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Self-Service Customer Service You simply cannot keep up with customer demand with personal one to one service. Consumer demand is increasing faster than call centers can keep up. When we ask customers what they want they will, of course, say they want to talk to a CSR who speaks English. In an ideal world we have no problem with that. Unfortunately there is no ideal world and we simply cannot guarantee that consumers will call, get a CSR in 10 seconds, and get a fast answer. When consumers are asked if they would rather wait 15 minutes or get a CSR in India they say they would take the chance with a CSR in India. When we ask consumers if they would rather get a busy signal or put on hold for 10 minutes of try
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Unformatted text preview: some automated solution finder consumers clearly prefer trying to get the solution. The answer in the future will be self-service customer solutions. The answer is not if but when. The answer is not really when but why haven’t you provided intensive self-service solutions right now Links of interest,289521,sid11_tax292551,00.html,1397,1610171,00.asp,289521,sid11_tax292551_idx11,00.html...
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