Setting goals summary - Setting goals What's the most...

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Setting goals What's the most important leadership lesson you've learned? Answered by Shantanu Narayen , Adobe Systems   I really honed a lot of my leadership skills and style at Apple. I worked for Apple for many years, and I  had a mentor, Gursharan Sidhu, from whom I learned just a tremendous amount. I think two leadership lessons really  stand out for me. He forced me to think about doing things that I did not think were possible. Challenging individuals  by setting goals and then letting them use their ingenuity to accomplish them is something that I hope I can pass on as  part of my leadership style. If you set a common vision and then get really scary-smart people, they do things that  amaze you. The other aspect of being a good manager has always been getting gratification from what others do,  because the higher you get in management, frankly, the less you do yourself. This answer originally appeared in
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Setting goals summary - Setting goals What's the most...

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