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ROI1 - approaches that can be used to determine if you are...

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ROI- return on investment Does an investment in new technology help you become a better organization and perform more effectively? Answering this question before implementing a new technology has always been a challenge. Since most ROI’s are determined by vendors who have a vested interest in making sure that whatever it is they are selling shows good ROI the unbiased process of determining ROI is even more difficult. Determining how to measure return on investment can be as complex or as simple as you make it. There is a broad range of measurements and
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Unformatted text preview: approaches that can be used to determine if you are going to invest wisely. For more information on determining ROI for a CRM technology: http://expertanswercenter.techtarget.com/eac/knowledgebaseAnswer/0,295199,sid63_gci 974315,00.html http://www.destinationcrm.com/articles/default.asp?ArticleID=4265 http://searchcrm.techtarget.com/ateQuestionNResponse/0,289625,sid11_cid387974_tax2 99798,00.html http://www.jimnovo.com/Pre-CRM.htm http://siebel.ittoolbox.com/nav/t.asp?t=398&p=398&h1=398...
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