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Unformatted text preview: ent figures on outsourced customer service in the US (percentage of companies that outsource)? My last figure is 25% (Fortune 1000) in 1997. In your estimation, is the outsourcing trend continuing? Thank you very much for any assistance. From our research of over 25,000 call centers, including the Fortune 1000, companies outsource only approximately 8% of their calls. The teleservices industry continues to grow at about 11% per year, however, it is a very crowded industry with many small players. I would anticipate a consolidation in the next twelve months. Are the any client references that you can offer for Benchmarking in the Health Insurance industry in Australia? Q2 : Australia is listed as one of the 50 countries in the Benchmark research. What Australian companies have been included in Health Insurance Call Centre Benchmark study? A1. We do have good references, but why bother...just send your data and benchmark with us….after all, the Reality Check Benchmark is FREE… I work for a Customer Satisfaction Team at SK Corporation, South Korea. SK Corporation is the number 1 oil refinery company in South Korea. My team manages a call center, and we are trying to figure out a call center's contribution in terms of sales volume. So I'd like to know whether or not there is any kind of research or study about a call center's contribution to sales volume. This is a very complex question. If you are an outbound sales call center, then the contribution is easier to predict. If you are an inbound customer service center taking customers' orders, again easy to predict. If you are an inbound customer service center just handling questions, then it is very difficult to predict. What are you? Many of the providers of Knowledge Management Software and Help Desk solutions offer insights into problem categorization on their web sites. You can find many of the fine companies offering these solutions in the Yellow Pages section of our web site. We strongly recommend that you participate in our Help Desk Technical Support Benchmark Service to compare the performance of your help desk to your peers. A2. We do not list our member companies as part of our total confidentiality approach. We do have many health insurance call centers in our database. Please join us... Copyright © 161 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Question Answer Do you have any interesting demographics regarding callers? Yes, our research shows that individuals with a higher level of education are likely to contact call centers more often. In addition, individuals in the 20- to 40-year-old age group are more likely to contact companies than individuals in the 50- to 70-year-old age group. There is a free white paper available on our Web site, regarding caller and Web visitor demographics. Do you have any international data and if so how...
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