Jenkinson - Work Experience Sinee)ciohcr olZle I have...

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Unformatted text preview: / Work Experience Sinee ()ciohcr olZle? I have “inde llll‘ an lllllL‘PCllanl insurance .igcnuy milled. Standard Agencies. Inc. I began by launching and managing A company website and nemoi'kmg page In ,Iulv ol‘ZUOS. in the age ol~ I9. I became A licensed Propcm' and Casualty insurance agent by passing gi slate exam. Since. this time I have been .ll‘lL‘ to legzilh' sell customers various vaes of llhlllllllkl' such as home, Linux molorcvcle. renieis and IIIUIL‘. Now that I am in school I still hold m_\‘ license and sell some insurance on the Sldc 1o ll'lL‘llxl\ lll need ol mostly .1qu and l't‘lllL‘H msumnye. “Us Job has taught me [he \'.lll|C of patience and PL‘HIN'ICIIL‘L‘ I‘L‘ullht' you not mnny sells come um and Will have to keep Imng to sell mid lmk 3 Fit: tor the £21113 1‘; leadership I in; me new gas» flit": In" Ilium. \- Leadership is an action, not a position I'ln'oughout nix lime in I’urduu l'nn'erxily I hin'e exemplified luldu‘xliip in [he lollou'ing \\.1V\' 0 Inns .1 mentor loi llCSlllllJlI xiiidenrs during in help them ll'dll\llll‘ll liom hiin \kllHUl Io Lillln‘gk‘ I “in ii mcmoi for College Mentors loi Kids \\ lllL‘ll hclpul unpm'ilegcd guide smdenlx understand [he IIIIPUILIIIL‘L‘ ol L‘ollegc 0 I intended the Moll.“ Binii'd lendeiship Conleicnec In Ianuim' ol'ZUW \\ lllL‘ll helped develop mv leadership L]ll.lllllC\ 'Ikli'loi .lenkinson Taylor Bennett J enkinson K BETA TH ETA Pl 'IAYKCIIVV Bob Knight Ill: \ k‘haun '-\' .\\ - . .-\ l 305, West lviimven ‘. l.\' 479110 “ . . u k p L Even/one has the WI” to wm, nenkinx‘ a purdue edu ‘ (-m “7,-” it‘s only those who have the will to prepare. who win." hnp \\\\\\ lmkcdinl'mn 1n l.l\lUl‘jl‘nl\1ll\Hl‘. The Influence of My Grandfather My grandfather was a small-town insurance agent who was willing to give all he had to help a stranger. He was a family man who valued family time over anything. He was more than happy to give his time to help someone in need. He was a friend to anyone he ever met. He taught me lifelong values and the importance of faith. family. and friendship. Because my grandfather's desire to see me succeed. he was kind enough to pay for my college education. Because of everything he has done for me. I want to be successful and help others just the way he did. On January 25. 2010. the day my grandfather died of cancer. I made a pledge to him and myself. that I will live a life of love. laughter. and hard work. I want to leave my mark, just like he did. “Intellectual growth should commence at birth During winter break t'il‘2009-IZ'0101 st if; ffslflclll'lull)‘;if;‘ lfililt’f gift: it . — e rt E 1 n S 1 n I . fhis trip was an experience of a _ . ~ . {11.32%$3{Al'iii‘fti’ffllItiiiti315i DuringMMOIU I attended 2:23:32SCSQZ‘QEJTESSSiifiiilfé’fiif butalso I was ablctocxpvr‘icnccthc - “"“Img ““d.T¥"‘dl“g ‘1’“ CU‘IL'gF' Planning in May of 20i2. In addition. history of; dinner“ cultum students at the Lhicago Board Options ' ' 7 , . I will receive a certificate in Exchange s Options Institute. Dubai and Oman are completely Entrepreneurship and Innovation. different. The city of Dubai is like a This was a wonderful experience for modern day New York City Chicago me to learn detailed information about “‘ilh 31“th "CWC‘SI- biggest. and ma“ trading options from professionals in bundmgsv ma"5~ 3“? “igh‘dUbsj the field. l was able to meet and Whereas the 9mm!“ m oman mmmd“ network with multiple other students in 0 Bt’ta Thcta Pi fraternity me 0mm M'dwest whfwc pwplc ‘ml the course and professionals in 0 Health and Human Sciences extremely kind and don I seem to be in . _ . . e a ‘. a rush for anything. companies we ViSited. Student (.ouncil Purdue Women's Basketball Team RIPS (practice against the girls basketball team to give them better competition I am maintaining a 3.0 GPA while staying busy with the following clubs and activities: Through this, I was able to see what it This trip allowed me to learn about the . I . _ . is like to be a stockbroker. This is a Job Muslim religion. I met a lot of great people who have changed my views on I Will“ 10 have When I graduate. the Middle East. ...
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Jenkinson - Work Experience Sinee)ciohcr olZle I have...

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