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Unformatted text preview: PURDUE U N I V E R S I T Y DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER SCIENCES AND RETAILING To: Caitlin Gamble Intern Director State of Indiana House Republican Staff Re: Julie Barrett Date: 9/27/10 I am writing to recommend Ms. Barrett to you. I have no doubt that Ms. Barrett would make an exceptional intern...and here is why. She is exceptional. . . .enough said really. She received a well deserved A in a difficult class that I teach. This class is a leadership simulation where 320 students report to managers who reported to Julie. Julie was selected on the basis of interviews with me and the management group in the class. The 18 student managers were asked which of them stood out and Julie was that person. What is interesting in this process was the degree of unanimity in their assessment (this was very unusual). She stood out in a very positive way. Their assessment was not wrong. Over the course of a semester she fulfilled all her responsibilities and more. She always completed the goal, made decisions when I obstacles were thrown in her way, asked questions to clarify goals that lacked clarity (this too is very unusual in students who are fearful of professor retribution). I think the two most important things were that she cleared learned and changed behavior based on her learning and most importantly the students that reported to her benefited and the students that reported to them benefited. This is the test (and responsibility) of a leader. My observations of her include- She is emotionally stable, personable, mature, honest, and ethical. She has demonstrated complete responsibility for the assignments given to her. She goes above and beyond the mere completion of responsibilities and takes initiative even when it wasn’t clear that more could be done or needed to be done. She is concerned about others. I would trust her to get things done period. She is intellectually curious and wants to learn and improve. I recommend her highly with absolutely no reservation. If I have to sum up my feelings it is this way. . . .she will add value to any organization and to the people of that organization. If I can answer any questionsnplease contact me at 765 494 8301 or xdj [email protected] W‘y Richard Feinberg, PhD Professor Matthews Hall. Room 214 m 812 W. State Street E West Lafayette, IN 47907—2060 3 (765) 494-8292 E Fax: (765) 494-0869 [email protected] a www.cfs.purdue.edu/CSR Richard A. Feinberg, Ph.D. Biography Richard Feinberg, Ph.D. is a consumer psychologist and a Professor in the Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing. Previously, he was Head of the Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing , the Director of the Purdue Retail Institute and the Director of the Center for Customer-Driven Quality. He teaches courses in consumer behavior, retailing, “e”—retailing, customer relationship management and leadership. He has directed over 100 PhD and masters theses. He is responsible for the development and delivery of executive education programs and has been a consultant for many companies on customer service/satisfaction. He is the author of over 200 research and trade articles, and hundreds of presentations and seminars. Feinberg is cuurently looking at engagem,ent issues in Smart grid deployment across the US and is a member of the Technical Advisory Group of the DOE/Lawrence Livermore Laboratory helping utilities conduct consumer research projects as they do pricing and smart grid deployments. With K0 deRuyter and Lynne Bennington he authored “Call Center Management: Great Ideas Th1 at) work.”. He is a contributing author in Jon Anton’s of Customer Relationship Management (Prentice Hall) one of the first texts professionalizing and organizing customer relationship management. He is Consulting Editor and reviewer for professional journals and has been a member of the Advisory Board for OneBlue World an Internet start—up and was a member of the Board of Directors for Paul Harris Stores, the Purdue University Press, Benchmarkportal and the FightBack Foundation. He is chair of the research advisory board for EthosIQ and was Chair of the Research Advisory Board for The Intelligent Project a Smart Grid Think Tank and consulting advisory company based at Purdue University Research Park. He is co—founder and CEO of Contesttheory (a fledging. . .very fledgling start up). He has consulted with tens of companies and has served as an expert witness and consultant. ...
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