ITS-PART - It's Partly in Your Head Sandra Witelson on how...

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APRIL 11, 2011 It's Partly in Your Head Sandra Witelson on how male and female brains differ Sandra Witelson has spent much of her career studying the relationship between brain structure and function, and the differences in these between men and women. A neuroscientist from the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Dr. Witelson has assembled a massive collection of brains for research and is known for studying Albert Einstein's brain and what made it unique. She sat down with The Wall Street Journal's Rebecca Blumenstein to discuss how brain differences can affect the skills, behavior, thinking and aspirations of men and women, and how that might relate to their careers. Here are edited excerpts of their conversation. A Language Advantage MS. BLUMENSTEIN: You have found significant differences between male and female brains. Could you explain what those are? DR. WITELSON: The very first one that I reported [in a 1976 paper] was that when a young boy is doing things relevant for reading, he is using one side of his brain. He uses the other side for nonreading skills. In a girl, there is much more of a bilateral involvement in these skills. So, in the normal six-year-old, the brain is organized to do the same task, but it's organized in a very different way. MS. BLUMENSTEIN: Could you go a little bit more deeply into the innate differences? When we spoke earlier, you had said that there's a finding that there are 12% more brain cells in the female brain. DR. WITELSON: Some of you may know that there is a structure called the corpus callosum. It is the big highway track between the left and the right hemispheres. What we were able to show is that there is a
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ITS-PART - It's Partly in Your Head Sandra Witelson on how...

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