What is the difference between being in the upper

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Unformatted text preview: chmarkPortal, Inc. was founded as a joint venture with Purdue University, and as a way to move the operation “off campus.” Purdue staff still takes an active role to ensure the scientific nature of the best practice research, including having a seat on the Board of Directors. What is the difference between being in the upper > right quadrant as a result of the FREE Group Benchmarking > and being in the upper right quadrant after the Peer Group Benchmarking? Good question. They are most often exactly the same. The difference is that the Peer Group Report digs into more KPIs than the Free RealityCheck Benchmark Report. There is a small chance that the “dig deeper” KPIs will point to a problem not visible through the free Reality Check experience… not often, but possible. Who is included in 'All Participants' in the Inbound Performance Comparison? Is it just government agencies, all industries or a combination of local, state, Federal, B2B and B2C? In the Government report, “all participants” are all governmental agencies, including Federal, State, and Local Municipalities. Why should I not just Benchmark direct with You can benchmark directly with us. Sometimes the BenchmarkPortal? Why do I need a Certified Auditor? on-site team does not have the time to take full advantage of the benchmark results. Our approach is designed for you to do it yourself…so please try, and if you’re in trouble contact us for assistance. What other major call center consultants use benchmarking as part of their discovery process for their clients? Almost all the major call center consultant teams use some sort of benchmarking during their discovery process. Over 200 call center consultants have taken our call center “auditor” course and are now formally Purdue University Certified Call Center Auditors. Representative from all of the “big five” have participated, and in addition a partial list would include: CAP Gemini, E&Y, PWC, IBM, e-Loyalty, AT&T, AMS, Bain, McKinsey, and more. What specific criteria were used in determining “The Best In Industry Average? The Best in Industry Average of any BenchmarkPortal Industry report represents the average of the top quartile (25%) of the industry. This is a running average used throughout the report and not a metric by metric average. Where can I find a current listing of upcoming Dr Jon speaking engagements? They are listed on our Web site. See the link “Current Events” Where can we find out more about outsourcers, including their location, specialization, cost and the quality of their services? Call Center Magazine often reports on outsourcers (also known as teleservices companies), including their contact information and call handling specialization. In addition, we have just launched a benchmarking study of teleservices companies. We will collect pricing, quality and performance data during the next four months. Reports will be available from our Web site. Copyright © 169 2005 Be...
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