Paush Responses 2009 - Pausch Responses When I first showed...

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Pausch Responses When I first showed this in class I realized that this is very important. Now I imagine that you see this in more than one class…well…it is probably worth watching over…and over …and over. It is clear from reading your responses that you got it…at least most of you. Now the question must be can you live it? Some of us spend a lifetime trying to find meaning…live your life so you don’t have to. If you are interested in more go visit Randy pausch’s webpage at I think the main point of watching this video is to enable your dream come true, it was a very inspiring talk and we should be our leader of our life. Lead our life, dream will come to us is very true because when you can be the real leader of your life, you make all the things come true, no matter your family, your job, your health, your loves one or your friends. The things that he mentioned that inspire me very much is he said that find the best in everybody, no matter how long you need to wait, they will show you their good side, I think if all of us can do that to make friends, the world will become very peaceful and no more hatred, just love around us.— Chan Chuk Kwan Fiona The point of is be strong to face anything that's coming up. Even we already know the upcoming event is scary, we still need to face it. Be cheerful and enjoy everyday life until the end of life.— Joyce Chen The point of Randy Pausch’s address was to encourage people to specifically figure out their dreams and achieve them. He acknowledged that these dreams might have to be modified and that there will be roadblocks but where there is a will there is a way. Mr. Pausch also mentioned that roadblocks are there to stop the people that are too lazy to find their ways around the roadblocks.— Lauren Reynolds I believe the point of these two videos is that we are going to be faced with some tough career decisions, and we must find it within ourselves to do what makes us happy. Others cannot make these decisions for us. If we can be honest with ourselves, then we should have the courage to do what makes us happy.— Kyle Knashert Think positive. Not negatively. Dreaming is a good thing. Don’t give up. Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted”. Naohiro Takahashi What is the real happiness to you? Doing what you want to do give you real satisfaction not what other people think of you. Find the thing you really truly want to do for the rest of your life and be happy. We are much happier when motivated in our heart rather than our brain.— Jinho Kim Point one: Go after your dreams and goals no matter how unreachable they may seem. Point two: Don’t ever take no for an answer, until you have tried everything
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Paush Responses 2009 - Pausch Responses When I first showed...

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