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Super User Group Overview - Announcement - CRM Roadmap CRM...

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CRM Roadmap CRM Super User Group The CRM Super User group consists of key employees who are representative of business roles that have regular contact with customers. This group plays a key role in identifying and prioritizing the business functionality and requirements for the CRM system. The CRM Super User Group normally consists of 12-18 members. At least half of the members should be people who interact with customers on a daily basis and typically come from the customer service, sales, and technical service organizations. The remaining members consist of personnel from support services and can include personnel from marketing, finance, information technology, and technical support. Members of the Super User group should count on devoting up to five days of their time during this phase of the CRM project. This time includes participating in the following activities: 1. CRM University and Brainstorming Session: 1.5 days (not including travel) CRM University – Day One (All Day) The objective of this session is to provide CRM Super Users with an understanding as to how CRM can support and enhance their customer relationships through automation and to relate what they see to their own business needs. This is accomplished by inviting leading CRM vendors to provide onsite software demonstrations followed by a short Q & A session in which CRM Super Users can ask questions to clarify their understanding of current CRM
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Super User Group Overview - Announcement - CRM Roadmap CRM...

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