Immediacy is critical for statistically and

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Unformatted text preview: gent level, 30 per month, equals 360 per year, and therefore you can statistically “quote” the voice of the call in your annual reviews of agents. If we were gathering customer feedback for agents on a team level only, how many surveys would we need to gather for each and what would be the associated cost? At the team level, you would again need 360 completed surveys over the period of planned evaluation. Typically the ratio of agents to supervisors (teams) is fifteen to one. Logically then, the previously quoted agent-level cost would be divided by fifteen to get the cost per team or supervisor. In a BenchmarkPortal report it indicates that: “92% of calls were resolved on first contact versus 79% for other financial services companies.” Does this mean that if there was a problem it was completely resolved during the first contact? Percent “first contact resolution” is a key performance indicator for all call centers. It means that the caller’s issues and/or questions are resolved/answered on the first call, with no transfers and no callbacks. In regards to post call surveys, is there a “rule of thumb” as to how long (time) the surveys should be or how many questions we should ask in each survey? Should you limit the number of questions to avoid callers from hanging up early? Length of time to complete the post-call survey and/or number of questions is definitely an issue in maximizing completed surveys...tell the caller up front how the survey will take and stick to that time or less. From our experience, absolutely no more than 10 questions and/or less that three minutes. What is the benchmark for e-mail response that we should target for our center? What do customers expect? © Copyright 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. These are actually two different questions. In our e-mail benchmarking studies, we find that companies with e-mail management software consistently respond to e-mail within three hours. By contrast, when we asked a large sample of customers what they expect in terms of an e-mail response, we found that 24 hours is more than satisfactory. This expectation will, of course, change over time. 130 This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Frequently Asked Questions From The Popular “Ask Dr. Jon” Column Question Answer What is the major difference that BenchmarkPortal offers with ECHO from the other Customer Sat. Surveys offered? ECHO has the following features that differentiate it from others: 1. It was developed by and with real customers. 2. It is scientific and statistically based. 3. It drives results to the front-line agent in real time to produce change quickly and seamlessly. 4. It is the only system that uses the caller to “monitor” the call and drive this valuable feedback directly. What is the ratio of quality audits conducted per CSR on a daily, monthly basis to call volumes in order be confident of the quality being delivered to customers? 1. For new...
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