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Hiring summary - Hiring

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Hiring When you came into Willis I assume you had to do a pretty quick assessment of the talent here, and decide who was going  to stay and who wasn't? Answered by Joseph Plumeri , Willis Group   There's a presumption that the new CEO comes into a bad company and gets rid of everybody. And I  don't necessarily believe that, because I believe that you could actually get people to do things that they never believed  they could do. I believe you can do that with the right motivation. For the first five years I didn't replace a person. I  kept all the same people at the executive level, about 10 to 15 people. And it worked. Once I got them over the hill, I  really had some converts. When you see them go over the hill, they're maniacal. And so you start to build on the theme  that underlines everything, which is that there's nothing we can't do. And it starts to feed on itself. This answer originally appeared in On Passion and Playing in Traffic »   What questions do you ask job candidates? Answered by Joseph Plumeri , Willis Group   What I really want to know is what kind of person I'm dealing with. So I only ask one question. I say,  "Tell me what you're passionate about." That's it. Tell me what you're passionate about. This answer originally appeared in On Passion and Playing in Traffic »   Do they ask if you mean at work or outside of work? Answered by Joseph Plumeri , Willis Group   Whatever you want to talk about. Tell me what you're passionate about. Digging holes. Riding bikes. I'm  looking to see if they've got a passion. I'm looking to see if there's anything inside, other than what they do. And how  passionate could they be, therefore, about being here? And how excited and involved could they be? I'm not looking  for a mirror image of me. I'm just looking for somebody who gets turned on about something. If you find that kind of  person, then these are the people you want to climb hills with and climb mountains with.
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This answer originally appeared in On Passion and Playing in Traffic »   How do you interview dancers, and others who work for Ailey? Answered by Judith Jamison , Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater   When they come to my office, I say: “Hi, how are you? What do you want this job for? Why are you  here? Do you know how hard this is?”’ And half the time I’m just trying to get an expression out of their faces. I ask  everybody why they’re here, especially dancers. And the people who give the greatest answers are the ones who  understand that this is not just some dance school or some big organization that was founded 51 years ago. There’s a 
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Hiring summary - Hiring

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