Our asa is around 30 seconds which seems about right

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Unformatted text preview: mpares to other similar organizations? We have an industry report for tech support call centers handling hardware and software products and services (much like your center). I briefly reviewed this industry report for the industry averages for the two metrics you mentioned in your question. You ASA is better than the average (congratulations), but your abandon rate is slightly higher than average for the industry… not enough to be concerned about. I would please like information on international certification courses and fees for call centre agents, supervisors and managers. Is AT&T Centre for Excellence the right place? Is there an alternative for STI Knowledge. Appreciate your enlightenment. Agent Certification is offered exclusively by the Purdue University Center for Customer-Driven Quality through its various agents, like Human Technologies. If you wish to offer the certification in MENA region, this can be arranged by contacting Catherine Gilmore at: Presently, I am working with an electric utility Call Center. I want to validate if it is correct to use the median of registered/incoming calls volume (one year (2003) data sub-categorized into normal and peak months) as the threshold to establish that the shift condition is abnormal and thus waive our set AL/SL for our Contractor. Calls peak every time a major line circuit trip usually during rainy season. Is using the median valid or is there a standard practice in the industry in setting the threshold? Thank you very much for your assistance. Using the median of incoming call volume for one year as the threshold to establish whether the shift condition is abnormal is not recommended. You Contractor will too often be in a non-compliant condition. Instead, the norm is to use one-standard deviation away from the mean. This gives your Contractor a better chance of delivering the hoped for service levels. © Copyright 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. 144 This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Frequently Asked Questions From The Popular “Ask Dr. Jon” Column Question I am looking for data going back 10 to 20 years or more on the call volume in different service channels like phone, email, self-service, etc. Do you have this data? If yes, can you please share it with us? Answer These channels do not go back 20 years. Here are some of our statistics: 1. Toll free calls began with the introduction of the 800 number on product ads and literature. This happened in 1979. Before that the only channel was to “write a letter.” 2. The first recorded customer e-mail was in 1999. It was very basic, and took 48 hours to answer...a vast improvement over “snail mail.” The volume of e-mails between customers and company in that year was less than 100,000 total. Today, we have that many e-mails every second of every business day...a dramatic increase. 3. Self-service customer contacts first began with the launch of the IVR in 1992, a very rudimenta...
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