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Unformatted text preview: many centers by country? Yes we do. We currently have data on almost 50 countries. I suggest you email me at [email protected] with which countries your are researching. Thanks for your question. Hope to hear from you soon. Does Dr. Jon work for Purdue or BenchmarkPortal? Dr. Anton works for both organizations. He is the academic “liaison” between BenchmarkPortal and Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality. This unique research Center at Purdue was founded by in 1993. He is the Director of Benchmark Research for both organizations. Dr. Jon also works for the Anton Press, a publishing house that focuses on books for the customer service contact center community. Dr. Jon has authored 22 books and has another 10 in the production pipeline. How does Six Sigma either fit or complete with BMP Six Sigma is a worldwide organization focused on Total Quality Management. They certify QA professionals to do quality improvement in all aspects of a company. A Six Sigma person can be your strongest ally in conducting benchmarking using the BMP methodology. I would like to obtain some curriculum information on the program at Purdue - including any requirements for your students to complete internships or residencies. Let me get some materials together to send you. Because of the demand on my time, allow about two weeks. I would like to purchase “Call Center Benchmarking This is an older book, and is really “out of print”. (Deciding If Good Is Enough), but it is always out of stock on the online stores I've searched. Do you know I suggest my new book with Bruce Belfiore, where I could get a copy? Thanks. Benchmarking at its Best for Contact Centers. Check it out on our Web site Bookstore: http://www.benchmarkportal.com/store/index.taf Have you noticed any gender differences in terms of who is more likely to call a company's call center? Yes. Our research shows that women are more likely to call catalog call centers than men, and men are more likely to call financial services call centers than women. Also, women are more likely to make purchases by phone, and men are more likely to just call for information. How active will Dr. Jon be in our engagement? Dr. Anton is listed as the principal investigator on all engagements conducted by BenchmarkPortal. From a quality assurance perspective, he is intimately involved in all major projects. © Copyright 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. 162 This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Frequently Asked Questions From The Popular “Ask Dr. Jon” Column Question Answer My organization just made a necessary rule change that has enraged a high number of our users. The Board of Directors has heard the negative feedback but refuses to change back. The issue is just but it does hurt our customers. I’m left with the daunting task of informing these irate customers that they will not get what they want. What kind of positive spin can I do for this issue? My current strategy is to offer a filed complaint that will be f...
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