How we calculate ROI for self

How we calculate ROI for self - In the second calculation...

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How we calculate ROI for self-service This is a very simple calculation of ROI. Any consultant can do some complex proprietary calculation based on complex formulas…if you want. We take a very broad and simple approach. For each group of call centers we know the costs per call. We use the costs per call in our database as the foundation for understanding how much you might save if some percentage of your calls were switched to a self-service option. There are two ways to calculate this: In the first we ask you for how many calls your call center handles annually.
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Unformatted text preview: In the second calculation we want to know your cost per call (if you know it). If you do not know your cost per call don’t worry our database has average costs for all industries listed. Then you can estimate the percentage of calls that you think (or have been told by vendors you could reasonably expect) to become self- service. What we like about this is that you can see how self-service can have a huge payoff even if low percentages of calls switch to self-service....
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