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segmentation feedback

segmentation feedback - To CSR 331 comrades and favorite...

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To: CSR 331 comrades and favorite students and for some of you both From: R Feinberg your caring and loving professor of CB Re: feedback segmentation extra credit For those of you in class last week you had an extra credit opportunity. Review 3 commercials and a 4th if you were paying attention) with segmentation as the key issue. 1. If you did not enter the answers into my online place then you get points but you do not get recognized as having the best in class answer because YOU MADE IT MORE DIFFCULT FOR ME. This is not an issue of selfishness as much as it is an issue of you paying attention. 2. I can’t open the file is no longer an excuse. You need an flv player to play an flv file..you need a QuickTime player to open a .mov file. You need the latest WM player to do most of the rest. SOLVE THE PROBLEM. I have a 120k job for those at the end of the semester who impress me…”I can’t open it or I can’t download it” is not very impressive. When the going gets tough the tough work and solve the problem ….or go to Starbucks…: That is impressive. 3. Decision of the judge is final. 4. If you are not in class you can’t get most extra credit…at the end of the semester and you miss an A but 10 points figure out how many points you could have had. 5. Congratulations to Ms. Dorsey for using the word “bro-fest”. 5. When you do these things remember that I don’t care if you liked or disliked the commercial. I care that you remember what the issue is (in this case segmentation) and you apply this concept in the analysis. I do not want to know so much what happened in the commercial unless of course that is the analysis. Let’s see how easy this is. Commercial 1- Ford Fusion- The target here is younger just starting out yg women who are independent and want to be or are bold. I was looking for those of you who saw this not so much as a commercial targeting women who are but women as they want to be…aspirational.
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