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know your signals -WSJ 2 28 - Wall Street Journal February...

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Wall Street Journal February 28, 2006 To Break Typecast, Know the Signals You May Be Sending By ERIN WHITE February 28, 2006; Page B6 Last year, Ana-Christina Hoffman longed for new responsibilities at her employer, a home-building company. But the only jobs the company considered her for were similar to the purchasing-manager post she already held. The 38-year-old Colorado resident realized the problem: She'd been typecast. Typecasting is a common workplace predicament and a difficult one to overcome. Workplace reputations are often formed with limited or superficial information, and are hard to shake once acquired. Employees often hurt their own causes by inadvertently perpetuating those stereotypes. "Everybody is tempted to take shortcuts and to use shorthand for describing people," says Ben Dattner, a principal at Dattner Consulting, an organizational-effectiveness consulting firm in New York. Employees can be typecast in several ways. Some labels relate to personality and work habits: unable to handle stress, no "natural" leadership qualities, disorganized, or poor work ethic. Other stereotypes relate to skills, such as number crunchers who supposedly can't strategize, or a marketer who isn't believed to understand finance. To escape the pigeonhole, employees first must recognize that they're in one.
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know your signals -WSJ 2 28 - Wall Street Journal February...

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