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NDRG VENDOR DEMO SCRIPTING-final - CRM University for the...

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CRM University for the Ned Davis Research Group Presentation by: Pivotal Corporation Contact Management Contact Profile Organization chart Contact history The ability to create a contact profile. The ability to drill down on a particular contact to access a detailed profile. The ability to indicate the level of influence of a contact within a company, opportunity, etc., via icons or shading. The ability to have multiple contacts per account. The ability to view activity history by contact. The ability to create and access a hierarchical chart of the organization’s management and divisions/departments. The number of fields or screens and the movement between screens. The flexibility to customize the look and feel of the contact screen. The ability to link with other features, such as a daily planner. Account Management Account Information Business relationships Activity management Order entry Order history Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Features Sales contract generation Quote/proposal generation The ability to create an account/company profile. The quality of information and fields in the account screen. Business relationships for the account are shown as a built-in field or hierarchical chart. The ability to outline the objectives, goals and success factors for an account. The ability to configure and automatically assign and schedule activity plans and tasks to users. The ability to customize opportunity steps to an account Linking of documents, videos, etc. to specific opportunities or proposals or quotes The ability to modify pre-defined account screens, (e.g., field labels or add customized fields/screens). The ability to view contacts and the relationship of contacts at a company. The ability to view and filter account activity history, (e.g., by type of activity, contact, date range or representative). The ability to input "quotes" or orders for products/services, and view order history. The ability to generate a proposal via built-in templates. The ability to generate a sales/pricing quote and incorporate the sales/pricing quote into a proposal template document. The ability to generate a contract. Time Management Calendar Task lists Email Fax Transaction log/audit trail On-screen display of a day/week/month or yearly calendar. The ability to schedule activities and view daily/weekly/monthly schedule. The ability to view and assign activities to other users' schedules. The ability to create a prioritized list of activities. The ability to set an alarm for an upcoming activity. The ability to send and receive Email messages to/from internal and external parties. The ability to send and receive fax to/from internal as well as external parties. The ability to write unlimited free-form notes. The ability to automatically time/date/representative stamp activities, notes, and calls.
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