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Unformatted text preview: a smaller time window for comparison – could even be that we move to a 6-months window. So to answer your question, yes, your intuition is correct…the smaller the time window the more current the data, the better the benchmarking results. We are in the process of updating our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy and plans. Are you aware of a source for best practices information specific to Live Agent Call Centers? Any books I have found date back to 1999. I recommend you go to the Call Center Magazine “Buyer’s Guide.” There you will find a listing under Business Recovery and Disaster Recovery. Contact those companies in the business and ask for their advice and best practices. We are truly a unique call center. How do you benchmark us if you do not have our competitors in your database? Everyone logically thinks they are “truly unique.” I have yet to not be able to find all of our participants a peer group. However, if we fail to find one for you, we will recruit your competitors into our database. We have done this many times for others. You make the list, we check our database, and if they are not there, we recruit them for you…no additional cost. We are looking at utilizing our internal call center as an outsource service for other businesses. Where does one begin to determine pricing structures for these services? There are several approaches: 1. Call several outsourcing companies and tell them you are thinking of outsourcing some of your calls, then ask them to give you some “ballpark” prices 2. Conduct a “bottoms up” analysis of your cost and determine the base cost of call handling, then add double that cost for your price points for providing the service...I recommend doubling your cost to cover marketing, relationship management, and contracting with the new business partners 3. Your cost offering should include: a. by the hour b. by the minute c. by the call d. $s/hour per dedicated agent e. and more In closing, this is a complex is very competitive, and the current supply is in excess of the demand, i.e., a buyer’s market. What are the criteria for becoming a Certified Auditor and what are the standards for maintaining that title? A certified auditor must participate in our workshop, take an exam, and do at least one audit with one of our certified auditors. Auditors are re-certified each year. We are very careful and detailed about who can be a BenchmarkPortal auditor. What experience does BenchmarkPortal have in actually running call centers? All of our content people come from a call center background. Copyright © 167 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Question What kind of time commitment is it for my internal team to go through this Benchmark process? Answer If you start with our new RealityCheck survey, you need only 12 data po...
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