Our users are primarily realtors and i cant think of

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Unformatted text preview: orwarded to the BOD’s and even suggest a letter be written to the BOD’s for the most irate. Our users are primarily Realtors and I can’t think of another user base that works more closely with each other. The old adage of 1 customer will relay their negative feelings to 8 others and they will relay to 8 others gets multiplied by 20 with this user base. What’s the best cause of action to try and keep this from tarnishing our company’s good reputation? Thanks for your question. I would very much like to know more about what the negative “rule change” was, but regardless, here is my advice: How do call centers operated by Government agencies differ from call centers in private industry? In July, we launched a special benchmark study of call centers in Government agencies, namely Federal, State, and Municipal centers (also know as the “Public Sector”). We are already seeing some interesting differences. In general, we have found that Public Sector call centers are more focused on effectiveness to ensure that their annual budgets will be re-approved, and less on efficiency. Therefore, costs per call might be higher in the Public Sector, but so are “once and done” calls and turnover is much lower. The complete study will be published in January of 2001. How is Public defined, is it a combination of all Government agencies or something else? Public means a governmental agency, period……Private means an actual corporation, or a non-profit organization. How many and who consisted of the Peer Group? Typical Peer Group is ideally 30 call centers. How do you assure that the data submitted and then benchmarked against is valid and true data? Good question and one of our most frequently asked questions. We do all of the following: 1. Most customers can relate to a balanced and fair business practice. 2. I have to assume that your BOD is not an irrational group and that the policy change is something that must be done for a good business reason. 3. I suggest you share with your users the predicament that your company is in, and the business rationale behind the decision by the Board. 4. The best relationship management strategy between customers and companies is balanced, rational, and fair...I am assuming that your Board has taken this into effect and that the problem has been articulating their position to your users with a positive spin for both parties. 1. We visit many call centers to validate their data. 2. We put participants on notice that their data may be audited at moments notice. 3. We also do several “reality checks” on the data and flag data that seems to be out of range or just plain erroneous. 4. We also have cross-computations through which we compare numbers submitted…..any data point two standard deviations from the mean is flagged immediately for further review. 5. Lastly, we have a staff of QA experts that inspect every data point submitted, and who are quick to call a participant whose numbers seem unrealistic. Copyright © 163 2005 BenchmarkPor...
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