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Org&amp Opr - Provide required resources training time and technology staff and consultants to implement change and urge customers to

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People Process Technology Customers Envision: Identify where you want <Company Names> to go: what people changes may be required, what processes may need to change, and how they will change, what technology changes need to occur, and how customer engagement might change. Believe: Commit to desired changes: people can make change happen, processes can be changed, technology is usually available and customers can embrace new ways of business. Articulate: Clearly and concisely document and communicate: what people changes may be required, what processes might change, and how, what technology changes may occur, and how customer engagement could change. Champion: Identify change agents throughout the organization: encourage and support active participation by all personnel, participate/engage in new/revised processes, use new/revised technology and welcome customer involvement. Enable:
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Unformatted text preview: Provide required resources: training, time, and technology, staff and consultants to implement change, and urge customers to participate in the transition. Empower: Liberate people to act: give authority to personnel, make process changes, encourage technology creativity, and encourage customer suggestions and feedback. Reinforce: Continually strengthen and provide support: Recognize efforts and celebrate accomplishments, establish a method for process enhancement, systematically assess technology requirements, and request and respond to customer feedback Perpetuate: Establish the enduring new state: base personnel actions on new state, validate processes against vision and goals, maintain and continually enhance technology, and focus on customer satisfaction and feedback. • Needs improvement, • Not assessed • Acceptable • Better than acceptable...
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