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Unformatted text preview: ry unit at best. One of the first applications was at Fidelity where you could move stock from one fund to another with the IVR, very cumbersome even on a good day. Volumes were very low as the confidence of the customer in this approach approached zero. The concept and technology rapidly improved, however, and now, especially in the financial services sector, 75% of call volume is actually completed in the IVR without talking to an agent. The advent of speech recognition is vastly improving self-service of calls. How do most call centers handle customer complaints? Handling a customer with a complaint takes very specialized skills, for instance, anger diffusion, mediation, negotiation, empathy, and more. Many call center report to me that they typically route complaints to a team that specializes in this activity. In our litigious society, complaints that are not handled properly can quickly become major financial risks. The opposite is also true, and that is, a complaint that is handled properly can produce a very loyal customer. Callback rate is always: (Total Calls - Total Unique) / Total Calls 145 Copyright © How do you measure callback rate? Given Total Calls = 1,000 Total Unique Originating Number = 500 Do you calculated Call Back Rate as: (Total Calls - Total Unique) / Total Unique = 100% or do you calculate it as: (Total Calls - Total Unique) / Total Calls = 50% 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Question Hello, I am interested in building a best-in-class call center from the ground up. Are you aware of a definitive guide to this? Answer There is no one guide, or “how to” book, that can help you build a “green field” call center from scratch. I have written 24 books, all on sub-parts of the design, implementation, and management of a best-in-class center. But, reading 24 books might not be the answer. I feel my team at BMP can be of assistance. We certify centers to be Purdue University certified “Centers of Excellence.” We know exactly what the best-in-class have in every one of the 43 industries that we study and benchmark. We know what makes the trio of “people, process, and technology” work for call centers. Your best bet is to have my team participate with your team in all the phases listed below. Call center design “from the ground up” has at least the following steps: 1. Understanding the specific that the call center will play in deploying the business model and strategy of the company, or business unit, that the center will serve... 2. Understanding budget constraints, 3. Understanding whether this is a build versus buy situation, 4. Understanding the target customer's profile and probably information requirements, 5. Understanding the best geographical location to locate the new center, 6. Understanding the skill sets and core competencies of the existing staff at your company, 7. U...
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