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Unformatted text preview: econds if an average performance. Abandon rate of 5% is definitely poor across industries, and response of 90% in 3 business days is almost at unacceptable email levels. I suggest you get one of our industry reports for your industry and compare all performance metrics. 132 This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Frequently Asked Questions From The Popular “Ask Dr. Jon” Column Q & A Category: “Caller Self Service” Question Answer As an outsourcer, we have a prospect (public sector) that performs the majority of their customer facing services via paper mail. We believe that a multichannel approach with a focus on self service, then email, then voice, then paper mail,(government requirement must allow paper mail hence its inclusion) would not only be a more cost effective solution for them, but it would also dramatically increase citizen satisfaction, service levels to the public and enhance their reputation as a public body. Would you have any statistics that could support us in this sell - e.g., AHT for each of the channels, contact costs per channel across public and different private sectors, satisfaction levels per channel etc Your question is a good one, and certainly opening other channels will be a blessing both for the citizen and for the “budget.” Of course, government organizations may not be so budget sensitive. We have produced an industry report on government call centers with lots of great data. I have asked Michael Feinberg to contact you regarding our existing reports. Regarding just raw statistics on the various channels, here are some stats from our various reports: Channel Cost per contact Customer sat with the channel: web self serve $0.10 High email mail $1.25 Medium web chat $2.10 High live telephone $5.50 High snail mail $9.75 Low Do you have any predictions as to the mix in the use of We use predictive analysis to understand the growth of various contact channels in the future? alternative customer contact channels, and project the following mix by the year 2005: 35% by Web selfservice, 30% by telephone, 25% by e-mail and 10% by all others. We do not think the number of inbound telephone calls will stop growing. Instead, we think the total number of contacts with companies will increase along with the changing distribution of those contacts. Americans demand easy access to the companies with whom they do business. In fact, accessibility to mission-critical information is already a recognized feature used to differentiate companies. Do you have any statistics or projections for companies From our studies we would suggest you focus on the that provide on-line customer service? following issues: a) For most companies, a robust Web site generates between four and six times more e-mail messages than toll-free calls; b) Most e-mail messages require the same amount of time as phone calls for a proper response; c) Customers like e-mail but they expect a response in fewer than 24 hours; d) The number of people required to answer e-mail can equal the number required for answerin...
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