outsourced call centers (mainly doing telemarketing and customer support). The average number of workstations for an in-house call center in the US is 78. The average for outsourced centers in the US is 250. There are about 100,000 call centers in the US if you include inbound plus outbound centers and internal help desks. I am responsible for the Business Development of a call centre (financial sector). I am trying to find ways to maximize the agent performance and occupancy ratio during outbound sale campaigns. We usually have 5 people working on a campaign and we use predictive dialing. Is the agent occupancy ratio better if they: 1. take their breaks (20 min) in turns 2. take their breaks all of them at once? In an outbound, telesales centre it is much easier to let agents take br...
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