SUG Evaluations - Evaluation Results MRM Super-User Group...

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Evaluation Results MRM Super-User Group (SUG) Workshop – 3/27/08 Thank you for responding to the following five questions: #1) Recommend the top two or three take-aways from today’s MRM SUG Workshop that you feel should be applied to AAA Mountain West’s MRM efforts. - Communicate, communicate, communicate - Learning to think out of the box at what can be done and not what has been done - More focused process, training and communications efforts - MTW is behind , and needs to do a lot more, more effectively to catch up - It is a process so expect that it will take time and honest feedback to get to the commitment stage - The process will evolve to a system catered to fit our club member’s needs - Communication is KEY - MRM is people and process, not technology - Better business processes - Better understanding of member needs and wants - Identifying our needs based on member needs - Importance of business process review – mix of old and new to make a process better; customer profile petal analogy - Need for the SUG to communicate with other staff – buy-tin is critical! - Understanding “as-is” workflow processes - Understanding that this is not a project with a start and an end, but it’s a way of life - Identifying process, evaluate “to-be” - Understanding the scope of MRM - Lead management - Member retention - This will be a tool to make front-line staff more efficient - Process is important – keep it simple, focused, applicable and scaled down
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SUG Evaluations - Evaluation Results MRM Super-User Group...

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