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Unformatted text preview: relationship between the inputs and outputs? What measures are considered? Is there a DEA - CRS or VRS employed? How is the formula defined that determines efficiency? Is this comparison information for government call centers published somewhere, along with their efficiency ratings? Thanks for your questions. Here are some brief answers: 1. For a call center I use 15 efficiency metrics and 15 effectiveness metrics to measure the I/O efficiency of call handling 2. If you’re interested I will send you the list 3. I am not sure what a DEA and/or CRS and/or VRS is...please explain 4. I do have a best practice report that compares government call centers with their non-governmental’ll find the details on our Web site at for acquiring that study 5. Regarding overall call center issues, I just finished a book entitled “Call Center Management – By the Numbers” and this details all the issues related to managing by a balanced scorecard of efficiency and effectiveness. See the bookstore on our Web site if you want a copy. Copyright © 143 2005 BenchmarkPortal, Inc. This report is for internal Aspect use only. Distribution of this Report outside of Aspect is strictly forbidden. Health-Plan/Health-Care Industry Benchmark Report Question Answer One of my clients, a large candy company, recently came to me and stated that they felt an 85% service level in 20 seconds was the new industry standard for inbound order entry and customer care services. We currently operate at an 80/20 service level with 3% abandon as our key performance indicators outside of customer satisfaction and raw quality scores. While I certainly agree that an inbound sales channel would require a higher service level and would be provided at an increased cost, I'm wondering whether or not you would agree that the industry has moved on this metric or not? Cliff, this is a great question. Many, many people quote “new industry standards” with no statistical data to back them up. My team at Purdue University BenchmarkPortal is the only source in the world that has thousands and thousands of performance data points regarding call center performance. We publish industry-specific reports that have industry-specific best practices regarding over 50 key performance indicators (KPIs) - service level being only one of those important KPIs. I have just reviewed the consumer products industry report, and you're right, the industry standard is 80/20 with a 3% abandon rate. Your client is doing fine. You might want o purchase the complete Industry Report to scan other KPIs. I have been accessing your site and responding to your surveys for almost a year. I cannot find the answer to one question that I have been asked. I run technical call center that provides support for an enterprise level software product. Our ASA is around 30 seconds, which seems about right. Our abandon rate, on all calls is running about 5.2% this year. I can't seem to find any comparison on the abandon rate. Can you tell me how this co...
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