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Unformatted text preview: es company for their member contact reps. Same question...but for insurance reps (phone contact only)? Thanks for your questions. You might want to inquire about our industry reports…..loaded with comparison statistics. In the meantime, here is a thumbnail sketch: Financial Service Turnover = 32% Insurance Turnover = 24% Initial Training Hours for Financial = 120 days Initial Training Hours for Insurance = 95 days What is the industry standard for “unable to verify” rate In the contact center vertical, less than 9% of prefor pre-employment screening? employment verifications come up ‘unable to verify.” The job description would depend upon the size of the call center and the types of calls being handled. 137 Copyright © Where can I get a good job description for an incoming call center manager? 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Q & A Category: “Knowledge Access” Question Answer Do you know of any statistics or resources that show a Our benchmark research of high-tech support centers recommended number of level two technicians per show that, on average, these is one “level two expert” servers managed? per 15 to 20 front-line technicians. These experts typical field difficult questions, take escalated calls, plus constantly mentor, train and coach individuals on their team From your research, do you have a rough idea of the distribution of customer contacts by telephone, e-mail and other contact channels? Exact data on the distribution of consumer-to-business preferences among channels is not readily available, but our approximations from 1999 data are as follows: 75% by telephone, 10% by US mail, 3% by e-mail, 2% by Web self-service and 10% by all other channels. With business-to-business centers, electronic data interchange remains the major source of contact among business customers. These centers are also changing rapidly to encompass both the Internet and specialized intranets. I have the Technical Support - Industry Benchmark Report for Best-in-Class Call Center Performance as of 4/1/2003 and was looking at the FCR % of 66.7 for the industry average. Do you have a current figure for FCR? Has this gone up or down and why? With the introduction of new desktop technology, FCR% continues to improve, especially in Tech Support. The current figure for inbound tech support calls from customers is 79.2%. The main reason for this improvement is better knowledge systems for finding answers to technical questions. I hear a lot about customer service touch-points. What Customer service touch-points are all the different are they, and could you give me some examples? channels through which customers can reach out and touch (contact) a company. Some examples include the following: phone, fax, e-mail, kiosks, Web sites, voice over IP, live text messages, regular mail, satisfaction surveys, electronic data interchange (EDI), IVR and voice mail. I hear people re...
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