MORE - centers in the United States Over 300 variables from each center were collected on budget resources operations personnel technology and

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MORE The Purdue University ROI calculator is a simple determination of ROI based on exclusive and unbiased data that we have been collecting for over 10 years at the Center for Customer Driven Quality at Purdue University. The calculations are not designed to replace more extensive and individual calculations of ROI but serve as an unbiased estimate based on industry data. The database used for this consists of extensive call center data from over 4000 contact
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Unformatted text preview: centers in the United States. Over 300 variables from each center were collected on budget, resources, operations, personnel, technology, and strategy. The Purdue database is the widest and deepest database for call centers in the world. You can get a free report on how your call center compares to others in your industry by visiting who has licensed the commercialization of this data....
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