In the not too distant future customers will deal

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Unformatted text preview: stant future, customers will deal preferentially with those companies that are deemed to be most accessible in terms of mission-critical information that is seamlessly integrated throughout all customer touch points. As the “lightning rod” for customer interactions, world-class e-business contact centers are becoming the single point of contact for customers. According to research conducted at Purdue University, over 90% of customer interactions presently occurs through e-business centers and the Internet. Fueled by tremendous advances in the integration of telephone and computer technologies, the e-business center has emerged as a company’s most potent weapon for maintaining long-term customer relationships. For many companies, global competition has reduced products to mere commodities that are difficult to differentiate through features, functions, or price. Having reached parity, where price and quality are the “table-stakes” of doing business, the paradigm shift is definitely toward customer acquisition, customer accessibility, customer satisfaction, and customer retention aimed at improving the customer lifetime value. Even in cases where a company can claim some competitive advantage in terms of product, service, or market segment, the customer contact functions remain crucial keys to customer perceptions and loyalty. Copyright © 3 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Today’s customer service e-business center is an ever more important link in building business-to-business relationships, as well as relationships between a business and its end-user customers. The cost and performance of a center can be critical to its success. From reviewing the industry data, we conclude the following: “Spend too little and perform poorly, and your contact center becomes a business liability that consistently drives away customers and creates market damage. Conversely, spend too much and over-perform, and your center again becomes a financial loss to the company. If you spend efficiently and perform effectively at a level just better than your competitors or peer group, your call center will most likely be a profit center for the company, i.e., acquiring, growing, and retaining profitable customers.” —Dr. Jon Anton, Call Center Benchmarking, Purdue University Press, 1999 Executives are beginning to recognize the potential of the e-business center as a significant revenue generator, perhaps one of the surest investments they can make in enhancing and creating customer value and bottom-line profits. The return on investments made in customer accessibility is seldom less than 100% in the first year, and frequently even more if customer lifetime value is included in the calculation. Herein lies the challenge and the primary reason to benchmark your center’s performance metrics against your peer group, as well as centers representing best-in-class perfo...
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